A Journey is the Best Cure

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“You must die I alone am best!

I hope ya flip some guy the bird

He cuts you off and you’re forced to swerve

In front of the Beatles’ tour bus

A Bookmobile and a Mack truck

Hauling hazardous biological waste

The light turns red you have no brakes

And “Hard Copy” gets it all on tape

So you can see the look on your face

Die Die Die Die Die Die Die

Die Die Die Die Die Die Die”

The words of “I hope you die” of the Bloodhoung Gang filled my right ear as the train ran quickly on the tracks. A song quite old, but that could trigger forgotten memories over time.

The other earpiece was used by Lara, sitting in the seat next to mine, intent on looking out the window. She held her red jacket on her knees with her hands, grunting in annoyance without looking up from the blue sky. I could see the reflection of her serious face through my eyes. It was not difficult to think of what she was thinking, after all this song always has the same effect. Not even two months ago, Lara and I met Adele, a girl who proved to be superior to my girlfriend on every field. And after some time, the only moments when those memories resurfaced was when we heard the notes of this song. The memory of the struggle between Lara and Adele was still clear in my mind, but every time I thought about how Lara lost, or the night she spent with Adele, a heavy sense of guilt hit me. I was sorry for my girlfriend, convinced that I was no longer up to my expectations after that defeat, despite my words of encouragement. But Lara didn’t want to hear reasons.

So I thought it was a good choice to pull the plug for a while. The cold started, and the big cities are more empty than in the summer. I immediately booked for Florence, a magnificent Italian city. I found an offer on the internet for a 4-star hotel, just minutes from the historic center of Florence and the station. It didn’t take long and everything was booked.

Lara immediately disagreed, but with my eloquence she managed to make her give up.

“Come on, we have to go! Two lovers in Florence!” I exulted smiling, with tickets in hand.

“All right…” she whispered, smiling.

It was a forced response, but I was sure she would allow Lara to recover. Seeing the Duomo, the David, all the wonders of Florence would have relaxed her.

We left three days later, and the journey on the train was a succession of nap and music. But after the Bloodhoung Gang, I imagined that my girlfriend’s thoughts remained fixed on one thought: Adele.

We arrived a few hours later. The fresh air filled our lungs as we approached the hotel. Despite the season, there were still many tourists. We reached half a few minutes later. The inscription Horto Convento peeped out from the tree that hid it. The building was surrounded by a lovely garden, which invited passers-by to enter. I took care of the recording, noticing Lara shortly afterwards who was wandering with her eyes. I tried to follow her gaze but saw nothing in particular. A small group of people was leaving the hotel and nothing else.

“Everything’s fine, dear?”

My girlfriend came to her senses, even if upset.

“Yes, yes. I was just taking a look.”

I looked at her suspiciously, but after a few seconds she realized that it was just a matter of settling in. I didn’t want to put it under pressure, otherwise the journey would have been useless.

While the luggage was placed in our room, we were free to tour the city. We decided right away to start with what was further away, so as not to waste the good weather: Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens.

The streets were quite crowded, and we had to zigzag among people of various ages to cross the Old Bridge that overlooked the Arno, the river of Florence. Our first destination was the Boboli Gardens, as it was on the hill. We took photos, climbing stairs and paths, just to have one of the most beautiful views of Florence. The city stretched ahead of us, giving us an incredible show. I turned to Lara only to see her lean over to look down.


Lara came to herself again, jolting. I had caught her in the act… but to do what? I glanced down. Below us there were only tourists and happy couples who probably took a romantic walk. I looked back at my girlfriend questioningly, and she shook her head, smiling.

“Nothing, nothing. Come on, let’s go!” Lara said, grabbing my hand.

I followed she without making a fuss along the green slopes of the Boboli Gardens, greeting that magnificent view for the last time. Apparently, Lara wanted to see Pitti Palace now, before turning back. But even in the magnificent new location, my girlfriend’s gaze wandered around the rooms, as if she were looking for something. And with a resigned look, we continued our trip inside the walls of the Palace.

