A Box of Milk Duds, Please

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“A box of Milk Duds, please.” The candy counter girl bent over and picked out a box, straightened up, and laid the sweets in front of the pretty, blond girl. She picked up the five-dollar bill, rang up the sale and handed the change to the young woman. Patti felt a bit guilty for eating candy, but she was slim and wasn’t concerned about her weight.

As she turned to go to the inside theater, a woman approached the counter next to her and said, “Hello. Do you come here often?” and laughed at the corny line she had just uttered. “Sorry, I just couldn’t help saying that. I’ve always wanted to fit that in somewhere but never had the opportunity before.” The counter girl overheard her and rolled her eyes. She had heard the woman say that to other girls several times in the past.

If it had been a man, she would have called the manager.

“My names Jennifer but please call me Jen.” She put out her hand and Patti hesitantly took it and shook hands.

“My name’s Patti. That is a funny thing for one girl to say to another.” She turned away from the older girl and walked toward the theater door. She realized that Jennifer was walking with her.

“Are you going in to see this movie?” Jennifer asked. “I am, too. May I sit with you?”

“Well, sure, but the place is almost empty. You could sit anywhere.”

“Yes, I know, but I feel odd sitting alone. Do you mind?”

“I guess not, but I have to sit near the back. I’m far sighted.”

“That’s fine, Patti. I prefer sitting in the back anyway or even up in the balcony. Would you like to sit up there? It’s empty as far as I can see. I guess not too many people come to matinees. We have the place practically to ourselves. There are only four other people in the theater, and they’re way down front.”

“I think the back row downstairs is fine. It’s so dark though that I can’t see the seats.”

“Oh Patti, take my hand. I’ll take you to the seat. My eyes are used to the dark already.”

She leads Patti to the back row and moves along to the middle seats. They sit down, but Jennifer is still holding Patti’s hand in hers. Patti is afraid of hurting the girl’s feelings if she pulls her hand away, so she decides to wait until she has a reason to let go. When the movie starts, Patti pulls the Milk Duds from her purse and lets go of Jennifer’s hand, so she can open the packet. She offers the pack to Jennifer who declines.

“I prefer Twizzlers,” she says and pulls the package from her purse. Patti realizes that the older girl had already visited the candy counter before she did. She thinks it odd that Jennifer returned when Patti was there. Maybe she really dislikes being alone or is afraid that some man will think she’s alone and accost her. Two women together might make a man think twice before approaching them.

After a while, Jennifer whispers to Patti, “This mystery movie is making me nervous. May I hold your hand again?”

Without waiting for an answer, she reaches her left hand across her body, takes Patti’s left hand in hers and holds both their hands in her lap. Patti becomes aware that back of her hand is against the woman’s crotch. The woman’s dress is so thin and she is pressing Patti’s hand so tightly against her, that Patti can actually feel the woman’s unshaved pubes. Again, she is concerned about hurting the woman’s feelings if she jerks her hand away, which she would have to do to break the woman’s grip.

Finally, the movie ends and the two girls go into the lobby.

“Patti, I’ve seen you here at the theater several times in the past months. You must be a movie buff.”

“Not really, Jen. I attend university several blocks from here. Since I have three and a half hours between classes with nothing to do, I come see the new movies. I do all my studying in the evening. What do you do, Jen? Do you go to school?”

“No, Patti, I’m a dispatcher for the fire department and work the four to twelve shift. I have all day free, and I love movies, so I’m here, like you, to see the new movies. With six theaters here, there’s at least one or two movies that I haven’t seen. I even get a free pass because of my job. Hey, the passes are for two people, but I don’t have anyone else to use them. Why don’t you meet me here, and I can get you in free.”

“Gee, that would be super. bahis firmaları I miss a lot of movies I’d like to see because I run out of pocket money by the middle of the month. I’d love to get in free. How would you want to meet?”

“Well, today is Tuesday. How about Friday at two o’clock when the theater opens? We can do it twice a week if you have the time. Tuesdays and Fridays.”

“Oh Jen, I’d be so grateful. I could never afford two movies every week. What could I do for you to repay you?”

“Honey, I’ll think of something, but don’t worry you’re sweet little head about that. By the way, you look about fifteen, how old are you? I don’t want to get in trouble if you’re ‘jailbait’. Just joking, Patti.”

“I’m eighteen. Do you want to see my driving license?”

“You seem anxious to prove your age, doll. That makes me suspicious. Are you sure it’s your license?”

“Oh, all right. You see, I just turned eighteen two weeks ago, and I am legal now. I can even drink beer in this state. It seemed to take forever to reach this age. I guess I’m really happy to be an adult now. I’m sorry that seems ‘juvenile’. Oh, that’s funny, isn’t it? How old are you, Jen?”

“I’m twenty six, doll. An old lady compared to you, but I don’t feel older than you are. Would you like to go somewhere and get something to eat?”

“No, Jen. I’m on a strict budget, and I have a university cafeteria card. I have to eat there. Plus, I have a class in an hour and a half. I don’t want to be late.”

