A Close Encounter of the Best Kind Ch. 01

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This is a story of an mfm threesome and more with new friends. If this topic does not interest you, I would not feel offended if you passed it by. There might be some male/male situations but I would not consider the scenes gay, just normal activity in an mfm threesome. I hope you enjoy.


This story is dedicated to Debbie (Princess) and Robert


Part 1

Well, the day of our 7 day trip was finally here. Lisa, my wife, and I were just waiting for the cab to the airport. The flight to Cancun was about three hours which would give us time to discuss our venturing into uncharted territory.

I think I should explain.

Lisa and I have been married for about ten years now and we both decided to spice up our boring lives. We both agreed to start with our sex life. Now, don’t get me wrong. Our sex life has been good but not great. So we agreed to take this trip to see what happens.

We established ground rules and both of us knew the limitations. We were excited and nervous at the same time.

My name is Tony and I am 5’8″, 175, s/p hair, hazel eyes and in decent shape.

Lisa, my lovely wife, is 5’8″, 135, long black curly hair, 38d tits with huge nipples. She keeps her pussy neatly trimmed.

At around 2:00 p.m., we finally arrived at the resort. It took us about an hour to deplane and go through customs.

I laughed when one of the custom agents pulled out a mini bikini Lisa planned on wearing. I saw her turn all sorts of red as the agent put it back in her luggage.

At 4:00 p.m., we arrived at the resort, got checked in and was taken to a villa on the beach.

The place was beautiful, quiet and very private. The villa had two bedrooms, a huge shower, a hot tub for six outside the sliding doors from the bedroom and a fireplace.

We quickly unpacked and took a stroll on the beach. There were only a few couples at the resort, as it was the off season, that we passed and said hello too along the way.

There was one couple we met and started talking to. Their names were Robert and Debbie. We had a few things in common, especially our sexy wives. They told us that they lived in Vegas and were here to relax and enjoy themselves. It was coincidental that we only lived an hour away from them.

I could tell right away that Debbie enjoyed life. She had on a pink micro mini bikini that barely covered anything. She was a well built blonde with big tits. She was definitely not a shy woman.

I told them that Lisa and I were here to see what trouble we could get into and we all laughed.

We decided to meet for dinner canlı bahis şirketleri that night at the hotel restaurant for 7:00 p.m.

On our way back to the villa, I asked Lisa what she thought of Debbie and Robert.

Lisa was surprisingly candid and said that Debbie was hot and Robert looked good, but she didn’t commit to anything.

I asked Lisa if she would be ok with me fucking Debbie and she said it would be ok with her.

The four of us met at the restaurant and Debbie looked stunning in a white, sheer dress. It was obvious that she didn’t have a bra on.

Lisa wore a black mini dress that showed off a lot of her cleavage as she had no bra on.

Over the course of dinner, we discussed our plans and Robert said he heard of a place called the Adventure Spa Palace where people could really enjoy themselves.

We decided to give the place a try and after dinner the four of us took a cab to the place.

As we pulled up to the place, we saw a few couples going in. We got out of the cab and headed on in.

As we entered the place, the music was loud, strobe lights were flashing and people dancing.

Lisa quickly noticed that some women were topless and enjoying giving a free show. I asked Lisa if she was ok so far and she nodded she was.

Robert found a table and we sat and ordered drinks. As we waited for the drinks, I asked Debbie to dance a slow dance.

As the soft music played, My cock started to anticipate a fun evening. I pulled Debbie closer to me so that she could feel my hard cock.

Debbie pulled me to her and ground her pussy into my cock. My hands started to roam over her body.

We stayed at the place a couple of hours and we all had plenty to drink. Lisa and Debbie were feeling good and all of a sudden, Lisa got up and in an instant, let her tits pop out of her dress for the world to see. I almost fell on the floor.

This was a first for my wife and obviously the drinks took its course. The three of us cheered her on. She got up and danced with some of the men and a couple of women who were also topless. We could see her letting her dance partners feel her tits and nipples.

I moved closer to Debbie, as Lisa was showing off her tits and letting guys touch them, Robert and I were feeling Debbie up. Our hands were all over her.

I managed to slip my hand under her dress and touched her pussy. Robert and I kissed her and we each grabbed a tit and played with them.

I suggested we go back to my villa and we all agreed. I picked up a couple of bottles of wine before heading back.

