A Lingerie Fantasy Cums True Pt. 01

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It was early September and the fall air was beginning to take form as the summer neared its end. I had just turned 30 and was living in a one bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago. I hung out at the beach on Lake Michigan most weekends with friends and we always had a blast. Extremely hot women at the beach seemed to be in abundance this summer and my buddies and I couldn’t get enough of it. We all got laid at least three or four times. It was truly a summer to remember. The beach season was pretty much over and I was left extremely horny most days just thinking about all the beautiful women with their skimpy bikinis, tanned bodies, and silky smooth skin. They came in many different shapes and sizes and my favorites were usually the more voluptuous ones. I love a woman with nice curves, big supple breasts, and a nice round ass! One particular girl I kept my eye one all summer was a blonde named Stacey, who I’d met through a friend of a friend last summer. Stacey was a couple years younger than me and had the most beautiful long blonde hair that laid more than half way down her back. Her skin was nicely tanned, not real dark, but just tan enough to make her curvy body look sexy as hell. She was the same height as me, about 5’7″, and had beautiful legs, large natural breasts, 34D I later found out, and the most perfect ass I’d ever seen. Perfect for me meant not too small, not too big, but full and firm. She was indeed my dream girl, body wise.

Towards the end of the summer I finally got up enough nerve to talk to her. One Saturday my friends had a golf outing planned and since I despise golf, I decided to head to the beach by myself. After a couple of hours I spotted Stacey laying out on a towel with one of her friends. I had seen her friend once or twice this summer and I must say she was almost as beautiful as Stacey. After watching them for awhile I noticed that they sat up and got beers from their cooler, lit cigarettes and toasted their cans. I’d had a couple beers already and was feeling a little brave so I walked over and introduced myself to Stacey again. Surprisingly they invited me to pull up a towel and have a beer with them. I walked back to my spot, grabbed my towel and cooler and moved over next to Stacey and her friend. Stacey introduced me to Melanie who was also a young sexy blonde. Melanie was a little more petite, but very tan and had an awesome figure and a great set of tits, probably a full C cup. After some small talk and chatting for awhile, not wanting to seem like I was starring earlier, I asked, “Hey what were you guys toasting to earlier?”

Melanie replied, “We were toasting to an awesome summer and the fact that Stacey is now single!”

“Oh yeah, is that a good thing?” I asked and looked over at Stacey.

“Definitely!” she said seriously. “I was dating this asshole most of the summer. He’s a total dick and I caught him kissing some other girl at a bar last weekend.”

“Bummer. Sounds like he is an asshole. I’m sure you could do much better anyway, especially a beautiful girl like yourself!”

“Ahh, thanks Richie, you are sweet. Isn’t he a sweetie Mel?”

“He is Stacey, and he’s pretty damn good looking to,” Melanie agreed as she gave me a little wink.

I must say I was floating on cloud nine sitting here with these two hot blondes chatting and flirting away. Melanie asked us if we wanted to take a dip in the lake and we agreed to join her. The water still felt great from the warm summer and we all jumped in to cool off. As we swam out a bit deeper, Stacey suddenly grabbed me from behind and dunked me underwater. As she did I could feel her boobs pressing against my back and I must say I felt a little tingling down below. After I came up from underwater and wiped my eyes, I heard Melanie say, “Hey punk, that wasn’t nice”, and grabbed Stacey around the waste and dunked her as well. As Mel slammed her in the water, Stacey’s string bikini top accidently came loose and her big boobs nearly fell out. Unfortunately I only got to see a little of one side, but was still pretty hot nonetheless. What happened next was even hotter.

Mel wrapped her arms around Stacey from the front to cover her and said “Oh baby I’m sorry I nearly made you flash the whole beach,” as she reached around to Stacey’s back and helped her tie her top back on. As this was happening I couldn’t help notice that her tits were rubbing up against Stacey’s and Stacey actually had her hands on Mel’s ass. Stacey saw that I noticed this and gave me a little wink. Wow this really caused me to start getting hard. We swam around a bit more and feeling a little frisky myself, I decided to dunk both of them at the same time. I slowly swam up to the front of them, then quickly put an arm around each of their stomachs, wrapped each of my legs around one of theirs and pulled them under. As I did this, I could feel their boobs laying on both my arms. It felt great, but I suddenly thought they were going to be pissed that I pretty much copped a canlı bahis şirketleri feel on both of them. I decided to just go with the flow and when they came back up I shouted, “Oh yes, double dunk!”