Finished, we started down the stairs to reach the exit. But as soon as I finished the first flight of stairs and turned the corner, I found myself Lara nailed to the spot. I was about güvenilir bahis to say something to her, now tired of her strange behavior, when she heard a female voice speak a language unknown to me. I quickly moved my gaze to the origin of that sound. A wonderful girl was climbing the stairs. The dark hair gathered in a soft ponytail, the neckline that swayed with each step, as she climbed with red shoes. I looked at Lara and saw that she was looking at her intently, almost manic. The other girl looked back as she climbed, and both girls began to turn their heads to maintain eye contact. But after a while, I entered their field of vision and everything seemed to return to normal. We stood still as the unknown girl’s footsteps receded from us. Lara continued to stare at my chest, holding her breath for no reason. When we no longer felt anything, it was as if I were allowed to breathe. We sighed heavily, trying to catch our breath. And as I watched my girlfriend outdo me up the stairs, she understood the reason for her behavior. As if by magic, I also remembered that girl on other occasions. At the hotel, she was coming out of the door, away from us at the Boboli Gardens. And now, somehow we arrived before her at Pitti Palace. But I still didn’t know why all this, even though I knew it in my heart. She followed my girlfriend who had thrown herself in pursuit of that nymph. We passed tourists as if they were statues, going through the various rooms. At one point, Lara turned left, into a new room containing paintings. When I entered it too, the scenery was almost amusing. Lara was passing the center of the room, walking in a straight line a corridor of people who were too busy looking at other works. I saw my girlfriend standing next to the unknown girl from before, remaining a few inches away. I approached them as they both looked at the Vision of Ezekiel before them. And as I got closer, I began to hear their feeble voices. They were talking, without being heard by other people.

“…hopes. Did you understand that?”

“I? You have no hopes, frenchy”

I had missed the beginning of the conversation, but I realized that the girl was French. It was a good start.

“I’m not afraid of you,” the girl whispered.

“You should have them,” Lara replied.

And they continued to exchange these rapid sentences, interrupting themselves when someone came too close, then resuming when their words were far from prying ears. And after a few minutes and some interruptions, their exchange ended exactly as it had begun.

“So camera 201,” Lara whispered to the girl, before turning and leaving.

Probably my girlfriend didn’t hear the answer, but her confident look made me realize she knew it anyway.

“I’ll wait for you” the girl whispered.

We went back to the hotel, and all the way I asked her what was happening. She continued to avoid answering me in a concrete way, as he increased her pace each time. But my curiosity was really great, and I would not have been dismissed with a bland answer. Once through the hotel door, she surrendered.

“All right! I tell you… but in the room,” Lara said exasperatedly.

I was the first to enter, almost running. And immediately after closing the door, I stood in front of her, waiting for what I wanted. Lara looked at me, sighing.

“I challenged her,” Lara began to explain.

“Thanks. I had also understood this “I urged seriously.

“Then, fuck you!” She barked.

I didn’t expect that reaction. I gasped as Lara sat down on the double bed. I continued to stare at her, motionless on the spot. She had always been a warrior, but now she looked like the helpless princess in the castle walls. My eyes softened, and I approached her. I embraced her, sitting beside her, and we stayed like that, in complete silence.

“It’s for her…” Lara suddenly whispered. Slowly, she tried to raise her head, coming out of her boyfriend’s warm embrace. I looked into her eyes, waiting for it to continue “I’m doing it for… I want to fight again with Adele… But I’m afraid…” she looked at me with a suffering look “If I lost again, I could lose something important… I could lose you”

“No. You will not lose me. I already told you” I started immediately.

“I know. I’m sure about this. But if she wants you, and she beats me… what should I do?”

The problem that gripped my girlfriend was bigger than I thought. Her defeat marked her more than I thought. This was the part that was not described in the stories.

“You won’t lose…” I whispered without realizing it. Lara sniffed, looking up at me. ers shining eyes were questioning. “First you will beat this girl, then you will win against Adele… I am sure of it” and you will show off my best smile.

I honestly didn’t know if my girlfriend was really able to win against Adele, but seeing Lara like that was painful. She smiled, and wiped her tears before showing me her determined gaze. My lioness was back.

The time set was 9 o’clock in the evening. Usually there türkçe bahis was no one in the hotel at that time, everyone was busy having to wander around Florence, but I had a really good reason for not leaving the hotel. Shortly after the scheduled time, we knocked on door 201. When the door opened, I saw the same girl who had spoken with Lara that day. She stared at me for a moment, before smiling and moving away to let us in

“I arrived,” Lara said, looking at the girl defiantly.

