A Bulgarian Story Ch. 04

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Ben relaxed with Will for a while, drinking some homemade barley wine and smoking cigarettes and chatting about old times. But while this reunion was enjoyable and relaxing, in the back of Ben’s mind were thoughts about the other reunion that was still to come.

“I’m gonna go and see Geniya tonight,” Ben told Will.

“I always knew you would,” said Will. He took a sip of his drink and then asked, “How will you get back afterwards? Are you coming back in the morning?”

“Yeah, pretty early I would have said. I’ll make her drive me back, but she has to work in the afternoon, so it won’t be too late. She could only get half a day off.”

“Why don’t you take my car, that way you can stay a bit longer here, drinking with me, before you have to leave, as it will be quicker than the bus, and then you can drive yourself back in the morning, and have longer in the hotel?” Will winked at his suggestion.

“Great idea, thanks mate.”


Later, Ben pulled Will’s car into the car-park outside the hotel where he had booked a room for himself and Geniya. He was almost giddy with excitement, but had not washed or groomed himself since his shower earlier, as he wanted to smell as manly as possible for his woman.

Geniya was already in the hotel room, having received Ben’s email a few hours earlier – hours which she had spent in a constant state of dripping arousal. Her clitoris had literally throbbed as many times as her heart while she worked at her desk in the office a few blocks from the hotel. Drool had leaked out of her actual mouth as well as her swollen vulva. She had to visit the bathroom and try to pat her cunt dry with a wad of tissue several times over this period, as she could not get the image of Ben’s cock out of her mind, and was almost fainting with canlı bahis şirketleri exhilaration at the wonderful thought that the man she loved, the man whose lovemaking had ignited her soul more than any other, the man with the perfect cock she had not been able to replace or forget, would be mating with her, skin to skin, in such a very short time. Skin to skin because Ben had given her just shy of a month’s notice to their reunion, long enough for her to get on the pill and grow her bush out for him the way she knew he liked. She had briefly thought about forgetting about the pill altogether so she could become fecund with his seed, and several times when they had wanked together online across the gulf of space they had both confessed to the other that such a pregnancy was a major secret fantasy. But in the end, she concluded that if Ben wanted to knock her up, he would ask or tell her, and deception would only stand in the way of the love she wanted from this man, who meant everything to her.

Eventually she told her boss she was not feeling at all well with about ninety minutes to go before the end of the business day. Her boss gave her a disbelieving look but let her go – such a move was so unusual from Geniya that she had no real cause for suspicion.

Geniya walked across the town plaza that separated her business district from where the hotel was, and felt the cool evening air waft over her bare cunt beneath her skirt. She was in such a frenzy that it required massive concentration not to just flop to the concrete and jill herself off in front of all and sundry. She imagined looking down between her outstretched legs and seeing the large bulb of Ben’s cockhead parting her labes and his fat shaft moving slowly in to fill her up all the way. She trembled and sweated under canlı kaçak iddaa the spell of the image, as it combined in her mind with her memory of the looks of pure bliss that would sweep over Ben’s face as he savoured his first entry of what he always said was his favourite vagina of any woman, a fact that made her beam with pride, and long to have him sire her children even more.

Upon arriving at the hotel, she checked in then went to the bar and drank several shots of Johnny Walker Red Label in quick succession. It was the only thing to help her get through the agonising period of around an hour before his arrival. She then went upstairs, took off all her clothes, and lay on top of the sheets, and passed out waiting for her glory.

Ben found her laying on her front, legs akimbo. He could not see the bush that had dominated his thoughts for the entirety of the drive into the city from the village. He could however, see her magnificent asscheeks, long legs and wet, swollen cunthole. She was fast asleep and had not heard him come in.

He stripped off his clothes, then came to a decision. He could not leave her asleep and have her miss the joy of his penetration. Yet he wanted her to just lie there and not move an inch.

So he issued his command at a volume loud enough to wake her, but not too loud to stir her into movement.

“I’m here,” he said softly.

She came to, and her cunt released several molten streams and her heart began to pound anew.

He came up behind her, knees between her thighs. His large hands took her ass and held it still. Then his juicy glans eased between the lips of her sodden cunt and with a low groan of triumph and homecoming, he pushed forwards and filled up his woman. She started coming, and didn’t stop for nearly ten minutes. canlı kaçak bahis His assault was slow and deliberate, but she for her it happened in fast-forward and in a short time, she would remember none of it, save how glorious it made her feel in the afterglow.

For him, it was the completion of so-many fantasies, not least of all the very act of copulation that he knew would end in an unprotected ejaculation inside of a very wet and sexy cunt. So bereft has he been of sexual joy that this very thought propelled him towards a towering climax, that, once it had begun, took over five minutes to work its way through. During this time, he fucked Geniya from behind and on top so hard that she began to black out, not just with pleasure but from the sheer force of collision. Her own climax was off the scale. She was ejaculating wildly herself with every thrust of his thick cock. It was as if pieces of the inside of her cunt were falling off and becoming molten on his shaft. For him too, every pistoning released another enormous creamy jet and he flooded her womb again and again with the hottest, most dynamic torrents of sperm he had ever released. After a few minutes they were laying in the middle of a puddle of mixed juice that took up most of the center of the bed, yet still he fucked into her. The slapping of his pelvis and heavy balls against her pussy and inner thighs resounded out the open window that the maid had left ajar upon cleaning, and echoed down to the early diners on the terrace below. She had ceased making loud noise minutes ago, but he began building to a roar that he could not contain, and that triggered several more orgasms for her. She sobbed and sobbed with pleasure so intense she thought she would die from it. Her uterus was full to bursting with a load even more magical than she had hoped for. Then, with one last thrust he held his big dick deep inside her, slipped his thumb inside of her anus, and let off one more phenomenal blast, then collapsed on top of her. The lovers were reunited as they should have been.

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