A Date to Remember

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The lights had been dimmed to a low, dull intensity as the music from the concealed speakers blared and echoed around the large hall. There were over thirty couple on the dance floor, some dancing in complete sync while others appeared to be slightly ill at ease in the each others’ company. They must not have been together for long, mused Laila to herself as she observed the party going on in full swing. She was lounging against the bar in a highly exclusive hotel in the city while she waited for her date to show up. Her patience was running dangerously low because Vir was not only forty minutes late, but also because she had to wear a heavy, stupid mask all through the party. And not to forget, the dress that was two sizes too small for her.

It was Vir’s Valentine’s Day gift to her. The deep red silk dress was too tight across her chest and she feared that if she moved the wrong way, her breasts might just spill out. Also, the slit at the top of her left thigh was oddly uncomfortable, making her feel out of place in the ankle length attire with the long stretch of visible skin. And just like the dress, it was his grand idea to get passes to the ultra exclusive party that the hotel threw every year. He had always wanted to go but had never found the time to attend one of those. This year he had gotten the passes even before he had started dating her, a fact that she found amusing as well as slightly irritating. But since he had had his heart set on it, Laila couldn’t possibly have refused, despite having misgivings about this masquerade party. After all, they had been going out for only a month.

She looked around the room, and then at her phone, muttering slightly under her breathe at Vir’s delay. She was having trouble taking deep breathes because of the tightness of the bodice of her dress. The theme for the party was Red and Black and it was to be adhered to strictly. The patrons were to hand in their individually embossed invites at the entrance to the bulky and scary looking bouncer who would then give a red mask to the women and a black one to the men. Laila’s red mask was settled uneasily on the bridge of her nose as she sipped a Bloody Mary and unsuccessfully tried to hold her dress together at her thigh.

Having turned to keep the empty glass behind her, she felt a hand land heavily on her shoulder. Alarmed, she turned back towards the party and was met with the sight of a starched white shirt peeking out from beneath a black tuxedo. The man stood very close to Laila, so close that she could smell a wonderful, musky fragrance and something deeper, darker as well. As she moved her gaze upwards, she was met with a full, smiling mouth and high cheekbones which were partially hidden by a black mask resting on the man’s nose. Dark eyes looked back at her and the smile widened as the man realised the impact her was having on her. “May I have this dance, please?”

Laila slipped her hand into the stretched hand of Vir as she forgot all about the dress, the mask, or the party. It was only Vir and his presence that now held her attention. His warm hand at the small of her back, his towering height making her feel petite, and most of all, his smile making her slightly dizzy with anticipation; it all made her quicken her steps towards the dance floor.

“What took you so long?” she asked him as he started to sway her to the tune of the music. He couldn’t hear her over the loud music, so he leaned forward until her lips were within touching distance of his ear. Laila repeated her question softly and moved back, waiting for his reply. However, his hand, which had now moved to her back, didn’t allow her to pull back too far and he moved his mouth towards her ear and said, “Let’s forget about it and just concentrate on what’s happening right now, okay?”

Saying this, he turned his head slightly, and with one hand lifting her chin and the other still at her back, he gently grazed his lips with hers. Stunned by this sudden and peculiar show of affection, Laila couldn’t güvenilir bahis respond to this very public display of affection and stood motionless. Taking advantage of her momentary imbalance, Vir touched the bow of her upper lip with his tongue and leaned in closer as he kissed her more fully. Laila arched against him slightly, moaning softly at the gentle onslaught of Vir’s lips as she forgot all sense of time and space and only felt his lips mate with hers. And just as suddenly as it had started, Vir pulled back. Laila looked up at him with a dazed look in her eyes and had to shake her hear imperceptibly to get out of the trance that the kiss had affected.

Vir pulled Laila by the hand and walked swiftly across the crowded hall towards an exit which was partially hidden behind a heavy, damask curtain. He swept the curtain aside and then pulled her close to himself. Finding herself smashed up against his chest, Laila’s breathing became laboured and her arms crept up around his shoulders. Vir kissed the edge of her lips lightly and then, without warning, took off her mask and his, and threw them away. He then pulled her flush against his length and deepened the kiss. Laila opened her mouth under this warm assault and couldn’t help but sigh.

