A Day in the Sun

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I was lying on the beach daydreaming, the sand sticking to the warm flesh of my naked thighs and arms. It was a warm day, so I lay on the waters edge, the tide playfully licking at me feet and daringly crawling further up my legs with each splash on the shore.

The water was a little cold, so my flesh goose-bumped and my pussy began to ache in nervous anticipation of the rising tide. My soft pink nipples hardened.

The sunlight that was warming my freckled skin was suddenly shadowed. Shielding my eyes from the sun, I tried to make out who was blocking my way, but all I could make out through my squinting eyes was a masculine stranger.

“You’re going to get wet.” He said as he reached out a hand towards me.

“Um, yeah, I know…..” I said as I took his hand. He pulled me up in one strong, graceful movement.

As I came to my feet, my face came within inches of a straining hard-on beneath his shorts. My pussy gushed with lust.

The stranger walked me to where my belongings were. I sat down to put my shoes on as he stood silently in front of me. I couldn’t help but keep looking at the hard-on dieing to break out of his pants – I just knew illegal bahis he could smell the juices dripping down my thigh.

In my distracted state, I put the wrong sandal on the wrong foot.

“Here, let me help you.” The stranger said.

He knelt down and gently began brushing the sand from my feet. He was looking directly into my eyes and I couldn’t look away. Moving his hands slowly up my legs, without a word he was daring me to stop him. I couldn’t.

I swallowed hard as his hands found their way to the inside edge of my shorts. I knew he was sensing how wet I was getting, and this excited me even more. My cunt gushed warm juice as his fingers slid under my shorts and began exploring my throbbing lips. He began to stroke me.

Knowing by now, that I wasn’t going to stop him, the stranger’s free hand began to unbutton my shorts. The nakedness of my pelvic bone pleasantly surprised him as he removed my shorts exposing my aching cunt to the ocean.

His soft pink lips kissed my stomach as his hands removed my shirt. My perky nipples exposed to the sky, I was completely and unashamedly, naked.

He gently bit and licked my nipples illegal bahis siteleri as he gently inserted one and then two fingers into my wet pussy, and began to finger fuck me.

He bought me to the edge of orgasm then backed off, leaving my thighs sticky and my pussy wanting more.

He dived between my legs, and began to eat me out.

His tongue darted in and out of the soft folds of my cunt and he rubbed my now oversized clit with determined skill. As my back arched and my tits reached for the sky, my pussy exploded in a joyous burst of warm juices and he sweetly licked them off my thigh.

He stood before me, satisfied with my warm glow, as his cock strained harder beneath his shorts.

I knelt before him and greedily reached into his pants, and exposed his throbbing cock to my waiting lips.

I ran my tongue over the head of his penis, tasting the sweet, pre-cum I knew was from his previous excitement about being between my legs.

I grabbed his ass with my hands and slowly took his entire cock into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure as his hands ran through my hair and my lips ran along the full length of his spectacular canlı bahis siteleri hard-on.

I pushed him down onto the sand and continued working on bringing him to the same joyous ecstasy he had with me. His muscles tensed and his moans grew louder as I ran my lips and mouth up and down his throbbing hard-on.

I slid my body onto his, kissing his neck and face, and teased him further by rubbing my extremely wet pussy along the entire length of his cock. He was dieing to thrust it into me, but I wouldn’t let him.

We both couldn’t take it anymore as he grabbed me by the hips and threw me over onto the sand. Thrusting himself deep into the folds of my sweet, wet cunt, he pounded me like our lives depended on it.

Our lips bit at each other in raw animal lust. He took my now erect nipples into the warmth of his mouth, sucking and licking at them furiously.

His cock thrust harder and deeper into my pussy as I screamed out in pleasure. My hands clawing into his back, I came sweet, sticky cum, coating his cock as he also groaned and shot his warm, sticky load into my waiting pussy. We both collapsed into each other and drifted off into a warm, fuzzy sleep.

As I woke up, the sun setting, my stranger was gone.

I rubbed my eyes and put my shoes on.

“Maybe I will come back to the beach again tomorrow,” I said, to know one in particular as I headed over the sand dunes and home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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