A Chance Encounter

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Jane pulled up her black stockings and slipped into her black patent stilettos. She smoothed the black sleeveless Prada dress over her hips. With her shiny red hair and fair skin, the ensemble was quite striking. She looked fabulous, but she still had no desire to attend her company cocktail party this evening. Her accounting firm, Wentworth, Adams and Howell, had just landed a major new client, Farmington Industries, a large pharmaceuticals manufacturer. Jane had already met many of the company’s top executives, and some additional personnel would be attending the party tonight.

Jane glanced at her laptop on her nightstand and smiled. A few months ago, a girlfriend at work had told her about a racy website that featured erotic stories. One night when she was bored, Jane had gone to the site and had read several stories. She was amazed at how turned on she got by some of the fiction. Normally, it was numbers that got her excited. One story in particular had gotten her so aroused that she actually sent feedback to the author. To her surprise, he answered her email.

They began emailing each other every day which soon turned into instant messaging each other every night. A month ago the phone calls started. Their conversations were polite at first. They conversed about the weather and their careers although they were careful to maintain anonymity. Then he asked her about her fantasies and the conversations quickly turned into hot, lusty phone sex. Jane became so aroused during their talks that she had to use her vibrator. It certainly sounded like Grant, her partner in lust, was equally excited on his end. Jane looked forward to getting home each evening, eating a quick dinner and crawling in bed waiting for the phone to ring or to make the call. At first she felt a little weird about giving out her number to a total stranger, but after all their conversations she felt that she knew Grant.

Jane picked up her evening bag and keys, locked the door to her apartment and headed to the garage. Jane slid behind the wheel of her Mercedes and slowly exited the garage and headed to the restaurant downtown where the party was being held. She pulled up in front, put the car in park and handed the keys to the valet. She absolutely hated work events like this one. She loved her job, enjoyed her co-workers most of the time and wanted her downtime to be hers. She was fun and normally social, but she was irritated that she was going to miss her call with Grant. Well, technically she wasn’t really missing it because Grant had told her he had to be out of town on business this evening.

Jane walked into the elegant restaurant and a hostess guided her to the room where the company party was being held. Jane saw many of her fellow co-workers and several people whom she did not know. She assumed they were from Farmington Industries. She saw her boss over in a corner talking to several men who appeared to be from the new client. Wanting to make a good impression, she walked overly confidently. Her boss, Henry Adams, saw her coming and announced, “Gentlemen, please let me introduce Jane Hairston. She is my Vice President of Account Services and she will be managing the team that will be handling Farmington Industries. Jane let me introduce you to Peter Boswick, Vice President of Operations, Herman Snood, Vice President of Manufacturing and John Pressman, Vice President of Supply Chain. They are our distinguished guests tonight,” said her boss.

With each name called, Jane extended her hand and shook the guest’s hand firmly. She heard someone approach from behind when her boss said, “And last but not least, meet Grant Thomas, Vice President of Human Resources.”

Jane turned to greet the last guest and her face froze for a second. It was him! Phone sex Grant. They had exchanged pictures and she would recognize him anywhere. He was tall, broad shouldered with salt and pepper grey hair at the temples and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. She quickly regained her composure and extended her hand. If he was surprised it did not show on his face. He shook her hand and greeted her warmly.

“Jane,” said her boss, “since you are going to illegal bahis be managing the team that will be handling Farmington Industries, I thought you could spend some time with Grant here and give him the lowdown on who you have in place to handle the account on a day-to-day basis. You know a little about their backgrounds and experience.”

Jane nodded and quickly found her voice, “that’s a great idea sir. Mr. Thomas, what would you like to know?”

“Why don’t we step over here so we don’t bore everyone with the gory details and please call me Grant,” said Grant seemly enjoying the charade. They moved off into a corner of the room where they could be by themselves to talk freely.

“What are you doing here? Are you crazy?” hissed Jane under her breath.

“Look, I told you I had to go on a business trip. I had no idea it was with your company. You never said you were in accounting with one of the big eight firms. As I recall, you said you were in management,” said Grant as he stirred his vodka tonic.

“Pharmaceuticals? You said you were in manufacturing!” exclaimed Jane.

“I am in manufacturing. My company manufactures pharmaceuticals!” said Grant. He looked at her from head-to-toe as he sipped his drink.

“You are even more beautiful than the picture you sent me. You are absolutely stunning Jane. I am glad that you at least told me your real first name,” said Grant.

“I am sorry. It really is nice to see you. I was just so taken aback. Never in a million years did I think I would meet you at a work function,” said Jane sheepishly.

