A Need To Experiment Ch. 04

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*I am now at a point where I can split the story line and pursue a couple of different paths. I would like some feedback on which way to take this.*

Thursday! It was Thursday!

I had waited all this time to see what Bob and Linda had planned, and it had finally arrived. Well almost. It was only Thursday morning, and I had to get some work done before I took off to see what depraved thing this lovely couple had planned for me. I tried to concentrate on my work, but the distraction of Linda’s gorgeous breasts or the feel of Bob’s cock sliding past my lips flitting through my mind drove me nuts. I spent all morning walking around with a visible bulge in my pants, and I’m more than a little sure I screwed up some customers orders. Hopefully I could fix them later.

I jumped in my car after lunch and sped, but really tried not to speed; it was hard, over to Bob and Linda’s house. I was getting to know this route quite well, and I hoped to be driving it many more times in the future.

I parked the car, and things felt rather surreal. I watched my hand put the lever in gear and pull up on the hand brake. I watched my hand then move to the key and turn off the running motor. I lifted my foot off the clutch, and reached for the door handle. I noticed it was shaking. Really? Could I get this excited? I looked at myself in the rearview mirror. My brown eyes stared back at me from beneath the mop of brown hair that I could never seem to keep tame.

I took some long cleansing breaths, and forced myself to calm down. It really wouldn’t be proper to seem too eager would it?

I returned hand to the door handle, exited the car, and calmly as I could muster walked up to the front door, and rang the bell.

It was answered. This time neither Bob nor Linda opened it for me. It was a woman. Perhaps about my age and shorter than I as she only came up to my chin, her hair was cut in a bob, and was the color of sand with a slight red tint to it. Her eyes were blue, and her softly curved lips were a light shade of pink. I paused and looked at her then turned around and looked at the street. Yeah, the street looked right. I leaned back and look at the house. Yeah, the house looked right. I was very confused.

“Come in.” She said opening the door for me.

I stepped over the threshold and stood there as she looked at me. I must have had a very confused look on my face for the long moments she looked me up and down.

“Bob and Linda are in here.” She said as she turned around and started to walk away.

AH! I was at the right place! I followed her and couldn’t help but try and check her out. Problem was that she was wearing a thick robe just like Linda had been wearing the week before. She led me to the living room and as I turned the corner my eyes bugged out of my head.

There sat Linda and Bob on the couch, and it looked like they were all ready to play. Linda was wearing a tight, white lace bra with the fronts cut out. The tightness pushed her breasts together making a very attractive, deep cleavage, as her soft mounds swelled over the edges from being bound so much. It was so tight it pressed against her making her large areola bulge forth from the openings. It pressed, molded and shaped her breasts to that it looked like she had huge puffy nipples that were the size of her entire areola.

I looked from her to Bob, and he was fully nude. Upon seeing my gaze fall upon him he spread his legs. His cock was already at half mast, and I could see the glint of a steel cock ring locked around the base of his cock, and going under his scrotum.

I must have really looked dumbfounded and stood there for a long time because Bob eventually spoke.

“This is Tina. Much like you’re Linda’s plaything she is mine. She’s going to help us out today.” He said.

Then he turned to the other lady in the room and spoke to her.

“Tina, why don’t you help him get more comfortable.”

Without a word Tina stepped in front of me and reached up to unbutton my shirt. I looked down at the top of her head, and tried to see down the front of the robe, but it was to no avail. She slowly worked her way downward, and I could feel the light tickle as she undid each button.

I then felt the tug at my waist as she pulled the shirt tails free. She slid her hands up my belly, over my chest, across my shoulders, and down my arms as she took my shirt off. She just let it fall to the floor behind her as she reached down, and began to fumble with my belt.

Deciding to help her I kicked my shoes off as she fumbled with the belt. All I could do was stare at Linda’s formed breasts until I heard a distinctive “ziiiip” as Tina undid the fly on my pants.

Grasping the waistband she pulled down my pants and boxers in one go, and I felt the cool air of the house on me.

Tina took my hand and I stepped out of them and stepped forward. Linda reached over to the end table and then set something on the coffee table.

“You’ll need this.” She said as she set a pink butt plug and some lube down.

