A Brief Encounter on the Beach

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Sarah first met Rocco on the internet. She wrote erotic stories and Rocco read them on the internet. He sent her a message to say that he was impressed with her writing skills, asking if she’d like some pics of him. Not expecting anything out of the ordinary, Sarah was happy to receive them – but, imagine her surprise when they were pics of his stiff cock – and what a cock! at least eight inches – the third one dribbling sperm down the shaft, with a plentiful pool on his lower belly! Wow! That was some penis to be admired and enjoyed.

To encourage the young man further, Sarah – who was probably twice his age – egged him on with a bit of cybersex. She wrote a message to him:

‘Feeling a bit randy last night, I took another look at your pictures to stoke me up a bit more. I was able to imagine slipping that wonderful piece of manhood between my pussy lips, pressing them against the head and gently sliding it in and out whilst playing with my swollen clit. I felt your hot, smooth skin against my tongue. It worked! Naturally! You began to jerk your loins. You couldn’t stop. As I switched to the third picture, with your sperm dribbling down the shaft, I came myself! Oooh! Thanks Rocco. I might try that again later today. Very pleasant!’

That started an exchange of explicit emails and pics, until Rocco decided he would like to meet up with Sarah. She had no real objection, since she was curious to see this monster of a cock in the flesh, but would plan the meeting with friends around – just in case. Bob and Meg often spent an afternoon on the sand dunes on the West coast during the summer, bathing in the sea and playing ball games. Sarah accompanied them at times, and decided that this would be a good way to meet up with Rocco, as though by chance. Rocco was happy with that arrangement.

Sarah gave Rocco precise details about how to find them, where the car park was and what time they usually got there. He said he would be there. Well, he was very keen to meet up with this erotic lady whose writings could get him an erection in next to no time, and which could get him to masturbate four or five times over her descriptions of women’s genitals and orgasms.

And so a few weeks later, in the warm weather, Sarah spent a day by the sea with her friends, choosing a quiet stretch of coastline, with plenty of sand dunes, where they regularly settled for a stay. They spread out rugs, got into their swim-wear with lots of laughter, and got out their picnic. It was then, as though by chance, illegal bahis that Rocco appeared over the dunes. A younger man with a pleasant personality. Sarah knew him from his photos of course – of his face, that is.

She feigned surprise at seeing him. Introductions were made, and, of course, he was invited to share their picnic, settling beside Sarah. They exchanged several discreet looks, full of promise for each other, whilst they ate. Sarah was full of eager anticipation, but was unsure how things might develop. Her costume was a substantial one piece affair, having a crotch with buttons. She didn’t want to make it look as though she was over eager – even though she was.

After the picnic, Bob and Meg ran off to splash around in the sea, leaving Rocco and Sarah together. Reclining on her back, eyes closed, arms outstretched, Sarah was now enjoying the hot sun warming her body. It made her feel sexy and bubbling inside. She loved the attention of men. To feel hunted. And Rocco was certainly a hunter. They didn’t speak.

Taking the initiative, Rocco, aware that Sarah was expecting to be fondled and groped, fumbled a bit awkwardly with the gusset of her swimming costume, making her giggle to herself, but his fumbles turned her on, stimulating her vulva. She was really stoked up with lewdness – remembering the pic of Rocco’s dripping cock. So, Sarah made no move to stop him. It would add a little excitement to the afternoon. Her juices flowed!

Once the buttons were freed, the gusset flap lifted to expose the plump inflated vulva, Rocco was amazed at the sight that confronted him. Absolutely breathtaking! Sarah’s inner labia were fleshy. They had long, thick, heavily wrinkled flaps hanging low from the vulva, surrounded by a forest of dark hair, now smeared with her starchy vaginal juices.

Her thatch of hair was at its most dense over the clitoral hood, spreading out into the inner thighs, across her groin and peaked up to her navel. ‘So, that was why Sarah wears a one-piece costume with short legs,’ he thought, ‘to hide that marvelous mass of hair.’ He wondered why she didn’t trim it? But was glad she didn’t.

Hairy women were much admired by Rocco. They turned him on like crazy. The sight of a full crest of hair would immediately raise his erection. And here was his internet friend with a superb pubic fur coat. He would never be able to read her stories again without the memory of that fleshy vulva and the surrounding forest flashing in front of his eyes. His longing illegal bahis siteleri to sink his cock into this fantastic forest of sex was irresistible.

