A Century Cut Short

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“On your marks!” the starter shouted into his megaphone. “Set!” He continued and glanced from side to side at all of the competitors. “GO!”

The large crowd of bikers slowly started moving forward to begin the long Holland Hundred bike ride. That year was the second time I’d participated ride, which could be completed in four different lengths. I had chosen the 100 mile route once again and looked forward to the long cruise through the country in the beautiful July weather.

I established a comfortable pace with a pack of other bikers who seemed to know each other. The first time I’d done the ride I was with four friends of mine, but that year I did it alone. I found the rides to be a great challenge even though I was not in any shape to compete with the people who would lead the way.

My legs felt good that day, and my bike, which was only a couple weeks old, provided a smooth and efficient ride. I smiled as I looked down to admire the shiny frame that I’d paid a pretty penny for.

The miles seemed to glide by quickly as I held onto a spot just behind the pack I’d started with. Once in a while a rider would slowly pedal past us, a determined look on their face. I was content to just keep riding and finish. I knew I could do it. That wasn’t the problem. The bigger challenge would be enduring the heat once the sun was beating down from straight above. Luckily there were quite a few pit stops along the route where participants could rest, eat healthy snacks, and refill the water bottles on their bikes.

I hung with the pack until the third stop. I’d talked to a couple of them while we rode, and thanked them for letting me tag along as they continued down the road. After quickly eating a banana and sucking down a cup of energy drink I hopped on my bike and resumed my ride. There was a long way left to go, so I made a conscious effort not to push myself too hard.

A few miles after stopping, I headed into a long incline with my head down. Hills were the one thing I dreaded about these long rides, and the gradual ones like this seemed to disagree with my legs the most. I grunted as I pushed myself hard to keep a consistent speed up the hill. “Almost there,” I muttered through my labored breaths. When I could see over the peak of the slope I squirted a mouthful of water from my bottle and put the container back before the final push. “Come on,” I gasped.

The welcome sight of a long downhill ride greeted me as I hit the crest of the slope. As gravity started doing my work for me I reached for my water bottle again. The wire harness, which was new along with the bike, had a tight grip on the bottle. I leaned over more and spread my knees apart to gain a little more leverage. Finally the bottle came loose. I lifted it up and was about to squirt some water into my mouth when my steering hand was pulled from the handlebars. Suddenly the bike veered left over the shoulder of the road. In my peripheral vision I saw a massive log in my path, so I dropped the bottle and tried to regain control of the bike. My effort was too late however, and the bike went headlong into the log. The impact stopped my bike immediately but my momentum threw me off the bike in a heels over head flip that landed me on my back.

I felt sick as I coughed and then inhaled deeply. A wet feeling was on my mouth, but it was nothing compared to the pain that shot through my neck. I opened my eyes to find a woman’s face near my own. She was wiping her lips and looking at me with concern.

“Thank goodness you’re okay. You took quite a spill,” she said and reached for the tandem bike that was leaning against the big log. “Here, have a drink.” She held a bottle of water to my mouth and lifted my head up at the same time.

“Thanks,” I said after gulping down the cold fluid. “What happened? Last thing I remember was taking a drink after I’d climbed the hill.”

“You must have hit a rock or something. We saw you swerve into this grass and hit that log,” the woman said. A second woman approached with a small pack and unzipped it.

I tried to sit up but a searing pain bolted from my skull to the lower part of my back.

“Take it easy, you came down partially on your head,” the second woman said as she rummaged through the pack. “Hopefully you aren’t hurt too bad.”

“Wendy,” the first woman said and held her hand out to me from her crouched position by my waist.

“Jack,” I replied and gave her a weak handshake.

“Looks like your arm and hand are still working,” she smiled. “This is Christy,” she added.

“Hi,” Christy said as she was looking over my neck. “Where do you hurt?”

“All over,” I said, finally realizing that my whole body ached.

“That’s a good sign,” Christy replied. “Can you move your other arm?” I lifted it up and wiggled my fingers for her. “And your legs?” I lifted up my right leg and bent it slightly before laying it flat on the ground again. When I tried to lift my left leg I winced as I felt pain in my thigh.

“It looks like he’s bleeding here Christy,” illegal bahis Wendy said as she looked down at the wounded thigh.

