A Lucky Guy

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I’m 26, with a better job than I thought I would have by now. When I finished college I had no idea what to do so I got a job with a small manufacturer’s rep firm, selling industrial products. After a couple years of doing fairly well, I decided I wanted to get into sales support and got a job with a small advertising agency that specialized in industrial accounts. I liked it, actually enjoyed it. But as I got a handle on everything, I decided I really wanted to work on the client side. Surprisingly, I was hired as Advertising and Sales Promotion Manager by a pretty good company. It’s not huge, does about $120 million in sales but was one of the first in its field and has an excellent reputation.

Then came reality. I quickly learned that the budget was way too small to accomplish everything that could be done and needed to be done. The President of the company just didn’t believe in advertising. He was told he had to have someone doing my job but it would be o.k. with him if he didn’t. Apparently the guy who had my job earlier did nothing. He had been a stand-up comedian and had no idea of what to do in this job. So he didn’t do much. He finally quit because he never got a raise. Oh well, it’s all a challenge. I’ll just have to start accomplishing things and prove to the president that my efforts are worthwhile and help the company.

My secretary, unfortunately, is part of the problem and seems unable to become part of the solution. I inherited her from the previous guy (who I’ve never met). Apparently what little got done, got done by her. Mostly just responding to requests (or demands). As an hourly worker, she seems to want to do as little as she can get away with. Everything I want to try is going to give her more to do and she doesn’t like that. She’s used to doing as little as she wants and doesn’t like my making changes. She has another problem. She keeps making fairly crude passes at me. Wanting to go on a trip with me. She’d “make it well worth my while”. Suggesting having a drink after work in a local hotel and renting a room. I don’t know but maybe she was having a fling with my predecessor.

She’s no great brain. But she seems capable of doing the job if I could somehow get her under control. Firing her, getting rid of her, would be really tough since she’s been here for several years. I should add that she isn’t bad looking. She’s married, has two children, is probably close to 10 years older than me. Around 35. She was probably very cute in high school but over the years she’s softened slightly and spread slightly. Still a decent body but no fashion model.

Finally, I decided to do something about it. I had no idea whether I was right or not but I had to try something. She’s standing in my office, across the desk from me. I’m sitting at my desk. She starts telling me what a good time we could have.

“Roxanne,” I say to her, “I’ve been trying to figure you out. Are you just a tease? You say these things to get my attention but want no follow through? I don’t think so. I think you mean it. So what is it you want? Romance? Hey, you’re older than me. You don’t have the body you had a few years ago. You’re married. I can’t believe you really think we could have some romantic future. So I’ve decided that what you really want is just some stray fucking.”

With that, I stand up and walk around the desk to the door and turn the little knob to lock it. My office isn’t much but it’s private. No one is ever going to see in the windows but the window washers. She turns some and watches me. I walk over to face her. “So we might as well just go ahead and do it.,” I say. I kneel down on one knee in front of her and put my hands on the outside of each leg and start sliding them up under her skirt. “We should first get your panties off.”

I think I scared her a little. Or maybe just surprised her. She didn’t move. I moved my hands up to her waist, lifting her skirt as I went. I’m looking right at her panty-clad crotch. I take hold of the waist of her panties. “Hold your skirt up so I can see what I’m getting at,” I said as I start pulling her panties down. I get them all the way down. “Step out of them,” I say. She does. I put them to the side. We’re right in front of my desk. “Sit on the desk,” I tell her. She backs up a step and gets her butt on the desk. “Spread your legs.” She does. I slide forward just a little. I’m looking right at her pussy. Dark hair above and to each side. A little pink showing in the middle of some wrinkled lips. I lean forward slightly and get my hands to her and spread her open a little. “I ought to get you warmed up a little before I fuck you,” I say and get my tongue into the pink, damp, mucous-like vagina and start licking.