As their mouths explored one another’s, their hands had a mind of their own. Laila couldn’t stop pulling at his hair and pulling him closer to herself while Vir stroked her hips and bare back. Finally, taking a breather, Vir said, “Let’s go upstairs. I’ve booked a suite for the night.” Laila could only stare at him with wonder because this was not like the man that she had been dating for the past month. This is was so unlike the calm and collected Vir that she knew that she was momentarily taken aback. He was proposing that they spend the night together when they hadn’t even had sex yet.

But under his lust laden gaze, Laila found herself nodding at his suggestion. Taking her by the hand, Vir led her to the elevators and as luck would have it, they didn’t have to wait for long. A liveried guard stood aside to let them enter and pressed the button for the floor that Vir told him. A few seconds ticked by in complete silence, only broken by the heavy breathing and thumping hearts of the couple. Hand in hand they stood, having eyes only for each other, oblivious to the guard or to the elevator festooned with red and black balloons.

The elevator paused at their floor and the guard signalled to them with a slight smile. They stepped out of the enclosed area and without a moment’s delay, Vir pulled Laila behind him towards a carpeted corridor. Passing three doors without even stopping to take a look, Vir finally stood before the ‘Queen Suite’ and swiped his key into the slot to open the door. Hanging back to allow her to enter first, Vir gave her a little nudge towards the darkened space.

Upon entering the room, Laila’s eyes took a little time to adjust to the sudden darkness, and before they even could, she felt a soft scrap of cloth cover her eyes. Her fingers moved over the cloth and began to feel it while a soft chuckle was the only response from Vir. And as soon as the blindfold tightened across her eyes, she felt herself being picked up off the floor. Instinctive hesitation soon gave way to a strong urge to wrap herself around the man holding her and to show him how much she wanted him to break his own shackles and take her all the way tonight.

A soft moan escaped from her mouth as she felt his hand touch the side of her breast unintentionally. A warm wetness settled between her thighs and her nipples tightened in anticipation of what was to come. She then felt herself being lowered onto a mattress of sorts, which may have been a bed or a settee, and felt the plush softness envelope her backside. Her arms reached out to Vir even though she couldn’t see him. But instead of coming closer to her, he moved away from her outstretched arms and sat down near her feet.

“Not yet, baby. Not yet”, he whispered as took türkçe bahis off her red stilettos and threw them on the carpeted floor behind him. Caressing her ankle and then moving onto her calf, he accompanied his soft touches with small, wet kisses all along the length of her legs. Reaching the spot where her dress gave way to skin, he began to skim over her thighs with a gentle hand. And just when Laila was expecting him to kiss her thighs, she inhaled sharply in shock. Vir’s lips were at the juncture of her thighs. Without even pausing for a moment, he kissed the very centre of her black lace panties and then pushed his tongue out to wet them. Licking gently and with a stiffer tongue alternately, he managed to make Laila whimper her need.

Raising his head to look at her, he saw that she had arched her head back against the pillow and was holding her lower lip captive between her teeth. Grinning at her reaction, he stroked her wetness from outside her panties and slowly began to make circles with his finger. Laila hips bucked hard and she widened her legs to give his probing finger and tongue better access. Sensing her acute need, Vir pulled at the elastic of the panties at her waist and tugged them down, finally sliding them off her legs.

The sight of her naked pussy nearly made him cum in his pants and he lightly adjusted his own heavy arousal so that he could be more comfortable. Tonight was all about Laila and about giving her what she deserved. Moving closer to where she lay, Vir gently licked her nether lips with the tip of his tongue and was rewarded with a deep moan from her. Encouraged and nearly helpless at the sight of her beauty, he began to stroke her wet heat with his tongue. Several penetrating strokes accompanied by his roving fingers made Laila sob in delight. She had never felt so alive in her life. The things that Vir was doing to her went even beyond her imagination. Her hips bucked under his tongue’s wild ministrations and she struggled to contain herself. While his fingers completely took over the task, Vir whispered to her, “Let it go, baby. Just let it go. I’m right her for you.”

Maybe it was his words, or maybe it was the movements that his fingers and tongue were making inside her pussy, but Laila felt her core tighten in response. She felt like she was on a higher plane, one that she hadn’t ever managed to reach. She felt herself drifting away from her body, as if she were looking at herself from the outside. The darkness that enveloped her eyes only heightened her response as she convulsed under Vir’s expert tongue. A loud scream escaped her lips, a scream she barely recognised as her own as she hung on to Vir’s shoulders while the rest of her body seemed to have completely alienated her.

