A Christmas Surprise Ch. 02

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So after I packed my bag I headed back out to the car where my father was waiting for me. I threw my bag in the back and hopped into the car, then I started the engine and we headed back to my dad’s house then headed to an airport to get as far away as possible.


Today is mine and Dad’s one-year anniversary. It is one year since we first had sex in the mall. Its already December 23 and Daddy and I have a new life together. We have made new friends and everyone thinks daddy is the luckiest man alive, to have a young girl friend like me.

“Hey daddy, happy anniversary.” I say my voice filled with lust.

“Oh, Princess, Happy anniversary.” He replied matching in lust.

I walk over to him and kiss him passionately at the same time I reach down and playfully grab his cock through his pants. He starts fondling my breast slowly massaging them and then he pinches my nipples through my shirt. I lead him into our bedroom and tear off his clothes and push him down onto the bed.

I stand back and slowly start to sway as if there were music, and then I take of my shirt revealing my breasts and hard nipples. I moved on to my pants and slowly pull them down revealing a sexy lace thong. I turn around and shake my ass at him, and then I take my thumbs and slowly pull down my thong.

I jump onto the bed and crawl up to him placing kisses up his legs, then his stomach and finally on his lips. We kiss for a while our naked bodies intertwined. We get into the 69 positions and I take his whole cock into my mouth, one hand holding me up the other massaging his balls. He took his tongue and played with my clit then plunged it into my pussy and fingered my clit. He felt me nearing orgasm and he canlı bahis sped up rubbing my clit faster and harder. I orgasmed with his tongue deep inside me and then after I could breath again I picked up the pace. I felt a jet of sperm hit deep in my throat, I swallowed most of it and then I turned around and kissed daddy deeply sharing his sperm.

Then we just lay there in each other’s arms, he kissed me and our tongues danced together. When we finally broke our kiss, O smiled see that his cock was hard again.

“Daddy, do we have time to have sex before we go to the party?” I say using my pouty voice.

“Oh, of course we do princess” He said in a sexy voice.

I rolled him over onto his back and then I lowered my pussy onto his cock. We fucked until we both climaxed together. We collapsed onto the bed kissing passionately. I glanced at the clock and saw that we only had 30 minutes to get to the party.

“Dad, quick lets shower and get ready we only have 30 minutes.” I said in a hurried voice.

We jumped up and we showered together. We soaped each other up and I gave daddy a quick hand job and then we dried off and got ready to leave. We met by the door him in a nice sports coat, pants and golf shirt and me in a nice black strapless dress.

We drove to the party and got there fashionably late, but everyone was nice and didn’t say anything. They must have guessed why we were late because dad got a few winks and nudges. I was talking with Nancy while Dad was talking to a bunch of other guys on the opposite side of the room. I kept catching him looking my way with a hungry look. I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I excused myself and went over and excused Dad.

“Hey, want to get out of here it is kind bahis siteleri of cramped” I said in a whisper.

“Yeah, okay.” He whispered back, nibbling on my ear.

We say our good byes and head out to our car. Dad gets in the passenger side and me in the drivers side.

“How diiiid you knooooow I wanted to leaveeeeeeeee, baby? He said slurring his words. He was obviously drunk.

“Dad I saw you keep looking at me with the hungry look you get when you are horny” I said in a matter of fact tone.

I pulled into our driveway and hurried over to the passenger side door. I grabbed dad by the arm and helped walk him by to the bedroom.

“Prrrrrrrinnncccesss, you look yummy.” He said with more slurs.

I ignored him and quickly got him out of his clothes and into bed. Then I changed out of my clothes and went to bed too. I looked over and he was already asleep. But he was tenting the blankets. Me being a thoughtful daughter I couldn’t leave him that way. I quick rubbed his cock until he exploded all over his stomach and my hand. Then I went to sleep.

I awoke feeling sick, and I ran to the bathroom. When I came out I felt really sick and I went back to lie in bed. Dad had already left for work and so I was alone. Around 11:00 am I got up and was feeling better. I got dressed in some sweats, I then jumped into my car and drove down to the drug store. I bought a pregnancy test and drove home. I took the test and discovered what I kind of already knew.

I decided that this would be a great Christmas present for Dad. When I thought of me being a mother, it made me think of mom. I hadn’t talked to her in almost 6 months. I decided to call her and tell her my news. She still didn’t know about Dad and I. She bahis şirketleri thought I just ran off with some guy I met.

“Hello, mom? It’s me. I just thought I would call and wish you a merry Christmas.” I said in a quiet, shy voice.

“Oh my god baby? Is it really you? I have missed you so much. How are you? Where are you?” She sounded so relieved to here my voice.

“Oh, mom it really is me. I missed you too. I am good, actually I am great. Mom, I am pregnant.” I said in an excited voice.

“Oh honey really? That’s great. Who is the father? Does your father know?” She actually sounded happy.

“Mom the father is Sean (my father’s new name), and no dad doesn’t know. So please don’t tell him if you are talking to him.” I said in a pleased voice.

“Oh, you’re still with Sean. He is so much older than you honey. But if you are happy I am happy for you. And I promise I won’t say anything to your father.” She said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Okay, thanks mom, bye.” I said and quickly and hung-up.

Dad called later and told me he had to go to Las Vegas for a few days and wouldn’t be back until Christmas Morning. I was sad but also happy that I wouldn’t have to worry about giving away my Christmas surprise.

I awoke Christmas morning to Dad kissing me. I kissed him back and then sat up.

“Hey daddy I am glad you are home” I said eagerness seeping into my voice and facial expressions.

“Princess, what are you up?” He said with suspicion in his voice.

“Daddy can I give you your present know?” I said with a smile.

“Of course you can sweetie,” He said as he hugged me.

I ran into the bathroom and grabbed another pregnancy test and brought it out. I came out.

“Daddy I am pregnant!” I said with some apprehension, awaiting daddy’s response.

“Oh, baby really. That’s great.” He said and he actually sounded happy.

I ran over and hugged him.

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