A Long Weekend with Mom Ch. 03

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It’s dark by the time we arrive at the restaurant. It was about a 45 minute drive to the nearest city from our cabin; which is one of the many reasons we loved it so much. I park a few blocks away and exit the car, hurrying around to open Mom’s door for her. Smiling down at her as I offer her my hand; Mom beams up at me as she takes it, stepping gracefully from the car. We make our way to the restaurant with my arm around her waist.

When we get there, I hold the door as Mom passes through. We step up to the hostess; a petite red head, who’s kind of cute. Her mouth is open slightly as she stares at Mom.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” she jumps, smiling now. “Good evening; do you have reservations?”

“Good evening.” I smile back. “As a matter of fact, we do. It’s under “Harper” for two please.”

“Of course Mr. Harper, right this way. I’ll show you to your table.” As the host turns, she looks at Mom. “I’m so sorry for staring. I hope you’ll forgive me, but you look absolutely stunning tonight Miss.”

“Oh! Why thank you, that’s very kind of you.” Mom says, looking both flattered and surprised.

I place my hand on the small of her back as we follow the host and whisper “See?” Which only makes Holly blush.

The restaurant’s very nice I notice, as we follow the hostess through. It’s quiet and subdued atmosphere make it feel very romantic; which, given the circumstances couldn’t have been more perfect. We order our food and I have a glass of merlot, while Mom orders a vodka martini. While we’re enjoying our drinks and waiting for the food, my arm is draped across the table, stroking Holly’s gently with my fingertips. We laugh and chit chat through our meal. We’re sitting close to each other and the whole time I feel Holly’s foot rubbing up and down my leg and I love the feeling. By the end of dinner, Holly has worked her way through three martinis and is staring at me with a wild, passionate look in her eyes. I feel my cock stirring in my pants just looking into her eyes.

“You know, there’s a club not too far from here. I was thinking that for the next part of our evening, we could go dancing? What would you say to that?”

Mom leans forward and runs her hand down my thigh, digging her nails gently into my knee. “Actually… I’ve got something a little different in mind. If that’s ok with you? I think I need you to get me home Ben.” She flashes me the most seductive smile and winks at me.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom, Hon. Get the check while I’m gone?” She walks away slowly, knowing that I can’t help watching her go. I hurriedly flag the waiter and quickly handle the check. As I stand up to wait for Holly, a wicked thought enters my mind. I grab my coat and suddenly, I’m feeling terribly reckless. I follow Holly’s path back to the restrooms. I find the door to the Women’s bathroom and just as I reach out to open it, a woman in her late 40’s comes walking out. I smile at her, what I hope at least resembles an innocent smile, as she passes me. I slip in the door as it swings shut and thankfully, it’s empty. I walk over to the only closed stall and casually lean against the frame as I knock.

“Just a minute. This one’s occupied.” Holly’s voice calls out.

“Well that’s kind of what I was hoping for.”

“Oh! Ben!!! What are you doing here?!” Holly whispers fiercely. “What if you’re caught?!”

“I guess you’ll just have to hide me and try to be REALLY quiet.” I reply unconcernedly; not even bothering to whisper.

“You can’t be serious! We’re in a restaurant for godsake!!” In spite of her protests, I can hear the tinge of excitement in her hushed voice now and I can’t help but smile.

I hear the latch release and the door cracks open. “Hurry up, get in here!” She orders.

As soon as I’m in, I pull her into my arms and grin at her.

“Well, what are you going to do to me now?” She challenges playfully.

“Turn around.”

“Ooh, god! I can’t believe we’re doing this.” she sighs, though she doesn’t quite manage to sound like she means it.

She complies, putting her hands against the wall. I press into her and gently cup her breasts, running my hands down her body until I reach the hem of her skirt. I pull it up over her ass and slide her tiny black thong to her ankles.

I run my hand over her pubic hair and down to her pussy, as I breathe into her ear. “I just couldn’t resist making you cum here in the restaurant. Getting you off when we could be caught at ANY moment. I knew you’d love this too.”

I start to rub her, teasing her clit and running my middle finger up and down her moist slit.

“Oooh, fuck. We so shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Then tell me to stop.” I quietly tease.

“Nnn… ohhh, that feels so good. Keep going!”

I move my hand behind her and slip two of my fingers inside her; causing her to gasp in surprise. I start working my fingers in and out of her, gradually building up speed.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Yessss, don’t stop……” She’s moaning and furiously güvenilir bahis rubbing her clit with her left hand; while trying to keep herself from getting too loud at the same time.

