A Neighbourly Tale Ch. 02

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“Hi Pete!” Sherrin shouted across the road. “You OK?”

Pete smiled and shouted back: “Yes, fine, you?”

Sherrin walked across and smiled at him. “Yes, very well. I was just wondering if you would, eh, you know, rub my back again. It was fun last time wasn’t it?”

Pete smiled and had an instant flashback to their recent time together where they enjoyed a wonderful time that started with him confirming to Sherrin that she was the topic of one of his fantasies and ended with them in bed together, and, while not having full sex, they certainly got “closer” than they should have.

“Oh, yes it certainly was,” Pete replied.

“Hugh is out tomorrow, are you working from home while Louise is out?”

Pete looked at her with undisguised lust. “I think I can fit you into my schedule,” he replied with a smile.

She smiled and turned around, aware that he was looking at her fantastic bum, and also hoping he was getting as turned on about their impending tryst as she was.

The next day, Pete walked across the street and knocked on Sherrin’s door. She opened it and smiled warmly at him. “Hi Pete, glad you cold accommodate me.”

He looked at her. She was wearing a dressing gown and he was sure she had nothing on underneath.

“Oh that’s OK, I had nothing on this afternoon,” he said sarcastically.

“Me neither,” she said, undoing her gown’s belt and quickly flashing her nudity at him.

He stepped forward and reached out to hug her, kissing her passionately.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she murmured between kisses. “How long have you got?”

“An hour, then Louise comes back.”

“Well we had better make the most of the time we have,” she said, stepping out of his grasp and turning towards her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom. Pete shut the door as Sherrin removed her gown and lay on the bed.

“How do you want me?” she asked as Pete started to remove his clothes and took in her nudity. Her small breasts topped by rock hard nipples. Her flat stomach and then he hairy pussy with a finger slowly teasing herself and opening herself up to him.

“On your stomach,” he said huskily.

She turned over as he had asked and looked over her shoulder at him. “You remember where everything is from last time?”

He nodded.

Pete opened the drawer and took out the bottle of baby oil, squirting some onto his hands he knelt over her prone body and started rubbing it into her shoulders.

Sherrin murmured approvingly as his hands kneaded her shoulders and then down her back. Stopping to get some more oil, her continued his massaging, noticing that she opened her legs a bit more.

He was soon getting down to her lower back and the object of his desire and fantasy, her beautifully proportioned bum.

Another squirt of oil and he was massaging her cheeks, marvelling at her openings; her tight puckered rear hole and her wet open pussy. Without asking she raised her bum into the air a bit as her continued rubbing her cheeks. He then let a finger or two slide down her crack, teasing first her pussy and then, with a combination of the pussy juice and the oil, her rear hole.

“Yes Pete, there. That’s so naughty but so nice. Finger me.”

He got some KY from the drawer and put some on his finger that was soon circling and entering her tight rear entrance. She pushed back against him as he entered her. “Yes, that’s it”” she cried.

With his other hand he played with her pussy and then reaching down found her enlarged clit. Gently rubbing it, he got the desired reaction as she bucked against him.

“How do you want to cum?” he asked.

“Lick me!” she cried out.

He removed his finger from deep inside her bum and commanded her to turn over, then lying between her open and raised legs he started to gently lick her pussy lips before concentrating on licking her clit.

As he continued licking her clit, he started fingering her slowly before removing his finger as she bucked against him.

“Don’t stop!” she whimpered.

He resumed his fingering and then started fingering her rear hole at the same time. Her cry of delight telling him that this had been what she wanted.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop. I’m nearly there!” she cried as she bucked against him. “Yes, yes that’s it! I want both holes filled as much as they can.”

He continued licking her clit as she bucked harder and he fingered her faster.

“Oh God yes, that’s it, I’m cumming!” she cried as she froze with his tongue hard against her pulsating clit, one finger deep in her pussy and one in her bum. He could feel her muscles contract and tighten around his exploring digits as she stopped breathing for a moment.

He stopped licking and slowly removed his fingers as she calmed down and looked at him, his face covered in her juices.

“Kiss me” she commanded. “I want to taste myself on you.”

He kissed her passionately as her breathing started returning to a normal level.

Pete then felt her hand moving down his body, reaching out and touching his hard prick.

He stopped kissing illegal bahis her and looked at her small hands circle his hard prick. Its end was wet with his pre cum. She took some of this wetness and covered his prick with it as she smiled at him lustfully.