The next thing she felt was Vir’s weight settling down beside her as his lips touched hers lightly. She could taste herself on his lips and somehow she didn’t care as she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue deep inside. Entangling her legs with his, she kissed him like there was no tomorrow. However one thing was putting her off. “Vir, don’t you think you’re a little overdressed for the occasion.” His lips curved against hers as he smiled and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

With that, he untied the blindfold and slid it off her face. Looking at the beautiful man laying beside her, Laila could hardly remember a time when she had felt more desirable.

Her hands moved across his taut chest under the shirt as she familiarised herself with his hard planes. With her dress completely dishevelled, she got up from the bed and stood beside it. It took her mere seconds to shrug out of Vir’s gift and she remained standing before him in a black lace brassiere. Her breasts were half spilling out of the cups as she moved towards the bed and the man languorously laying on it with heavy eyes.

She sat on the bed on her knees and leaned towards him. He accommodated her and half sat up. She slid off the tuxedo jacket off his shoulders and let it pool güvenilir bahis siteleri around him. Moving closer to him, she began to unbutton his shirt. Parting it halfway down his chest, she paused to kiss his nipples one after the other, taking great delight in the fact that they puckered in response. As more of his skin came into sight, she greeted it enthusiastically with wet kisses and licks. The hair on his chest was quite dense but it tapered down as Laila moved lower towards his abdomen.

Having slid the shirt off his shoulder, Vir anticipated what Laila would do next. His shirt joined the jacket he had earlier discarded and in his haste to undress, he began unbuttoning his trousers as well. Stopping his hand mid-action, Laila silently shook her head and smiled shyly. Vir removed his hand from the waistband and leaned back against the pillows.

Laila sat across Vir’s thighs now, unclasping the button of his trousers and sitting up to slide the smooth material off his legs. The trousers tangled up in his feet, but neither of them bothered to move them away. Vir lay beneath her in a pair of midnight blue boxers with a very evident bulge straining them. Looking at Vir from underneath her lashes, Laila waited for him to signal in some way that he wanted what she intended to do. He just closed his eyes and tightened his lips. This was all the encouragement she needed.

Sliding her hands over the bulge sheathed by the soft silk of the boxers, she felt the heat of him radiating even through the material. Greedily, she pulled the elastic waistband of the boxers down to his thighs, exposing his rock hard penis to her gaze. Not even bothering to remove the underwear completely, she reached down to caress the hot, smooth skin of his penis. Gently touching the head, moving down to the base, and then cupping his balls, Laila felt more powerful than she had ever felt.

Leaning down, she took the head of his penis in her mouth, gently stroking it with her tongue. Soft licks and wet kisses alongside the length of his penis made him grind his teeth together and hold onto the bedspread at his side within clenched fists. As she moved her tongue unerringly across the velvet like flesh of his penis, Laila felt his balls tighten. She responded by tightening her grasp at the base of his penis, while she began to softly suck him inside her mouth, taking him as deep as she could.

She felt the head of his penis reach the base of his throat, and although it caused a slight gag reflex, she held onto him. Stroking with her tongue, she moved his shaft in and out of her mouth, never allowing him to completely desert her lips. She felt the restraint in his muscles, and the amount of endurance it was taking for him to not burst out and taking him out for an instant, she said, “You know, baby, you should also just let go.” Vir’s eyes opened in surprise as he looked at her with barely masked joy. As if asking her if what he had understood was correct, he raised his eyebrow. Smiling, she lowered her mouth down to his erect penis and took him all in without a moment’s hesitation.

Milking his penis with the walls of her mouth, she sucked him deep inside her throat while stroking his balls lightly and gently pinching them. She heard his quick intake of breath and knew in that moment that he was about to cum. She willed her throat to stretch a little more to accommodate his immense girth as she felt the beginnings of his orgasm.

Warm saltiness pervaded her mouth and throat as he gave out a loud shout and a string of curses, half rising from the bed in his ecstasy. Taking it all in, Laila didn’t reduce her hold on his gushing penis as she swallowed every drop of his cum, further tightening her grasp on the base. When he was completely spent, she finally let his half limp penis out of her mouth and licked it clean. She then collapsed down beside him as he struggled and won against the trousers and boxers tangled up at his feet.

Cuddling with him, she kissed him lightly and said, “Thanks, baby. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever.”

Kissing her back and slowly unclasping her brassiere, he naughtily retorted, “It’s not over by a long shot, honey”, as he pushed his face into her deep cleavage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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