I don’t think I’ve had the same sexual experiences as some guys. An awful lot of guys make a face about the whole idea of eating pussy. Not me. I love eating pussy. It’s always been central to every sexual experience I’ve had. Back in high school I dated canlı bahis şirketleri a girl named Diane for years. We took each other’s virginity. I think I’ll always have a soft spot for girls named Diane. She was the kind of girl you might not notice. Brown hair, pretty face but not unusually beautiful, a nice body that you wouldn’t notice until you’re naked with each other and then it’s fantastic. Breasts that are a little more than a handful, small waist, lovely butt and legs. Easy to be with, good sense of humor, and once we got to it, even hornier than I was. We dated for months, getting hotter and hotter, doing a little more feeling around and then a little more still. She said she was afraid to have intercourse, didn’t want to get pregnant. Finally, she decided we were legal, I guess, old enough now after her eighteenth birthday, and she sucked me off. I told her how much I liked it and wanted to do the same for her. So she let me. And I loved it. Loved doing it, the whole feel of her body. Loved her reactions. Loved the taste of her cum.

You know, a girl can almost casually suck a cock. A guy can’t eat pussy unless the girl cooperates. I mean, a girl can actually suck off a guy while he’s driving a car. Or while you’re watching a movie in a theater. Getting your face down between a girls thighs isn’t that easy. It is possible, for instance, to eat pussy in a movie theater. I’ve done it. But, boy, she better want it and cooperate like mad.

Anyway, Diane and I ate each other all the time. Almost literally. Several times a day at least. For a couple months I think pussy was my main entree. She learned how to do me and I learned how to do her. She’d do me and then I’d do her and by then I was hard again so she’d do me again and then I’d do her again and then I’d be hard again, etc. She finally went on the pill and after almost six months of steady oral sex, we moved on to the real thing. But oral always remained part of the routine.

We graduated from high school and both went off to college. Different colleges. We saw each other on long weekends and holidays and then the following summer. But as we were going back to college, she suggested that she needed more and we should find others to have sex with while we were apart. It took a little while but I found another girl at my school, Nancy. It was almost like starting with Diane. Nancy was another than you might not notice but had both a great personality and a great body. She was afraid of pregnancy and fucking so we did each other orally. A lot. Then, through Student Health, she went on the pill and we added fucking to our repertoire. But oral always stayed there. We lasted for over two years until graduation. We both knew it was only sex and wasn’t serious so we parted at graduation. If I ever run into Diane again, we’ll likely have sex. If I ever run into Nancy, I’m sure we’ll have sex. Almost no matter what’s happened in between.

So oral has always been a prime part of my sex life. Since college, I’ve had sex with four girls. Or four women is perhaps the proper term now. In each case, it started as a one night stand. We’d meet at a party and she’d come home with me and we’d have sex. She’d suck me, I’d eat her and we’d fuck. Two of them swallowed after sucking me, two didn’t. In fact, the two that didn’t really weren’t that good at anything. The two that did led to several more dates. But in each case, we both knew that this wasn’t serious, it was just sex. And since women at this age are starting to look for Mr. Right and getting serious, none of these continued on.

So, anyway, here I am eating my secretary, Roxanne. I know what I’m doing so she has an orgasm, sitting on my desk. I then drop my pants and boxers and shove my cock into her and fuck her. She wraps her legs around me and it’s actually a very good fuck. She’s really involved. I have to put my hand over her mouth and “Ssh” her, she starts getting a little loud.

Now comes the moment of truth. I’m doing this to get control over her, not her over me. I put my cock back in my pants, hand her her panties and say, “Start cooperating with me and let us together start doing things that will benefit this company and you can have more of that.” I walk over, unlock the door and get back behind my desk. She steps back into her panties and pulls them up, looking at me the whole time. Her face is flushed. “My God, Frank,” she says, “that was terrific. I’ll take more of that anytime.”

Well, from then on, that part of my job was under control. She was a whiz as a secretary when she wanted to be. We slowly started accomplishing things and I made sure the President was aware of them.

Then things happened that I hadn’t counted on. It never entered my mind that the place was full of frustrated women and they all talked to one another. Apparently, to at least a few of her better friends in the company, Roxanne told what was going on between us. My eating her was a big deal, I guess. Maybe canlı kaçak iddaa she didn’t brag about her sucking me off, I don’t know. But she sure did and seemed to love doing it.

