A Day at the Beach Turns Hot Ch. 01

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Funny how your life can change in a matter of hours.

That certainly happened to me last summer on our annual beach trip to Florida. We arrived just about the same time a tropical storm arrived, and it turned out to be a wild week.

We always go down late September and meet some old friends who own a house on the ocean. It’s basically a week-long party with no kids and no cell phones. The women hang out together, and the men fish all day and at night we have a big cookout and end up drunk and half naked.

But it’s a’l good, clean fun. Nobody gets too out of control. Nobody crosses the line. We’re too good of friends to ever let anything like that happen.

The plans changed this time because the storm drove our friends back to Orlando, and we ended up staying in their house alone for the last few days. But before they left, they’d invited some people from the house next door to join us.

Bev and Phil were from Georgia, and they were also down for the week without kids. We’re all in our early 40s, in good shape and nice looking, educated professionals. Everyone got along, and Phil and I seemed to have a lot in common. We decided we’d spend the day fishing after the storm passed and left the wives back on the beach.

The fish weren’t biting at all, so Phil and I ended up in the pier house bar drinking beer and talking about our wives. We got a little drunk, and Phil started telling me how he’s been trying to get Bev to be with other men. Phil wanted to watch.

The story turned me on a little, since I’d fatansized about Sharon being fucked by other men. We’d talked about her college days, and I knew she’d been sexually active before we met. But we’d never really talked about sharing her. The wildest thing she ever told me was that she’d once been with another woman in college, but it was only a drunken one-night stand.

So when Phil and I walked back to beach houses and saw there was no sign of the girls, we walked back toward his place to get another beer. We walked into the back sliding door and saw all their towels and chairs scattered around the room. We also saw their bathing suits in the floor.

The bed rooms were all toward the front of the house, so we walked quietly up the hall until we heard their voices. I distinctly heard Sharon breathlessly moaning and Bev’s muffled voice.

Phil and I looked at each illegal bahis other with wide eyes.

We stood frozen, listening to them for several minutes, not sure what to do. Sharon’s voice was louder, and it stunned me to hear her having sex, much less with a woman we’d just met.

“Yessss!” she cried out. “Right there. Oh God, yesss!”

I’d never heard her like that with me before, and Phil motioned me into the bed room next to the one they were in. There was a door between the rooms, and it was cracked open just barely so that we could peer inside, me standing over Phil, who was on his knees below me, both of us watching our wives in bed together.

Sharon was spread-eagle, naked, her ass on a pillow so that her pussy was elevated. Bev was fucking her with a dildo as Sharon begged for more.

“Fuck me,” she said in a low voice I’d never heard before. She was in another world.

I could sense Phil under me. We were both being as quiet as we could, but when I looked down I noticed he’d pulled his cock out and was stroking it slowly. I’m not sure why, but I had the sudden urge to do the same, even with another man kneeling under me.

So I slid my shorts down and let my cock free only inches from Phil. He turned his head slightly so that his eyes were looking right at my hard cock. I don’t know where the next words came from that left my mouth, but as he stared at my throbbing cock and stroked his own, I whispered to him.

“Suck me,” I said.

He didn’t hesitate, taking my cock into his mouth and slowly giving me a blow job as I watched my wife bucking up and down on another woman’s bed while getting fucked by a dildo.

I too was in another world. I’d never let a man suck my cock before, and now Phil had it all the way down his throat. I let him suck me for only a few seconds before I pulled away, stepping quietly back into the hall and pulling up my pants.

He followed me as we tip-toed back though the sliding door.

I was breathing hard and more than a little confused, both by the scene of my wife with another woman and my cock in another man’s mouth all at the same time.

I still had a raging hard on as I opened my mouth and tried to talk. No words came out.

He laughed and said “I know.”

“I need a beer,” I finally said.

We walked over to our house, looking back to see if the illegal bahis siteleri girls happened to hear us, but saw no sign of them. We walked in from the deck, and I went to get a couple beers out of the cooler in the kitchen. Phil stayed in the den, looking over at his house, rubbing his cock.

