A Beach Meeting

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It’s a blisteringly hot day. A slight breeze is wafting in from the ocean. The beach is practically deserted, save for the odd couple lying on their towels, catching the last of the suns rays before heading back to England.

I’m wandering down the beach, looking for a spot to lie down and sun bathe myself. I notice you, lying on your towel. You seem to be alone. I stop about 5 metres form you, layout my towel, then lie down. I take a quick glance around me, and then a lingering glance at you. I start at your feet, working my way up your body, imagining what you would look like nude. I can feel arousal in my shorts, but nothing serious….yet. I continue my gaze up your body until I reach your face. I notice that you are looking at me. My face quickly reddens, and I turn the other way, embarrassed about being caught.

A couple of minutes pass, and then I hear a voice.

“Excuse me?” you say.

I turn my head toward you. You have a bottle of lotion in your hand.

“Would you mind putting some on my back?”

“Yeah, no problem!”

I stand and it’s your turn to look now. You start at the bottom and work your way up. Your eyes reach my shorts and you notice a slight bump. A rye smile comes across your casino şirketleri face.

I’m kneeling beside you now, and you hand me the bottle. I squirt a little lotion into my hand, and then start to massage it into your back and shoulders. I begin to get slightly bolder in my approach, and continue massaging towards your backside. I figure that I ought to give you total cover, after all. I slip my hand into your bikini briefs, just a little, to rub lotion in, and then my hand reaches down further, cupping one of your cheeks.

Your head turns towards me, and I take my hand out and continue rubbing in the lotion, working my way up your back to where your bikini top is fastened. I look at your face, and notice the your eyes are still closed and that there is a small but obvious smile on your lips. I unfasten your bikini top, and your back is now free.

I continue to massage the cream into your skin, my confidence building all the time. My hands work their way down your sides, continually rubbing, until they come into contact with your breasts. I raise myself up and kneel astride you. As I lean forward you can feel my hardness coming into contact with the small of your back. I’m still massaging your breasts casino firmalari and I reach round until I can feel one of your nipples.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” you moan, barely audible above the sound of the crashing waves.

I take this as a cue to continue. I move myself down your body so I ma now astride your calves. I put more lotion into my palm and begin to massage your calves and thighs. I notice that you’re trying to open your legs a little, but can’t sue to my weight. I start to massage the inside of your thighs now, working my way higher and higher up your leg. You’re straining to open your legs, so I get off you, then kneel back between your now open legs.

I continue to rub the inside of your thighs, again working my way up until I’m that close that I can feel the heat. I slowly ease the gusset of your bikini aside, and there you are, in all your glory. I tentatively rub one finger over your pussy, reaching forward until I can feel your clitoris. A moan escapes your lips. I know that you’re enjoying this.

I ease a finger into your pussy, hooking it round to rub your g-spot, whilst I’m still rubbing your clit with my other hand. You reach behind you to where my cock is standing proud, but trapped güvenilir casino inside my shorts. You start to caress me in perfect rhythm with my fingers thrusting in and out of your dripping pussy. Your breathing is getting more and more erratic and I can sense that you are on the verge of reaching orgasm.

You put one hand inside my shorts and take a firm grasp on my cock, trying to ease it out of the leg opening. I’m still rubbing your clit and easing my finger inside your pussy. Eventually, you manage to get my cock out, and you pull me towards your opening. I take my finger out, and release your clit as you guide my throbbing prick into your hot, wet pussy.

We both groan out loud as the contact is made. I ease myself into you, all the way to the hilt. You can feel my balls on your lips. I pull out, almost all the way, the slide back in, ever so slowly.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum!” you moan.

I start to speed my thrusts. I want to cum with you. I can feel it bubbling from my balls and working its way up my cock. Still I thrust. Still you tense your pussy muscles, increasing the friction for the both of us. I’m still thrusting. I feel your body go rigid, and with one final push, my cum gushes deep into your pussy. You start to shudder, as your orgasm engulfs you. More of my cum ejects into you with every push until, finally, I collapse onto your back.

Minutes pass as we regain our breath.

“Hi. I’m Victoria.” You say.

“I’m David. It’s a pleasure.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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