“I see it,” she replied in the same tone.

The two girls stopped by the bed, facing each other a few steps. They stood there for a few seconds, studying each other, before my girlfriend offered her hand amicably.

“My name is Lara. I’m surprised you accepted immediately”

The girl looked at her hand in front of her, and without batting an eyelid grabbed her firmly.

“Helene, and in France this practice is common among young girls,” replied the French girl.

“Well, then, I don’t think it would take much wording,” Lara said, starting to take off her shorts. “I think I’m better than you. I think my boobs are better than yours. And they are ready to prove it” she finished when he remained topless. Her huge breasts fell slightly downward due to her incredible weight, maintaining her threatening shape. The pink nipples cut the air like two swords ready to strike.

Helene stared intently at my girlfriend’s breast, with a surprised look. Maybe she didn’t expect Lara to have such big tits. But once she caught Lara’s eye, she smiled and started to undress.

“No, you don’t need words. And I don’t care what you think. I am better than you, my breast is too much for you. And you will ask me to stop when your tits fall against mine,” said the French woman, remaining topless too.

I looked closely at the girl’s breast. It was as big as Lara’s. The red nipples sticking out threateningly from her large areolas, like two spears ready to fall against the enemy. Lara swallowed as she saw what she was facing, and I worried about her.

“What’s up? Don’t you do the bold anymore?” Asked Helene, smiling “I knew you Italians are all inferior, but not up to this point!”

Lara’s eyes widened, returning to her senses.

“I’ll make you regret these words,” Lara growled.

Helene grunted, amused, before approaching a step. Lara imitated the girl and after a few seconds, their breasts met.

The elderly couples have just deformed touching the rival couple, pressing themselves while controlled together. Lara grunted, feeling for the first time in months the feeling of her tits pressed against those of another girl. My girlfriend took a step back, and Helene immediately took advantage of it, slamming her tits forward. Lara’s eyes widened at the speed of the move, while their tits flattened upon contact. Both pairs of breasts swelled outward. Lara winced at the blow, but pushed forward as well. The French grunted when Lara pushed again, while the French gave way slightly. The two girls looked down to see their boobs struggling, watching as their breasts pushed to gain a few inches of ground. But it seemed that Lara’s tits gave up less space than Helene’s.

My girlfriend grinded her left breast in the right breast of the French girl, pushing it so that the opposing breast was pushed slowly from the outside. Helene moaned as she felt her boobs closed by my girlfriend’s breasts. Lara walked away that little to make their boobs return to their original shape. But while the French sighed with relief when she no longer felt her trapped tits, my girlfriend brutally pushed her breast forward. Helene groaned as her breast was pushed back and outward. My girlfriend stopped shortly after, wanting to admire what she was up to. This caused his opponent to have time to fight back.

Helene was quick and quickly lowered herself before pushing her tits against the underside of Lara’s breast. My girlfriend’s tits flattened slightly on the bottom, while her flesh moved painfully upwards. The dark nipples of the French girl penetrated her rival’s flesh, making the poor Italian open her eyes. Helene carried her weight forward, crashing her breasts against her rival tits, before Lara could recover. My girlfriend groaned when she felt her tits being crushed inward. Lara violently pushed her tits forward, and the French girl was forced to leave. All three of us looked at their tits, looking for a sign of abating. But after finding nothing, the two girls threw themselves against each other. The flesh of their melons poured outwards, while the two contenders maintained that position, testing the firmness of their breasts, before leaving. Immediately, they quickly approached, and their tits met with a loud slap. The flesh of both of them swayed as the two girls gasped before pushing their breasts forward again. Soon after, Helene’s arms closed behind my girlfriend’s back, and Lara immediately imitated her rival.

Their boobs trembled as they slid over each other before being pushed back and forth between them. güvenilir bahis siteleri The French girl pushed her breasts from the left, while their tits were still pressed together, and grunted when she heard her Italian rival reject her breasts, pushing her tits back before the two pairs of breasts separated, regaining their shape . Lara lowered her eyes as the French girl pushed forward, rammed her breasts. Their tits squeezed together when the girls squeezed their arms, one of Lara’s breasts rose above Helene’s, and vice versa with the other breast. They continued like this for a couple of minutes, continuing to slide their tits together.