“Want me to suck it?”

He nodded as she re positioned herself so that her lips were close to the end of his manhood.

Sherrin grabbed his manhood and lowered her head as she engulfed the end with her lips, gently licking and sucking on him, loving the way he reacted to her actions.

He looked at her as she bobbed up and down, now starting to stroke him at the same time.

She stopped sucking to look at him. “I want you to fuck me.”

He nodded.

“But you have to put a condom on.”

“Ok,” he said as she continued to gently stroke him.

Looking into the drawer he found a packet of condoms and removed one and was just about to put it on when she stopped him. “Let me,” she said.

This was a first he thought, as she expertly put the condom on him.

“Start in my pussy and then lets see where we go,” she smiled as she turned over onto her hands and knees and looked at him over her shoulder as he positioned himself behind her.

He moved and placed his prick at the entrance of her open, hot and wet pussy. She pushed back and he was deep inside her. He started to slowly thrust and she met his every movement.

Lewdly, she reached behind and pulled her cheeks apart, giving him the most fantastic view ; her pussy stretched and fucked by his manhood, her rear hole tight and puckered.

“Finger my bum,” she said quietly.

Putting some more KY on his finger Pete was soon fingering her rear as his hard prick thrust in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming again,” she said as she tried to quicken the pace. Pete however had other ideas and slowed down.

It didn’t matter, it was too late; she came and shouted out as she did so. Pete didn’t change the rhythm at all.

“Put it in my bum, I know you want to” she said as she quickly came down from her orgasm.

He withdrew and after putting KY on his prick and Sherrins bum hole he placed it at her rear entrance and slowly pushed forward, entering her very gently. He was soon deep inside her and started to slowly thrust. He knew he would not last long. The view was enough to make him cum without the satisfaction of the anal fucking.

“I’m going to cum!” he grunted as he felt the tingling sensation start deep inside his balls.

“Yes, do it deep inside me!” she shouted.

He thrust deep inside her and knew he was going to cum, He squirted once, twice, three times, filling the condom with his seed before he slowly and gently withdrew, marvelling at the scene in front of eyes.

He sat back on his haunches as Sherrin rolled over and lay on her back, her legs crudely apart.

“You’re a naughty man, Pete!” she laughed. “Having you evil way with a poor defenceless neighbour.”

He looked at and smiled. “You are many things Sherrin, but poor and defenceless you are not!”

Pete then lay down beside her and let his fingers run through her thick pubic hair, letting them trail down and explore her pussy, her legs opening to accommodate his inquisitiveness,

He stroked her clit and then entered her with his finger, exploring her and trying to find her G spot. Her reaction indicated he had found it, so he then put another finger inside her, followed by another. Pete then removed them and squirted some oil on his hand before resuming his fingering, three fingers deep inside her, stroking her G spot.

She bucked against him before grabbing his wrist and directing his movements and thrusting to her desired pace.

She was at the highest state of arousal as she used his fingers to reach her orgasm and soon came, clasping his fingers deep inside her. She was unable to talk for a while as she calmed down. Pete eventually removed his fingers from her, her pussy lips red and swollen and very wet from their recent activity.

“I think you had better go Pete,” Sherrin said when her breathing had returned to normal. “But you had better wash or your sins will be found out!” she smiled.

He smiled and nodded, before going to the bathroom to wash Sherrin’s scent off him.

Pete returned to the bedroom and dressed, all the while Sherrin was laying naked on the bed, making no attempt to cover herself up.

“You’re not making this easy,” he said.

She looked quizzically at him.

“Lying there like that and watching me get dressed. I think you would be up for another bout wouldn’t you?

She smiled saucily as she nodded and suggestively circled her hard nipple with her finger

“You had better come back then,” she said, now moving her finger to between her spread legs.

“Sherrin, you’re insatiable!”

She nodded.

He bent down and kissed her on the forehead. “‘Till next time,” he said as he left her and headed back across the street to home.

A few days later, in bed with his partner Louise, Pete was stunned when illegal bahis siteleri she said to him. “You know Sherrin over the road; do you think everything is OK between her and Hugh?”

“I have no idea, I haven’t thought about them, what makes you ask?” he said, intrigued by the question.

“Oh, it’s just that I haven’t seen much of him recently.”