“You are going to get it boy!” Stacy yelled, as they swam towards me. I escaped, eventually out-swimming them and taunting them when they couldn’t catch me. (Looking back, I thought, why didn’t I just let them catch me, I mean come on dumbass.)

Anyway, they soon gave up, and Stacey said breathing heavy, “Ok, you win this time Richie, but you’d better watch your back. I’m ready for a beer, anyone else?”

Relieved that neither of them were mad, I agreed, “I could definitely use one. Come on, I’ll supply the beer this time for dunking both of you at the same time.”

We walked through the water back toward the beach, letting them get out first so I could take a good look at their asses. I watched as they both adjusted their skimpy bathing suites and thought, “Man, I’ve got to do something with this.”

We got back to our towels and dried off. I gave a beer to each of them and we all lit a smoke. I held up my beer and said, “Here’s to another great summer at the beach and many more to come.” Both smiling, they gave a “cheers” and we all took a drink. It was about one-thirty by this time and we still had a good chunk of the afternoon left. We sat there, talked, listened to my iPod stereo, and drank beer. Man these girls had no problems keeping up with me. I was amazed that they had such great bodies for being such big beer drinkers. Wish that were the case for me. Although both girls were very hot, I stilled found myself starting to develop a good size crush on Stacey. Great body and great personality, man she was my dream girl for sure. After a we finished off the six pack I’d brought and whatever beer they had, I could tell they were both starting to get a little giggly and I was feeling pretty good myself. I nervously decided to ask Stacey for her number. She gave it to me with no problem and said, “Hey, I’m having Mel over for dinner tonight, why don’t you join us if you don’t have plans.”

Not wanting to sound desperate, I said, “Well I’m supposed to be meeting the guys at Sully’s tonight, but that place gets old and they never want venture out to anywhere else. Screw them, I’d love to.”

“Great, you can always meet up with them later. Maybe we’ll join you. I hope you like lasagna. Give me a call around seven and I’ll give you directions to my apartment.”

“Very cool!” I said.

We packed up our stuff and threw away the pile of beer cans. Melanie gave me a big hug and said, “Richie, it was so nice to meet you today, I had a blast!”

“I did too Melanie and it was great to meet you as well.”

I turned to Stacey and held out my arms. She gave me a big hug to and a kiss on the cheek then said, “I’ll see you tonight.”

As they walked away, Stacey turned her head back and gave me the cutest smile I’d ever seen. God my heart about melted right out of my chest!

Chapter 2

I got home around six and had about an hour to get ready. I sat out on the deck and smoked a cigarette recalling what a great day I had and that the night could only get better. I put it out, went inside and shaved. I decided I’d also better shave my pubic hair, which I do from time to time. It feels so good being extra smooth everywhere and women seem to like it when they realize this. I showered, got dressed and by this time it was almost seven. I was a little nervous still, but dialed Stacey’s number. She answered and my stomach had butterflies. She gave me directions to her apartment and I found out it was actually only about three blocks from mine. She told me to come over around 7:45.

“Great, see you then,” and I hung up. I finished getting ready, grabbed my keys and headed out. I still had plenty of time so I stopped at a liquor store and grabbed a bottle of wine. Since these girls loved beer so much, I wasn’t sure if I should get wine, but I figured it would be a nice gesture and might be a nice compliment to the lasagna. Maybe this would impress Stacey a bit too. I arrived at her apartment right at 7:45 and rang the door bell. Stacey answered the door and said, “Hey you, come on in. Welcome to my pad. Mel isn’t here yet, but she should be shortly.” I was surprised to see that she only had on a white robe and her hair was still wet. She must have just gotten out of the shower. As a matter of fact, the robe was hardly tide and she had no problem showing me a large amount of cleavage. Most girls I know are far more modest and I was really starting to dig this about her!

“Cool. Here, I brought this for you. Small price to pay for a free dinner,” I said as I handed her the bottle of wine.

“Who said it was going to be free?” Stacey responded in a flirty kind of way. I frowned and she said as she gave me a big hug, “I’m kidding. Thanks Richie, you are too sweet. Most guys I know would never think of anything like bringing canlı kaçak iddaa wine for dinner.” I started getting hard as I felt her huge tits press up against my chest. “I’ll go put this in the fridge,” she said as she headed towards the kitchen.

