A Little Bit of Pixie Magic

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I’m sat at my desk, as ever wrestling with some stupid computer or other. You can hear me growl at it occasionally, or grunt and mutter unintelligibly. I’m obviously not having much luck. Eventually I just stop, leaning back in the soft brown leather of the enormous ‘executive’ chair I insisted on ‘wasting’ €1000 on. I rub my face and sigh.

You take this break in my work to come into the study. The place has always seemed totally alien to you, with half put-together computers with their guts hanging out everywhere, surrounded by the remnants of computers that weren’t so lucky. The light is not too harsh, I try to keep it warm and subdued, and the whirr of the computer fans and air-conditioning harmonising rather than striking a discord.

I hear you come in and swivel the chair to face you. Your eyes, they always make me smile, as I do now. You smile too and walk right up to me and get on the chair, straddling me. The short skirt you’re wearing hardly reaches to my thighs. Your white T-shirt showing the fact you are not wearing a bra. I can see the full shape of your boobs, topped with the most wonderful nipples ever. The bar through the left one only adding to the eroticism illegal bahis of the sight.

You lean forward and kiss me. A kiss filled with longing and desire. A kiss that starts warm and soft and slow and which ends up a wet meddle of tongues and of teeth nipping at lips. You’re gently moaning.

You break the kiss and pull slightly back. Your right arm that was around my neck falls down and my eyes follow it. I realise that your skirt is so short that I can see your knickers. You’re wearing a blue G-string. Part of a set I gave you ‘just because’. Supporting yourself with your left hand on my shoulder, your right brushes up the inside of your leg, a finger gently tracing a path to your knickers, following the contours of your pussy and then up to the elastic.

Your eyes are slightly closed and you’re softly chewing on your lower lip, dragging it through your teeth. Your hand strokes down over the outside of the smooth blue material. When you reach your pussy you press a bit harder and the material darkens where the silk suddenly soaks up your wetness. I can see the contours of your labia as you move your fingers over them, teasing yourself, pleasing yourself.

You’re illegal bahis siteleri totally engrossed in what you’re doing now. The pleasure you’re giving yourself making you moan and make little noises in your throat. Your eyes are closed; you’re lost in your own little world.

The hand at your pussy pushes material of your knickers aside. It’s darkened considerably with your wetness. Your pussy glistens as you run your fingers over your now exposed sex. I can see how smooth you are, you obviously shaved in the shower this morning and as ever I get the benefits!

I love how your pussy looks. The smooth lips, the inviting V. I watch as you start to finger yourself, slowly slipping a finger, then 2 inside you. Slowly slipping in and out, your hand brushing over your clit. You’re so wet that your juices are running down the inside of your thigh.

I hear your breathing get more ragged, shallower. I put a hand out and touch your face, running it over your neck. You open your eyes a little, look at me and smile in the most beautiful way.

You move your fingers faster now, fucking yourself, filling yourself and making you feel so good. Your hips are rocking canlı bahis siteleri in rhythm with your fingers. The situation is so erotic for me. You seem to sense this and slow down. You open your eyes fully and raise your fingers to my lips.

I can smell you, your arousal. I open my mouth and my tongue tenderly runs over your fingers. The taste is heaven. You put your fingers in my mouth and I suck. Suck all your wetness off them. I smile too as you pull them back and run your forefinger down my nose over my lips and to my chin. Then they drop back down and you start to play with yourself again.

I can sense how close to cumming you are, your breathing ragged, your hand moving with such purpose. And then you do cum, you gasp and lean forward, we’re shoulder to shoulder and you’re still touching yourself, fingering yourself and cumming. My arms go around you and I hold you. Savouring how special you are to me.

We stay like that for a while, just cuddling. Eventually you lean back, kiss me tenderly and get off the chair.

“Do you think you’ll have any more luck with the computers now?” you ask.

I think I probably will…

This story © 2002 by Woodie2. All rights reserved.

The author has posted this story to the LitErotica web site on the understanding that people will hopefully enjoy it and maybe be inspired by it. NOT so that people will copy it and pass it off as their own.

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