A Much Needed Spa Treatment

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Reader: This is an extension of my “Best Friends” series. Many have asked for a continuation, so after a bit of research, here it is. It is helpful, but not necessary, to read the first three installments. As always, enjoy and tell me what you think. IluvAnal (and I do!)

“Good Afternoon, Heaven on Earth Spa,” I answered the phone.

“Hi, George. ” It was Sarah our assistant manager and hairstylist. “Everything OK there?”

I wanted to say “No it’s not OK. It’s Saturday afternoon and there are at least a dozen places I’d rather be.” I bit my tongue. “Mrs. Giles had quite a fit when she found out that Sherry was doing her hair and not you, but I ironed that all out. Ginny is finishing up her last massage. YUP, everything is fine.”

“Sorry about this, George, but I really appreciate you covering for me.”

“No problem. What’s the deal with Evan?”

“We got him out on bail, and took him right to re-hab. It’s going to be a long ordeal.” The reason Sarah had left the spa early was because her fifteen year-old stepson had gotten arrested for buying heroin. Despite the fact I didn’t like having to cover for her at the spa, I truly felt sorry for her.

“I’ll close up here and restock the rooms.”

“Thanks. I have another request.”


“Tommy is spending the morning with Evan tomorrow at the center. The counselors want to look into the family dynamics, but the first session includes just Paula (Tommy’s Ex), Tommy and Evan. After the way today has gone, I really could use a session. Would you mind?”

“As you know, Ellen won’t be back until Wednesday. I can ask Sherry if she’d like to work tomorrow.”

“I don’t want Sherry, George. I need a session and maybe a shoulder. I was hoping you’d do it.” Sarah’s voice was girlish and pleading.

“Will we be done before the Pat’s game?”

Sarah chuckled. “You can bring the TV in if you want.”

“OK. What time?”

“I’ll be there at eight. And George, I am not going to be able to do the prep stuff. So… if you don’t mind?”

“I’ll be here by seven and get everything ready.” I replied.

“You’re a love. I’ll see you in the morning.” Sara hung up.

I arrived at the spa the next morning before seven. Not my usual routine for Sunday. In fact, Sunday’s were usually the only morning of the week that my wife, Ellen, and I could sleep and cuddle in. But Ellen was in Baltimore for a seminar.

When she and Sarah opened the spa, it was decided that my participation would be limited. But with Ellen away and Sarah’s family crisis, I had to step in. Since I had built the spa in a rehabilitated barn next to our home, the commute was quick. By the time Sarah arrived, everything was ready.

“Wow! You look like hell!” I said to Sarah when she walked in the door. Her hair was tussled, her face pale and drawn and there were large bags under her eyes.

“Good Morning to you, too. I didn’t see much sense to doll myself up.” She was already taking her coat off and heading for the back room.

“I got everything ready.” I said, following her. “When you’re finished with the prep, hit the buzzer and I’ll do the first wrap.”

Sarah sat in a chair and took her shoes off. She looked up at me. “I was hoping you’d do the prep. I don’t want to do anything. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Sure,” I said, surprised. “You get yourself ready.”

“The prep” was an enema and a douche. I was surprised when Ellen had told me that part of the spa treatment was an enema and douche. While most of the women that made up Heaven On Earth’s clientele preferred to prep themselves at home (or not do it all), it was a service that was offered and surprisingly well used.

Whenever a new client was introduced to the detoxifying wrap, Ellen stressed the importance of being “detoxified” inside and out. The client was provided with a special herbal enema formula, herbal douche formula and instructions. She had a number of clients that purchased the potions for weekly cleanings even when they weren’t having a spa session.

Sarah had been a part of giving me an enema on a couple of occasions before she and Ellen screwed my ass with illegal bahis a strap, but this is the first time that I was going to be on the giving end. I tried not to show my excitement as I prepared the equipment and watched Sarah strip.

The equipment was all hospital grade; a four quart stainless enema can, four feet of high quality colon tube, a stainless hose clamp and a plastic, disposable enema tip. I put two quarts of warm, distilled water and the potion into the can, hooked the can on the IV pole, unclamped the hose and let the tube fill. By the time I was finished, Sarah was already up on the table on her knees and elbows and her cute little fanny stuck into the air.

“Ready?” I asked while putting a generous amount of KY Jelly on the tip.

“UH, UH.”

I placed the tip against Sarah’s little pucker and gently pushed. The tip only went in a couple of inches before hitting an obstacle. I tried to apply a bit more pressure, but the tip would go no further.

“When was the last time you went to the bathroom?”

“I haven’t had a good shit in four days. Stress I guess.”

“No wonder you don’t look good. I have to run to the house and get a disposable enema to clean you out a bit.” I said, as I covered her with a blanket.

When I returned, Sarah was in the same position. I couldn’t help but notice she’d been crying.

