A Beloved Mom’s Comeuppance Ch. 3

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C/ All copyrights held by author. No archiving, reproduction, or transmission, by electronic or other means, for material gain or at commercial sites without express prior written permission of the author.

Warning: graphic scenes of incest, discipline, coercion, use of bodily fluids. Skip this story if you are offended by reading about such events.

This is the third chapter in a series you may find by clicking on my screenname. In Chapter 1, “A Beloved Mom,” the brother and sister started their sexual conquest of Mom. In Chapter 2, “A Beloved Mom Goes Down,” Mom was further degraded and young sister began to dominate and degrade her older brother.


Jill and I had cause to celebrate. She’d gotten Mom to clean up a number of messes, licking god-knows-who’s cum out her pussy. We’d had Mom begging for my cock. I’d had one of the better fucks of my life, but, of course had paid a price. I’d begun to do Jill’s bidding, and there was something disturbing about that. Yes, I could say I only indulged her whims-like drinking her fluids-to keep her as an ally. But that’s not true; she’d picked the most transgressive things and I, in accord with the ideas I’d once introduced her to, was getting horny as an orangutan. Of course it’s not surprising to stiffen at seeing a hot 18-year-old’s pussy on display, but why had I begun to harden during her degrading tasks? Yet I felt I had no choice, and I certainly wanted to continue our campaign with Mom. Jill and I, a couple days after the big fuck, had a pow wow.

“We had her begging for it!” I said.

“Yes, without excuse.”

“And you’ve had her as a clean-up girl and cum slut, though that’s not yet how she sees it.”

“That will come soon. I’ve been thinking about what to do next, though I know the goal.”

“Which is?”

“She should suck cum from my ass. But how to arrange it.”

“Why not the same way as before, come in dripping, self accusing and play on her pity and need to ‘mother’ you.”

“Maybe it’s time for a change.”

“So you just say, ‘How about licking out my ass, Mom?'”

“Not quite. …By the way, I suppose you want to volunteer to do my ass, don’t you?”

“Well, only if you insist.”

“It’s going to cost you, Garth.”

“How much?”

“You must do what we have planned for Mom.”

I did not have long to wait, for Jill was going out the following evening. “Be ready when I return,” she said. There was a sharp image of her pussy in my mind, but I could not picture what I knew I’d be seeing. Yet the thought made me hard. I tried my best not to masturbate while she was out, since I wanted to be horny when she arrived.

At about 1am, she came in, and Mom had gone to bed. I couldn’t quite ‘read’ her face, but her clothing was a little disheveled. She walked up to me and gave me a hug. “My new friend just about lost it when I made my request,” she joked.

“I can imagine. …’Would you mind just fucking my ass?'”

“Just about,” she said, “I didn’t want to tip toe around the topic. But time’s wasting, Garth. Duty calls. To your bedroom.” When we got there I ripped off my clothes, freeing a giant hard-on; then she had me undress her. When we got to her panties, I could see the wet crotch. “Sniff it.”

I moved my nose against the slick fabric and inhaled; first, the stench of jism. My stomach went queasy, but then her musk came through as I inhaled again and felt my cock twitch. “Take them off.” She said. I was about to toss them aside when she said. “Lick inside the crotch, honey.” I reddened. Now it was just about power; she had it and was going to show it off. But my cock jumped. Putting my tongue out, I tasted the goo that had leaked out. Then proceeded to clean them. Jill was clearly enjoying this sight, since she lay back on the bed and played with her pussy. She splayed the lips; a pink gash framed in dark curls. I thought it was as if she was saying, “You aren’t getting any.” In fact, her words were “Do you think it’s pretty?”

“Wonderful, Jill.”

“Don’t stop licking, just watch and move a little closer so I can stir you up. I felt her hand moving on my cock, and every time I stopping licking she stopped stroking. I got the idea. She used the abundant juice from her pussy to lubricate her hand. When I started to tense up, she stopped. “Have a look at your destination.” She pulled her ass cheeks apart and exposed her anus. It was swollen and I could see signs of leakage. “This is what you want. Tell me.”

“I want to lick your sweet ass.” No point in beating around the bush.

She pulled up her knees and smiled as I ducked down to kiss her pussy, but she didn’t let me linger. “Go South, young man.” She said. I started outside the puckered rose and tasted the drippings from her guy; I smelled her fuck and her ass aroma. As I inserted my tongue, she relaxed and opened for me. “Keep your lips there.” Her anus was spreading, gaping like a mouth. She was filled with cum, and with my illegal bahis hand on her belly I could feel her contracting to force it out, a gob at a time. I think I went to some other space as my mouth filled. It was slightly bitter. It coated my tongue and the inside of my mouth. It kept coming. Had more than one guy had serviced her?