I walked back in and handed him a beer. I stared at the bulge in his shorts and began to breathe hard again. I was turned on! What was happening to me?

“I’ve never done that before,” I said.

Phil turned toward me and shrugged.

“I have, but it’s been years.”

He was still rubbing his cock, and I was still staring at his shorts when suddenly he unbuttoned them, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor.

His cock was a little larger than mine, seven and a half inches, cut, with a nice mushroom head. The tip was wet with precum as Phil made a ring with his thumb and forefinger and slowly masturbated the tip, making his cock twitch and grow, more precum oozing out.

I continued to stare, licking my lips without realizing it then as if in a trance going down to my knees and taking his hand away from his cock. I slid my mouth around it and heard him moan low and sensually.

I took his cock all the way into my mouth, using my tongue to swirl around the shaft, feeling his hands behind my head pulling me toward him as I began to slide up and down on his long, warm dick.

I was enjoying it when he began to talk.

“That’s it baby,” he said. “Suck my dick. Suck daddy’s big cock.”

I did as I was told, letting the head slide over my tongue and deep into my throat, slobber and precum oozing out of my lips and drooling from my chin. It was so wrong. And so fucking hot.

He began to thrust his hips rythmically as I wrapped my hands around his bare ass and pulled him in and out of my hot mouth. I loved his cock. I began to caress his balls, sliding a finger underneath him and feeling his asshole, making him quiver and talk more.

“Suck my cock,” Phil said, a little louder now. “You’re such a good cocksucker.”

It turned me on even more to hear his voice. I began to suck him eagerly, making sounds that had never come out of my mouth before, pulling his cock out and letting it slide all over my face as I said “Yes Daddy. I love your big cock.” Then going back down on him, taking it all inside, canlı bahis siteleri down to his balls.

I was good at it. I had no idea.

I was too good at it. He began to cum without telling me. I felt his hot cum explode in my throat, so fast I was forced to swallow some of it before letting the rest spew into my mouth, oozing out of my lips and running down my chin. It was intoxicating.

He came hard, and I sucked every drop out before he pulled away and sat down hard on a chair nearby. I didn’t look him in the eye but went straight to the kitchen for a wet towel. I wiped my face and washed it over and over, gargling a beer like mouthwash and spitting it into the sink.

When I’d finally cleaned up a bit, I walked back into the den. He was looking over at his house again.

“Think they’ve finished?” he asked.

I just shook my head. I was in shock.

I guzzled a beer and grabbed another one from the cooler. Just as I was about to ask him if he wanted one, I heard the sliding door close and saw Phil walk off our deck and into the sand between the houses.

Sharon was walking toward him, carrying towels and her chair, a hat pulled low over her head and sunglasses hiding her eyes. I watched them talk for a few seconds, my heart about to pound out of my chest.

They laughed about something and walked on, Phil to his house and Sharon onto our deck. She came though the sliding door beaming.

“Hey babe!” she said. “Phil said you didn’t catch any fish.”

“Not a one,” I answered. “We just ended up drinking beer all afternoon.”

She came over a gave me a kiss on the lips. Then she lingered for a second, sensing something she couldn’t quite place,

“Mmmmmm,” she said, then kissed me again before pulling away and opening the refrigerator. Pulling out a bottle of wine, she walked into the den. I was scared to death. Did she smell cum?

But then it hit me that I smelled something on her too, the smell of Bev’s pussy mixed with sunscreen.

She walked to the door and opened it.

“Come on out,” she said. “It feels great out here.”

I walked out behind her and to the edge of the railing, looking out toward Phil and Bev’s house and the sun setting in the distance.

I put my arm around my wife and held her tight, letting the day wash over me, the unbelievable day that had me confused, turned on and scared that Phil and Bev were talking.

My heart was beating fast as Sharon put her head on my shoulder.

“They’re coming over in a little while,” she said. “We’re going to have a party. They seem like fun people, don’t you think?”

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