It was about canlı bahis 7 inches long, pointed at the tip and flared to a decent size before tapering back down to the base.

“Tina already has hers.” Bob said. “Why don’t you show him.”

With that Tina turned around and I could see her arms move as she untied the belt to the robe. She let if fall off her shoulders into a pile on the floor, and I looked at her back.

It was smooth, creamy in color, and she had two small dimples above her ass. She bent over and grabbed her ankles. I looked her over. From her thin ankles with fingers wrapped around them, up her nicely shaped calves, and over her creamy thighs my eyes roamed. Her ass was round, and nicely shaped fitting very well onto her wide hips. Between her thighs I could see her two soft lips that were shaved, and the pink inner lips just peeking out. Above that I could see the base of her butt plug. Pink, and shoved in all the way, I strongly suspected that it was just like the one waiting for me on the coffee table.

Tina stood back up and my dick jumped at the site. Her breasts were considerably smaller than Linda’s, and were more teardrop shaped, but the dark pink areola were just as large covering almost all the of the front of each breast. Judging that she was Bob’s toy I could guess from the trend that liked large areola. In my opinion he had very good taste on this subject. Her nipples were incredibly thick and stood out proudly from each breast with the help of some large gauge nipple rings.

“Incredible.” I gasped.

With that Tina’s chest and face blushed, and she shyly looked at the floor. With her hand she motioned me to the coffee table.

She walked up behind me, and putting one hand on my hip and the other on my back she guided me to bend over. I put my hands on the coffee table with my ass stuck up in the air in anticipation of what was to come.

I looked over and Linda had reached over and grabbed both the lube and the plug and handed them to Tina. I felt her thighs against the backs of my legs, and her pelvis against my ass. She pulled hard on my hips and gave a couple of long thrusts pushing herself against me. It certainly didn’t take long for my dick to wake up whenever Bob and Linda were around, and I guess Tina was good for that as well, and I could feel it twitch as it started to stiffen.

I felt the cool air on my backside as Tina stepped away, and then I felt the even cooler lube being spread over my asshole as she used a finger to apply it.

I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling, and was really getting into it when I felt the tip of the plug press against me. The point started to spread me open, and the taper and smooth design allowed it to start to easily slide in. I felt my ass spread as the taper became larger, and Tina had to start to put some effort into it. I felt her hand cup my balls as she applied more pressure. She then squeezed them hard making me wince when all of a sudden she gave a might shove forward and the plug slipped inside me.

I could feel it in me, and my asshole relaxed around the narrow waist of the plug before it flared out to the base locking it in place inside me. Tina moved her hand from my balls to my hips, and slid another under my belly, and gently pulled up to signal for me to stand up.

As I stood I felt the plug shift in my bowels, and I could feel it press against my prostate as I stood. I let out a low moan.

With that Tina stepped away from me and went in stood in front of the couch with her arms at her sides. Bob was looking up at her, and leaned forward. He put a thumb and finger on one of the rings, and gave it a sharp tug. Tina gasped, but never took her eyes off Bob as her small breast bounced a little bit. He gave her a look and then lightly jerked his head in Linda’s direction.

I guess she had been playing with Bob and Linda much longer than I had as she immediately understood what to do. She stepped sideways to be in front of Linda, and then got on her knees. Her ass was sticking up in the air in front of me, and I could see the base of her plug, and her moist lips that were turning a darker shade of pink by the moment. Linda scooted forward on the couch and spread her legs wide. With that Tina put her hands on Linda’s thighs and moved forward.

She drew in a deep breath and then plunged forward locking her lips around Linda’s pussy. Linda gave a small groan of satisfaction, closed her eyes, and lifted her arms above her head making her puffy breast stand proud on her chest as Tina’s mouth started to work on her.

Tina’s ass swayed in the air as she worked on Linda’s great tasting (I know from experience) pussy, and I started to hear wet slurping and licking noises from the two of them. I got the impression quickly that she enjoyed doing this. Hell, my if my dick was any indicator I enjoyed watching this as it was rock hard, and standing up proudly. I guess Bob was in agreement with me there as he was sitting on the couch watching the two of them slowly stroking his own dick. He caught me looking, and jerked bahis siteleri his head for me to come in his direction.

