A Changed Relationship Ch. 03

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This story is part 3 of a three part series, all of which have been posted. It describes one week in our life that would eventually have a big impact on our marriage and our lovemaking. For those who might not remember, the story begins on a Saturday as my husband begins a week of chastity and foot and body worship which he has agreed to in order to earn a footjob. This part describes the last day and what happened afterward.

The story has three parts, each of which has plenty of excitement of its own. I decided to break it up rather than write one really long story since I tend to find shorter installments easier to read. That said, all three parts could be read at once. Since I hate multipart stories that never seem to get finished — I’ve posted all three at once and there will be only three. There’s no unfinished business at the end. I hope you enjoy it and feedback is greatly appreciated.


After the prior night’s activity the morning alarm came all too soon.

“Last day,” I whispered to him as he kissed me good morning.

“You better believe I know it,” he replied as he gave me another kiss just for good measure.

Despite a night of rest to calm down, I was afraid of what would happen to all my well laid plans for the day if I stayed in bed another minute. So I made for the bathroom and somewhat hastily dragged myself through my getting ready routine. By design, rather than stare at each other across the breakfast table I planned to leave the house quickly.

However, before doing so I poked my head into the bathroom and said, “I’ll call you at noon with some instructions — o.k.?”

“Fine, I’ll be there. I await your instructions my queen,” he replied with a grin.

Another quick kiss and I was off.

I did have a little bit of work I had to get done and a meeting to attend, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say my mind was elsewhere. As noon drew close I packed up my things and took the afternoon off. In the privacy of my car I gave myself a few gentle rubs to rebuild my arousal and then I phoned my guy who picked up after only one ring.

“My aren’t we eager? Are you ready to hear your instructions?”

“Yes I am my queen. This is one work day I can’t wait to see end.”

“Ok. Your first instruction, just like last time, will be visit the mens room and make yourself as hard as you can inside that device. You have five hours left in your work day, so I want you to do this once for each hour. You can make it as many trips as you want, but five times bringing yourself to full hardness, while thinking about me all the time I might add, then back to full softness — got it?”

“Yes. Five times.”

“Next. I want you to select a small gift that you can give to me in thanks when I finally release you from your device. Be sure to think about it carefully. I’ll give extra credit for a very thoughtful idea. Don’t spend much money. Say no more than $20. But a gift that shows me you are thankful. Ok?”

“Yes my love. I’ll think about it and see what I can come up with.”

“Lastly, I want you to meet me at “Joe’s Bar” (a popular after work hang out near our house). Be there by 6pm, but be sure to get there in time so that I will get a seat. Understand?”

“Yes. I’ve got it, five times, a present and a seat at the bar.”

“That’s right. I’ll see you there.”

“Yes my queen.”

“By the way, try to keep your mind on your work.”

Considering where we started out this process the one thing that I was the happiest about was how well my husband played along. As I said at the beginning, I kinda figured he’d find a way out of the device or offer some resistance, but instead he took up the challenge in the spirit I intended and I think we’re both enjoying the results.

My plan for the after noon was not that complicated, but I wanted everything to be right and I didn’t want to be rushed. The first stop was to get a manicure and pedicure. While its true that we did one ourselves just a few nights ago, I wanted both my hands and feet to look absolutely stunning and I knew. The color I selected was a deep black cherry red, done up with lots and lots shine. I had used the color before and knew it would get a good reaction.

The next stop was to a well known woman’s clothing chain where I picked up a dress I had tried on earlier in the week. A simple description would be to call it a classic sheath style “little black dress”. The hem was a good bit shorter than I would normally wear coming a full six inches above my knees and I knew that alone would attract his attention. The neck line was also cut a little more daring than I would normally have selected, but when I wore it with a black satin bustier which nicely pushed up my otherwise ordinary cleavage, It looked very, very sexy. More sexy than I would have ever dared before this week.