She jumped slightly when I pushed the tip of the enema bottle into her. I slowing squeezed the entire contents into her bowel. “Ring the bell, when you’re ready.” Ten minutes later, the buzzer rang.

This time the greased nozzle entered Sarah’s colon to the desired six inches. I opened the clamp and watched the fluid drain out of the can, through the clear tube into Sarah’s insides. When the can was empty, I removed the tube, reached around and gently massaged the woman’s distended abdomen.

For fifteen minutes I rubbed Sarah’s belly. I could feel the solution of water, tea and catnip work it’s magic on her full intestines. When she told me she couldn’t hold it any longer, I stepped aside and watched her waddle to the bathroom. I also, noticed that I had a full-blown hard-on.

It took Sarah a full half hour to empty the enema and the contents of her bowel. I went back into the room when she buzzed me.

“How you feeling?” I asked. Sarah was sitting naked on the edge of the table with her legs spread. My eyes and cock immediately noticed.

“Better.” She replied.

“So, you ready for round two?”

Sarah responded by getting back on the table and assumed the position. I refilled the enema bucket. This time, I added the juice of a fresh lemon. This was called the cleanse. Five minutes later, I was withdrawing the colon tube.

“Is it all in there, already.”

“Two quarts.” I replied. “You think you want more?”

“Try another.” When I was finished, Sarah had a full gallon in her and she was rocking back and forth as though she was getting fucked from behind. My hard-on began to ache. Not being able to take anymore, I left and waited for her signal.

When I re-entered the room, Sarah was already on her hands and knees. There was a colorful box on the table at her side. I recognized the box as being the same as the ones Ellen sold at the front counter. Inside were two “Jinglou” or Chinese Relaxation balls. The balls were over an inched in diameter and contained little chimes. The literature said to roll them around in your hands for relaxation.

Without mentioning the balls, I asked, “ready for the next?”

Sarah tilted her faced toward me. “Would you mind inserting those balls in my vagina first?”

My heart leaped. “I guess not.” When the morning began, I knew Sarah had been stressed and unlike previous sexual encounters, she was now married. The fact is, it had been a year since I had introduced Sarah to “chaining” and our last encounter. I truly hadn’t expected this session to become sexual. Sarah obviously had other ideas.

I removed the balls from the box, greased them liberally and inserted both into the woman’s greedy hole. She rocked back and forth. I could hear the balls colliding and chiming.

“I’m ready.” illegal bahis siteleri Sarah said, breaking me out of a trance. With that, I filled the can with just clear water and without asking this time, I refilled the can and she again had a full gallon of water. She rocked, mewed and I believe she had her first orgasm.

“You don’t need to hold this last enema very long.”

“I know, but it feels good.” I understood. I always enjoyed the third and final enema the best. When Sarah finally went toward the toilet, she was clinching her anus to hold the enema in and had her hand clamped over her slit to hold the Jinglou balls in. It was kind of a comical sight.

“The sauna’s ready.” I told her as she entered the bathroom. “Just twenty minutes!” I reminded her.

While Sarah was in the sauna, I prepared the wraps. The wraps were basically six inche elastic bandages that are soaked in an herbal solution and heated to 200 degrees. I started to pick up the enema equipment, but decided I might give myself a good cleaning later.

When Sarah emerged from the sauna, she laid on the table and began applying the wraps to her legs, arms and midsection. After each wrap was applied, a layer of plastic wrap was put over the elastic wraps to hold in the heat and moisture. The entire time, I could hear those balls chiming away behind her wet, swollen nether lips.

I covered Sarah with a blanket and turned on some new age music. “George, I really appreciate this. I’ll clean up the equipment when I am done.”

“You’re welcome. How you feeling?”

“Wonderful. You know I thought Ellen was nuts when she decided to take this line on. But, now I know why our clients like this. It makes you feel like a queen. And that enema routine is something else.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this. I know how stressed out you’ve been lately. You deserve to feel like a queen. Maybe you could get Tommy to do this to you when this mess with Evan gets cleaned up.”

“Tommy,” she spat out his name. “Son of a bitch hasn’t so much as kissed me in a month.”

“This must be taking a toll on him.” I made excuses for her husband. “Just relax. I’ll be back in forty-five minutes.”

While Sarah was in her wraps, I went back to the house. I still had a raging hard-on. I couldn’t get the vision of those two balls disappearing inside Sarah’s cunt out of my mind, or the sound of them clanging away out of my ears.

I had already decided that after Sarah left, I was going to give myself a good enema, stick a big plug up my ass and jerk off. So, I gathered up my toys and headed back to the spa.

Sarah was asleep when I walked in on her. I filled the Jaccuzzi with hot water, put in a solution of seaweed and sea salt and began removing the plastic wraps.

“OH GOD,” Sarah said. “This feels so wonderful!”

“Time for the hot tub and then, the mud.”

“I know the routine, George.” Sarah sat up and took immediate notice of the bulge in my pants. “Maybe, I can help you with that later.”