“Suck me, slut,” she said. My cheeks burned since I’d never been called that. Yet I continued, reaming my tongue in deeper. Her hand was in motion right next to my head since she had started frigging her clit. The effect was to increase both the flow from her cunt and her ass. Her ass fuck, if I may call it that, had a sweet taste, one which intermingled with the bitter strands of her date’s jism. When she began to buck I figured she’d accept my fingers; I shoved three of them into her cunt and was rewarded with an appreciative squeeze. By the time she came, it was just pure clear juice spurting from her ass, as clear as from her pussy. She reached down and took some onto her fingers. Seeing it clean, she said, “Good job. Now you may jerk off for me.”

Jill began sessions with Mom, and at first things seemed to go well. Jill would come in from her dates, just as before, stopping only long enough to transfer a bit of spunk back to her ass. Mom, dutifully licking her pussy, and telling Jill how beautiful it was, was supposed to move back to Jill’s ass, as it was offered. Instead Jill found that Mom was more interested in fingering her. Jill encouraged her, and soon Mom was shoving three fingers into Jill’s ass causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure.

Yet Mom had begun to act strangely; instead of just looking strung out, she seemed pre-occupied. “What is it Mom?” Finally Mom looked sharply at her and said, “I think all that’s happened may have been planned by your brother.” Jill didn’t know it, but she was being tested; Mom in fact had overheard one of our recent conversations. When Jill said, “I don’t think so,” it confirmed for my mother that Jill was equally in on it, though Mom didn’t let on. Later I learned that she had confided in a male friend, “Jack” by name, about whom more will be said soon. It was he who first raised her suspicions.

A few nights later, I was at Rock’s place, just a couple blocks from home. I’d gotten to know him better since he had first helped us out with his famous truncheon cock. Jill returned home, and I only learned later how the weird scene with Mom had started. In recounting it, Jill told me that Mom had seemed unusually warm and hugged her tightly. They moved to the sofa; Jill laid her purse nearby. Jill stroked Mom’s breasts, and Mom went for her pussy till Jill got her clothes off. They lay on the sofa; she licked Jill’s pussy and got three fingers into her ass in short order. “How are you doing, Honey?” She asked.

“Fine, Mom, you are so good to me.”

“Then let’s try something. I am going to use four fingers in your ass for a bit, then, if it’s ok, insert my whole hand.”

Jill didn’t want to seem ignorant though in fact no hand had ever been in there. “Go easy, Mom.” Four fingers proved quite a stretch; Jill didn’t know if the pleasure outweighed the pain, at first, but then in about fifteen minutes her asshole released and fell more open. Mom sucked Jill’s clit to keep her occupied. “This is it, dear. Relax and push.” With some difficulty Jill kept calm and managed to push. Mom’s hand felt huge. “Like she was trying to shove an orange into there,” as Jill put it, later. Mom kept up the pressure, and soon she popped past the outer, then the inner ring. Jill’s butt felt a little numb but the hand, once inside gave a pleasant full feeling. There was another thrust and Mom’s forearm was buried halfway up. Jill squirmed at the new sensations and tried to get into it, until Mom spoke.

“You know I could rip your heart out.” Jill’s ass would have contracted, but for Mom’s deep insertion.

“Don’t joke, Mom.”

“I know about you and Garth. Or I can guess. You both set me up. And now you will pay.” Mom had positioned herself so she was inside Jill’s legs. When Jill tried to move away, Mom said, “I’m clenching my fist in there, dear, don’t hurt yourself.” Mom looked at her watch on her free arm, “It’s time.” There was a knock and Jack Flanagan walked in; the man who had alerted Mom in the first place. He was a lanky Englishman who’d once had money-he could have afforded Mom a few years back. He had apparently lost his fortune, but he and Mom had become friends.

“Jill, I believe? I’m Jack. How’s the little shag monkey tonight?”

Jill was surprised and embarrassed. Again she tried to move but was impaled on Mom’s forearm and could not escape. “Jack, be my guest,” said Mom.

“Little slut, I’m going to let you suck the giant lolly– for a start.” He unzipped his pants.

“Mom, how could you? I never hurt you.”

“Jack, don’t hurt her. Jill, be quiet and my hand inside will not hurt you either.”

Jack offered his thick illegal bahis siteleri veined cock to Jill. “Open.” He thrust in and simultaneously began kissing Mom. Jill expertly took the cock, her mind racing. He pinched her nipples, thinking her could turn her on. Then she saw they had their eyes closed; she sucked harder and gave a fake moan while reaching for her purse. Finding her cell phone, she speed dialed me over at my friend’s just a couple blocks away; she closed the purse. She proceeded to suck Jack off.

