A Fantasy Becomes a Reality Ch. 01

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It all started when I was 18.

I was about to go on a blind date. Unsure about meeting a man 16 years older than myself; yet excited to see what would happen. His name was Adam; and this is all I really knew about him.

To cut a long (and boring night) short; we ended up at his hotel room.

I was unsure about what would happen with the man lying next to me; he hadn’t made a move all night!

As we were lying on the soft yet firm bed; I wondered to myself if I should make a move on towards him. Then a thought of “tart!” Screamed through my head, but I was horny and didn’t really care. After all; what was there to loose? He could always say “No.”

As I was about to test my luck; Adam started to caress my ass! He tapped it so gently; it made me giggle!

I heard him say in a hoarse sexy voice “If you don’t want to; we don’t have to.”

I couldn’t help but stick my tongue down his throat, and see where this night might take us. To my surprise; Adam was kissing me with such a force, I felt like I couldn’t breath!

As I pulled away for air; he slipped his hand down my very skimpy underwear and started rubbing me gentle but meaningful. My body responded almost instantly. I could feel the heat running through my body. I am now wanting to know more about the man I was thinking to be boring.

All of a sudden he stopped. I didn’t quite know how to react. A thought of “Were you just seeing if I would? Is this a big sick game?”

But i was so wrong.

Before I could say anything more Adam had my pants (which he had ripped off); flung to the side of us. His hands either side of me- and his dick buried deep within me!

When I realise what had happened; I looked into the eyes of this man and saw in his eyes pure want and need. It was such a deep look; it both turned me on and frightened me at the same time. (Which just added more excitement to my mind).

I decided to pursue this further by grabbing his shoulders and pulling him close. The strength and power of his penis was showing my body something I had never experienced before. I was shaking all over! Was it fear? Was it excitement? What was it?

I pulled away choosing it was fear. He carried on towards me. Maybe he knew that I was unsure of what was happening?

He flung me to the floor and put canlı bahis şirketleri his head between my legs and was using his tongue to caress the same area his hands did moments before. I could feel that same feeling build up once again; but as I went to pull away again; he pinned me to the floor with his hands. I tried to wiggle; but he was on top of me ridding. Fast and hard. I relaxed and found that my body wasn’t frightened; it was in fact really enjoying this encounter.

A feeling of heat came across me; and I found I wanted more of this man. I needed to know what else I may feel. I rode him with a confidence I had never had before. I had come alive within minutes! As my body exploded around his; I found myself wondering “Why are you so boring, yet able to do that?”

Adam stayed for a week with me; showing me more of what two bodies could do together. Then he had to go back to his own hometown- as work needed him back. I was sorry to hear that he had to leave- yet it was only meant to be 1 date. So was I greedy to want more? Or naive to think he would want me?

“Amy” I heard from the car.

“Would you like to come with me? If you decide that you don’t like it or me, I can bring you back here.”

I had seconds to decide my fate. I decided to go with the man I had met only a week ago; to a place which was miles from home.

But wasn’t I glad to have done so.

When we reached where he lived; He introduced me to his Mum. His Dad was at work.

His Mum was petite (unlike me). And very beautiful.

All of a sudden the door banged open making me jump; and a man walked through swearing. He had crashed his car into a post; and was not happy about it.

I never saw his front; as he stormed past so fast, I never noticed.

From behind he had broad shoulders and a tight ass. Jeans tight; which showed it even more; and a black silk simmered t shirt. Natural muscles followed the line of the sleeve. I instantly thought “Wow.” I felt a want to see the front; and to know who he was!

As he came back into the living room, I saw the front view of the man I was so curious about.

He was gorgeous! A quiver ran through my body from top to bottom.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I thought to myself. I had never looked at anyone and felt that way canlı kaçak iddaa before. The stereo typical “He is fit” thoughts. How “Teenage girly” I thought.

Maybe Adam had woken the slut in me?