“Alright,” Christy answered and moved so she was crouched between my legs. “Can you move his leg up so I can get a look? Try not to bend it though. I’m concerned with that swelling of his knee.”

Wendy knelt beside my leg and put one hand on the top just above my knee and her other hand on my heel. As she slowly lifted I grunted from the discomfort.

“Hang in there Jack, you’re going to be fine,” Christy said while leaning down and touching my thigh not far from my ass. “Here we go. It looks like a piece of glass.”

As I started to regain my senses I noticed I had a view down Christy’s black sports bra. Her breasts were big enough that they filled the tight covering and formed a decent amount of cleavage. The last thing I wanted was to have her working so close to my crotch and me getting an erection, so I looked off to the side.

“I’m going to have to cut your shorts away to get a better look,” Christy said as she pulled a small jackknife from her pack. “Hold still for me.” I heard the sound of cloth ripping and then her fingers on my skin. “Okay, I think I can pull the glass out now.”

“Is it in deep?” I asked.

“I can’t tell,” she answered and put the knife down. A few seconds later I felt more pain as she gave a gentle tug on the glass. “Almost got it,” she added. She pulled at it again and I felt the object exit my leg. She held it out for me to see.

“Damn,” I said with a grimace.

“Wendy, give me your wrist band,” Christy said.

Wendy moved so she could put my ankle on her shoulder. Then she slid her wrist band off and handed it to Christy.

“The bleeding isn’t too bad, but it looks like it might have gotten close to your…well let’s just say I need to look near your crotch, okay?”

“Fine, do whatever you have to do,” I answered.

I watched as Christy picked up the knife again and cut up the side of my shorts along my hip. Then she cut them again between my legs before pulling the fabric aside. I suddenly felt awkward as she looked closely at my crotch which was covered only by my tight briefs.

“How’s it looking?” Wendy asked.

“The cut got close, but it looks like everything is in one piece,” Christy answered. “I’m going to make sure the bleeding stops though.”

Once again my eyes locked onto Christy’s chest. I couldn’t help but get turned on by her tanned, freckled cleavage that glistened with sweat. Meanwhile she held the small wristband against my inner thigh, occasionally pulling it away to look at the wound.

“It must have been pretty deep because the bleeding isn’t slowing much yet,” Christy said. She sat over my left leg and pressed against the outside of my thigh with her free hand so that she could apply more pressure on my cut.

I eased myself up so that I was resting on my elbows. When I realized my head and neck were okay I sighed with relief.

“How’re you feeling?” Wendy asked.

“Lots of pain, but I’ll manage,” I told her.

While Christy looked around as she waited for my wound to start clotting I got another chance to look her over. She had to be in her mid-30s. She had her short red hair tied into a pony tail. Her face, which was covered in a sparse display of freckles, wasn’t the most attractive I’d seen, but wasn’t bad either. I assumed she’d probably look good if she was free of sweat and grime. She had a nice body, though slightly thicker than a typical biker. As I looked at her legs I realized I could see the shape of her pussy pressing against her tight black shorts.

“You can put his leg down,” Christy said.

Wendy slowly lowered it and then stood next to my torso to drink from her water bottle. She was thinner than Christy, had smaller breasts and a leaner body, and her face had a weathered look like someone who spent a lot of time outside. She had high cheekbones and thin lips that hid brilliant white teeth. Her hair, pulled up into a bun that appeared to be loosening up, was brown with blonde highlights.

“Here,” she said while crouching down. She put the nozzle of her bottle by my mouth and squeezed out a gulp of water for me.

“Thanks,” I told her. As she stood up I glanced at the spot between her legs. She was wearing a pair of shorts that were more like panties, and I swore I could see the edge of her pussy peeking out the side of the cloth.

As we waited I stole quick looks at their breasts, legs, and crotches. Wendy busied her self with keeping an eye out for one of the race vans that patrolled the bike route looking for people who needed bike repairs or couldn’t finish the ride.

Christy was still holding the wrist band to my leg and checking on the status of my bleeding. At one point I thought I saw her looking at my briefs which were more than tight enough to show a rough contour of my cock and balls.

“So were you out here alone? Or did you start the ride with friends?” Wendy asked as she looked down illegal bahis siteleri at me.