“Well, we have a chance encounter. We should look at is as a gift from fate,” said Grant as he gently touched Jane’s elbow. They continued to talk animatedly for almost an hour. They did cover some work issues, but they spent most of their time talking about themselves. At a lull in the conversation, Jane looked around and saw that the party had begun to thin out and only a few people remained

“What should we do?” asked Jane. As if on cue, her boss approached them.

“Jane, we seem to be a little short of cars this evening. Would you mind giving Grant a ride back to his hotel? He is staying at the Marriott just down the street,” asked her boss Henry.

“Of course, I would be happy to,” replied Jane. She and Grant said their goodbyes and left together. They rode the elevator down to the lobby in an awkward silence. The valet handed Jane her keys and they quickly got in her car.

“Nice car,” said Grant. “I hope you are not really taking me back to the hotel. Can we go to your place?” he asked.

“Sure,” said Jane somewhat reluctantly.

“Okay, are you really married and you don’t know how to tell me?” asked Grant grinning.

“Of course not, it’s just that I wasn’t expecting company,” replied Jane as she steered the car back to her home.

“Jane, I don’t care if there are dirty dishes in the sink and your clothes are on the bathroom floor. I want to see where you live. I want to see the bed that you call me from,” said Grant huskily as he put a hand on her thigh. Jane felt her pulse quicken. She reached her apartment building in record time and parked the car. As soon as they stepped into the elevator, Grant pushed her against the wall and gave her a slow, sweet lingering kiss. She could feel his excitement.

“My God, I have wanted to do that since the moment I saw you,” said Grant. Jane moaned softly in response. The elevator stopped and they got out and walked to Jane’s door. Her hand trembled so Grant took the keys from her and opened the door turning on the lights as they entered.

“This is the living room and the kitchen,” said Jane giving Grant a tour of her place.

“Lovely,” said Grant, “but you call me from your bedroom. I want to see that room,” murmured Grant.

Jane opened the door to her bedroom. She was happy that she had had time to make her bed up this morning. Grant walked in and mentally inventoried the room. He noted the beautiful cherry four poster king sized bed and the two nightstands that flanked it. He saw the elegant armoire that housed her television. He touched her laptop.

“I illegal bahis siteleri suppose I should thank your laptop since it started it all,” said Grant as he ran a finger over the keys. He moved towards her and kissed her harder this time. She kissed him back, but he could feel the hesitation in her body.

“Do I scare you?” he asked softly.

“No, it’s just a surprise meeting you like this,” said Jane.

“Are you disappointed in me?” asked Grant as he began to massage her shoulders.

“Hell no, you are absolutely beautiful!” said Jane laughing.

“I think we are just a little nervous and I can understand that,” said Grant. “What do you do when we talk?

“Well, I get undressed and I climb into bed and call you or you call me,” explained Jane.

“Great. Do it,” ordered Grant as he walked through the bedroom door and into the living room dimming the lights and shutting the door on his way out. Jane stared at the closed bedroom door. She slowly removed her heels, stockings and dress and put them in her closet. She pulled the covers back on her bed and climbed in it. Just then the cordless, black phone on her night stand rang.

“Hello,” she said softly.

“Hey baby, it’s me Grant. How are you feeling tonight?” the warm cadence of his voice was calming and familiar. He was calling her from her living room on his cell phone.

“I’m okay. I had a work cocktail meeting this evening. We were entertaining a major new client. I just got home,” said Jane laughing.

“That sounds like fun. Did you meet anyone interesting?” asked Grant jokingly.

“You could say that. Some very interesting characters,” replied Jane.

“What are you wearing right now?” asked Grant.

“A black lace bra and panties,” whispered Jane.

“Mmmm… nice. Take off your bra and play with your nipples for me baby,” directed Grant. Jane removed her bra and began to pinch and pull on her nipples. She played with herself roughly. She was excited by his voice and the fact that he was in the next room. She moaned softly into the phone.

“Good girl, I can tell you are doing a fantastic job. Now I want you to take off your panties and play with your clit,” Grant continued. Jane removed her panties and tossed them to the floor. She began to rub her clit. She could feel her wetness building.

“Describe it for me Jane. Tell me what you are doing?” commanded Grant from the next room.

“I am playing with myself. My pussy is so warm and soft. And so incredibly wet right now. Your voice gets me so turned on,” murmured Jane into the phone.

“Pull your lips open and stick three fingers in your cunt for me Jane. Fuck yourself with your fingers for me,” directed Grant. She could hear the excitement building in his voice. Jane did as she was instructed and she began to thrust her fingers vigorously in and out of her pussy. Her breathing was labored and she felt close to the edge. There was a fine sheen of perspiration all over her body.