Anyway, there’s this woman, Angie, who works in the engineering department. About the same age as Roxanne, divorced. A thin woman. Dark hair, nice face. Actually a good body, sort of athletic and lithe. I’d noticed her before. She’s a little bow-legged. I’d watched her and another attractive woman, Lisa, going out to lunch together. Lisa is slightly pudgy and a little knock-kneed. Watching them from the back as slim Angie, bow legged, moving next to Lisa, both asses moving with each step, one set of legs like parenthesis and the other like an X, made me think they might fit well as lesbians. The X’s and O’s could be used to play tic-tac-toe. Well, Angie’s no lesbian because soon she’s after me in even more crude ways than Roxanne had been. She wants me to eat her. She’ll suck me, fuck me, whatever, if I’ll just eat her. So I do and Angie is terrific. She really loves sex, gets involved. Roxanne is happy to grab something quick occasionally but generally just accepts it. I think she likes the intrigue as much as the sex. Angie wants it all. Both of us naked. At her place in the evening. Climbing all over me. Pushing back like mad when we fuck, taking charge and riding me, sitting on my face, sixty-nining. All at once if possible, one thing after the other, trying to experience it all. And smiling all the time, happy as heck with a nice erect cock at her disposal. She looks athletic and is. She looks skinny and isn’t, has more meat on her than appearances would indicate. A really lovely ass. Her legs aren’t all that shapely and her breasts are not huge but she sure loves sex.

So, I have a good job that I’m turning into something bigger and more important than my employer had ever seen before. I’m getting casual sex at work about once a week and truly hot sex at Angie’s a couple times a week. This keeps up for months.

Then one day after work I’m going to my car in the parking lot and a very luscious looking woman interrupts me and asks if I’m Roxanne’s boss. This woman, or girl, is in college, twenty years old. Very attractive. A little tall, perhaps 5’9″, with what looks like a great figure. Blond hair that’s probably a little blonder than it truly is but looks good and a very cute face. Veronica is her name. She lives with her mother and father next door to Roxanne. She apparently overheard Roxanne telling her mother about the wild sex she was having with me. That stupid Roxanne. How can she go around bragging about cheating on her husband? To her neighbor!

Anyway, Veronica stammers around a little but it turns out she’s had intercourse with two guys so far and it hasn’t been that good with either of them. She ends up going home and giving herself an orgasm by masturbating because they’re always done just as she starts to get interested. So she’d like to experience what Roxanne claims to have experienced and that’s why she’s stalking me in the parking lot.

I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I mean, she’s really good looking, terrific body. “Do I understand this right? You want me to fuck you.”

She looked slightly surprised. Maybe it’s my saying ‘fuck’ so soon. “Well, uh, yeah I guess that would be part of it,” she managed to sort of stumble out verbally.

“Part of it?” What did she mean?

“Oh, well, Roxanne told how you did her, sort of different than just fucking.”

I had to grin. Now I know why she’s here. “Yes, Roxanne and I ate each other, is that what you meant?”

“Oh, she did you, too.” as if she was surprised to hear that.

I grinned. This girl doesn’t know shit about sex. “Yes, we fucked and yes we had oral sex with each other. I did her first and she loved it. You’ll love it. But eventually, every female I’ve ever been with has sucked me and every one wanted to, did it because they wanted to and not because they had to. If I give you a couple orgasms I bet you’ll be so turned on you’ll want to try anything you can think of.”

She got a big grin. “Maybe so. I’d sure like to experience those orgasms, though.”

“How did you get here? I mean, do I drive you or do you follow me in your car? And, are you on the pill or do I need to get some condoms, because right now I don’t have any.”

“I’m not on the pill although I know I need to get on it but I have a package of condoms with me. I drove, so I should follow you. Where are we going?”

“My place. This is my car, I’ll wait until you get yours and pull up here.”

She followed me to my apartment. Inside, I asked her if she wanted to use the bathroom or do anything first and she told me she was all excited and just wanted to get on with things. I made sure she brought the condoms with her as we went into the bedroom and both got undressed.