He took 1 look at me; smiled and said “I am Tom, nice to meet you.” Handed me his hand to shake. When I shook Tom’s hand; i couldn’t help but notice his beautiful green eyes. Playful and excitable (or was it my brain going crazy again)? He had a strong firm; man like grip. Rough but smooth hands.

I couldn’t help but have a naughty thought of “I wonder” cross my mind.

“Seriously!” another thought followed. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I believed this man to have been Adam’s brother; yet in fact it was his father!

“Fuck; Adam don’t take after him!” my brain was in la la land.

How could I have come with a man to live with him; to be with him. Only to fancy his father?

As the weeks went by; Adam and I had great nights together. Yet I couldn’t help but think of Tom.

As i was lying underneath Adam; his hands playful and arousing. I wondered what his father would be like. As it was a thought; it was okay, right? Its not like my thought was hurting anybody.

That same day I went to meet Adam at his mother and fathers house. As I walked through the door his mother said that she forgot the salad for dinner. I was welcome to stay there until she came back; and to help myself to tea or coffee.

As I put the kettle on, Tom walked through the door. Startled; he said “Where is Carol?” In his deep and arousing voice.

“She forgot the salad” is all i could say, in a low quiet voice.

I moved across the kitchen; opposite from where Tom was standing.

Again I couldn’t help but love looking at the body of a man that i should not be looking at. I could feel my body reacting to just the thought of his hands. The want and wonder must have been written on my face; as he asked me bluntly “Do you like what you see?” In the most amused tone I had ever heard.

I stood there for a moment, not knowing if I should say what I thought or lie. I decided to keep things simple and say “Yes.” (It was in a voice that was shocked, croaky and quiet at the same time; I sounded ridiculous)!

He walked over towards me; and looked me in the eyes. “Don’t canlı kaçak bahis think I haven’t noticed you looking at me, why do you look at me?”

I looked to the floor; and to my surprise, I told him I thought he was “Fit”.

“Oh, ok” is all he said. As though he knew that already. To be fair he deserved to think that way.

Tom now had his arms either side of me; holding the counter of the kitchen.

My heart pounding between my ears; the lust in my eyes and the screaming of “I want you.” Running through my head was now too much. I wanted him to fuck me right there; right now!

I stared into his eyes. Mine burning with desire; and went to kiss him. To both his and my surprise he lent down and kissed me back!

“I shouldn’t have done that.” was the next comment he made. “What!” my mind screamed. I want more!

As his arms were still either side of me holding the counter; I decided to take another go at trying to seduce this man into giving me what I now needed from him. But how?

I looked at him and brazenly told him that I wanted him to do more.

His hand went up to touch the left side of my neck. I went weak at the knees; I couldn’t help it. He had grabbed hold of one of the biggest turn on points on my body!

He must have felt the desire run straight through my body. It was more than 100% obvious that I wanted him now.

I got more than I bargained for. He grabbed my hips with both his hands; and pulled me into a deep and dark kiss. I was lost in a mixture of desire, want and what was that? He had moved his hips closer to mine, I could feel his excitement now near my own. My head went dizzy, and I was wet and ready for him. Tom spun me around quicker than I could take a breath from our lustful kiss. My heart still pounding; breathing now heavy. He unleashed his manhood from his jeans; pulled my jeans down-just enough to get to his goal.

“All ready and waiting I see.” He said once again amused.

Before I could turn around to say anything; he smoothly, yet quickly penetrated me. I instantly let a small moan of pure pleasure escape my mouth.

I was now within some erotic pleasure I had never been before. I was having an orgasm stood over the sink with my boyfriends Dad!

I wasn’t sure if it were because of the setting we were in; the fact we could get caught at any moment; the fact we shouldn’t be doing this or pure pleasure that I was feeling; but I felt alive. I felt good about being naughty!

To be continued…

Next chapter is A fantasy becomes a reality…part 2

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