A Dancer’s Body Ch. 01

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She danced her way across the studio floor and my eyes could see nothing else.

This goddess, this angel. She moved so gracefully, throwing her legs high in the air, her body sweeping and swooping, her muscles flexing under skintight lycra.

And then there was her face. Oh, her face. Light brown curly hair with blonde highlights framed a work of art. Her painted red lips stood pouty and proud, her cute nose, her high cheeks, her strong jawline, and the most divine, delicate eyes, electric blue.

I had watched from afar, but never had the chance to see her perform until now. She went to the same dance classes as my sister. I first caught sight of her when I dropped my sister off.

Both girls were 18 and both went to the same school, but until they both started in a new dance class which opened up across town, they hadn’t really been friends.

Helen was the daughter of the dance instructor, a very stern Russian woman called Maria (It was actually Marta, but she changed it when she moved to the US). Helen wasn’t a pupil. She was, in effect, a prop for her mum. Maria, who could no longer dance herself, would explain a move, get Helen to perform it and then teach the students.

It wasn’t until about two months into the dance classes when I finally got to see Helen perform. The students were putting on a small show for parents and friends.

My mom is no longer in the picture (she remarried) and my dad, whom we live with, is usually away on business, so I elected with some enthusiasm to go and see the show when my sister mentioned it.

And now here I was. Witnessing a divine creature who was the closest thing to perfection I had ever laid eyes on.

After the performance, parents walked over to congratulate their kids. To be honest I hadn’t even noticed whether my sister danced well. I only had eyes for Helen.

I went to her anyway, offering my congratulations and false enthusiasm. “You were great Jen, really great. I can’t wait to tell dad how good you did.”

“You think so? I thought I might have fluffed the introduction bit.”

Just then Maria the teacher came over and not bothering to introduce herself, she spoke to Jen.

“That was good Jen, but I know you can do better. Your confidence was a bit shaky at the start, no?”

I could tell Jen was a little disheartened by the remark and took an even further dislike to Maria.

Helen walked towards her mother and asked for the key to her office so she could change. Seeing a forlorn look on Jen’s face, she put an arm around her and said “You were very good out there Jensy. I got to see your top line in the mirror and it was amazing.”

If I could have fallen even harder for this beauty I would have right then. I was infatuated.

Helen gave Jen a final hug and headed out the door to the hallway. I asked Jen where the toilets were and she pointed in the same direction as Helen had just gone.

“Great. I gotta go quickly. I’ll be in the car waiting for you after you get changed.”

I walked out the door as calmly as I could, trying not to look suspicious.

The hall split in two directions. To my left was the bathroom and beyond that an exit door, to my right the hallway turned right. I went down, around the corner and saw the windows of an office. I crept along and saw that while the blinds were down on three of the windows, they weren’t fully closed on the one nearest the door.

I couldn’t resist. I crept over and glanced in to the office. My pulse instantly quickened.

There was the goddess Helen, She was sitting on the desk with her left leg folded up in front of her, removing the tape which she had wrapped around her toes and foot before she put her dance shoes on.

After she had carefully removed the tape and rubbed her feet, she put her foot back on the ground and did the same with her right foot.

Even without prying eyes (as far as she knew) she moved so gracefully. There was no awkwardness about her, even with such a mundane operation.

With both feet bare, she stood up and, with her right hand, lifted the left shoulder strap of her blue leotard, kinking her left arm and sliding it through.

She did the same with the right strap, before taking hold of both sides of her leotard and sliding it down.

Finally I got to see this beauty in all her naked majesty, and it did not disappoint.

Her alabaster skin was darkened only by her two small areolas, topped by beautiful suckable nipples. Her chest was not big. She was probably an A-Cup, but they were perfectly round and symmetrical.

As she pushed the leotard further down she revealed her toned stomach, well defined canlı bahis şirketleri abs and not an ounce of body fat.