“Bingo!” I thought to myself.

“Well, the lasagna is baking and I’m going to finish getting ready. Make yourself at home. I’ll be back in a jiff.”

Stacey’s place was nice. It was a small single bedroom apartment on the 8th floor of a high rise and seemed very cozy. It was nicely decorated with a somewhat contemporary touch. The walls were red and she had a black leather couch and matching love seat. A fairly large plasma TV sat on a stand adjacent to the couch. She had a lot of cool artwork hanging around the room. “Man, this girl has good taste,” I thought.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock at the door and heard Stacey yell, “Richie could you get that? It’s probably Mel. Just let her in.”

I checked the peep hole and saw that I was Melanie and opened the door. “Hey Mel, come on in.”

Melanie had on low cut jeans and a thin pink short sleeved shirt. The shirt was one of those that was almost like a sweater, but thinner and was very low cut. She showed off an ample amount of cleavage. Her ass looked perfect in the jeans she was wearing. She smelled like heaven.

“Hey Richie, how are you…. long time no see. Let me guess, Stacey is still getting ready. That girl always takes forever.”

“Yeah, she’s in the back. The lasagna is cooking now. Man, it smells delicious!”

“She does make some damn good lasagna, I must say.”

“Good, I’m starving. Hey, do you want some wine? I’ve got a bottle chilling in the fridge.”

“Sure Richie, that sounds great. It’ll hold us over until slow poke finishes up. Her wine glasses are in the cabinet next to the fridge.”

Apparently these girls must drink plenty of wine to. I grabbed three glasses from the kitchen and poured a glass for Mel and me. I’d offer one to Stacey when she comes out. We sat at the table outside the kitchen and Mel gave a toast to good friends, good food, and good wine. We clanked glass and took drinks. Melanie and I chatted for a bit and had finished most of our glasses, when I heard Stacey’s voice in the kitchen.

“Well we’ve got about ten minutes until dinner is ready.”

I looked over and saw Stacey checking the lasagna in the oven. After a double take and near heart attack, I realized that she was still not ready. Only this time her robe was missing and she was wearing the sexiest black bra and panties I’ve ever laid eyes on. She looked like a supermodel with huge tits. Her bra was mixture of black silk and lace and displayed her tremendous tits in a way that made me want to jump on her and dig my face right in between them. Her matching lacey thong also had the same touch of silk and lace. Seeing the black lingerie contrasted to her gorgeous blonde hair got my cock so hard that I knew it was going to be obvious if I stood up.

“Look at that Richie, still not even dressed,” Melanie said as Stacey looked at her and gave her a smart elect smirk. “You probably don’t mind though, do you Richie? After all, isn’t she just so god damned sexy?”

Blushing tremendously and trying not to stare too hard, I agreed, “Yes, she is Melanie.”

“Stacey, since Richie was so sweet to us today why don’t we give him a little treat. Lets both have dinner in our bra and panties. That is, if you don’t mind Richie,” she asked looking over at me.

“Not at all,” I said while thinking I must be dreaming.

“Sounds like a great idea Mel. The bread will be done in five minutes so you better get dressed……or undressed rather,” Stacey laughed.

Melanie got up and said, “We’ll be back,” as they took each other’s hand and walked back towards the bedroom.

“Holy shit,” I remarked to myself. I could not believe this was happening. I was so nervous. I had to do something to keep from looking so uptight. So I got three plates, napkins, and silverware from the kitchen and set the table.

A few minutes later they both walked out and my boner began to come alive again. Stacey still had on the same ensemble. Melanie was wearing almost the same bra and panties set except that they were white. Mel was quite a bit more tan then Stacey so the white lingerie really looked hot against her smooth tan skin.

“Well, what do you think?” Stacey said as she motioned Mel to give me a little turn around.

“Oh my God, someone wake me up. You both look amazing.”

“I can tell you think so,” Melanie said looking down at my crouch. My cock was really making a huge bulge in my jeans.

“Jeez, I’m so embarrassed,” I said looking up at them both.

Stacy replied, “Richie you don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s really ok, really. After all you are standing here looking at two hot, mostly naked women. I mean, who wouldn’t get a hard on in this situation, unless they just weren’t into women. Let’s eat!” canlı kaçak bahis Her words made me feel at ease.

