A Bisexual Man’s Hidden Secret Ch. 03

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When I woke in the morning after my night with Ned I was lying in bed alone. The smell of fried bacon filled the house making my stomach growl. My body ached like it had never ached in my lifetime but it was a good ache. Slowly wrapping the sheet around my body I made my way to the kitchen. Ned heard me and poured a cup of coffee as I approached, “Good morning, sleeping beauty,” he said with a smile.

“Morning,” was all I said as I rubbed my tired eyes and reached for the coffee.

He stirred some eggs that he dropped in another skillet as he spoke over his shoulder to me, “Did you sleep well?”

“I suppose I did, I really don’t remember falling asleep,” I replied quietly.

After the eggs were done he turned to put some on two separate plates, “Are you feeling ok?” he asked sincerely, as he glanced at me.

I replied sarcastically, “About as good as a woman can feel that had a total of 24 inches of cock stuffed in her last night.”

He quizzed, “Is that good or bad?”

“I’ll get back to you on that,” I said with a chuckle.

Joining me with a more sinister laugh, we ate our breakfast and made small talk the rest of the meal. Afterward I showered and headed home. Ned walked me to the door, “What about next weekend?”

“I’ll get back to you on that also,” I left him wondering as I strolled home. —– I thought about the previous night and got excited all over again. When I entered my house it felt like a new page had been written in my life, I had fulfilled one of my fantasies of having all three holes stuffed at once. Now I needed to do damage control with the two guys that unwittingly joined in the melee.

Being a small town I figured the word was already circulating about Ned but I wasn’t sure how the two men would go about it since they are both married. It would be pretty incriminating of them to admit to having fucked another woman. I would sit back and wait to see how it all unfolded. In the meantime I had plans to make for Ned, since I promised him I would fuck him with his strap-on next weekend.

Around two in the afternoon the phone rang. My girlfriend Bobbi was on the other end, “Hey, how’s it going Mary?”

“Good,” I replied, “what’s new with you?”

“Oh, not too much,” she paused, “heard there was a little action in town last night.”

I waited to hear, “Oh?”

“Yeah,” she began, “it turns out that guy Ned that everyone thought was gay, may not be after all.”

I fed her, “How do you figure?”

She continued, “I guess a couple of the guys at the bar saw some chick giving him a blow job.”

“Who was it?” I asked.

“No one knows, the guys said they had never seen her before,” she continued, “but I guess they said that Ned’s cock is HUGE,” she finished with emphasis on the word huge.

I tried to sound surprised, “Really?”

“Oh yeah, they said it had to have been a foot long,” she chirped.

Another plot was beginning in my head; my girlfriend Bobbi is one of the horniest women I know, “I bet you’d like to get a hold of something like that.”

“Hell yes!” she squealed over the phone then chuckled nervously.

I changing the subject to ask her, “By the way… are you busy this coming weekend?”

“Why?” she asked.

I paused, “No real reason, I haven’t been out with you for a while and its nice hearing your voice again. I thought maybe we could get together and do something.”

“That’d be great, Mary,” she said with excitement, “maybe we can snag ourselves a couple hotties to fuck.”

Always an incorrigible flirt, I knew that Bobbi was hot herself but she never had the balls to actually do anything beyond fucking someone. “Yeah, maybe we can go cock hunting since it seems a big one was spotted in town,” I chuckled.

“Mmmmm,” she quipped.

Turning the conversation off for the moment I said with enthusiasm, “I will call you Thursday night to make arrangements for Saturday.”

“Sounds great,” she said, “Talk to you then!” We hung up and the plot inside my head began to hatch. Ned would be the sole recipient of our lusty stupor. —– Thursday approached before I knew it. My doorbell rang; when I answered it Ned stood on my stoop. “Hello, Mary,” he said with his eyes slightly downcast.

“Come on in, Ned,” I welcomed him.

He came in and stood there a moment, “How’s plans for this weekend going?” he quizzed nervously.

I pushed my index finger into his burly chest, “Now you know I can’t tell you that.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he responded.

“But,” I added, “I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”

His eyes looked up toward me, “Really?”

“Uh huh,” I said as I proceeded to tell him my plan… well at least the part that he needed to know anyway. The rest of the plan would unfold of its own accord.