Mom had opened her eyes by now and evidently enjoyed seeing Jill humbled. “Jack, what should be do to this little slut pussy? I know!” She picked up a serving spoon, I’d left on the coffee table, and smacked Jill smartly, centered on the labia, and hard enough to reach the clit. “Fuck.” Jill gasped; her pussy was stinging and she was counting the minutes. Jack said, “I like how she jumps while she sucks, keep it up.” And Mom began with the spoon, slapping Jill’s wet and tender pussy. Jill could not scream with the cock buried in her throat; the seconds passed so slowly. Hot blood was rushing to her cunt, whose outer lips became bright red. Mom, as a woman, seemed to know just where to hit, down the sides of the labia, and back, always to the battered clit. Hard enough to sting viciously, but not to numb.

I saw the number on my cell phone. “Let’s go, Rock. Jill has an emergency.”

“I’ll do anything for your sister, you know that.” I headed for the door; the two of us, running, arrived in about five minutes. I used my key and we slipped in quietly. I caught sight of Jack and heard Jill moaning in response to Mom’s ‘spanking’. Rock moved in and clipped Jack on the jaw, sending him sprawling. I grabbed Mom, but saw I couldn’t pull her away. With Jill on the end of her arm, she couldn’t fend me off. I managed to slip two fingers into her pussy while Rock grabbed her free arm and immobilized her. I curled them up behind Mom’s pubis. Mom’s temper flashed, “Garth, watch yourself. I’ll pull out Jill’s guts and wrap them around your prick. Get those fingers out of me!” She thought there was a stand off.

“Rock, the lady’s not cooperating.” I nodded toward Mom’s backside. Seeing my meaning, Rock licked two of his large fingers and thrust them into Mom’s ass. “You bastard.”

“Mom, you are to slowly, slowly extract your hand.” I pulled at her cunt. “Else you could be seriously ripped.” Rock, curling his fingers, pulled her towards himself, stretching her ass. Her face showed surprise; both holes being attacked. Jack, she saw, wasn’t quite able to get on his feet again, so the game was over. She started carefully to extract her arm from Jill; we eased up on her holes. Finally the hand slipped out. At first Jill looked like she would cry; then her anger flared as she gingerly checked her swollen anus with her fingers.

“I’m not torn, but these two need to be taught a lesson.”

“I think Jack can help.” He was a little unsteady, but definitely seemed not to want to get into a fight with the likes of Rock. “Jack, you are to fuck my Mom’s mouth and then come on her face. Rock, you’re welcome to Mom’s ass, since you’ve got it going there.” After I removed mine, she’d gotten used to Rock’s fingers. He was no longer trying to hurt her, and I saw her squirm slightly. Jack stroked her gently, tugging at the nipples and Mom’s eyes fluttered.

Jill was hugging me and staring at Jack working Mom’s ass. I gave her a questioning look. “I think I know how to have our scene. Let’s proceed to step one. Garth, be gentle with my ass, but I want you to use it. My quim is still off bounds but would love to have you visit next door.”

“Jill, are you sure?”

“Yes, just take it easy.”

“Rock, you supervise Jack.” I lay beside Jill in the soft rug. I’d felt her tight pussy just for couple minutes, once, in preparing for Mom, and we’d been hamming it up. Now I was invited to enter her most intimately. She was my master in transgression. Taking off my trousers and underwear, I stroked the head of my cock in between my sister’s legs. She held her butt cheeks apart. As I moved the head into the bud, I saw Jack suddenly spew his load all over Mom’s face. Rock must have read my mind. “Jack, lick it off and get the hell out of here.” Mom tried to protest, but Rock has by now inflamed her butt into quite a state; her hips were grinding. Jack cleaned up his jism, trying not to look at Mom, then was out the door like a shot.

Jill guided my prick into the entrance, still a little stretched. She winced, but moved her hips toward me; my prick popped past the muscled rings deep into her.

I looked over at Rock, and I could see Mom was ready for him. I gave him the nod. Gentleman than he was, he said to her gently, “I’m not going to force you.” He worked the two fingers in her ass and stroked her pussy with his other hand. She looked briefly at me to see if I would issue and order, but I didn’t. Between the fear and the stimulation, canlı bahis siteleri she didn’t have much presence of mind left, so when Rock whispered “Fuck?” She said “Yes” then blanched on seeing his enormous cock whose size she had forgotten. With his truncheon, Rock pressed into her dripping ass. I saw her anus gradually give way, till Mom gave a cry and his small bluish apple slipped in.

