A Different Side to the Receptionist

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I think a lot of flirting goes on in office environments but most of it is fairly harmless. I’ve seen, and been part of, a lot of it so I never really take it seriously, which is probably why it totally took me by surprise one time when it went a little bit further than just flirting.

One of our receptionists, Shara, was a tall sexy redhead. She wasn’t gorgeous, she had a pretty face and a nice figure but there was just something about her. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was, she just had this kind of raw sex appeal. I imagined her being wild in bed, she had this kind of classy, put together, almost upper class look, but at the same time, she seemed kind of mischievous.

We flirted, like so many others and I loved the fact that she wore short dresses and heels all year round. She had an amazing pert little arse that her dresses hung from in an unbelievably sexy way. Lately our flirting had somehow moved up a level, it was still office appropriate but we’d started making a bit of physical contact. It was harmless enough, she would sometimes nudge or poke me, if I made a joke at her expense she would kind of ‘play hit’ me. We also got a bit more suggestive with our comments but I thought maybe we were just getting more comfortable with each other.

One Thursday I needed a new note pad so I grabbed the stationery cupboard key from behind reception, like I usually do when no one is there. The stationery cupboard is a narrow room about 12 feet long so I was walking up and down looking for the note pads when I heard the door shut. As I looked up, there was Shara, stood with her back to the door, slowly turning the key in the inside of the lock.

“Hey?” I said questioningly.

“Alright sexy?” She asked, as she often did.

“I’m fine, you alright, trouble?” I replied. She didn’t answer me, she just smiled and slowly ran a finger up her right thigh, reaching the hem of her skirt and pulling it up slightly on one side her body. She swayed her hips just a little as her dress rose to reveal lace stocking tops and bare, pale skin. Damn, I had assumed she was wearing tights but these were shear black hold ups! Shit she looked hot, high heels, short stripy dress and long bright red hair hanging down past her shoulders, with a sexy naughty smile spreading across her face.

“What are you doing hiding away in here?” she asked moving slowly away from the door towards me.

“I could ask you the same thing, you’re the one who just locked us in,” I replied, still not sure what kind of game this was.

As she approached me and drew in close, she reached out and grabbed one mobilbahis güvenilir mi of my hands, probably just seeing if she can rattle me, I thought. As she took my hand and slid it gently up her thigh, she cocked her head to one side and whispered “well… I was looking for my knickers, I seem to have lost them”.

Fuck me, this wasn’t a game. All I could feel as my hand rose up her thigh, was skin. I confidently stepped closer to her, bringing my face to within an inch of hers and reached my hand around to grasp a firm, bare cheek of her arse. She gasped and I felt her hot breath on my face.

“Lost them have you? I said playfully. “I think you know exactly where they are you naughty little slut”. As soon as those words left my mouth I regretted it, wondering if I had gone too far and killed the mood, I held my breath, waiting to see how she would respond. After what felt like hours, she moved her head back just enough to look me in the eye, grabbed my belt forcefully in one hand, tugging at my trousers and asked “ever fucked a redhead?”

My dick leapt and pressed against the front of my trousers. Trying to take control of the situation, I grabbed her by the hips, turned her to the side and pushed her quite hard against the shelves. “No, you want me to?” I replied.

“Ooh, that depends what you’ve got for me” she said excitedly. The pretence at being coy had disappeared for both of us as I buried my face in her neck, kissing and lightly biting her, and she frantically began pulling at my belt.

As she pushed my trousers and boxers below my waist and grabbed hold of my stiffening cock, I bit down gently on her shoulder. She groaned “oh fuck that’s big, I want it, I want it inside me”.

I think we had both got caught up in the moment, completely ignoring the fact that we were at work and people were milling around the building outside the door. Luckily the only window to this room was about 7 feet off the ground and faced the street outside.

As she didn’t seem to mind the ‘slut’ comment earlier, I decide to push my luck. As I pulled her dress up over her waist and cupped her pussy with one hand, I started teasing her.

“Fuck you’re wet, you’re ready for me aren’t you?”

“Yes” she moaned “yes I’m ready”.

“You’re a naughty little slut aren’t you, walking around half naked, looking to get fucked?”

“Oh yes, ugh. Yes I am” She cried as I thrust a finger into her tight little pussy. “Oh fuck yes. I want it, I want your dick”.

By this time she was pulling on my dick like she was trying to force me into her dripping pussy. mobilbahis

“Tell me what you are and maybe I’ll give it to you” I ordered, realising that she was clearly getting off on being dominated.