After I told him what he needed to do he smiled and walked home. —– I called Bobbi and put my plan into action. She would meet me then we would go to a restaurant in the city, not too far away. It was a fancy restaurant so I told her to wear a nice dress. Her brunette canlı bahis hair looked radiant over her shoulders with the dark red strapless sundress. About the same height as me, she stood about 5’5″ with 4 inch black heels.

My outfit was a black dress with cap sleeves and a plunging neckline. A beautiful strand of pearls hung within while my light auburn hair was put up with small tendrils hanging haphazardly around my face. We were dressed to kill, so to speak.

When we arrived at the restaurant they took us to the reserved table I specifically asked for. It was very low lighting with candles on the tables and soft music playing. She walked to the table with me and cracked a small joke, “Now if only I could just find a man that treats me half as good as you do, Mary.”

We laughed together then the waiter pulled out chairs for us to sit. Immediately the waiter brought over the bottle of wine that I had requested, on ice. He opened it and served each of us before stepping away. Bobbi seemed mesmerized, “Wow, nice place and nice service, the waiter is pretty easy on the eyes too,” she added.

The restaurant had an adjoining club so after our meal I had made plans for us to go there. That is where Ned would conveniently meet up with us as if it was a chance meeting. The wine slid down easily and the food was delicious. When we finished I suggested the club which I knew Bobbi could never turn down. “Of course I’ll go to the club,” she said happily.

Making our way to the club we could hear the heated beat of the music before we set foot in the place. I had purposely held back on the wine but made sure that Bobbi had very few inhibitions by plying her glass whenever possible.

Other people filled the club making it almost impossible to find a seat so we stood at the end of the bar and listened to the music while trying to talk over the din in the room. “Are you having fun?” I had to shout to ask her.

“Oh YES!” she yelled back at me, “I’m having a ball.”

“Not yet, but you will be,” I screeched back at her with a laugh at my own joke.

She didn’t hear what I said, “What did you say, Mary?”

“Nothing,” I reassured her, “it wasn’t important,” I yelled as I scanned the room.

Bobbi grabbed my arm and turned me around, “Look, there’s Ned,” she said while looking as though she would begin salivating at any moment. That was the moment when I knew that my plan would work.

I prompted her, “Let’s go talk to him.”

She stopped me, “Talk to him about what?”

“Who knows,” I took hold of her hand, “we’ll find something to talk about; we always do.”

Ned stood against the wall sipping a drink when we walked up to him, “Hi stranger,” I said nonchalantly.

“Hey, Mary,” he responded quietly but with a deep voice.

I pulled Bobbi around in front of me, “I would like you to meet my friend, Bobbi. We go wayyyyy back,” I chuckled while she joined me nervously.

He reached for her hand, “Pleased to meet you, Bobbi.”

“Same here,” she responded, considerably less subdued that normal, for her.

I took over since the cat apparently had Bobbi’s tongue. “What brings you here?” I asked him as if I wasn’t expecting him.

Without really looking at us, he continued to survey the club, “Not too much, just wanted some new scenery, that’s all.”

Wanting to get things rolling I said, “Well, here we are. No other scenery needed.”

Bobbi grabbed and squeezed my hand behind my back. Ned pulled his gaze toward us, “Is that so?” he said with a sheepish grin.

Trying to prompt him, I said, “Come on, the three of us can go dance!”

He abstained, “Nah, I’m not real light on my feet but I’d love to stand here and watch the two of you dance for me.”

At this point Bobbi was simply a tag-along toy that I held onto, “Ok, let’s go dance Bobbi,” I tugged at her hand, squeezing her in return.

She tried to sputter something but I dragged her to the dance floor before she could get it past her lips. Once there she started in, “What are you doing?”

“Enjoying myself, Bobbi,” I paused, “lighten up and have fun.”

I took several opportunities to touch and stroke Bobbi while we danced knowing Ned was watching. After a while she no longer cared and laughed along with me while doing the same. Since the foundation of our friendship was formed on a drunken night in a bar with some girl on girl exploration at my house, none of this seemed all that odd to us.

My excitement was growing and I couldn’t take much more of the club so I excused myself to the ladies room. Bobbi followed me and it was apparent that she had loosened up from earlier, by her question to me. “So, do you think he really has a huge cock?”

I laughed boisterously, “Why don’t you ask him? Or better yet, why don’t you grab him and find out?”

“Oh my God, Mary,” she laughed, “You really have gone mad!” she squealed.