Taking a cue from what Tina had done, and with a good guess as to what I was going to be doing soon I stood in front of him with my hands at my side. He reached up, and with his finger gave my dick a hard flick just under the head. It hurt like hell, but I could feel a fire for lust spread out from the point of impact to flood my whole groin.

He looked at me and looked down at his hard dick swaying in front of him. I took the hint and got on my knees. The movement made the plug inside me shift again, and press hard against my prostate. I could feel a dribble of wetness squeeze from the tip of my dick as I got into position in front of him. He scooted down on the couch just like his wife, and put his feet flat on the floor with his legs spread.

His balls dangled off the edge of the cushion, and his dick, throbbing with lust, pointed at the ceiling. I kneeled in front of him and slid my hands forward. I wrapped one round the base of his cock, and could feel the warmth of his passion. My other hand I reached up and cupped his balls. I lifted them gently to test the weight, and I could feel them slide easily inside their sack.

I slid my hand up the shaft until it was clasped under the crown, and with trepidation leaned my head forward. I slid my tongue out and pressed the head to it. I feel the heat burning in it as I closed my lips over the crown, and gently sucked. It felt bigger than last time and then I remembered the cock ring. I slid my hand down and could feel the arm steel against my hand.

I gave his balls a pull, and started to slide the cock into my mouth. I could feel the heat leave a trail over my tongue as I sucked it down until the head hit the back of my throat. Continuing to hold his balls I slid my head upward feeling the pulsing in my tongue and lips, and with a wet smack pulled it out of my mouth. I dipped my head lower, and raising my hand I opened wide and sucked one of his balls into my mouth.

The taste was good. Clean, yet musky flavor filled my head as I sucked lightly on the ball before switching to the other. My mouth coated his scrotum with spit as I began to move from the right to the left. I would close my lips around each testicle, and then stuck gently until it popped into my mouth. I would rub my tongue over it before withdrawing from it with a pop and going back to the other side.

I pushed his balls together and tried to get them both into my mouth at once, but they were just too large so I raised my head to start working on his dick again.

As I did so I looked over at Tina and Linda. Tina’s hands were on Linda’s belly pushing upward. I knew what she was doing as I had done the same thing on many a woman in my life. She was pushing up making Linda’s clit stand at attention so she could suck on it. Linda was starting to shake with her doing this, and I reached a hand up and began to slowly stroke Bob as I watched. My hand closed around his turgid unit and it throbbed as I slowly jerked up and down from the crown to the base.

I placed my thumb against the underside and pressed with each upstroke milking the tube as I watched Linda begin to shake harder. She began to moan and thrust her hips pushing as much of her clit into Tina’s suckling mouth as possible. She started to shake harder and gasp as she came. Her hand grasped the back of Tina’s head and she grabbed a handful of that lovely hair as gave one final thrust and exclaimed.


I could see the muscles of her legs tighten and her back arched as she came hard on Tina’s mouth, and then just as quickly collapsed back onto the cushions. She pulled back on Tina’s head and maneuvered it lower and pulled her mouth against her pussy before letting go. I watched as Tina stuck her soft pink tongue out as far as it could go and began to rock back and forth on her knees fucking Linda hard with it.

I looked over at Bob and I noticed the show and my milking had some result on him. A thin stream of pre-cum had left a trail from the tip and over my thumb. I leaned down and licked at the sticky trail cleaning it from my thumb and I could taste the salty fresh flavor. I traced the tip of my tongue over the trail onto the head of his dick, and pushed the tip hard against his hole trying to drive it in. He gave a grunt and his hips jerked. I took my chance and opened my mouth wide letting it thrust about half way into my mouth before closing my lips over the hard shaft. Immediately I slid my mouth the rest of the way down until my nose slammed against the cock ring, and sucked hard.

I was greeted by a gasp and another thrust pushing the head hard against the back of my throat. I slid my head up quickly and then back down forcing his hard cock to fuck my mouth. I started to move faster and faster, and his shaft became more slippery with my spit. It began to pool around the base of his cock, and I could feel the moisture slide down his balls into my hand. bahis şirketleri

Up and down I thrust my head slamming my nose against the cock ring each time and jamming the head deep into my throat. I could feel him start to tense up, and his balls in my hand started to tighten when I felt him grab my hair and pull me off his cock. I looked up at him.