“Maybe.” I replied hopingly. “Time for the tub.” Sarah got up and chimed and clanged all the way to the tub room.

While she was in the tub, I replaced the soiled enema nozzle that had been Sarah’s ass with a clean one and refilled the large kettle with more distilled water. I also placed the jar of sea mud in the warmer. The next step in the spa treatment was the one liked the best- smearing mud all over a naked woman. Up until today, I had only performed the task on my wife.

When Sarah emerged from the tub room, I was ready. I foil sheet had been placed on the table and the warmed mud was on the side table. Sarah climbed onto the table and laid on her belly. I scooped a generous hand full of the mud and began smearing it on her back, legs and arms. I spent extra time making sure there was plenty between her ass cheeks. I allowed my finger to dwell on her anus- she responded by lifting herself up a bit to give me better access.

When I was satisfied that every exposed part of her was covered, I ordered her to roll over.

Once on her back I repeated the process, but the playground was much larger. I spent extra canlı bahis siteleri time on her tits, nipples and slit. Bathed fully in the green mud, Sarah was covered with another sheet of foil and a blanket and I had a large wet spot in my pants. I turned up the music and, before leaving the room, I looked over to Sarah. She had a hand in her crotch and was gently rocking her pelvis. I heard her have the first orgasm before I closed the door.

“OK,” I said forty-five minutes later. “Time for the shower.”

“Do I have to?” She responded quietly.

“Well, it’s eleven thirty. You said you need to be out of here by noon.” I pulled the foil sheet off of her and she immediately shivered.

“You’re cruel.”

“Yah, but the shower is running.” With that she headed for the shower only to emerge twenty minutes later wearing a heavy terry robe with the spa logo on it.

“”How do you feel?”


“Your cell phone rang about five minutes ago.”

“So much for fantasy. Time to go back to the real world.” She picked up her phone and checked the caller ID. A minute later she was talking to her husband. I left the room.

“Bad news?” I asked, when Sarah entered the lobby with a long drawn look on her face.

“Tommy’s ex is being a bitch. Same old…same old. Anyway, he’s going to be there for the rest of the afternoon. I told him I was here, stocking the rooms and getting ready for tomorrow.” There was obvious disgust in her voice. Just then there was a loud clang as both balls fell from here inner depths and landed loudly on the tile floor. “OOPS! I forgot all about them!” She bent down and picked up the two hot, slimy orbs.

Not knowing what else to say, I said. “Well at least you’ll have a quiet afternoon.” I thought she let the balls drop on purpose, but didn’t know for sure. Either way, I was horny and needed relief.

“I’ll go clean up the equipment.” She was baiting me.

“No need. I’m going to give myself an enema.” She had to have noticed I had changed the nozzle and refilled the pot of water. So, I baited back.

“I know you,” she replied sternly. “Your going to give yourself an enema, stick something up your ass and spill your seed all over the floor.”

“You’re a regular psychic.”

“And you’re an ass slut.” She hesitated. “Can I help? After all, I have all afternoon.”

Fifteen minutes later, a still very naked Sarah, with Jinglou balls re-inserted, was inserting the enema nozzle into my ass and letting the water flow.

“You’re missing the game.” Sarah said as she opened the clamp for my third anal douce.

“What game?” I replied enjoying the feeling of the warm water flow into my bowels. I’ve been playing with your balls and you’ve played with mine.”

Sarah pulled the nozzle from my anus. “So, what did you plan to stick in this ass of yours?”

“In the bag under the front counter.” I answered enjoying the full feeling in my abdomen.

Sarah left and returned. “I like this one.” Sarah said pulling the long double-ended plug from the bag. Just as I got to empty myself. When I returned Sarah was on the floor, on her hands and knees with on end of the plug stuck in her ass.

“Can we share?” She asked.

Almost immediately, I was on my own knees and aligning myself with the other end and preparing to impale myself. A few moments later, Sarah and I had established a rhythm and we were both getting our asses fucked. The entire time, the Jinlou balls were colliding and chiming in Sarah’s sopping snatch, rolling back and forth on her vaginal roof.

With halting speech, Sarah instructed me to keep the motion, while she twiddled her clit with a finger. “Don’t cum. I want you to come in my mouth.”

Moments later, Sarah was in the throes of a massive orgasm. Her vagina convulsed and spat both of the Jinglou balls out. Each hitting my balls before clanging noisingly across the floor.

My urge to cum was intense, but I held it back. After Sarah’s orgasm subsided, she pulled off the plug, flipped me over and began fucking me hard. MY back arched and she took my drooling cock into her mouth. A few thrusts later, my heavy balls were releasing their load into mouth.

Spent, we both laid back and caught our breath.

Finally, Sarah broke the silence. “How low can you keep that thing stuck in your ass?

“As long as you can keep those balls in your twat.”

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