Leaving the ladies room we headed back to where Ned stood. The twinkle in his eyes told me that he appreciated our girly dance for him.

Catching Bobbi bahis siteleri off guard I posed a question, “So Bobbi, did you want to ask Ned something?”

She glared at me, “No, can’t think of anything.”

He smiled at her, “I don’t bite; ask away.”

Grabbing her drink she took a good long swig then sat it back down like she was thinking. She wanted to do something but she didn’t have the nerve so as her friend I intervened. Taking a hold of her hand I pulled it to his cock and ran it down the length of him. Pulling her hand away quickly she glared at me again, “How dare you do that, Mary?”

I yelled over the music, “Can you keep a secret Bobbi?”

“Of course I can, you know that,” she said knowing that our friendship was deeply rooted in trust.

Leaning toward her ear I whispered, “I was the chick.”

Her eyes sprang open, “No fucking way!”

I didn’t speak instead I just nodded my head. That was all she needed to hear. Knowing that I had already sampled the “wares” she was ready to partake. Every guard she had, dropped at that moment because she knew as her trusted friend that I would never put her in a situation I was unsure of.

Pulling her hand out of mine she reached of her own accord to stroke his thickening cock through his pants. “Holy shit, that thing is a fucking monster!”

Over the years I had learned how to turn Bobbi on and that was what I was about to do. The poor girl was a horrible voyeur and when someone was getting something she wanted, she wanted it all the more. The place was so crowded and low lit that I knew I would be able to get away with a lot. Taking Ned by the hand we walked to a corner that was partially concealed by a tall floor planter filled with a tree; Bobbi followed closely.

The beat of the music was so strong; I began moving in place dancing to the beat. Turning around I pushed my ass back against his crotch and rubbed incessantly up and down. Bobbi came in front of me and grabbed my tits to give them a healthy squeeze while kissing me. Ned was going nuts just leaning against the wall while we pressed against him. Grabbing Bobbi’s arms I spun her around so her ass was against his crotch. Ned grabbed her dress and pulled up the back then grabbed her hips with his large hands and held her firmly while he rubbed his shaft along her ass crack. If ever there was a time to be wearing a thong this was it, Ned’s eyes lit up like molten lava at the sight of her firm, ripe ass cheeks.

His one hand left her hip to grab her face pulling her head sideways while his fingers dug into her flesh, “I’m gonna get me some of this sweet ass tonight,” he promised her.

Visually I saw her take a deep breath and shake at his words, but she continued to grind her ass against him. I took the opportunity to pull her away, “Come on, let’s go.”

“No,” she told me, “I don’t want to leave.”

I turned to Ned, “Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah,” he responded with heated breath, “let’s get out of here and go back to my place.”

After he said that Bobbi no longer fought leaving, she was ready to find out what lurked within the depth of his drawers. When we left the club Ned came with us saying he would get his car the next day. I drove and shoved Bobbi in the back seat with Ned for the ride home. It wasn’t self sacrificing on my part because I wanted Bobbi nice and hot when we got home and I knew Ned would do just that with his miracle tongue.

She was horny as hell and wanted in his pants but he would not let her, instead he laid the passenger seat forward and propped her body up on it so he could finger and play with her pussy. She squealed and wrapped her legs up around his shoulders, putting his tongue in perfect position. He was so big that he manipulated her around like a rag doll all for his enjoyment.

Nibbling and biting at her clit he drove her insane then he shoved two of his meaty fingers up her pussy to pound her until she squirted on him a little. He lapped it up and continued to suck her sweet juices while I drove and listened to them all the way home.

My pussy was soaked when we finally arrived. Ned kept her legs wrapped around his waist and ducked her head out of the car to stand with her in his arms. She showered him with kisses as he walked to the back door to enter. I followed behind them but I highly doubt I was anywhere on Bobbi’s mind at this point.

Tossing her on the bed he rolled her over and gently unzipped her dress. She rolled back over and he slid the strapless dress off of her. Laying there in thigh highs, a push up bra and 4″ heels she looked like a dream. Her thong that he had pushed aside throughout the drive home was soon removed. A trimmed bush awaited him.

Stepping away from her he pulled his extra-large polo shirt over his head and unfastened his pants, letting them drop on the floor. Kicking off his shoes then his pants he stood there in his underwear with his large cock protruding out the top.