The best delight was when she pushed her outfit further down her legs to reveal a bare pussy. There looked to be not a hair in sight down there.

My raging hard on jumped in my pants at the sight of this beauty, but she wasn’t done there.

She put her hands above her head to stretch out and I got to admire her stunning dancer’s body in all its glory, every defined muscle, every toned curve.

Then she turned around, her back now facing me and she bent over to pick up her clothes. She lingered a little longer down there, me agog at the clear view of her pussy and asshole I could see from my vantage point.

She stood up flicked her hair back, half turned and looked directly at me, giving me a wink and a smile.

“Oh fuck” was my first thought. Had she known all along? I pressed myself back against the wall, trying to quickly work out my next move. I couldn’t look back in. I had to run. I had to get out of there. I raced back around the corner and headed for the exit door. When I got outside I went straight to my car and sat in it.

I hadn’t even noticed until I sat in to the car that I had been sporting a raging erection the whole way out. My dick was tenting my pants indecently, and this was when I was sitting down, it must have been even more noticeable when I was walking.

I waited for my sister to come out, thinking of all the foul thoughts I could to soften my throbbing cock.

When my sister emerged five minutes later I just about had the beast back under control.

Jen had just opened the door of the car when Helen ran out of the building. She was headed straight for my car!

I panicked, my heart pounding, but she just hugged Jen again and offered her more words of support for her performance. Then she leaned her head in the door of the car and said.

“Hi. We weren’t introduced inside. I’m Helen.”

“Uh. Tom. I’m Tom. I’m Jen’s big brother.” I stammered, caught out by the whole situation.

“Nice to meet you Tom. You drive home safe now, you have a very precious cargo here.” she replied, her arms rubbing Jen’s shoulders supportively as she winked at me once more.

I mouthed a thanks and she was gone, running back across the car park, her pert ass bouncing all the way.

I was lost in my own thoughts for a moment or two before Jen brought me back to reality with an elbow in the ribs.

“Come on doofus. Dad is coming home this evening from Denver and I want to have dinner ready for him when he comes in.”

When we got home, me trying to hide the growing bulge in my trousers from Jen, I said I had a few emails to send and went straight to my bedroom and locked the door.

I took my slacks off and sat in my boxers at the computer. I went on to Facebook, clicked on Jen’s profile and then down her list of friends. Sure enough there was Helen. I clicked through to her profile, then on to her photos.

Helen had unwisely left almost all her photos open to public viewing. I scrolled through album upon album until I saw one called “Miami 18th Birthday”.

I clicked through and saw something which had my throbbing cock twitching in anticipation.

Helen and her rich parents had celebrated her 18th birthday with a holiday in sunny Miami, and there she was looking absolutely radiant in almost every photo.

I scrolled down until I saw photos of her partying in a club with almost nothing on. The club looked to be on the beach and Helen was wearing a tiny string bikini top and a pair of very tight and very short daisy dukes.

I popped the buttons on my shorts and took out my prick, peeling back the foreskin slowly.

Now I’m quite proud of my physique. I’m an avid swimmer and my body reflects this, with strong muscular shoulders and legs, a narrow waist and, if not quite a six-pack, a toned stomach at least.

I’m proud of my dick too. It is eight inches long and narrows at the top of the shaft, with a helmet which fits easily into a girl’s mouth or slides into her pussy without too much effort.

Now I was stroking that cock for all it was worth, working it with my right hand while my left scrolled through her Miami photos.

I knew I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t want to shoot my load until I came across a really sexy photo. I stopped scrolling once I saw the photo of her coming out of the swimming pool in a one piece.

It was very similar in shape to the leotard she was wearing – and then not wearing – earlier and the photo instantly took me back to that delicious scene.

I was no more than canlı kaçak iddaa three or four strokes away from cumming, with a tissue in my left hand now ready to catch the spunk when a message sprang up on my facebook page, blocking the photo.