“Veronica you have a fantastic body,” I told her. It was true. She’s like canlı kaçak bahis a guy’s wet dream. Long shapely legs, great butt sitting up high and firm. Almost no waist when she’s sideways to me but then her tits, wow, they must be D cups. From her bush, it’s obvious she’s really a blond, although she must touch up the hair that frames her very cute face. “As a high class Call Girl, guys would probably pay a couple thousand dollars to fuck a body like yours.”

She wasn’t shy at all about being naked in front of me and didn’t seem bothered by my being naked or having my very erect cock bouncing around in front of her. We got on the bed and I started feeling and kissing her. I took my time but actually was anxious to get at her pussy and see what it was like. I slowly worked my way around her body, feeling and sucking on those big, lovely breasts, then down over her stomach and kissing her thighs. She spread wide without any urging from me and there it was, ready for me. She was already plenty juicy. She tasted great and I licked and sucked awhile before moving to her clit. She’s not as wildly active as Angie but clearly loved all of this. Her body jerked and moved around, she was moaning and almost yelling, her hands finally were on my head holding me to her. I slid a couple fingers up into her as I sucked on her clit until she really put out a lot of fluid, more than I was used to. I sucked up some and was glad I had the covers back so only a single sheet was getting drenched.

When she let go of my hair, I moved over and grabbed a condom and rolled it on and slid up over her and aimed it into her. As I entered her she almost screamed and her legs came up around me. She’s a very good fuck, with plenty of action and reaction to all my moves. I don’t know for sure whether she came again or just kept cumming all through it. She sure kept making plenty of noise all through it so she was definitely experiencing everything she apparently missed with her previous guys.

Afterwards, she rolls onto me and kisses me and tells me over and over how great it all was and kisses my shoulders and neck and then lips again. I suggest we take a shower and clean up for another go at things and she practically jumps off me with a huge smile. The idea of more appeals to her, obviously. I ditch the full condom and we both get in the shower. Every time I’ve showered with a girl, soaping her body and feeling her all over while she does the same to me, it has got us both aroused and ready to go again. She even licks my cock a little so I know that sooner or later she’ll end up sucking it just like every other female I’ve ever been with.

To make sure, when we get on the bed, all hot and ready, I lay head-to-toe to start eating her again. It doesn’t take long and she rolls onto me and I can feel her hands and mouth on my cock. Once she finally cums, I pull my cock away from her mouth and move around, slipping on a condom, and get it into her vagina again. She’s even wilder, if anything, this time, shoving her hips up and almost tossing me off the bed.

Well, it ends up I’ve got two really good females now, Angie and Veronica, plus Roxanne that I’ve got to do every once in a while just to keep things happy at the office. And things go really well at the office. Not only do I do well but luck causes a couple things to happen that has my boss believing I’m the best thing he’s seen since sliced bread. And that’s the way it goes for almost a year. I’ve got more sex than I can handle. I’ve also had a half dozen more women make indications that they’d like to do some things with me and I’ve either played dumb or just plain turned them down. I don’t think I could handle any more sex than I already have. I have to work at it to get a day off every once in a while and recoup some strength. When one of my harem has her period, I feel grateful.

I guess my success at my job got some outside attention. I had a guy from a much larger company, one that had a division that competed with my present company, call me and sort of beat around the bush but I could tell he was feeling me out about changing jobs and going to work there. I let things run their course without acting too interested. I didn’t want to make them think they could get me cheap. Finally, they made me a terrific offer. More money, more responsibility, bigger budget by far. I would have to move, just far enough away that most likely I wouldn’t be able to keep fucking Angie and Veronica and definitely not Roxanne. It was a sacrifice but I figured there are always more sexy females around.

Anyway, I’m now at my new company. My secretary isn’t going to fuck me, she’s married and obviously happy the way things are. I made some minor moves and she avoided them. I’m at lunch with a couple other guys at a restaurant nearby and as I look around the room, there’s Diane at a table with some other women. I excuse myself and go over and look at her and say, “Diane?”

She looks up and almost screams “Frank!” Then she jumps up and hugs me. Holding on to me she turns to the other women and says, “Girls, this was my high school boy friend and we need to talk and find out about each other.” Then she led me to another table, just the two of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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