“Not yet. You have to share this time.” He said.

I looked over at Linda and Tina and was surprised to see that they had moved. Well, at least Tina had. She was on her hands and knees facing away from Linda. Her ass stuck up in the air, the base of her plug just visible between her cheeks. From between her legs had sprouted a translucent rubber shaft that was buried deep in her pussy. She was rocking back and forth on her hands and knees as the shaft slid in and out of her, and with each rock back she moaned. The shaft continued back until it met Linda’s own pussy. Her lips were stretched tight as it invaded her depths and it slid in and out of her leaving a glistening sheen of her juices on its surface.

She was madly strumming her clit with her fingers and I could tell she was close as her eyes were closed and her hips were rolling in time with in time with each of Tina’s thrusts. As Bob and I watched this unnatural lustful coupling she started to go off.


And she was gone. Her hips thrust hard sliding inches upon inches of that double ended dildo in and out of her. Her hips bounced up and down thrusting hard on the phallus. So hard that Tina was grunting as the other end slammed deep into her wet pussy as Linda bounced up and down on the couch. Her breathing was ragged, and she lifted her feet high into the air as her legs shook, and her toes curled.

Then she collapsed, her legs crashed to the floor and she let out a long gasp as her entire body collapsed. Her nipples were flushed and hard, and her whole chest and neck were a deep pink color beneath the thin film of sweat that had formed over her body.

Bob stood up and stepped away from the couch. He looked down at his wife and smiled. Then he turned his head.

“Tina.” She turned her head and looked over her shoulder at him. “Stand up please. Leave the dildo in.”

She reached back and grasped the dildo where it emerged from her pussy, her small hand barely reaching around the thick shaft, and crawled forward on the floor. Seemingly endless inches of dildo slid out from Linda until the head popped out and rested on the cushion just in front of her gaping pussy.

I could see deep inside of her, and the wet pink walls flexed and contracted as if it was breathing on its own. Linda, having cum so hard, seemed oblivious to having the dildo pulled from her. Tina stood up on her knees bending the dildo against the couch making it look like she had a thick pink tail. I couldn’t help but feel the corners of my mouth twitch upward as she did this. She then put one foot in front of her and stood up. Still holding onto the heavy double dildo it swayed pendulously between her legs smacking her knees as she stood there.

Bob looked at her, pointed at the dildo, and pointed to my face. Tina understood the signals, and leaned down to wrap her other hand further down the length of the shaft. She stood back up holding the dildo in front of herself, and with one hand still holding it deep inside her started to shuffle forward. She stopped about a foot from my face with the end of the dildo bobbing in front of me. She pushed it forward and the head clumsily bashed against the side of my mouth and across my lips.

I opened my mouth, and Tina started to feed me the head and shaft. I could taste Linda on it, and her sweet nectar was wonderful as I started to suck on it, swallowing as it went further. Tina shuffled a bit more forward shoving the dildo deeper into my throat, and I bob my head up and down on the shaft as she did so.

She began to rock her hips forward and back humping her phallus into me. Her hands still wrapped around the thick shaft, one near her pussy holding it in and the other further out holding it up where my lips would occasionally brush against it. I glanced to the couch and Linda had recovered and was now standing up.

She walked up behind me and putting her hands under my arms pulled me upward to a standing position. The dildo slid from my mouth and flopped onto my chest where the tip of it left a wet trail all the way down by belly and then flopped against my hard dick. Tina reached forward, and tried wrapping her hand around both shafts. She could barely do so, but she tried anyway. She started to stroke up and down, with the underside of my dick pressed against the underside of hers. It was warm, and artificial feeling pressed so tight against me, and her hand felt good stroking me.

She let go and backed up to sit on the couch. Well, not really sit as there was a hugely long double dildo still embedded deep in her pussy, but she more sat on the edge. She lay back against the armrest, and scooted her ass further onto the cushion, and then spread her legs with one over the back of the couch, and the other over the edge with her foot resting on the floor. Her third “leg” lay across the cushions pointing down the length of the couch.

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