It said “this person has submitted a friend request” and right next to it was Helen’s profile picture.

Once more that sense of panic took over. Had I secretly clicked like on one of her photos? Had she hacked into my webcam and was secretly watching me jerk off?

This and other thoughts ran through my mind as I halted my masturbation and clicked the Yes button.

A few seconds later an instant message popped up.

“Hi Tom. Good to meet you today. What are you up to? Jerking off thinking of me, I hope.”

FUCK, she was looking at me. Was she?

I looked at the light beside the webcam. It wasn’t on, I pulled the wire out behind the webcam just to be sure.

She could see I was online. I couldn’t just ignore her. But how should I reply. I decided after a minute or so to go all in, although I admit it wasn’t my brain doing much of the thinking for me at that moment.

“How did you guess?” I responded.

A moment later she responded “Really?”

And then again a few seconds after that “REALLY?”

I typed: “Um yeah. But I had to stop when you messaged me.”

She replied: “Aww, why?”

I responded “Because I use my two hands to type.”

A ‘LOL’ and six smileyface emoticons were her response.

There was a momentary lull, before she typed again.

“Can I see? Will you take a photo?”

This was a surprise. I asked her “You mean a dick pic?”

“Yeah. Ooh, my first dick pic. Go on. I bet you’re fucking huge.”

I couldn’t believe the filth that was coming out of Helen’s mind and on to my screen.

My cock hadn’t lost any of its rigidity during this exchange and my balls were crying out for release, but I decided to hold off a little longer.

Reaching into my pants for my smartphone, I picked a low angle and took a photo of my throbbing member. Actually I took about four, and picked the best of them to upload to my computer.

About a minute later I sent it to her.

Again, silence, but this time the seconds felt like minutes as I waited in anticipation for her response.

“Well BIG BOY. That looks fucking huge. I knew I was right.”

I smiled. Did I have a chance here. Did I actually have a chance with this angel in human form?

“It looks better in the flesh, so to speak” I replied, adding a winking emoticon to let her know it was a semi-humorous comment.

“I bet. But I don’t think I can…”

Her typing stopped. My heart sank. I slouched back in my chair, gave my prick a few rubs to keep myself entertained and waited for the little typing icon to start flashing again.

After a wait of maybe two minutes I got a response.

“Sorry. Mum called me. I meant to say I don’t think I can wait that long.”

And then five second later “Skype me?”

I sent her back a thumbs up sign, and immediately fumbled to reconnect my webcam.

She sent me her skype name and when I got the programme up and running, I hit dial.

After a few seconds the camera sprung into life at her end. I nearly creamed myself there and then. She was sitting at the other end, her elbows resting on her computer desk, completely topless.

I could see her beautiful little tits pressed in between her arms as she leant forward.

She had a beautiful smile on her face and she waved to me when I appeared on her screen.

“Hi. Why are you not naked?” she asked.

I realized I still had my tshirt on, so I took it off and threw it over my shoulder.

“Ah that’s better. Wow, you look really hot.”

I couldn’t believe she was saying this to me. I wanted to tell her so many things, but all that came out of my mouth was “So do you.”

“Ah well, you already got a look at these didn’t you she said, glancing down to her delicate buds.”

“Um yeah. Sorry about that. I was going to the bathroom and I turned the wrong way.”

“Ha. Bullshit! I saw you walking down the hall on CCTV.”

I was shocked and I could feel my face flush with embarrassment.

“Oh. So you knew I was there and you got changed anyway?”

“Hell yeah. Having an audience is sexy, but now I think I want you to put on a show for me.”

I tilted my head in puzzlement, but she explained.

“I want you to jerk yourself off. I want to see you cum. Cum for me Tom.”

I didn’t really have any option, not that I particularly wanted one either.

I pushed my swivel chair back from canlı kaçak bahis the desk so my dick was in frame and I began to stroke it slowly.

Helen moved one of her arms off the desk and put it between her legs.