A part of me wondered if Ned even remembered the strap-on given how ravenous he was right now. Reaching for Bobbi’s bahis şirketleri hands he pulled her upright to sit on the edge of the bed then placed her hands on the elastic of his shorts. She pulled down on them until his stiff cock sprang free. In an instant she had her hands on his swollen member pumping and sucking it like it was her job.

Watching everything unfold the voyeur in me was alive and well. Slipping out of my own dress I left on my bra, hose and heels as well. Sitting on a chair in the bedroom I pushed my thong aside to finger myself as I watched them. Looking up at me for a moment, Ned’s piercing gaze told me he was going to rip up her pussy tonight.

After I had my fill of watching them I would return the favor with his strap-on in his ass. Twice the size of Bobbi he engulfed her when he shoved her head down further on his cock. Gagging and sputtering she took it like a trooper and went back for more; she was just as hungry.

Finally he stood her up to turn around and laid his back on the bed, pulling her on top of him, straddled. Rising up she had to lift one leg to get on top of his cock but soon positioned his monster at her dripping pussy. Easing her leg back down, the head of his cock slid inside her to allow her to begin to feel the full enormity of his girth. With his hands on her waist he slowly pulled her down onto him, inch by inch. When met with some resistance he pushed her back up and tried again. Her face was pure agony and lust rolled into one.

Never one to be quiet she screamed when he struck new territory and whimpered when he was close to it. Panting and sweating her brunette hair fell onto his chest when she dropped her hands onto the bed. His hands remained on her waist; she was pinned there and unable to move. Slowly she tried to slide further down onto his shaft with each grimace and scream. Patiently he waited for her to adapt. With only another inch remaining she was spent. Holding her firmly he thrust his hips up into her impaling her completely with his massive cock.

When his hips fell on the bed he pulled her down with him. Lifting her ass upward she came back down and started to ride him.

Quivering and literally crying she rode him faster and faster until she climaxed and fell against his body. He laid there still inside her waiting for her to catch her breath. Soon she began to ride him again and this time her orgasms came quicker and faster until she was screaming and slamming her body down onto his. Using his hands he stilled her for a moment so he didn’t lose himself and continued by rolling her onto her back then crouching between her legs. Raising her legs in the air he rammed his cock still deeper into her snatch bring more tears to her eyes. Looking up at him she begged him, “Please, fuck my ass.”

There were no sweeter words she could have said to him. I knew Bobbi loved having her ass fucked but I had not told Ned this knowledge because of his size. I knew that if the moment was right she would let him know, just as she had.

Rising from my chair I grabbed the strap-on and greased it up. Ned watched me and knew what was going to happen. When he entered her ass; I would enter his. He would have the best of both worlds.

Bobbi rolled over and got on all fours while he lubed up his engorged cock to slide into her ass. At first she was oblivious to me but soon caught a glimpse of the massive strap-on I was wielding behind Ned. As if it was an everyday occurrence or else pure exhaustion she never gave me another glance but instead prepared herself for this moment.

I knew Bobbi loved playing with big toys in her ass so this invasion would not be as invasive for her as most. Watching her it almost appeared that she is in a trance, in preparation. With her head buried in the bed her hands reach back to spread open her petite ass cheeks. Even though it does not look humanly possible for his cock to enter, he slipped the head in with relative ease. Panting and relaxing she pressed back toward him; her ass begins to swallow more of his huge rod.

Knowing that the rectum is about 4″ long, before it turns into the colon, I know he is eventually going to meet with some resistance. When he does she holds steady for a moment and he places one hand on her shoulder to hold her still. With a quick upper thrust he negotiates the bend and stays still again.

A staccato scream from her and a sharp jerk of her body worries me for a moment but soon she begins pushing back against him. Moaning and whimpering she pushes until the entire length is buried in her tiny ass. Soon she begins rocking back and forth so he places his other hand on her other shoulder for leverage to fuck her.

Like a bucking bronco he rode her long and hard stopping every now and then to wipe the sweat from his brow or to collect himself. Her ass was stretched tightly around his cock; the skin moving back and forth with his movements in and out of her body to the point of looking like her ass would invert.

The delicate skin around her ass was red and looked sore but she loved the feel of having her ass filled so she continued moving in harmony with him. The sound of them fucking was delicious; their bodies slapped together and she screamed with each deep thrust of his cock.

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