A Friend in Need

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I was walking back to my office and stopped to chat with Deanna, the secretary next to my office. We’ve been friends for quite a while and Deanna also happens to be a big porn flick fan. I have burned her CDs of quite a few movies over the past few years. We’re both naughty perverts down deep and have had lots of racy conversations I’m sure neither of our spouses would either understand or appreciate. I always try to get her to turn red, usually by egging her on to say something she shouldn’t. It’s never been anything but good, harmless fun being secretly bad with a co-worker/friend that happens to be of the opposite sex.

This particular afternoon Deanna was pretty upset and had been crying. She’s been having some personal problems on the home front and has been really stressed lately. When she’s been upset I commiserate and sometimes give her a quick shoulder rub – she’s usually wound as tight as a spring. I am a somewhat sensitive guy but I don’t like hanging around when there is active crying in progress. So, I told Deanna to come over to my office if she needed to talk about things after she got some composure back.

About 20 minutes later she came in and asked if I was really busy. I told Deanna I wasn’t and that I just finished downloading a really good Jenna Jameson movie I though she might like. I didn’t have time to burn it to CD yet but invited her to close my office door and check it to take her mind off her problems. It had been a really long time since we watched a porn flick together and she readily agreed.

It can be a little awkward for a married woman checking out a porno with a married guy but in the past it only resulted in us teasing each other about it later. She usually only watches for a little while saying she will get too wet and worked up for the drive home if she watches too much. I always thought she was partly joking and would tell her to leave before she left a nasty wet spot on my chair. For my part, I always have complete control and never got a hard-on while she was there. Of course, I never told her that keeping my dick limp didn’t stop me from getting wet too!

Deanna was starting to get into the movie and commented about how hot the action was. I was sitting on the edge of my desk behind her. I asked Deanna if she was tense as usual from being stressed out.

“Yeah, but what else is new these days,” she responded.

I got up and started to rub her shoulder and neck. “Wow, you really are knotted up – even worse than usual!” I observed.

Deanna was wearing a sleeveless tank with a fairly low scoop neckline and as usual had a jacket on over it. She has big tits but usually keeps them pretty well covered as I think she is a bit self-conscious about them. As I was rubbing her neck Deanna had started to lean back in the chair. Her jacket was open and had fallen completely off her tits.

Looking down from above, I could see her nipples were starting to get quite erect. On-screen Jenna just finished getting her pussy eaten out and was now being pounded from behind by a huge cock. Deanna’s nipples continued to grow as she continued watching the onscreen canlı bahis şirketleri action.

“I can see from your reaction you’re really enjoying either the movie or the massage,” I told her.

“Oh, both,” Deanna said quietly with a soft sigh. Then she asked, “Anyway, how can you tell – it’s not like I’m a guy that gets a hard-on?”

“Yeah, actually you do,” I replied offhandedly.

“Do what?” Deanna asked.

“Get a hard-on… Deanna, if you were a gun and your nipples were bullets, I sure wouldn’t want to be standing in front of them!” I explained.

She quickly looked down at her tits and started to blush bright red. I swear her nipples stood out even more if that was possible!

“You’re sitting here watching a hot porno movie with me while I give you a massage and now you’re gonna be embarrassed because your nipples got hard?” I commented.

All she could say was a singsong, “Well. yeahhh! What do you think?”

I don’t know what possessed me but at that moment I slid both hands over her shoulders, down the front of her, past her neckline, into her bra, and took hold of her big, hard nips between the first two fingers of each of my hands. Deanna just sat there completely still as I started to tug on her nipples. Actually, I think we were both somewhat in shock by my bold action. I know I was and the heat rising in my face told me now I was probably red too!

After a minute she said, “Oh my God, that feels so good. Oh shit, the movie and massage were already getting my pussy too wet and now I think I am going to need to cum soon! Oh dang, I shouldn’t have said that and you really shouldn’t be playing with my tits like this. You’re getting me too hot. I mean I’m really confused, you know?”

Unfazed by her comment I just kept playing with her.

Deanna lamented, “I think I need to go – I’ve already been away from my desk for over 5 minutes. Oh, oh, oh that’s so nice! Why are you confusing me like this?” But, she didn’t ask me to stop!

As I continued to massage her tits and stroke her nipples I said, “Give me no more than five more minutes and I will have you cumming like you never have before.”

Deanna was almost panting at this point and said, “Look, I know this is wrong and I shouldn’t be unfaithful. I can’t let you to fuck me, but oh God, I need to cum so bad.” She started pleading, “I need you to make me cum now – do it – please make me cum!”

At this point, she pulled up her skirt and exposed the large wet spot that had already soaked through her panties and hose and said, “O.K., what do you want me to do now? How are you going to make me cum?”

“Whoa, when you’ve told me you never have a problem getting wet you weren’t exaggerating!” I observed. “Now, pull your hose and panties down around your ankles, spread your thighs and I will do the rest” I ordered her.

She did as she was told and was starting to moan again as I came around and kneeled in front of her and said, “Don’t worry, you know what they say – eatin’ ain’t cheatin’.”

Deanna had a beautiful, nicely trimmed pussy that was in full arousal and dripping wet. canlı kaçak iddaa Her thick cunt lips were fully engorged and her clit was poking out of its hood almost throbbing. I ran my fingers gently along Deanna’s wet slit, gently parting her lips, and she shuddered briefly and opened her thighs even wider to give me full access. She was still moaning softly as she watched me intently – the porn flick didn’t matter any more.