“What?” She cooed, still tugging at my cock. I moved my left hand down the back of her thigh and lifted her leg, pushing my hips into hers. “Tell me what you are” I repeated. As she curled her leg around my waist, she relented.

“I’m a slut! I’m such a horny slut, I just need to get fucked” she cried, in a whispered shout. With that, I bent my legs slightly to line myself up with her wet hole and then straightened back up, pushing the first couple of inches of my cock straight up inside her.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned as I buried my dick all the way inside her and continued thrusting. Between moans and kisses I kept making a ‘ssshh’ sound, reminding her to quiet down a bit.

Her pussy was so tight, I wasn’t sure if she really was such a slut or if it was just role play. We didn’t let up though, I told her I’d fantasised about bending her over that reception desk and pounding this sweet pussy. She responded by telling me she sometimes fingered herself under the desk and that it was a thrill knowing she had at least one finger buried in her cunt while she answered the phone.

She told me my cock was better than she dreamed and that I could ‘use her body any time I wanted’.

I wasn’t going to last much longer with this kind of talk so I decided to push it just a little bit further.

I gently, but firmly, pulled a handful of her hair down her back, causing her face to tilt up towards mine and growled “so this pussy belongs to me then? I thought you were anyone’s whore.” I saw her eyes narrow ever so slightly at the word ‘whore’ but as I rammed my dick a little harder into her she grunted and replied “ugh, uggh, yes I’m your whore, I’m all yours”.

That was it, I was on the verge of cumming. “Where do you want it then, where do you want my cum?” I asked. “Shall I paint your pretty face with it so everyone can see?”

For some reason that seemed to push her over the edge and she buried her face in my shoulder to muffle the cries of her orgasm as her finger nails dug into my shoulder. As she caught her breath back she whispered “inside me, do it inside me”. With that, I clutched her arse with both hands, buried my dick as deep as I could, and erupted a huge load of cum deep inside her. “Yes, that’s it” she moaned, “do it inside me.”

I continued thrusting gently as I emptied my balls inside this hot little slut and she breathed heavily into my mobilbahis giriş neck. Eventually I pulled out and we stood, kind of awkwardly, waiting for our breathing to return to normal. When we had calmed down, I stuffed my dick back in my trousers and she opened a box of desk tissues from the shelf to mop up my cum, which was running down her thigh. We carefully exited the stationery room, one at a time to avoid being seen, and I returned to my desk.

Of course that wasn’t the end of it, the next day, we both knew what was coming (no pun intended). I got an email from her half way through the afternoon that simply said “5 mins”. A few minutes later, I made my way to the stationery room and opened the door to find Shara leant against the shelving with one hand up under her dress, casually rubbing herself. I locked the door and walked over to her to find she just smiled and raised her eyebrows. Without a word, she turned to face away from me, lifted the hem of her dress and slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her tights. She quickly pulled her tights and knickers down below her arse, put her arms back up in front of her and bent forward slightly.

As I unbuckled my trousers, she reached an arm around, pulled her long red hair down over one shoulder, and turned her head to glance back at me. “I’m ready for you big boy” was all she said as I stepped forward and put my hand up to her pussy. She was soaked again so without wasting any time, I lined my dick up to her wet hole and shoved it in as far as I could. As I built up a rhythm, I gripped her shoulders and began to pound into her, hard. I think this turned her on more and I started to hear wet squishing sounds as I plunged into her sloppy pussy.

After a few minutes, I reached one hand around and rubbed her clit until she gritted her teeth and tried not to cry out as she came. “Yes, fuck me” she moaned “I dreamt about your dick all night, fuck my tight little pussy”. That was it for me, I leant forward, put my mouth right beside her ear and told her I was ready to blow.

She grunted “ugh yes, cum inside me, fill me up again”. Again, I slammed into her and fired a huge load of cum deep into her slutty young body.

This became a semi regular event and I did end up ‘using her body’ at least a couple of times a week. On some occasions, we didn’t fuck, sometimes she just wanted to blow me. A few times I found her on her knees in the narrow room waiting to take my cock into her tiny throat. Sometimes she would give me a fantastic blowjob, sometimes she would just let me fuck her face until I shot my cum down her throat. I think a couple of people had caught on to the fact that something was going on here and, although we never got caught, I’m pretty sure she told one of her female colleagues a bit more than she should have. She once told me about the time she got a bit adventurous with Laura, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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