A Lifetime of Learning

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I live in a small town located in a distant suburb of Los Angeles. My Mom and Dad each work, and they work long hours. I am nineteen years old and I’m in my last year at Community College. I’m average in height, semi-athletic, and enjoy the outdoors. The backyard at our home, as several others in our neighborhood, is surrounded by a tall wooden, slat fence. The slats overlap for privacy and the height, at nearly seven foot, acts to ensure it.

Our backyard is well landscaped and maintained by father, mother and I. I like the green bushes and small trees scattered throughout the yard. I frequently water the yard without being asked. When studying I prefer using a small, foldable aluminum lounge chair that I can move easily. On warm summer days I move it into the shade of the house, out of the sun. The cool breeze seems to materialize out of nowhere and seems unaffected by the fencing. This way, because the neighborhood is usually quiet during the day, I can study very effectively.

On the north side of our property is another quiet home. It is owned by a late middle-aged couple whose children have left the nest. Their place includes a rather large ‘L-shaped’ swimming pool that runs along our fence and curves slowly around to the rear of a family room that was added after the original construction. There is a walkway completely surrounding the pool, and a few pieces of outdoor furniture. At the time of my story, the neighbors have gone on a two-week cruise given to them by their kids, for their twenty fifth wedding anniversary.

Apparently, from stories I’ve heard, the guy was born first and early into his family. His family was large and his youngest brother was born about twenty five years later. This short story is mostly about the younger brother.

This brother was in his mid-twenties when the family left on the cruise. He was invited to stay at their home as a type of house sitter. He was a college student also, but was in graduate school at UCLA. The prospect of a private pad appealed to him and he moved in. The guy was kind of handsome, about six foot tall and athletic appearing. However, he’d never been into sports and preferred intellectual pursuits. He had learned to workout, using weights, to keep his weight down and his strength up. As a kind of nerd, he hadn’t had many girl friends and none had been serious. I’d only seen him once, at a distance, and he’d been dressed in grubbies – – I wasn’t impressed.

The night before they left on the cruise, two days previously, the neighbors had come to see my folks. They explained that his little brother would be at home while they were gone and asked my folks to keep an eye on the place, too.

I got up early on a Monday morning, pulled on only a pair of old shorts and a tank top. Then I s aw my folks off to work and fixed myself breakfast — cottage cheese and dry toast. I had been overly concerned with my appearance in high school and tried to make myself into one of those skinny models you see on TV. I wanted boys to notice me. They didn’t.

When I was close to graduation, without being asked to the Prom, I let myself go some and ate what I wanted and exercised when I felt like it. I filled out then and actually went about ten pounds heavier than I probably should be. All of a sudden I had lots of boys asking me out, but I held a grudge and only went out occasionally.

I’m interested and intrigued by sex, but I’ve never gone all the way and I hate guys that think I’m easy or a play toy. I’ve walked home from a few dates, and called my Dad after a few others. I even kneed a guy once. I’m as straight as I can be. I’ve heard all about sex from some of my friends, and I’ve heard what boys like and what my friends like. I don’t ever want to have extramarital sex, but the male illegal bahis sex organ really fascinates me. I don’t masturbate, or at least I don’t think its masturbation. Sometimes I linger with my legs wrapped around a pillow. Or I stayed pressed against something a little longer than necessary.

I’d gone out in the yard early that morning, it was warm and I had a lot of studying to do. The morning went well and I lay back to take a short nap, then I heard a door slam somewhere. A moment later I heard furniture and other stuff being moved. Still later I heard a strange clanging in the air. I listened and determined that it was coming from over the fence, probably the guy next door.

My lounge was about three feet from the fence but the noise didn’t bother me. Then I heard someone dive into the pool and the sound of swimming. It got quiet before I hear dthe sound of wet feet on the cement next door. I tilted my head and was listening, then I saw hands come up and grip the edge of the fence from the other side. It sounded like the guy was exercising, and I knew he couldn’t see over that fence. I sat quietly, and stared at those hands. Finally one of them disappeared, but the second remained. Then I really saw something strange.