I worked one, and then two fingers of my left hand up Deanna’s tight, wet cunt and found my target, a small patch of rough, rippled flesh, Deanna’s G-spot! As I adjusted my fingers and began to apply more pressure, Deanna began to writhe in pleasure and moan more loudly.

Then she whispered, “Oh yeah, that’s it, that’s’ so good… fuck yeah, yeah right there feels soooooo nice.”

To complete my assault, I lowered my mouth to her enlarged, waiting clit and started to lick and suck on that big hard knob.

At that she gasped, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” and she fell strangely silent.

Just then, Deanna pulled her top and bra up off her tits and she started massaging them and tugging on her large thick nipples. Her eyes were closed, her face was flushed, and she was biting her lower lip.

I got my right hand lubed up with her pussy juice and began to massage her left tit and used my slippery fingers to further tease her nipple. Only about a minute had passed since I started working my magic on her pussy.

Then, suddenly, she pulled her legs up in the air and looped them up and over the desk chair arms. Deanna was starting to hump my hand as I continued to concentrate on her G-spot and clit. As she started moaning again, Deanna’s juices were literally running out of her and down her ass crack. I used my free hand to play with her little brown bud and started to slide a finger slowly in and out.

Soon after, her pussy began sucking air in around my fingers, almost convulsing on my hand. Her moaning stopped and Deanna was panting hard as if she couldn’t catch her breath.

Deanna’s head now came forward, her eyes were open wide in a fixed trance-like stare, and she was still pulling on her nipples a good 3 inches out from her mass of soft tit-flesh.

Amazingly, I had only been working on her for about two minutes and no erogenous zone had been overlooked!

Deanna seemed so close to cumming now and it inspired me to give her maximum stimulation. I started sucking on her clit as hard as I could, while at the same time nibbling it lightly with just the slightest raking of my teeth. My finger was completely buried in her asshole and I was wiggling it frantically. With her powerfully contracting cunt muscles, it seemed she was trying to pull my whole hand into her womb as I continued my relentless G-spot massage.

Suddenly, Deanna went rigid as a massive orgasm started to overtake her. Then she began to uncontrollably shake all over as her panting gave way to deep guttural groans of pleasure punctuated with sharp intakes of air. Waves of orgasms now overtook Deanna.

As she started to wildly buck her hips, she began whispering a breathy canlı kaçak bahis mantra, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…” over and over.

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and ass and released her clit from my mouth. I moved back slightly to take in this awesome sight only 3 minutes into my mission. Deanna’s orgasm sustained itself without any more stimulation from me – like a runaway freight train – nothing could stop it now!

To my surprise and amazement, Deanna suddenly let out a little high-pitched squeal and started squirting several, long streams of thick, clear pussy cream onto to my face and into my mouth as her orgasm continued.

Her pulsating cunt hole almost looked as if it was winking at me as I marveled, “Oh my fucking God Deanna!” I quickly moved my mouth back onto Deanna’s sensitive pussy and greedily lapped up the slightly sweet and salty she-cum.

I never tasted anything so good or experienced anything so completely erotic. Wow, I had only read about this kind of things in stories and could not believe my good luck.

I had almost completely cleaned her with my tongue when Deanna begged me to stop saying, “Oh no, oh God, oh noooooo! I’ll pass out if you don’t stop now! Please stop, every fucking nerve in my body is on fire!” So, I stopped and allowed her still spasmodic pussy to relax.

Deanna lamented, “Oh my God, I have never cum like that before in my life! You got more juice out of me than I knew I had! The feeling of ejaculating was so intense – I know why you guys like it so much now!”

As Deanna started to slowly recover she looked down at me and said, “Ooooh my, your face and shirt are all wet with my juices, your desk chair is soaked, and so is my fucking skirt!”

I just stammered, “Yeah, so?” still in shocked at what had happened. For some reason, my own pleasure never even crossed my mind. All I could do was look up at her grinning like a happy little puppy, her cum still dripping from my face!

As Deanna came to her senses she giggled nervously and started to turn bright red with embarrassment and said, “You asshole – how the hell are we going to get cleaned up so I can leave your office? Look what you’ve done – oh my God, this isn’t happening! How the fuck could this happen?”

I was reaching for the box of tissues in my desk and the next thing I know, I hear a radio playing and the morning show guys talking about local news. I jolt awake and sadly realize I was dreaming.

What a dream!

It was spring break from school and everyone but me was still soundly sleeping on a Wednesday morning at 5:50 am. I hit the snooze button – the images of the dream etched into my awakening mind. My dick was so hard I could have driven nails with it. Gobs of pre-cum had drooled out over my leg. I must have been having the dream far longer than the time frame in the dream judging by the amount of fluid that had oozed from me.

Fortunately, Deanna was out that day and I was out the next two plus the weekend so I had ample time to recover from our “liaison”.

I don’t dream very often, much less have lucid ones I can recall, but the memory of this one will stay with me for quite a while. It’s the only dream I can ever remember that I thought was good enough to write down and it’s the first erotic story I have ever written!

I wonder what Deanna would think of my dream? A friend in need…

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