By the time we were ready canlı kaçak iddaa to leave, Lisa passed out. Robert and I left the place with Lisa’s tits exposed. We got her in the front seat with more the driver, a young man who never took his eyes off my wife.

I told the driver, who told us his name was Angel, that he could play with Lisa’s exposed tits as long as he was careful driving. On the way to the villa, Robert and I played with Debbie as well.

When we finally arrived at the villa, Lisa was asleep. Angel helped me get Lisa to bed and helped me undress her. It was the first time another man saw Lisa naked since we have been married. I told Angel he could even feel her up if he wanted to.

Angel asked me if he could jerk off and cum on her. I thought about it for a second and told him ok. I watched as Angel pulled out his hard cock and strarted jerking off. It didn’t take long before he shot streams of cum all over Lisa. As he was leaving I told him I would call him if he wanted more of Lisa. He smiled and gave me his number.

After we got her in bed, Robert and I attended to Debbie.

I asked them if they wanted to use the hot tub and they said yes. So, I got some towels and headed to the hot tub. It didn’t take long for us to get naked.

Debbie was gorgeous. She is 5’4″, 115, has a smooth pussy and 34dd tits and gorgeous nipples. Her natural blonde hair hung over her shoulders.

Robert is about 5’10’, 185, lean body from working out and a 6 1/2″ cock.

It didn’t take long before Robert’s hands and mine were all over his Princess.

We massaged every part of her and Robert was the first to slip his cock into his wife’s cunt as I played with her tits, sucking her nipples and sliding my tongue into her mouth.

As Robert fucked her, his Princess had a grip on my cock and was jerking me off.

Robert moaned as he shot his load in Debbie. Just as he came, Debbie started jerking my cock faster and soon I shot my load all over her tits.

We rested awhile and got out and headed to the other bedroom. That night, Robert and I did everything possible to his Princess that we could possibly too.

We even did a special threesome where Debbie was on her back and Robert on her doing 69. I managed to get my cock in her cunt and I fucked her while Robert was sucking her clit and trying to eat her. On a couple of times, I wound up thrusting my cock into Robert’s mouth.

I finally came in Debbie and Robert finished eating her out.

The three of us fell asleep in a naked pile. I got up in the early morning hour and went to my bedroom with Lisa.

The canlı kaçak bahis next morning the three of us got up first as Lisa was still asleep.

I got dressed and asked my guests how they were. Debbie said she didn’t remember anything as she drank too much. Robert said he was fine and that they had to go back to their villa to shower.

I told them that we would meet them later.

I finally was able to wake Lisa up and asked her how she felt. I asked her if she remembered anything. She said no and I just laughed.

She asked me what happened and why was she covered in dried cum. I told her what happened and I thought she was going to die right then but she only smiled and said that she wouldn’t drink so much the next time.

As we were having breakfast, we got a call from our family. We were told that Lisa’s mom fell and broke her hip and that she was in the hospital. I told Lisa we would go right home but Lisa said I should stay and she would be back in a day or so.

I managed to get Lisa on the next plane home. I then called Robert and told him what happened. He immediately came over and told me I could hang out with them until Lisa came back. He then invited me to join them on the beach after lunch. It was an invite I couldn’t resist.

After lunch, I met Robert and Debbie. She had on this white wicked weasel bikini that was virtually see through with her 34dd’s and smooth pussy clearly visible.

The three of us took a walk along the shore with her in the middle of me and Robert. She got her share of looks and whistles.

We didn’t realize it but we had at least four guys following us. Robert leaned over to me, whispered and the three of us headed to a high sand dune out of view from people.

Once we got there, Robert took out his cock and Debbie started sucking him off. After he came, Debbie pulled out my cock and started giving me a blow job. I shot my load down her throat as she sucked me dry.

In the meantime, the guys that were following us, came over and Robert asked them if they wanted a blow job.

One by one, Debbie took each one of their cocks and sucked them dry, swallowing all their cum.

After that, the three of us headed back to my villa for some refreshment. We had some wine, no, plenty of wine and Debbie, got in a playful mood.

I went over to her and massaged her shoulders and let my hands slip off her bikini top. Robert, who was behind me, managed to slip off her bottom and his Princess was naked.

We took her outside the villa and let those walking by get a nice view of Robert’s Princess.

All the men gave us a thumbs up when they saw her. Robert even invited each one to come over and feel her up, and that they did.

At one point, four guys had their hands all over her body. They felt every part of her body as she moaned in pleasure.

Look for Part 2

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