The rest of my outfit was similarly classic. I planned to wear the four inch black pumps I had worn the prior night and of course a pretty pair of black satin panties and garter belt. But the thing güvenilir bahis I knew that would drive him wild was I had ordered on-line a pair of sheer black nylon seamed stockings. The old fashioned kind with the reinforced toe and heel that formed sort of a diamond showing out of the top of my shoes. Fully fashioned nylons I think they are acalled. They seemed like the ultimate stocking for a true foot lover and they felt so silky on me that I knew they were worth every penny even though I had few doubts they’d be ruined before the night was over.

My last stop was a salon I frequented from time to time. I had my hair done in a little bit different style than usual. More pulled back off my face and a little more teased up. Then I had the ladies help me with some eye makeup and that made my face come alive like I had never seen it before. I didn’t want to look like the conservative business woman that I actually was. I didn’t want to look like a wife. I wanted to look like a sexy, sophisticated woman out to get what she wanted. I wanted to look like my husband’s best fantasy.

As I expected these excursions took all afternoon and I actually ended up changing in a back room at the salon and heading straight to the bar. When I came through the door he was sorta looking toward the entrance but not with his full attention. It was interesting, because the initial way he turned toward me adn looked me up and down was not with any recognition, but the way I had sometimes caught him checking out hot looking strangers when we were out. I was surprised at my own reaction. I felt positively decadent that I had sufficiently altered my look from plain business-wife to “hot babe” that he didn’t immediately recognize me.

It was only a split second later when he realized and then his reaction was priceless. Everyone’s heard the expression ‘jaw dropping beautiful’ well I can tell you that there is such an expression. His mouth flopped open, his eyes got big and his expression told me more than he could ever have articulated. He thought I looked hot. A quick glance at his crotch told me I had gotten his full attention.

I pulled up on the bastool beside him and crossed my legs letting the pleat of my dress ride up to just about to the top welt of my stockings. He managed to order me a drink, but his attention was riveted to my nyloned legs and I was pretty sure nothing short of an explosion was going to distract his attention.

After the first drink I explained that we should probably eat something, because once we got home I doubted that any time would be spent in the kitchen. We tried to talk about our days and ordinary stuff, but neither of us really had any interest. As we ate and drank, I shamelessly flirted with him touching him on the arm, brushing against his thigh and leaning in to kiss his cheek and make sure that he was smelling my perfume.

To give him credit, he gave as good as he got. He frequently caressed my legs, obscenely high when he felt he could get away with it. He also managed to brush across my breast and gently caress my arms and shoulders in a possessive yet yearning sort of way. But through it all his eyes kept roving back to my sexy legs and I knew he was hooked like never before.

What really got my juices flowing however was the incessant flow of compliments. “Your hair looks amazing,” “I can’t stop looking at your eyes,” “That has got to be the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen you in.” The best one of all was, “Just seeing how beautiful you look tonight has made every second of frustration worth while. You look so amazing and I am so proud, so lucky to be your husband.”

After he said that it didn’t take long before it was time to get our check and get out of there. My ego soared a bit more when I strutted out of the bar and managed to collect a few stares and turned heads. I’ll admit it — at that moment I felt so hot and so horny that I could have probably done it in the parking lot on the trunk of the car and never felt a second of regret.

Naturally we drove home separately, and it was to be the first time of several that night that we arrived at the same time. With no preliminaries we raced to the bed room and immediately starting kissing each other like we hadn’t seen each other in years. It was a hot, wanton, frenzied kiss during which time we both frantically worked to rid him of his shirt, pants, socks and boxers.

Finally I broke our kiss and with a final bit of maneuvering he laid back on the bed, fully naked except for the five ringed Gates of Hell affixed around his helpless cock which was aroused as much as it possibly could be. We looked at each other and the sexual tension just smoldered. Finally, to push things forward one more step I reached back and unzipped my dress. With a few shakes and shimmies I now stood before him in just a black satin bustier and panties, garter belt, and full fashioned nylons and four inch black pumps. I knew and he knew that I was a foot lovers wet dream.

“So are you ready to beg me to remove your device?” I asked.