“Well, maybe another time right after my payday. It’ll be my treat.”

“Jen, you’re so nice. I’m really glad we met. Thank you so much for the offers. I hope there’s some way I can pay you back.”

“I told you, sweet thing, I’ll find a way. Well, I’ll see you on Friday, twoish. Ciao.”

Four weeks go by. The two women have seen eight movies together and have had several hurried meals at a nearby restaurant. Jennifer paid.

Patti was ecstatic that she and Jen had hit it off. Her life had been a crashing bore until they met. The only thing she was uncomfortable with was Jen’s squeezing her hand against her genitals. Jen seemed oblivious to it, but occasionally when the movie got exciting, she would grind her pussy against Patti’s hand. Patti wanted to say something to her, but she was afraid she would insult the woman. Anyway, it was a small price to pay for free movies and some great dinners. She would just ignore the situation.

During one very exciting movie scene, Jen turned Patti’s hand around and pressed her fingers and palm against her crotch. Patti felt Jen’s pubic lips through the thin dress material. She had never touched another girl before, and she felt her face begin to tingle. She could feel the heat coming from Jen’s groin and even some dampness. Jen was not wearing panties and her lubrication was beginning to soak into her dress where Patti’s hand was pressing. Patti was having a little trouble breathing and she was unable to follow the movie. She thought of pulling her hand away, but she was beginning to get turned on. She couldn’t move her hand even if Jen let go of it.

Patti began to smell Jen’s arousal and the scent made her heart pound. She was enraptured by the feel and scent of Jen. She was mildly shocked by her own arousal as she considered herself to be absolutely straight. She had a boy friend back home, and she loved having intercourse and giving him blowjobs. She knew she wasn’t a lesbian, but she was certain she wanted more from Jen.

After about ten minutes of rubbing her pussy against Patti’s hand, Jen threw her head back, breathed in a long sigh, let it out in one sharp breath, and crossed her legs over the younger woman’s hand. She gasped for air, taking long deep breaths. The front of her dress was soaked. She wasn’t holding Patti’s hand any more, and Patti could have easily pulled it from between Jen’s crossed legs, but she continued to hold her hand tightly against Jen’s vagina. Then, Jen reached her arms around Patti’s neck and drew her face close to hers. She kissed Patti’s mouth and probed with her tongue. She was spent, but sated.

Patti’s heart was still racing. This was the first sexual experience she had since leaving home for university. She was embarrassed that it was with another woman.

Unfortunately, kaçak iddaa she was now fully aroused and wondered how she could take care of that. She didn’t think she could pay attention in her next class feeling like this. She thought that she should go back to her dorm and masturbate. She needed relief from her sexual tension.

Jen could feel Patti’s heart beating and hear her heavy breathing. She slipped her hand under Patti’s blouse and cupped a breast in her hand. Patti didn’t try to stop her. Her breathing became even deeper. She put her hands behind her, reached up under her blouse, and unhooked her bra. Jen pushed Patti’s bra up and took a perky breast in her hand and began to knead it. Patti felt her own vagina getting wet. She wanted to rub her clit, but not through her rough jeans. She had tried that before and it had left her sore. She was still too shy to open her pants and masturbate here in the darkened theater.

Jen could tell that Patti needed release, slid off her seat, and tried to kneel in front of the girl. There was just not enough room between the rows. She stood up, took Patti’s hand and led her to the balcony. She pushed Patti into a seat in the front row, where there was more than enough room for her to kneel in front of the younger woman. Patti was so compliant that Jen thought she might be dazed. She unzipped Patti’s jeans and pulled them off the girl’s legs.

The low balcony wall behind her shielded her from view from the lower level. She bent forward and tried to push her face up between Patti’s soft inner thighs. She had to pry Patti’s legs apart because the girl was squeezing them together tightly. Jen realized that Patti wasn’t trying to stop her. She was trying to contain the deep sensations she was experiencing. Jen had to speak to her rather sharply and tell her to relax, so she could relieve Patti’s pent up feelings.

When Patti managed to open her legs, Jen slid her face up between Patti’s thighs and up against her pussy. Patti’s panties were very wet and Jen rubbed her face into the moisture. She was immediately turned on again. She licked Patti’s pussy through the wet cotton panties until she felt Patti’s labia open. She told Patti to lift her bottom and she pulled off the soaked underwear. Jen held them up against her face and reveled in the strong scent. If Patti hadn’t needed release this minute, Jen would have put the panties in her own mouth and sucked on the crotch. She placed the panties on top of the folded jeans and began licking Patti’s slit. She probed Patti’s vagina as deep as her tongue would reach. She could feel Patti’s pelvic floor muscles squeeze her tongue as she licked out Patti’s nectar. Patti must be practicing Kegel exercises.

Jen was getting hotter and hotter as she sucked and licked the tangy juice from the young girl’s pussy. It had a much stronger flavor than her own almost tasteless secretions, and she was wild to ingest as much as possible. She could tell from Patti’s response that the girl was getting close to orgasm, so she increased her efforts.