“Maybe they are having problems or she has worn him out and he needs a break,” he laughed.

“You dirty bugger,” Louise said playfully punching him. “Do you think she would be demanding?”

“What in bed? How the hell should I know?” he said in amazement.

“Well maybe you should find out and let me know.”

“What?” he exclaimed, sitting up and looking at her.

Louise smiled and looked at him. “You have always fancied her, don’t deny it and I have always wanted to see you with another woman; maybe we should suggest it.”

“You’re out of your mind!” he said, but deep down he was intrigued but also worried in case Louise was suspecting anything.

“Why, she can only say no.”

“And we could end a beautiful relationship with a neighbour and friend.”

“True,” Louise said thoughtfully. “But then again, we could have a different type of friend. Think about it Pete.”

She rolled over, kissed him goodnight, leaving him deep in thought.

The next day, Louise raised the subject again. “Have you thought about Sherrin?”

Pete nodded. “Yes, but I don’t know how to raise the subject. Part of me thinks it should come from you, part from me and then again it might be best if it came from both of us.”

Louise looked thoughtful. “Ok, I am happy to talk to her. I will go over and see her tonight.”

Pete was now looking thoughtful. Should he forewarn Sherrin? Should he just let Louise go over and what if Sherrin thinks there is an ulterior motive?

As Louise headed off to work, he decided he should warn Sherrin.

As he looked across the road, he saw Sherrin unlock her car; he ran over and approached her. She smiled warmly. “Hi, how are you?” she asked.

“OK, but I have to talk to you.”

“I’m off to work, can it wait?” she asked looking concerned.

“No, it won’t take a minute,” he replied.

Quickly he told her what had happened and what had been said.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “That’s amazing. Do you think Louise suspects anything?”

He shook his head.

“Good,” she said.

“What will you say?” he asked tentatively.

“That’s easy,” she replied. “There is no problem with Hugh and I, and the idea intrigues me, why don’t we try and see what happens.”

Pete looked relieved. “I had to warn you.”

“Thank God you did,” she smiled. “Now I have to go to work. Let’s see what happens tonight.”

That evening, after dinner, Louise stood up. “Well there is no time like the present; I’m going to see Sherrin.”

Louise left, leaving Pete in a state of confusion and concern; knowing that Sherrin would agree to the suggestion, but wondering what else may be being said.

Pete’s solitude was soon interrupted by the opening of the door and the return of Louise. She was on her own.

“Well?” he asked.

Lousie smiled. “More than up for it, suggested the weekend, get together for dinner and drinks and see how things go.”

“Wow!” Pete exclaimed.

“Yes, and what’s more, there is nothing wrong between Sherrin and Hugh and if it works with us, she may invite him to join at another time. I have to say Pete; I don’t think this is the first time Sherrin has done this type of thing.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Oh, I don’t know, just the way she reacted. Anyway, I am feeling really randy, let’s go to bed and think about the weekend.”

Eventually the weekend arrived and it was agreed that Sherrin would come over at about 7.00.

Dead on 7.00 the door bell rang. Pete went to open the door and found Sherrin standing on the doorstep with a bottle of wine.

“Hi,” he said bending down to kiss her on the cheek. “Come in.”

“Hi” she replied handing him the wine and stepping in to his house, looking and feeling very unsure of herself.

Louise greeted her with a kiss. “How are you feeling?”

Sherrin looked at Pete and Louise. “Nervous,” she laughed.

Pete and Louise nodded knowingly.

“Let’s have a drink,” Pete said trying to break the awkwardness.

After a few drinks and some food, the atmosphere was much lighter and the conversation no longer stilted.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” exclaimed Sherrin looking at her glass.

“No,” said Louise. “What would Hugh say?”

Sherrin shrugged. “Don’t know. We are fairly adventurous if you know what I mean, and he knows what ever happened our relationship would not be affected, so he will probably be OK, but I thought maybe it would be too much; the first time that is, if he was here.”

Pete and Louise nodded.

Louise broke the silence. “I don’t want to join in remember, but I do want to watch you two.”

Sherrin looked at Pete. Pete looked at canlı bahis siteleri Louise. Louise looked at Sherrin and as one they all burst out laughing. A nervous laughter, but laughter nevertheless.

“How shall we start?” Sherrin said as the laughter subsided.

Pete took the initiative and stood up, looked at Louise and then as she almost imperceptibly nodded, walked over to Sherrin.