“Don’t cum yet baby. Not yet. Do you want your toy?” asked Grant in a husky voice. Jane imagined him on the other side of the door in her living room stroking his cock. She wondered what his cock looked like. Would she have difficulty taking him deep in her throat? The thought of sucking him aroused her even more if that was possible.

“Yes, I would like my toy, please,” whispered Jane. She was thrusting her fingers deep inside her wet pussy and the feeling was incredible, but she wanted her vibrator too.

“Go get it sweetie,” said Grant. During one of their many conversations, she had shared that she kept her rabbit vibrator in the top drawer of her nightstand. Jane stopped thrusting with her fingers and reached over to open the nightstand drawer. She took out a large flesh toned vibrator with a second appendage that could vibrate right on her clit. She was grateful that she had just put a fresh set of batteries in the other day.

Jane placed the dildo in her sopping pussy and placed the clit stimulator against her clit. She turned it on full throttle. Grant must have heard the whirring from the vibrator in the next room because he said, “great, canlı bahis siteleri now tell me how if feels?”

“Oh my God, I am going to cum,” yelped Jane.

“What do you want baby?” growled Grant.

“I want you to fuck my cunt!” yelled Jane.

“What did you say?” teased Grant.

“I need you to come in here and fuck my cunt,” screamed Jane. Needing no further invitation, Grant quickly opened the door. He was totally naked and his cock was already hard. He swooped down on the bed and pushed Jane’s hand with the vibrator away. He placed his head between her outstretched legs and began to kiss her inner thighs gently. His kisses became stronger as he moved up to her belly and then down again. She was already so wet so he licked her juices and savored the slightly salty taste in his mouth.

“Grant, please, please fuck me,” begged Jane. He put his tongue on her clit and began to lick and suck. Jane lifted her hips and tried to bury his face in her pussy. She grabbed at his hair and screamed his name as she came. She was surprised when she started to cry.

“Baby, what’s wrong? I thought you liked that,” said Grant with his face still glistening with all of her juices.

“Honey, that was fabulous. That was more than fabulous, it was pure bliss. I have just imagined that moment for so long and now it has finally happened and I am just a little teary. Sorry,” explained Jane.

“Jane, there is nothing to be sorry about,” said Grant as he softly kissed her. Jane felt his hard cock brush her thigh.

“Let me help you,” said Jane as she moved so he could lie on his back in the spot that she had just occupied. Jane looked lovingly at his cock. It was the perfect size for her and it was truly beautiful.

“Hello my friend. I have wanted to meet you for a long time,” said Jane to Grant’s cock as she began to stroke it with her hand. She moved her soft hands up and down the entire shaft. Grant moaned with his eyes closed. Jane bent down and began to slowly lick the head with her warm, wet tongue. She slowly swirled her tongue over the head back and forth. Grant continued to moan with pleasure. She ran her tongue all the way down the shaft making sure to give the underside of the shaft plenty of attention too. She massaged his balls with her hands and then took each one in her mouth and gently sucked and nibbled it. She moved back to his cock and took the head in her mouth. Her lips made a tight seal around Grant’s cock. Jane’s mouth felt warm and wet and safe to Grant. She began to suck harder and she moved her head up and down the shaft rhythmically. Grant felt as if an amazing vacuum was surrounding his cock. He could feel his cock knocking on the back of Jane’s throat. He could only moan in pleasure. Jane felt and saw his balls tighten.

“Jane baby, I am about to cum. Let me fuck your pussy,” said Grant gasping. Jane shook her head and Grant’s cock too since it was still in her mouth to indicate no. She wanted him to cum in her mouth She sucked even harder to help him cum. Jane felt him explode in her mouth. She could feel the hot, sticky cum slide easily down her throat.

“You are.. you are.. that was intense and mind-blowing,” stammered Grant as he began to calm down. He pulled Jane to him and kissed her deeply tasting himself in her mouth. Totally exhausted, they snuggled together against her pillows.

“When do you fly out?” asked Jane sadly.

“Tomorrow afternoon, but don’t worry, I will be back to visit your company often,” said Grant as he stroked Jane’s hair.

“You’re the Vice President of Human Resources. Why would you need to visit your company’s accounting firm frequently?” asked Jane incredulously.

“My position as Vice President Human Resources was just a temporary rotation because I am being groomed for the top spot one day,” explained Grant.

“Oh, so what is your next assignment?” asked Jane.

“Well, after the Enron and Tyco messes, Farmington Pharmaceuticals created a new position called Vice President of Financial Accounting Oversight Compliance. In this new role, I will have to work closely with our new accounting firm—your firm so I expect I will see you quite a bit,” said Grant laughing.

“That will be wonderful,” said Jane smiling as she hugged Grant more tightly.

“Yes it will darling,” said Grant as he kissed her one more time before they both drifted off into a deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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