With the fingers of both hands, Rocco carefully parted the slippery hanging flaps to uncover the puckered gateway to her vagina, oozing with thick cream. Her shining pink clitoris was the size of the first joint of his little finger, its hood acting as a foreskin. He had never known a clitoris could be so prominent before! But then, he hadn’t seen all that many in the flesh.

As he contemplated this hot mystery, promising untold joy, unable to keep control of his lust, he pushed down the waistband of his shorts with one hand. Yanking out his throbbing penis with the other, Rocco swung his leg across Sarah’s thighs. Sarah was watching with half-closed eyes. Wow! It was even more awe-inspiring in real life. What a monster! And that helmet – that was something again.

Looking down on that magnificent sight of Sarah’s bushy vulva, Rocco presented the head of his manhood to the pink entrance. The moment of sweet anticipation had arrived! The head was slowly inserted into the creamy starch. Sarah’s murmur of pleasure encouraged him. Rocco watched his hard shaft, with its slight bend to the left, penetrate the thick forest into the syrupy channel. Sarah gasped. The feeling of the profuse hair rubbing against his shaft was sheer heaven!

When his penis had submerged to the full, he felt Sarah’s inner muscles flexing on him, to stimulate even further the nerve endings in the glans. He suddenly went wild! Unable to prevent himself, Rocco drove the cock in and out fiercely, bringing the impatient tensed loins to a quick boil. With a stifled grunt, an almighty lunge released the eager pent up sperm spurting deep into Sarah. Withdrawing quickly after the second thrust, he emptied the remaining splashes in the dark curls on her groin, like pearls in a nest.

Sarah had kept her eyes closed throughout the actual event. Now, she half-opened them again to look into those of Rocco. They gazed at each other for a few seconds. Sarah smiled ruefully.

‘Fool!’ was all she said.

‘Sorry!’ Rocco said. ‘Couldn’t stop myself. You’re very attractive.’

‘A quick screw on a sudden impulse is a good thing. I enjoyed it. All the more for it being unexpected. And all the more for it being you.’

Rocco blushed a little. ‘Flatterer.’

‘No, no! Men flatter. Women speak their mind.’ She smiled. ‘I wonder how long it will canlı bahis siteleri be before you fuck me again.’

‘I wish!’

‘Next time, be more leisurely.’

Rocco’s eyes widened in surprise. ‘How long will Meg and Bob be away?’

‘Long enough.’

‘I want to spend some time exploring that fascinating body of yours. Particularly the furry part.’ He started playing with her genitals again, discovering the fleshy folds, the hairy crevices and the plump clitoris. Sarah winced with pleasure.

‘My Fledermaus?’

‘Why do you call it that?’

‘Because a lot of girls refer to it as their “mouse”. Mine has big wings, though, so a bat – or, as Strauss called it, Die Fledermaus. I hate it!’

‘Why? It’s captivating – fantastic! Turns me on!’

And sure enough, his penis was still as hard and stiff as ever, coated with the stains of her prolific vaginal juices. During all this Sarah had not been able to keep her eyes off it for very long. It hypnotised her! Such a marvellous piece of manhood.

‘I’m too mushy – too sloppy – too big!’

‘Rubbish! It’s what being a proper woman is all about. I love that big clit. Turns me on.’

‘It turns me on as well – often! But in a different way! It can be very demanding. I often have to masturbate to keep it quiet. Is there time to do it again?’

And Rocco mounted that thick thatch for a second time, cock still hard and stiff. Sarah watched intently as the shaft was presented to her vagina. After sliding it in to the hilt, with many gasps and moans from Sarah, it started to shag her hard and fast. She was in sheer heaven. The feeling of a thick big cock sliding in and out of her juicy vagina was sending her into heavenly raptures! It was so indescribably wonderful.

After several minutes of sheer, unadulterated fantastic fucking, the sound of approaching voices reached them.

Sarah was sighing with untold enjoyment. ‘That’s wonderful, but I think Meg and Johnnie will be back in a minute. Hurry up!’

So, with a last few heavy thrusts, balls slapping noisily against Sarah’s bottom, Rocco gave a stifled grunt, as he managed to discharge his second load into that dark secret passage of Sarah, before pulling out.

Sarah smiled at him. ‘Button me up.’

So, after a final, quick exploration of her sticky, hairy vulva, Rocco re-buttoned the gusset flap. He could hear the laughter of the others approaching. He flopped on his back and closed his eyes as they appeared over the ridge.

Sarah would have the whole evening by herself to indulge in satisfying her throbbing clit! With luck, some of Rocco’s sperm would still be lodged in her vagina for her masturbation. It would help her imagination. Besides, she was better at it than men.

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