In a breathy, husky voice, Patti said, “I’m going to come very soon, Jen. I’m trying to hold back but I can’t for much longer. Jen, sometimes when I come, I squirt. I’ll tell you ‘I’m closer’, ‘I’m coming’, ‘NOW’ and you ought to pull away or I’ll gush all over you.

Patti had told her boyfriend when she was about to erupt and he would put a towel over her pussy to catch the shower. The first time they had sex, she spurted all over him. He had had his pants down around his knees and they were drenched. He carried a towel in his car from then on.

No way was Jen going to miss out on that gusher. She stopped licking Patti just long enough to pull her dress off and dove right back into the girl’s vagina. Seconds later, Patti said, ‘I’m closer’, but was unable to complete the mantra. She erupted into Jen’s mouth and pumped for long seconds until the pulsing stopped. She almost drowned Jen who had to swallow rapidly to keep from choking on the fire-hose-like stream.

Patti’s cry of relief would have attracted attention, but the theater was empty except for the two girls.

Jen kept her tongue in the girl’s vagina until Patti calmed down and become coherent. Jen was relatively dry having had received most of Patti’s juices kaçak bahis in her mouth, but Patti’s loins were wet. Gently and lovingly, Jen licked the girl’s pussy and thighs until they were comparatively dry. However, the cloth theater seat beneath her was sodden with her flow.

Jen helped Patti put her jeans back on, but her panties were still too wet to wear. Jen wrapped them in a kerchief and put them in her own purse. A snack for later. She put her dress on, but realized the area around her loins was still wet. She usually carried a sweater to the theater in case the A/C was turned high. She tied the sweater’s arms around her waist and the sweater hid the wet splotch.

Patti never figured out what happened to her wet panties. She had looked for them before they left their trysting place but couldn’t find them. Jen never told her that she took them home with her and ‘ate’ them.

As they left the theater, Jen stopped Patti and said, “See, I told you I’d find a way for you to pay me back.” Patti laughed, closed her eyes, and, for a second or two, relived that delicious orgasm. She mused that maybe lesbians had the right idea. Her boy friend had never gone down on her. Anyway, a woman knew how to please a woman better than a man could. She would know instinctively just the right ‘button’s to push”.

From then on, Jen and Patti carried a couple of towels with them when they went to the movies. They would both wear dresses and no underwear. That made having sex in the theater easier and there would be less chance of being “caught with their pants down”.

Patti eventually got her ‘feet wet’, actually her face wet when she began eating Jen. Jen found a new way to eat Twizzlers. She would get Patti aroused, fold a Twizzler in half, insert it into Patti’s vagina and then eat it out of her. Jen thought it would probably be enjoyable to do the same with Patti’s Milk Duds. She would suggest it to Patti. Maybe Patti would give up some of her Milk Duds for Jen to eat. Perhaps, she should just buy another box and fill Patti’s vagina with them. Yum.

Unfortunately, they would start giggling and attract attention. Then they would have to stop ‘screwing’ around until the other theater patrons became engrossed in the movie and ignored them

Often, they would have to watch the same movie a few times just to see it all the way through. At times, they would try to watch the movie on Tuesday and fuck on Friday or vice versa, but that schedule was difficult for them to stick to. They would ‘end up’ having sex on both Tuesday and Friday.

On weekends and holidays, they spent most of their time in bed at Jen’s apartment. During the summer breaks, Patti would go back home, wistfully, to be with her boyfriend. She tried not to compare his lovemaking with Jen’s. She was not looking forward to the end of her university career and the return home. Maybe, she thought, she should give up her straight life completely and stay with Jen. She was very conflicted.


Dear readers,

In the endnotes of my previous stories, I asked you ladies for plots, fantasies and/or experiences, that you would like to see in print (bits and bytes) but were too busy or lacked the opportunity to write yourselves. I offered to ‘flesh’ them in.

Rosa took me up on that offer. The above story is now Rosa’s and my story. We are co-authors. She wrote the plot; I filled in the blanks.

She wrote: Two girls, one straight and one lesbian, meet at the candy counter at a six-plex theater. They get to “know” each other and have sex in the balcony. The straight girl “comes” to enjoy lesbian sex. (The quote marks are mine. I couldn’t resist the puns.)

My dirty mind took the story line and ran with it. However, Rosa didn’t inform me if this were a fantasy or an experience. She did tell me emphatically that she is straight. Rosa, did thou protest too much? In any case, thank you so much for the delicious plot, Rosa.

I had to put Joanna’s Story on hold until I wrote this one because I sort of implied to readers that I would tell their story ASAP, and I didn’t want you to have to wait to see it.

I will now turn my attention back to Joanna’s Story. If memory serves, there will be two more chapters. I will finish them before starting another, so if you send me another salacious, lewd, and lascivious plot, I will write it after Joanna’s Story.

Did anyone notice that I was able to use the F word at the end of the story? My ‘raunch’ vocabulary is growing as this story shows.

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