A Hard Earned Workout

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Freda Wallenchech was shocked at herself. If you’d have asked her exactly what she was thinking about when she’d walked into the gym, all she would have told you was a good shower after a nice hot workout. Now, she was getting not a shower, but another hot workout.

Her leotard was pulled down around her knees, exposing every voluptuous curve from there up to her head.

“Are you doing ok?” The voice behind her asked.

“Ye-yes. I-I’m fine.” She hissed. She wanted to tell him to stop, to back out, anything to give her some time to get used to what was going on down there.

Down there… her ass.

It had all started out so serenely. She hadn’t even thought that she would go trolling out for anyone. She just wanted to do her usual routine of having her workout; twenty minutes on the treadmill, twenty of aerobics, and then go into some calisthenics. You know muscle training.

She was on the treadmill, getting ready to get off of it, and head into the matted area where most of the ladies partook in aerobics. When she literally bumped into Him.


Jack Roberts, her old high school flame.

“So, Freda, Wallenchech, right?” Jack grinned at her with a huge smile upon his face.

At first Freda wasn’t sure what to say to him, she knew that she knew him from somewhere, but for the life of her, she was drawing a blank. Her empty stare gave it all away, and Jack just smiled at her as he took her hand. “Oh come on now, don’t tell me that you don’t remember me?”

She ashamedly shook her head.

“Oh, come on now Freddy, it’s me Jack… Jack Roberts.” He gave her a lopsided grin, and it all came flooding back to her.

“Oh my god, Jack, is it really you?”

“In the flesh.” He held out his arms to her, the same smile upon his face.

“I thought that you were going to go into the Army.”

“I was, shaved my head and everything… little did I know that it wouldn’t bother to grow back.” He laughed. “Not only that, they rejected me because of my knees. Too many blow-outs on the football field, I suppose.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Freda hoped that was the right thing to say, but she wasn’t sure, after all, what does one say illegal bahis to one that they haven’t seen in thirteen years?

They hadn’t seen nor heard from each other since graduation.

So what are you doing tonight? Anything good?”

“No nothing, just going to head back to my apartment.”

“Anyone waiting there for you?” Jack asked, a sly look on his face.

“Just my cat, Bonkers.”

“Do you think Bonkers would mind company?”

Freda smiled at him. “I think that he’d enjoy that very much.”

“Are you finished?” Jack asked, indicating to the workout equipment.

“Yeah.” She said shyly, lowering her head ever so much. What was with her, she never was like this. “And you, what do you do?”

He nodded and picked up the towel that he’d been using on the stationary bike, flipping it around his neck. “I do sales and marketing for a small software company.”

“Do you like?”

“It’s not so bad, it has great perks. Multi-millions in airline miles and the money isn’t something to laugh at either.”

“How far away is your apartment?”

“Not too, fifteen minutes by car. Do you want to shower here or at my place?”

“You’re right it’s not far at all.” Freda paused to think for a minute. “I think that I’d better use the ladies room, if that’s all right with you. You don’t mind, do you?”

Jack laughed; “no not in the least. Let me do the same. I’ll meet you out here in say forty-five?”

“Sounds good.”

The two of them met at the door at nine thirty. Thirty minutes before the club was due to close. “So I’ll drive, you follow?” Freda asked him.

“Sounds good to me. Do you want to make a stop and get something to eat?”

She brightened. “Sure, lets go for it.”

They stopped off at a little supermarket and got a bottle of wine and a Tombstone pizza.

“To us?” Jack asked as she looked over her from his wine glass.

“To us.” Freda nodded, and hoped that her white blouse and blue jeans weren’t too watered down. She had forgotten what she used to wear for him when they had been going out. It had been such a long time ago.

A long time since anything, for that matter…it seemed that illegal bahis siteleri no matter how much she looked, she couldn’t find the right guy. She had had a string of uneventful dates that had just ended with her staring at the toobus boobus by nine, a cold beer and a bowl of jiffy pop, her only companionship.

The glasses clinked together, and the meal began. It was slow at first, but they talked more, and drank a little more. Getting re-acquainted. Freda remembered why it was that she had fallen in love with him in the first place. He was so strong, so commanding. By the end of the meal, he stood up to kiss her, and it just felt right.

So right.

She wanted nothing more than to melt into him. “Jack…” She sighed, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get the words out. Her fingers glided across his skin, the feel of cotton. “Come with me?”

“Where Freda?” Jack stood up, but remained where he was. He wanted her to lead him.

“Come with me please.” She led him upstairs into her bedroom. The bed bereft of any man since she signed the papers. She gently pushed him on the bed.

She unbuttoned her shirt, and deftly pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor.

“Freda, are you sure about this?” Jack trailed off uncertain.

Her bra joined her shirt on the floor. “Positive. Please jack, lets pick up where we left off.”

Jack stood up and ran his fingers down her body. “Like this?”

“Yes. Oh yes, just like that.”

His hands went lower, tracing her hips and the small of her back, sliding underneath the elastic of her underwear. “Is this what you want, Freda?”

She unbuttoned her jeans to give him more access. “Please.”

He slid her jeans and underwear down, laying her on the bed. Gently pulling them off of her, he tossed the rest of the clothes into the pile. His fingers traced around her areola. And she could feel as the nipple started to harden. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the feelings

“Roll over.”

She wasn’t sure why he was asking her to do this, he was already doing fine the way things were going; she was already aroused, she could feel her wetness already oozing from her thighs. canlı bahis siteleri “Why?”

“Do it for me please?”

She turned over, letting her weight fall onto her hands and knees. She felt his fingers probe her wetness once more, and he quickly found her nubbin. Never before had she been brought so close to the peak, this fast. She wanted it, and leaned into his ministrations. But she felt something else, probing her other hole!

It was unexpected, but she felt her pussy begin to gush even more. She felt the tip of him start to slide lazily around her anus.

“Can I go in?” She heard him ask, as he put a flurry of activity into the fingers at her pussy.

“Go in…” She was going to say where, but as she felt him slide into her ass, she knew exactly where he was going. “Oh god!”

It was so tight, as she could feel him pushing in father, further than she’d ever been able to get with her index finger before. “Are you doing Ok? The voice behind her asked.

“Ye-yes. I-I’m fine.” She hissed. She wanted to tell Robert to stop, to back out, anything to give her some time to get used to what was going on down there.

Down there… her ass.

“You’re so good baby, so very good.”

She was going to beg him to pull out, but at the same time he began to rub her clit, and she went wild, bucking for his fingers and at the same time shoving his cock further into her.

She felt him go out, and then in. Out and in, out and in; again, and again. Until… finally.

“Oh God!” Jack sighed slightly, and Freda felt him begin to spasm. Seconds later she felt the warm wetness of his cum as it pumped into her asshole.

Seconds later, it was done. She felt him slowly slide out of her. She lay down on the bed, exhausted. She closed her eyes.

In the background she could hear the water running.

Her mind faded and she fell asleep.


It was 7:30 when she woke up. Work would start in an hour and a half; Jack had covered her with a blanket, but hadn’t bothered to dress her. On her bedside table there was a rose with a note. She picked the not up and read it.

“Freda, my love, you were wonderful. I’ll see you soon. Jack.”

She flipped the note over “7 PM my place.” There was a map lovingly drawn on it. A large “F” to mark where she was and a “J” at the finish.

‘Well. Tonight is going to be interesting.” She got out of bed and headed to the shower.

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