I couldn’t see her hand move, but I could imagine her playing with that sweet shaved pussy, stroking it and rubbing it, and it brought even more enthusiastic strokes out of me.

When she let out a little moan and bit her bottom lip I could hold on no longer. With several grunts a white stream of spunk exploded out the top of my cock as I stopped my strokes.

This was one of the most intense self-administered climaxes of my life. My body shuddered, my hips thrust up as my balls emptied their load all over my hand, my shorts and the carpet. One string even managed to land above my belly button with the force.

Helen was looking with deep concentration at the screen. Her forehead was furrowed as she let out some low sexy moans.

My cock was spent, but it wasn’t getting soft in my hands. I grabbed a tight hold of the base of the shaft with my left hand to try to stop the blood draining from it, and using my right hand I milked the last few drops of cum from its tip, drawing my foreskin fully back to expose my glistening helmet every time.

“So do I not get a show now?” I asked.

She smiled at me, but didn’t take her hand away from between her legs.

“Well, only if you say pretty please.” She responded.

“Pretty please with a cum-soaked cherry on top” I responded, bringing a sexy giggle from this divine creature.

She angled the camera and stood up. I could just about see the top of her thighs, the rest being blocked by the desk, but then she lifted up her right foot and put it at the side of her keyboard, giving me a perfect eyeful of that gorgeous twat.

Of course she was flexible I thought. She’s a dancer.

She was rubbing the top of her clit with her right hand, watching me watch her.

I could only say “Fuck” when I saw her frigging herself for my titillation.

She removed her right hand and put it the far side of her right leg, sliding two fingers into her sopping pussy.

She then used her left hand to rub her love spot once more.

Such was her digital dexterity that she was able to push her two fingers in to her snatch right up to the hilt.

Then the dirty talking started. Her arousal growing, she started talking to me in a quiet girly voice.

“Ooh fuck Tom. I’m so fucking wet. You could slide your whole dick inside me right now. I can’t believe how good this fucking feels. Are you enjoying yourself Tom. Can you see how fucking hot you’re making me?”

My prick, which hadn’t really softened in the interim, was absolutely rock hard again and I began stroking it, this time using both hands, my left hand on the lower shaft and my right working the head, which was still slick from my man-juice.

We kept this pace up for all of sixty seconds before Helen reached her peak.

Her left hand quickened to a blur as her right thrust two fingers in and out. She wasn’t forming sentences now, or even words, just a succession of yelps and groans.

When her orgasm hit, she kept her fingers buried in her twat and slowed her rubbing down, her body shaking with the ecstasy and her mouth open but not a sound emerging, as if her breath had got caught in her throat.

She eventually took her foot off the table and, momentarily overcome with an aftershock from her climax, she actually lost her balance and stumbled back, falling on to the bed behind her.

By this time I had spilled my second load of the evening. My cock was finally sated and grew softer as I gave it a few last strokes. My hands were a mess and I reached for a dirty towel from the laundry basket to clean myself up.

Lying on the bed, barely being picked up by her webcam mic, Helen was laughing to herself. I could see her bring her right hand to her mouth, sliding the two fingers she had fucked herself with seconds earlier into her mouth.

A minute later she got up and took her seat again in front of the screen.

Her tousled hair was falling down one side of her face and she had a broad smile on her achingly beautiful face.

“Phew. That was intense.” She said.

“Yeah. It really was. It was fucking awesome too.” I responded.

“So Tom. When am I going to meet your friend in the flesh, so to speak?”

For the umpteenth time that evening, her forwardness had caught me by surprise.

“Well. I don’t know where you live. You don’t know where I live. We’re going to have to sort that out first,” I said in a tone of voice that made it sound like these were serious obstacles to overcome.

She laughed again, that cute sexy giggle.

“Well. Why don’t we meet in the middle. I have keys to the dance studio. I could meet you there this Sunday.”


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