I noticed a knot hole at a height slightly above my waist and about three feet beyond where I was laying. What attracted me to it was movement. I looked down and my mouth dropped open. The guy was sticking through the hole. I don’t mean his finger, either. It stuck through quite a ways, was large, and appeared firm. I guessed this was what my friends meant as a hard on (or heart on?).

I held my breath and then realized that he must be rolling his hips, because that thing was circling in the air. I was fascinated, but scared. He left it there for about a minute that seemed like an eternity, and then retracted it and jumped back into the pool. Fortunately, nothing escaped from that thing.

That afternoon and the next morning I couldn’t help but think about it and I’ve had a good mental image that I toyed with. I repeated my previous morning, and the guy repeated almost the same routine. This time I had in my hand the digital camera my Dad gave me for Christmas. It was absolutely silent when I pressed the button and I’de turned off the flash. I must have taken ten pictures of it before it retracted, and even got one from really up close. I even wanted to touch it, but was afraid.

After he went back, in the house, I went into my own house and downloaded the pictures to my computer. Then I transferred them to a floppy disk, and erased them from my hard drive. My own hard drive was in high gear and wanted to see more of his. I made a color printout on photo paper, of the close-up, and was glad that my Dad and Mom wouldn’t find them on the computer.

I hid the diskette and stared at the picture. I studied it all afternoon, retrieved the diskette and reopened the pictures. I spent the evening thinking about it and fantasizing. Just as I fell asleep that night, I had an inspiration.

The next morning, I grabbed some knitting yarn from my Mom’s collection. I knitted a short, soft rope while I was waiting. When I finished the rope, I tied a slip knot in it and then got a hammer and large nail from our garage. I drove that nail into the fence about twelve inches below the knot hole, grabbed the rope, and sat down with my back to the fence at one side.

He was late this morning, but I finally heard him. I turned around and looked through the knot hole for the first time. He was sitting on a bench with his back to me and lifting weights. There was a stack of textbooks on the table next to him. I watched him until he stood up, turned around and prepared to enter the pool.

Now I saw it all from the front. illegal bahis siteleri It hung down loosely with soft flesh swinging below. He was pretty muscular and pretty fit physically. His butt and abdomen were great, but my eyes stayed fixed on that swing and I still saw it up close in my mind. I snapped another quick picture.

He dove into the pool and started swimming laps. The he swam over to the ladder closest to my viewpoint, and climbed the ladder. As he came up the ladder with water dripping off it. I snapped another picture. He used his hands all over that body to wipe away the water. As he turned, I pulled away and sat back down, afraid he’d seen me.

I needn’t have worried. I could only see from the edge of the hole as his hands went down and he made that thing rise again. I could only see a part of his body as he walked to the knot hole and inserted it. It was only inches away and when I turned my head my face was almost touching it.

I stared and then stared and watched that thing start circling. I picked up my rope, expanded the loop and slowly, without touching, placed it around that thing. Then very quickly I let the rope fall around it as I yanked the other end of the rope. The rope tightened around it, and I saw him stop as I used the rope to pull it down forcibly and knotted the rope around the nail I’d driven. He was captured, startled, and let out a quick yelp.

That soft rope wasn’t going to hurt him, but he couldn’t pull it out, or get loose. He also couldn’t see over the fence or back away from it.

Now I had a first hand, pun intended, close up view and took full advantage of it. I heard him asking who was there and ask what they were doing. He may have even thought someone was going to cut it off. I wasn’t about to harm it – – just enjoy it.

It started to go soft, but I reached up, touched it and it grew again even larger. Then I wanted to taste it, to see for myself the things my friends had told me about.

I ran my hands along, circled it with my fingers and stroked it. I was amazed that he could become excited by someone he had never seen. Then I carefully extended my tongue and barely touched it. He let out a moan, so I returned and this time ran my tongue all around and over it. I teased around the head and then licked the head itself. He was pleading for me to stop. I took the head in my mouth to taste it better. Then I began sucking. I couldn’t get it all in my mouth because the lasso was in the way. Somehow it must have been enough though because I heard him say he was coming (cumming?).

A small amount squeezed through that slip knot and appeared at the end. I was thoroughly enchanted now. I licked it away and then sucked it hard and was rewarded with a lot more fluid squeezing around that knot. It tasted different, but good. I decided that I liked it.