“I knew you’d love this.” I growl into her ear, knowing what that does for her. “You love getting fingered in a bathroom stall don’t you?” I fuck her even faster as I talk dirty to Mom. “Tell me how much you love it!”

“Yes! Yes! Oh God I love it!! Aahhhhhh!!!!!! ohhh….. ohhh…” Mom gasps loudly as her climax peaks, before it gives way to her her quiet moans as it passes over her.

I lean forward and kiss her cheek as I reach for some toilet paper to clean her up. I return her thong to it’s place and pull her dress back down, making sure it’s not askew.

“Wow, that was hot.” Holly sighs as she gently kisses me; “Thank you, Ben.”

After cleaning up at the sinks, we make our way to the front of the restaurant; only attracting the stares of those tables closest to the back. I casually take my coat and drape it around Mom’s shoulders and she pulls it tighter around her as we exit.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” she whispers, still riding that special adrenaline high that only comes from the thrill of possibly being caught. “I’ve never had sex in a public place before… I can’t believe the rush I felt, Ben! I… I feel so dirty!!” She’s giggling now, making me unable to help grinning with her.

“I don’t know… I was kind of hoping to be caught.” I sigh, feigning disappointment and causing her to giggle with embarrassment.

Before we know it, we’re back in the car and on our way to the cabin.

“You were in a big hurry to get out of there, what’s the rush Mom?” I smile as I glance over to her. “I thought you were all excited about our big night out together?”

“Oh, Baby. I was… I mean I AM!” she says quickly. “I’m sorry, it means the world that you wanted to whisk me off for a night out! It’s just that… Well, in the restaurant; you just looked so handsome.” She runs her hand lightly across my unshaven face. “I HAD to have you.” She whispers to me as she leans across and begins to teasingly stroke my dick through my jeans. Looking over at her, I watch her slide her other hand up her dress. I smile at her as I accelerate the car.


Not long after, we pull back into our driveway. Shutting off the car, I get out and once again move to assist Mom. This time however, as she gets out of the car she presses her firm, warm body up against me and runs her hands over my chest. I kiss her forehead and walk her into the cabin.

Following Holly through the front door, my eyes never leave her ass. I’m hypnotized by that irresistible slink in her walk and the way that her hips sway. It just makes me want to bury my face in those sweet ass cheeks. I tear my gaze away for a moment as I shut the door and lock it behind me; pausing to hit the lights. When I turn around again, she’s standing right there. Mom slides closer, pressing up against me and pinning me to the door. I’m already hard from her rubbing me and watching her touch herself back in the car. My arms move to embrace her as I caress her ass with my hands.

Mom moves to her tip-toes; sliding up my body and pulling me into a tender kiss. Breaking the kiss, I feel her warm lips move to my ear. “I’ve got my own surprise for you tonight Ben.” Her voice is breathy and full of desire as she whispers to me. “I need you so badly… I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get you back here…” She pauses to nibble my earlobe. “I’ve got a night planned that you’re NEVER going to forget Baby.”

Just listening to her whisper to me has my cock aching, as it strains against my jeans. It takes ever last ounce of my will to keep from taking her here and now. Instead, I give her a wicked smile. “You’re a verrry naughty girl, Holly. But….” I pause just to draw it out. “How badly do you really want me? Show me how much Mommy needs it.”

Holding my gaze the entire time, my Mom takes my hand from her ass cheek and slowly slides it up the inside of her thigh.

A quiet “Oh my god” escapes my lips. Her pussy was on FIRE! Dripping with desire, it’s soaking her thong and my hand as she holds it there. I gently caress her crotch as I withdraw my hand. Bringing it up to my face and licking her sweet nectar off my fingers.

“You see Ben? I’m soaked Baby. I…. I need you inside me. Mommy needs you to give it to me hard. Show Mommy that you really can take care of me. Show me what my man can do!”

That’s all I needed to hear. I step away from the door as though to embrace her again. Instead, catching her off guard by sweeping her up into my arms.

“Whoooo!!” she squeals in surprise. “God, you’re so strong Ben. When did that happen?” she wraps her arms around my neck as I lean down and slip my tongue into her mouth. After a few moments like that, we break türkçe bahis the kiss and I carry her back to our bedroom.

I place her back on her feet at the foot of the enormous bed. Holly takes a step back, staring up at me with an innocent smile now.

“So what’s this big surprise Mom? What do you want to do tonight?”