“Alone this year,” I replied, returning her gaze. As I looked down I momentarily peered at her crotch again without thinking about it.

“I think the bleeding is pretty much stopped. Do we have anything I can tie around his leg?” Christy said as she looked around.

“I don’t think so,” Wendy said. “What about his shorts? You already cut them up. The waistband should work.”

“Good idea,” Christy replied and looked at me. “Can you lift up your hips? Or should I just cut them the rest of the way off?”

“I think I can lift my hips,” I said. I bent my legs and planted my feet flat on the ground before lifting my butt off the ground.

Christy pulled my shorts down to my ankles and then the rest of the way off after I lifted my feet up. She took the shorts in both hands and ripped away the excess cloth so all that was left was the elastic band. After that she put the band around my left ankle and slid it up to my thigh, right up against my crotch before tightening it and tying the slack into a knot.

“I really need to look at your head, if you don’t mind. Watching you hit the ground the way you did, I’m surprised you didn’t cut anything else,” she said as she stood up and stretched her legs.

“Sure,” I replied. “Thanks for everything.”

“You’re lucky we saw you fall down here. The view from the road isn’t that clear,” Wendy said.

Christy helped me sit upright and ran her fingers through my hair on the back of my head a few times. “Looks good back here,” she said. Then she moved to the top of my head. “There’s a little cut just above your hairline. I’m going to clean that up.”

She grabbed a water bottle and knelt in front of me. “Look down,” she instructed. I felt a trickle of water on my head followed by her fingers rubbing. I could feel the cut stinging slightly. As she rinsed the spot a few more times I kept looking back and forth at the shape of her pussy and her breasts.

The last thing I expected to happen as I sat there was to get turned on enough to get a hard on. However that’s exactly what I felt was going on in my shorts, and I was in no position to try covering myself up without making obvious to the two women what I was doing.

“I’m going to call Helen and see if she can get a hold of someone to drive a van over here,” Wendy said.

“Good idea,” Christy replied and sat back with a sigh. “Christ this heat is something when you’re not moving.”

“Helen? Hey, it’s Wendy. Yeah we’re fine. Can you do me a favor? We’ve got a rider out here that took a spill and is going to need a ride back to his car. Okay,” Wendy spoke into her cell phone. “You found it? Good, the number should be at the bottom. Alright, we’ll see you later then. Bye,” she said and flipped the phone closed. “She’ll see what she can do.”

“Alright,” Christy said.

“You two don’t have to wait here with me,” I said.

“We should,” Wendy replied. “At least until a van shows up. I’m going to put our bike out by the road. Hopefully they’ll see it and stop if we don’t spot them first.”

I watched her tightly clad ass as she picked up their bike and pushed it towards the road. After she’d gone out of view I looked back at Christy who was wiping sweat from her face.

“Thanks again for helping me out,” I said to her.

“Don’t mention it. I’m sure you’d have done the same for anyone else.”

I smiled at her and glanced at her chest before looking off into the distance. My cock was still feeling rather hard and I blushed at the thought of one of the women seeing it. For a moment I wondered what would happen if they did spot it, and that just aroused me even more.

“I’m going to take another look at your leg,” Christy said as she leaned forward. Her small hands worked carefully as she examined the wound. The close proximity she had to my cock made me nervous. “Still looks good.” She added and put the cloth and band back in place. When she’d finished her hand brushed against my balls causing me to flinch. “I’m sorry,” she said in a way that I believe she didn’t mean to do it.

“It’s okay,” I told her and noticed her looking at my briefs.

“Christ, you men sure get turned on easy,” she said, surprising me with her bluntness.

I couldn’t help but smile and laugh. “I’m sorry.”

“Nah, it’s not a big deal,” she said. “I’m not really surprised, given the situation.”

“It’s still embarrassing,” I said and looked for Wendy.

“How’s your head feel?” Christy asked.

“It’s good.”

“Okay,” she replied.

I watched her eyes glance at my crotch before looking up in Wendy’s direction. I turned and saw Wendy coming back.

“Alright, the bike’s out there, and I drew an arrow in the dirt. One of the riders stopped and he’s going to tell the next van he sees to come back here,” she said.

“Thanks,” I told her.