As we ate I couldn’t stop thinking about what might happen next. Did these girls have this planned all along? Was I going to fuck both of them tonight in a wild threesome? I had no idea what was to come, but one thing was for certain, I surely wanted to find out!

Both girls looked so amazingly hot sitting there sipping wine and eating dinner in their bra and panties. My cock stayed hard through most of dinner as we made small talk about the weather, winter plans, work, etc. I finished my plate and offered the girls a refill of wine and they both accepted. I poured each of them a new glass, filled my glass and we all went over the couch and lit cigarettes. When we sat down Melanie asked, “So Richie, which color do you like better, black or white?”

This was probably the hardest question I’d ever been asked. After pondering this for a second I quickly answered, “I love them both and if I had to pick, I’m not sure that I could choose a favorite. Both colors compliment each of you perfectly. Stacey, the black on you looks so fucking sexy and your tits look perfect in that pretty bra. Melanie, those white lace panties make your ass look irresistible. One thing is for sure, I’m one lucky bastard!”

“He sure knows how to make a woman feel good about herself,” Stacey said to Mel.

“It’s true, both of you are absolutely beautiful, not to mention two of the coolest girls I’ve ever met. You know…..sexy lingerie really turns me on. I’ve always had a little secret lingerie fantasy.”

“Oh yeah, tell us your about your fantasy Richie, maybe we can help,” Mel said as she looked over at Stacey and licked her lips.

“Well, I’ve actually fantasized a few times about wearing it myself. Although I’ve never actually had the guts to do it, I do wonder what it would feel like on my skin. Every time I walk past a lingerie store or see a catalogue my cock starts throbbing. Maybe it’s something I should try. Do you all think I’m a complete freak? I’d understand if you do.”

“Richie don’t be crazy, believe it or not I’ve actually fantasized about dressing a man up in some of my sexy lingerie. Mel I think I told you about that one didn’t I?”

“Yes you did, and we talked about maybe trying it with your old asshole of a boyfriend, but we decided he would never try anything like that. He’s way too involved with his “manhood”. Richie, I think it’s great that you are willing to explore your feminine side. Stacey, let’s help this poor boy out, I know you’ve got plenty of lingerie. This girl spends more money at Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s than anyone else I know.”

“Ok, so I’m addicted to sexy clothes and lingerie, sue me.”

Mel turned to me and said, “Richie, are up to playing dress up with us? We can all try on some different outfits together. I’m sure there is plenty to go around.”

“I would love nothing more,” I said, looking at each of them and smiling. We put out our cigarettes; they each took one of my hands and led me back towards Stacey’s room.

Chapter 3

“Here you go Richie, sit right down here between us,” Stacey said, patting the space on the bed between her and Mel. I bashfully walked over and sat down.

Stacey put her hand on my thigh and said “Richie, you don’t have to be nervous. This is going to be fun. Just relax and let us take care of our pretty little lingerie boy.”

“We are going to make you feel so sexy and beautiful,” Mel said as she gently rubbed my cock through my pants. “My my Stacey, he is still rock hard, feel.” Stacey took a turn caressing my aching cock as she licked her lips.

“We’re going to have to take care of that soon before you explode in your pants. Let’s get you undressed,” Stacey said as she started unbuttoning my shirt. “After all, it’s only fair since we’ve been in nothing but our bra and panties practically since you got here.”

Mel started unbuckling my belt as Stacey finished taking of my button-up dress shirt. Stacey rubbed my chest and said, “Gosh Richie, you have such a smooth body. I love a man with smooth skin. My ex was as hairy as a fucking gorilla.” Mel laughed out loud at that one.

Mel pulled off my pants, shoes, and socks which left me sitting there only in my boxers. They stood me up and each of them pressed up against one side of me as they gently started rubbing their hands all over my body. They put both of my arms around each of their bodies and placed my hand on each of their tight round asses. I slowly began to rub the “v” part of their thongs and the feel of their perfect asses mixed with their big tits rubbing up against me was almost enough to make me cum right in my underwear. Luckily I was able to hold off for a little while longer. Stacey looked at me and then began to take down my boxers. Once they were off Mel looked down and noticed I was complete shaved.

“Oh wow Stacey, feel how smooth he is,” Mel remarked as they both began rubbing my balls and gently stroking my rock hard cock.

“His package is going to look perfect in a pair of my sexy panties. Let’s find our little lingerie boy something to wear,” Stacey said as they walked over to one of her dressers.

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