“Ah ah, Sweetie. There’s plenty of time for that. Don’t you worry, Mommy isn’t going to forget about that. I don’t want you to be distracted all night. Besides, you’ll have your hands full until then.” She winks and giggles. “Now then……” And reaching up behind her, she unzips her dress. Holding her arms out to the side, it flutters to the floor; leaving Holly standing there in only her push-up bra and her tiny black thong. She steps out of it and moves closer. Placing her hand on my chest, she pushes me down onto the bed.

“Now, just lie back honey and Mommy will take care of you. I know how to take care of my Man.” As I scoot up the bed and lie down she climbs on top of me, straddling my hips. I can feel my fully erect cock just begging to be unleashed and having her sitting on it with her soaked thong is torture. I can feel her damp crotch beginning to soak through my boxers as well. “Go ahead Baby, tell Mommy what you need.” She’s already unbuttoned my shirt and I adjust myself to allow her to remove it.

“I’m just so fucking hard Mom! I need you to stroke my dick. I want to feel your teeth on my balls again. Make me cum! Please!!”

She slides my jeans and boxers together, down to my ankles. My massive boner springs to attention, as she whispers. “Ooh, that’s a good boy. Doing just what his Mommy tells him too. I think we can do something about this big, hard cock Baby.”

Moving down the bed, I feel her hand encircle my manhood. She begins to work up and down the length of it slowly and I feel her teeth tugging at my sensitive ballsack. “Oh god! That feels so good!” I groan and I start to hump upwards into her hand. She’s working her tongue all over my balls, alternating with tugging at my sack with her teeth. I’m in ecstasy and the more I moan, the more Holly speeds up. Just as I start to feel my balls tighten, she releases me. Climbing back up my body, she pauses at my chest to gently bite my nipples before making her way up to my lips. Her kiss is passionate but delicate and soft at the same time. I’m already breathing hard after the way she got me going back in the living room and from what she just did to me.

“Wha…. Why’d you stop?”

Holly only giggles and chews on my lip. “Hh, it’s going to be a LONG night sweetie. We can’t risk you going and ending it too soon, can we? Especially before you get to know what my surprise is!”

“Oh, fuck! You are such a tease!” I can’t help but laugh with her.

“I am a tease and I’ve been a verrrry bad girl, Ben. What are you going to do with me?”

I grin back at her and in one quick movement I’ve rolled her over, pinning her beneath me, as I hold her arms up by her head. “You know what I’m going to do to you? I’m gonna make you fucking scream, Holly.” I growl into her ear. “I’m gonna make you scream and beg me to make you cum, Baby!”

“OOOH! YES! I’ve been SUCH a bad girl Ben! Make me pay for it!” she squeals delightedly.

With that, I kiss her hard on the mouth, much harder than I ever have before. I know my Mom now and know that she trusts me. I know what she likes and what she wants. She doesn’t want me to be gentle this time. I force my tongue into her mouth, frantically exploring her and winding around hers’. I shift my weight and work my right hand under her back we kiss. I unhook the clasp to her bra and I pull it off. I tear my lips away and slide down to the gorgeous pair of waiting breasts.

Massaging them gently with my hands, I start by kissing them. Eventually lightly teasing each of her large and puffy, pale pink areolas with the tip of my tongue alternately. I roll the other’s nipple between my thumb and forefinger, making them hard and stand up like large diamonds.

“Oh, YESSS! Suck on my titties Ben! Ooh, I love the way your tongue feels on me!!!” Mom’s already squirming around beneath me, completely enjoying this; which makes me smile because I’m just getting started on her.

I take my time, continuing to alternate between her each of her soft breasts. I bury my face in between them, running my tongue up the center of her cleavage as I squeeze them together. I absolutely love the way that her breasts always seem to be the perfect size, regardless of what I’m doing to them. I’ve never understood men who criticize small boobs; as I personally can’t get enough of them.

After a while of listening to Holly moan and squirm as I play with her tits; I run my tongue down the sensual curve of her tummy, again stopping to swirl my tongue in her belly button. As usual, this elicits a gentle groan from my girl and I flick her belly button ring back and forth with my tongue for a few seconds before tugging it with my teeth.

“Uhhn, güvenilir bahis siteleri Uhhn, Oh god…. yeahhh…!” she mutters as I tug.

I continue to run my tongue down her body until I run into the waist band of her thong. I hook my thumbs into it and drag it… agonizingly slow… down. Feeling the way that it peels out of the cleft of her supple ass cheeks. It’s completely soaked and the smell is utterly intoxicating.