Helene prepared herself for another blow while my girlfriend stepped back. Helene smiled, probably because she thought she had put her opponent to escape to the fight, but Lara swung her breasts quickly from the left. My girlfriend’s tits slammed against the breast of the French girl, who was forced to turn around due to the force of the blow. Helene grunted angrily and pushed her tits forward, forcing Lara’s breasts to lightly crush. Lara groaned, looking at the French girl with hatred.

“Not bad for a girl. Perhaps the Italians are not so useless, after all” the French girl insulted.

Without waiting for an answer, Helene slammed her tits forward. Lara was caught off guard, and despite responding blow by blow, she found herself falling on the bed.

Helene smiled as she prepared to jump on my girlfriend’s body, but when the girl was falling on her, Lara managed to roll away, making her rival land on the mattress. Quickly, Helene got to her knees, only to find Lara in the same position, not far from her.

“I have to admit, Helene… I didn’t think your tits were so strong,” Lara admitted, arousing a smile from her rival in front of her “And I can’t wait to hear them give up against mine,” my girlfriend finished, losing the smile to the French girl.

They approached slowly, without ceasing to stare intently. Lara grabbed the girl’s shoulders in front, starting to make their globes fight, but Helene quickly moved her chest to the left, cutting off my girlfriend’s breasts. Lara’s eyes widened as Helene began a series of shots that gave her rival no room for maneuver. With two quick pushes, Helene made her girl lose her grip on her shoulders to avoid falling.

“Your pathetic tits can’t compete with mine!” the French girl smiled as she watched her rival get up.

“Pathetic? My tits will destroy yours! “My girl replied, snarling.


Helene raised her hands in the air, signaling her rival to grab them. Lara accepted almost immediately, and the two girls swung their breasts from side to side, starting to hit each other in rhythm. Although Helene began to grunt first after some outbursts, it was Lara trying to avoid the opponent’s blows, starting to lower. With a powerful blow, my girlfriend groaned when her breast was thrown to the left.

“You won’t tell me that I hurt you, princess!” The French grinned, once again throwing her breasts, making my girlfriend lose her grip.

Helene stretched out her arms to grab her rival, but when she was within reach, the French yelped. Lara raised her breasts violently, which made the French woman’s tits fly upwards, unbalancing her. My girlfriend immediately threw herself against her rival, and Lara remained on top of the girl after the fall. Lara smiled at the annoyed look of her French rival. My girlfriend hugged Helene, who returned as soon as possible. The Italian breast began to pierce the French flesh while Lara grinded her tits against those of her rival.

“Don’t talk anymore, bitch?” Said Lara as she started pumping her tits against those of the opponent.

The weight of the Italian tits, increased by the force of gravity, made it difficult to hold back the groans, while Helene tried to throw down the opponent. Lara shook even more, going nose to nose with Helene. They exchanged intense glances. Despite feeling she was winning, Lara felt the strength of the French’s tits push against hers.

“Surrender… bitch” hissed my girlfriend, still tightening her grip.

“Never…” Helene replied, straining.

But the French was at the limit, the course of the struggle now weighed on her breast along with the tits of the Italian rival. Lara started pumping her breasts down again, making moans from the girl below her. Soon, Helene began to cry as her breast began to give way.

“Have you finished talking, bitch? Feel how your tits move when I push my tits forward?” Said Lara, before violently squeezing the body of the Frenchwoman.

Helene’s breasts gave way to my girlfriend’s stronger breasts, while the French girl whined defeat.

“That’s enough! Please stop it! I give up!” Helene said between sobs, trying to push her opponent away.

But Lara didn’t. She didn’t let go. She squeezed again, and the Frenchman groaned.

“Say it…” Lara whispered to her rival’s ear.

“Your tits are better than mine!” Said Helene crying.

Only then did my girlfriend let go. Helene immediately put her hands on her defeated tits, lovingly massaging them.

Lara got up from the bed, her face lit up, and only put on her shirt, then took her bra and the French one in her hand.

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