“Stand up,” he said quietly.

She did as he asked and without saying anything else, he looked at her straight in the eye and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. She stood still as he undid the last one and then removed the blouse. Pete looked briefly at Louise who was staring intently at Sherrin, standing in her lounge being undressed by Pete.

Pete undid the belt and buttons of Sherrins jeans and slid them down her legs. Next, he reached behind her and with one quick movement, undid the clip of her bra which soon joined her blouse and jeans on the floor. Her small breasts didn’t move or sag at all, and he gently massaged her nipples, enjoying the sensation as they hardened and he heard a quiet murmur come from Sherrin as she stood there, her eyes closed as Pete massaged her breasts.

His concentration was broken by Louise, who had moved to be closer to them and said, “take her panties off Pete.”

He did so and she was then naked for all to see.

Pete moved his attention to her pussy, running his fingers through her pubic hair. Sherrin had now opened her eyes and was looking at Louise as Pete’s exploring fingers sought her opening. She was very wet, very turned on and almost came as he entered he with his finger. As he fingered her, his thumb started stroking her clit.

“Pete, I want to see you lick her,” Louise said, almost in a whisper.

Sherrin sat down and lewdly opened her legs, showing her exposed pussy.

“Yes, lick me Pete!” she encouraged him.

Needing no encouragement, he knelt down between her legs and slowly and gently licked her pussy lips, her clit and then fucked her with his tongue.

“Lick my clit!” Sherrin commanded.

He moved up and did as she asked, his attention to this tiny bud being rewarded with a cry of ecstacy.

Pete sensed movement near him and saw that Louise was undressing and was soon naked and started to play with herself as Pete licked Sherrin for all he was worth.

“I want to see Sherrin suck you Pete,” Louise said, her voice thick with emotion.

Pete stood up and within seconds his clothes had joined Sherrin’s and Louise’s on the floor.

“Sit down here,” Sherrin said pointing to a nearby armchair.

She positioned herself between his open legs and started licking and sucking his engorged cock. He threw his head back in ecstacy and shut his eyes, but not before he saw Louise looking transfixed as Sherrin gave him the blow job of a lifetime.

“Don’t stop Sherrin,” Louise said, “make him cum.”

Sherrin didn’t stop but redoubled her efforts in servicing him, stroking, sucking and licking him. He started thrusting into her mouth and she had to stop him before he made her gag.

Pete opened his eyes and looked at Sherrin sucking him for all her worth and then looked at Louise slowly playing with herself as she looked at the couple having sex in her living room.

“I am not going to last!” warned Pete.

Sherrin grunted.

“Fill her mouth with your cum,” Louise said.

As she said this, he did, crying out as he filled Sherrins accommodating mouth with spurt after spurt of hot salty sperm. Sherrin didn’t change her pace at all and swallowed every drop.

Sherrin let his cock slip from her mouth and then licked him clean, smiling as she did so.

The room was quiet apart from Pete’s heavy breathing until Louise spoke; “I don’t know how you can do that Sherrin, I never let him cum in my mouth.”

Sherrin shrugged her shoulders. “I always have, I enjoy it,” she said, adding with a smile “and so have my men!”

The room was quiet again.

“More drinks anyone?” Pete said, standing up and aware that his cock had not lost all of its hardness.

The two girls said “yes” in unison as Pete replenished their wine glasses.

Pete resumed his position in the armchair, Sherrin was sitting on the floor at his feet and Louise was sitting on the sofa. All remained naked.

“That was such a turn on,” Louise said almost in a whisper.

“It was for me too,” said Sherrin.

“And me,” added Pete.

Louise reached over and started stroking Pete’s thigh, moving upwards to his crutch before she started to gently stroke his cock, which was now showing signs of life again.

Sherrin watched, unsure of what to do.

“Suck him Sherrin,” Louise said as she continued to stroke him to hardness.

Sherrin did so taking the tip of his cock in her mouth as Louise stroked the base and cupped his balls.

Pete was soon back to full hardness with the attention of both women.

“I want you to fuck him Sherrin, sit on him.” Louise said, stopping her stroking.

Sherrin stopped her oral attention and rummaged in her jeans, removing a condom. She opened the packet and put it on Pete. “Sorry,” she said apologetically as if reading his mind.

With his hard cock covered in the condom, she looked at Louise who quietly said “yes” and nodded.

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