“Yes türkçe bahis my queen. I beg of you to be allowed to remove this chastity device. In offering I give you two gifts. First, downstairs in the bag on the kitchen counter is a small Godiva chocolate heart. The heart is my heart which I give to you. If it’s a little bit melted, its because you are so hot tonight. Second, even after you remove the device I offer my cock to you as a gift for this weekend to use as you see fit.”

I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. His words were so earnest and although they were more than a little bit corny, I knew he meant them. After a little bit more kissing and cuddling I said, “You’ve chosen well my love. Let me remove it.” Immediately after I did so, I removed my panties exposing my already dripping crotch. His cock again rose to full attention, happy to be rid of the aptly named device.

“Here’s the deal. First you eat me to an orgasm. Then, you rub my breasts to an orgasm and then, if you do that, I’ll give you the foot job you’ve been dreaming of all week.”

I knew that after two days of build-up everything was going to go really fast from here, even as much as I might have wanted to prolong it. After our teasing game last night, and all the innuendo at the bar, we were both desperate for each other and it was just our mutual efforts to prolong the game as long as we had that had allowed us to get this far.

Changing positions I laid back on the bed and dangled my nylon encased legs over the side. I positioned my seeping bush right on the edge. Wasting no time, he knelt on the floor in front of me and began by first gently kissing and rubbing my legs. He wanted to feel those stockings with his lips and hands and although I was impatient with him to get on with it, I indulged him for a few minutes.

Eventually, he got down to business and gradually inched his way up my thigh moving closer and closer to my sexual core. Finally he leaned forward and blew his hot breath directly on my already engorged clit. The sudden attention startled me, and I almost came immediately without him even touching me.

Next he started to gently stroke me with his tongue and fingers, but I no longer had the patience for that. I leaned up and pulled his head directly against my sopping hole.

“Lick me baby. Don’t fool around. Just lick me hard and fast and make me come.”

Heeding my command he got straight to work. Even though I had his head pressed close to me he managed to work a couple of fingers inside of me and within minutes I could feel the pulsing, tingling sensation that always proceeded my orgasms.

I began to moan a long deep guttural “oooooooohhhhh” sound from the center of my being. As my orgasm crashed around me the pitch rose from low to high and I screeched out my passion as though it was tearing me apart. I might have blacked out for a moment or maybe I was just rolling with the rapture of a long and fantastic release. Anyway the next thing I remember is my wonderful husband up on the bed next to me passionately kissing my face, my ears and my lips. I could smell my arousal on his face. I could taste my moisture on his lips.

The next act was almost dreamlike the way I remember it. We continued to kiss, caress and fondle each other as we repositioned our self on the bed and managed to remove my bustier so as to expose my breasts. Then it was just like the night before when he began caressing my breasts. Planting gentle kisses all around my nipples and areolas and carefully bringing me back to arousal.

He was slow and gentle and I floated along with the feeling. He was careful to control the pace and bring me up slowly and I was content to go along with his plan. Just like the prior night, he cupped his hand over my sex and with the movements of his two hands and his tongue he carefully played my passions back to a higher and higher state.

Finally, for the first time in a week, he took charge of the action and began aggressively sucking and tonguing my nipples and firmly caressing my clit. I again began to moan in pleasure as my body began vibrating to his urgent touch. The low gentle sound of my lust added to the dreamy pleasure I was feeling. Finally, the crescendo arrived. My breath caught and I was quickly overtaken by another orgasm.

Although his own need had to be urgent at that point like a gentleman he laid beside me and gently massaged my back, legs and arms as I calmed down. He took a moment to cover me with a blanket so I wouldn’t get cold laying there in just my sheer black, full fashioned nylons.

I rested a moment and finally looked at him with all the love I could muster. It’s a moment I’ll remember forever. The two of us looking deep into each other’s eyes my lust fulfilled and his eyes pleading for the relief that he so desired and had completely earned.

“Ok my love,” I told him. “You’ve earned this. Stand at the end of the bed.”

He positioned himself there and I slid myself down the bed and repositioned some pillows so that I could lie back comfortably güvenilir bahis siteleri and watch, and inevitably stroke myself as the footjob unfolded.