He was pleading, and that thing was turning dark red without adequate circulation. I got up, took another photo and walked to the gate in our fence, crossed to his fence gate, opened it and walked through. I took lots of pictures and he turned to face me, still stuck in the fence. When he saw me I think he was disappointed.

I walked to him and told him to raise one leg. He hesitated, so I told him that if he didn’t raise it I would leave it tied until it rotted and fell off. He raised that leg and I bent over to touch the rest of him. I thoroughly, almost thoroughly, satisfied my curiosity and reached under cupping him and then nibbling on him. I reached up and ran my fingers between those tight rear cheeks and caressed them. I licked the inside of each thigh and then licked those things in my hand. I slowly took them in my mouth and put one in each cheek. I was in ecstasy until I heard him moaning and pleading.

Slowly canlı bahis siteleri I rose and backed away where he could see me. Then I took off that tank top and those old shorts. He stared and stared before returning to moaning.

Now, I ran next door and released him from the nail. He pulled it through the fence with the yarn still around it. I ran back into his yard and he’d collapsed to the ground and was sitting, moaning, with his back to the wall. His legs were drawn up and his knees in front of his face. Quickly, I ran to him and removed the lasso. I massaged it, and held it, and told him I was really sorry and didn’t mean to hurt him. I was crying now. Slowly, he stopped moaning and finally reached out, lifted my chin and stared into my crying eyes. I was so ashamed that I tried to look away. He wouldn’t let me.

Now, softly, he whispered that it was alright and he wasn’t hurting now. I cried harder and threw my face down to kiss and comfort it.

I was amazed when it started to rise in my hand. I was so happy, that I kept crying and cuddled it. Again, he said that he was okay and for me to let him up. With a tear stained face I backed away. He stood and then held out his hand to help me stand up.

Now I realized that I was completely naked and tried to cover myself while I continued to cry. He pulled me to him and hugged me. When I was a bit calmer, he reached down and squeezed my buttocks with both hands. I jumped. He smiled and then I smiled.

He said something about sauce for goose and gander and he kissed me. He backed me against the fence, and then dropped to his knees. I panicked, thinking I’d hurt him worse than he’d told me.

I needn’t have worried. He reached up and cupped one of my Butt cheeks and grab one leg behind the knee. As he bent the leg at the knee, he lifted it and placed it over his shoulder. His head held my legs apart as his lips and chin were turned up. His free hand went between my legs and he grasped the other butt cheek. As he pulled me to him, I could feel his lips, mouth and tongue caressing me.

Even with the discussions of my girlfriends, I wasn’t prepared for anything like this. I could think of nothing but him and what he was doing to me. I experienced my first orgasm, followed by an endless series of them. How could anything feel so fantastic? Even the word fantastic doesn’t do it justice. I never wanted it to end, I wanted it forever.

When he stopped, he asked how old I was. When I told him he breathed a sigh of relief. Next he asked if I was “on the pill”. I told him no. He went into the house and I had a moment to regain my composure.

When he came out, he had a hand full of small plastic packages and a small box. He told me they were condoms and the box was his sister in law’s pregnancy pills. He said that if she asked, he was ready to tell her they dropped on the floor, spilled all over, and he’d flushed them. He gave them to me and made me read the instructions. He said the pills would take some time to work, but the condoms would tide us over.

Now he walked me to the pool lounge and we laid down, his head one way and I deliberately put my head the opposite way. He got the idea and we used the time profitably. When I turned again, I opened a package and had him show me how to apply it. It was fun, but left a bad tasting lubricant all over my hands and him.

I knew more or less what to do next as I crawled on top of him. He said “Is that the way you want it?” I asked why he asked and he told me some people only want to do it in the ‘missionary’ position, and then described that to me. I answered that I wanted to try every way.

A lot of water has run under the bridge since that day. We’ve been married a year and look forward to another twenty five years ourselves and when we’ll have our own children. Our love life is just as great as, if not better than, that day. He is faithful and loving and I’m on the bed, after a good shower, waiting for him to get home from work. I’m not wearing anything.

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