“Holy Shit. You’re so fucking wet down here Mom!” So wet in fact, that it’s actually gone through the delicate fabric of her thong and begun to pool around her burning crotch. I inhale deeply, drinking in her aroma before I dive in.

I run my tongue up and down the length of her sopping crease, before returning to the top to swirl my tongue around the protective hood that hides her magic nub. After a moment or to of convincing, it reveals itself and I begin strumming it with the very tip of my velvety muscle.

“Ohhhh…. Shit. Right there, Ben! That’s the spot. lick your Mommy. Uhhhnnn….” Holly moans continuously from higher up on the bed. By this point, my penis is beyond hard. It’s straining so hard that it almost hurts. After giving her clit some attention, I decide to lick all around her mound. Running my tongue along it’s very edges, then down the inside of her thighs and back up again; making her moan even louder.

After working my way back to her pussy, I reposition my body more comfortably between her legs. Pulling her hips up in my hands, I slide as much of my tongue as I can inside her hole.

“AAHHH!!!!” Holly’s hips buck into my face, smearing me some of her wetness across it. I continue to brace her hips as I slide my tongue in and out of her; occasionally curling it back on itself every third or fourth thrust. As I tongue-fuck my Mom, I begin to strum her engorged clit with my thumb; causing her to buck and grind herself even more violently against my face. Setting her hips down again, I replace my tongue with a finger and take the opportunity to move back up to kiss her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, yes!” She moans as I start to kiss her slowly, before slipping my tongue inside. After a few moments I slip a second finger inside her still soaking hole and start fucking her even faster with my fingers, still toying her clit with my thumb.

“OH, FUUUUCK! Jesus Ben, that feels so fucking good!!!!” She’s getting louder, closer to cumming. I can tell by the gradually increasing grip of her pussy on my fingers. She’s so horny that her juices are now flowing steadily out of her slit. I slip a third finger inside her and wait for it….

“YESSS!!!! Fuck! Oh GOD! I’m almossssst……” And I quickly pull out of her burning pussy.

“What the FUCK?! NO!!! Baby, please! I was so closssse, oh GOD, i…. I can’t take it! I need to cum. You HAVE to make cum!”

Still on top of her, I give her a wicked grin as I growl. “I told you I was going to make you beg for it. That’s what happens to bad girls. Now tell me, what does Mommy want her Son to do to her?!”

“Oh, fuuuuuck, Ben! Oh, god…. I…. I… I want you to take my asshole! Mommy wants to feel your big cock in my tight little virgin ass!” Holly’s moaning and desperately pleading now; dragging her nails down my back so hard that I’m sure she’s drawing blood.

“But please; oh, Baby please be gentle! I… I’ve never had anyone in my ass before.” she’s nervous, but at the same time desperate for release. “In the nightstand, there’s some lube! Hurry Ben!”

Leaning over her, I reach out and open a drawer; finding a KY bottle exactly where she said. I set it on the bed and move to her side. I grab Holly’s hips and I flip her over, positioning her slightly on her knees, so that her ass is in the air. I slip a pillow under her pelvis and move behind her. Without any warning, I run my tongue down the crack of her ass from the top to her tiny puckered hole. I circle my tongue around her muscle, and she’s crying out again.

“OOOOH! Please, don’t tease me anymore baby! I need you so fucking baaaaad!!!”

“Sorry, just trying to loosen you up.” I whisper back.

I spread her ass cheeks with my hands as I push the tip of my tongue against her asshole. Straining to push it past her reluctant muscle, while she moans at these new sensations. After several attempts I work the tip inside her, causing her to grunt loudly and push back on me.

I keep pushing it further inside, making slow progress against her unbelievably tight asshole. “I thought her throat was tight. Shit, that was NOTHING compared to this.” I’m thinking to myself. I feel her shuddering in my hands as finally, I feel my teeth meet her flesh and I begin to curl my tongue back on itself and slide it in and out. And that’s all it takes…….

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! SHIT! SHIT! SHIIIIIIiT!!!!!” Mom’s screaming at the top of her lungs as her pussy erupts like a fucking geyser! Gushing even more than this morning, it just keeps coming. She drenches my face and chest and the bed. Her already extra-tight asshole has clamped down on my tongue and I stay there, letting her continue to drown me in her cum.

After a few seconds, the gush stops and she collapses forward on the bed; sliding me out of her as she relaxes and goes limp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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