Wendy sat next to us and sucked some water out of her bottle. I watched as some of it dripped down canlı bahis siteleri her chin and onto her the lycra bra that covered her small breasts. Christy had sat back again so that she was leaning back, propped up by her arms, and her legs were bent up and spread. She was sitting right in front of me and I could clearly see her crotch. I wondered if she was allowing me the view intentionally. I quickly looked at her chest again before closing my eyes and letting my head sag back.

“Oh hell,” I heard Christy say. “I can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

I lifted my head up just as she was crawling to my side and sat cross legged. Her hand reached out and traced a line from my balls up along the length of my cock.

“Chris, what are you doing?” Wendy said.

“He’s had a hard on since I was looking at that cut on his head,” Christy replied. “And I have to admit I’m feeling pretty hot right now.”

“I don’t know if this is such a good idea. What if someone sees us?” Wendy said.

Christy looked around for a moment. “Let’s move against that log,” she suggested.

They helped me stand up and we moved by the huge piece of wood which ran parallel to the road.

“Sit down hon,” Christy said and helped me so I was sitting with my back against the log and facing away from the road. “This should be enough cover.”

“I guess,” Wendy said as she looked towards the road. “I can’t believe this.”

“Come on Wen, just relax.”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Not much. Lucky for you we don’t want to agitate those cuts of yours,” Christy said with a smirk.

She knelt beside my hip and ran her fingertip along my cock again. The eagerness she’d shown about turning our chance encounter into something sexual had provided enough excitement for me to get hard, and after she’d stroked me a few times through the fabric of my briefs the tip of my cock was peeking out of the waistband.

“Are you just going to sit there?” Christy said to Wendy who was kneeling next to me and watching the road.

“I’m just trying to keep an eye out.”

“Good, but you can still do that and let him help you pass the time as well.”

Wendy looked back at Christy and then at me hesitantly. “Oh what the hell,” she said and quickly slid her shorts off before standing over me with her legs on either side of my torso. Her pussy was still too high for me to reach with my mouth so she bent over the log and lowered her hips.

I sat forward and pushed her legs apart a bit before running my fingers along the length of her cunt lips a few times. Meanwhile Christy had pulled my briefs down just far enough that my penis and balls were outside of the elastic. I heard her spit on me a few times before her hand gripped me loosely and started to stroke.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Wendy said.

Neither Christy nor I said anything. I’d gone from touching Wendy’s outer lips to spreading them apart and licking her sticky inner flesh which was beginning to show signs of her arousal. She tasted salty due to the sweat from biking, but as I coaxed her honey the flavor became slightly sweet.

Christy’s stroking had become more aggressive and as a result I was about as hard as I could get. Occasionally she’d change her grip on me or cup my balls in her hand and rub each of them before continuing to stroke.

Without a word Christy nudged me so I swung my body around and to lie on my back. Wendy wasted no time squatting over my face so I could resume. She helped me by pushing herself open with two fingers and leaning forward slightly. I pushed a finger of my own into her while licking below her clit. As soon as my finger was inside she started to hump my hand slowly.

My cock was back in Christy’s hand after I’d changed positions. She rubbed me a few times and then squatted over it. Try as I might, I couldn’t focus on what she was doing. But moments later I felt the tip pressing against her. For a second she waited and then lowered herself patiently until the head of my cock was inside her pussy.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly,” Wendy chimed in, her hips now riding two of my fingers.

I moved my attention to her clit and flicked my tongue over it in random patterns. She immediately reacted with a hand on the back of my head, pulling my face against her sex. A quick series of shallow sighs and a firm hip motion downward later, her hips quivered as she had a quiet orgasm.

“Jesus,” she whispered as she took a seat next to me, her breaths still short and fast.

Christy had begun slowly fucking me, so I sat up and watched her. She was facing away from me and was leaning over a bit so I could see the whole thing clearly. Her pussy was covered in a very closely cropped coat of hair that ran all the way back to asshole. The perspective of watching her ride me was something I’d never had the pleasure of witnessing before and it turned me on even more. I helped her out by moving my hips along with her rhythm, but she quickly put her hands on my thighs to hold them down. I could see her juices accumulating around the base of my cock each time she pushed herself down on me.

“I’m so close,” Christy whispered hoarsely and started fucking faster. “God this feels good.”

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