Bending my legs I pulled my feet together and began teasing my stocking feet up and down his shaft. He was already at full hardness and I knew that I couldn’t get away with a lot of teasing but I wanted to try anyway.

“For the last few days I’ve asked you to practice making yourself hard and then cooling down. Tonight we are going to put that training to the test. I’m going to tease you to the edge with my feet and if you feel like you’re going to cum I want you to ask me to stop. Once I’ve done that twice, the third time I’ll cup my arches together and you can fuck my feet until you get your relief ok?”

He nodded his agreement and said, “Yes my queen. Please begin.”

And so I did. I tried to learn from the example he had just given my on my breasts and made every effort to alter my tempo and change the pressure from soft to light. My nylons were incredibly smooth however and I could tell it must have felt incredible to have my warm, silky feet gliding up and down his hard and frustrated shaft. A few times I made some teasing comments, but it only took about three minutes before he begged off the first time.

I told him to go get my chocolate heart while he let his cock subside and by the time he came back with my chocolate and a couple of glasses of water, he was ready to go again. This time I didn’t play around. I positioned one foot below his shaft and aggressively slid the other one up and down the top of the shaft applying steady pressure the whole time. To add to his excitement I started talking dirty, “Ummm I bet that feels so good, I’m dripping just watching you. I know how bad you want to cum. I want that cock so bad you’ve pleased me so well this week….”

This time he lasted about two minutes before he begged off and now I undertook to tease him even more by using the chocolate heart he had bought me and sucking it gently into my mouth. “Mmmmm baby I’m gonna suck on your heart just like I wanna suck on your cock.” Come here and kiss the chocolate off my lips.

We shared a slow chocolaty kiss, had some water and then repositioned ourselves as we had been originally.

“Ready sweety?”

“Yes my queen. I’m ready.”

“I’d like to hear you ask for it.”

“Please my queen. May I please bring myself off on your beautiful nylon feet. You’ve been making me so hot tonight and all this week that I can hardly stand it anymore. Please, please let me cum on your feet.”

A gave him a nod and a smile and said, “Don’t forget to ask before you cum.”

Then I raised my feet to the level of his cock and put my arches together with my knees bowed out. This had the effect of giving him a tight little nylon clad opening between my feet into which he could thrust his iron hard cock. It also had the effect of opening my glistening pussy wide open so that I could rub at it and he could stare at it as he fucked my smooth and shiny feet.

He understood immediately what to do and wasted no time first rubbing his cock back to hardness against my toes and then inserting his rod in between my arches. I made sure to keep as feet as close together as I could to heighten the pressure on his shaft. I also gave him plenty of encouragement, “Come on baby fuck my sweet feet. Ooooohhh that feels so good. You must want them so bad. My feet are so hot and are ready for your cum…”

All the while I fingered myself and could feel my own passions rising.

I could tell he was trying mightily to hold back to prolong to pleasure that he had no doubt been fantasizing about all week, but even at that it wasn’t long before he gasped, “Please, I can’t stop. Please, please may I cum”

“Yes, give it to me. Cum now.”

When he finally erupted I was amazed by the amount of cum that shot out of him. Maybe his orgasms are always like that, but since they are normally inside of me I had never considered how much cum a man can produce when he’s teased to frustration for an entire week.

In any event, his seed was everywhere. It was on my legs, on my feet, on my chest and probably in my hair. It was so erotic. It was like watching a porno only it was real and right on our own bed and me and my wonderful husband were right in the middle of it.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, but neither his lust nor mine were sated by the foot job that we had been building up to all week. After taking a minute to catch his breath he started kissing my feet passionately once again and I continued to massage my clit. The next thing I knew he was on top of me and we were fucking with an intensity we hadn’t had since our honeymoon.

Normally if I were describing our sex I would have said we made love eight more times that weekend. But that’s not quite right. What we did was fuck eight more times that weekend.

It was intense, passionate, urgent sex. Sometimes it was just like “normal” and he was on top. But several times I took total charge of the action from directing his attentions toward me to dictating when and how he should cum. It was extremely arousing and deeply feed the instincts that had been awakened in my over the last week.

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