I was jammed into my sister, who surprised me with her energy. She was grinding my cock in complicated circular moves. Only in my dreams had I been in a place so tight, yet perfectly slick. Her anal muscles stroked me, made me shiver, and I felt as if they were drawing the cum out of me. A great tenderness flooded me. “Fuck me,” she said, “Fuck my ass.” I was feeling filled, ready to burst in my cock; our movements synchronized, then my body started thrashing. “Fuck my ass, shoot it in me.” She grabbed my balls, rolled them into her hands, pulled me deeper. I started to shake. I felt entirely inside those slick walls. With a jolt, my body emptied through my prick, and I felt it in a warm flood of cream deep in my sister’s ass.

Rock, having slowly inserted his whole length, began to thrust, thoroughly enjoying himself. What a sight to see Mom impaled on a tool almost as thick as a beer bottle. Mom had started moaning, and it wasn’t in protest. Soon he cried out during a frantic thrust and collapsed onto her as she came.

After a few moments of quiet panting, I withdrew from Jill and waited for her move. “Mom” she said. Mom merely grunted contentedly. Rock picked up his things, smiled at me and left.

“We haven’t hurt you, as you can see, but you must realize who is in charge here. Me. You may complain to the cops, yes, but if you talk to anyone from now on about the tasks we set, I will go to the police. Garth has witnessed you molesting me on many occasions, and has even taped some of them.” Mom was silent.

“And about your punishment for your and Jack’s assault. You could refuse, but Garth saw Jack forcing me into a blowjob with your encouragement. You were involved in a sexual assault against your own daughter.”

“Jill, I think she sees the point. Tell her what is required.”

“Mom, you will eat Garth’s cum from my ass. Garth, anything to add?”

“Mom, there’ll be some pussy discipline. For Jill’s sake.” I picked up the spoon she had used on Jill, and saw Jill’s face brighten. “Please, you can’t do this,” was all my mother could say.

“Can’t? You brought this on yourself; and for your hesitation there will be some initial entertainment. Jill, go get that large blue dildo from your room and give it to Mom. She scurried off, in great delight, no doubt trying to imagine my ‘entertainment.’ On her return, she handed the thick weapon to Mom, who looked at me inquiringly. “You are to frig your ass with it. And every time I say ‘stop’ you will remove it and lick off Rock’s cum.”

“Far out,” said my sister, who started to finger herself as soon as Mom started. Mom just her eyes closed, as if to lessen her humiliation in front of us.

“Fuck that thing, Mom, get into it,” I said. Her hips started thrusting. “All the way in, Mom. That’s ten inches.” Soon the blue tool had almost disappeared; here was my passageway into this world leaking cum. “Stop,” I said. Mom started slipping it out and Jill, entranced, had a couple fingers in her own pussy. She almost came at the sight of Mom licking up Rock’s semen. And my pole was up, too. Even after Jill’s climax, we continued with Mom another ten minutes, alternate ass frigging and eating. “Well done,” I finally said. “Prepare now for your daughter.”

Mom lay down, and Jill positioned herself above Mom’s face but facing Mom’s feet. My sister wanted to be able to kiss me and see Mom’s pussy get a deserved thrashing.

Jill’s ass was continuing to leak my jism as she settled on Mom’s face. “Begin.” Jill began moving her hips slightly. I guess Mom’s tongue went in there because Jill closed her eyes. I kissed her and rapped Mom smartly with the spoon; right on her clit. Her body jerked. “Eat my ass!” said Jill grinding down in pleasure. Then I could see her belly tense; she was doing what she’d done with me, forcing the spunk out. My cum was dripping down the side of Mom’s face; my sister’s sweet ass had drawn so much. I smelled my jism; my mother was slurping away, only breaking off every ten seconds as I spanked her puffy labia, which were becoming a brighter red. I had an image of Jill’s head emerging from there. “Suck it all!” said Jill, speeding up her hip motions. Jill reached down to press her own clit and put her over the top. As she did she tensed deliberately one last time before she convulsed. I heard the last of the cum spurt out. Mom’s licking sounds got drowned out in her moans, for I had ended the discipline and frigged her tenderized clit. Jill reached for my cock, and when it came in just a few strokes, she directed it to Mom’s belly. Jill’s tongue was slithering in my mouth. Our pact was firm. We had much to do with our new cum slut–who, I noticed, had a distinctly contented look on her face. “Randall” she said; it was my Dad’s name that slipped from her lips as her fingers dabbed in the sticky mess on her stomach.

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