A New Summer Experience Ch. 07

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I didn’t hear from Dad the rest of that day, or the next. I was dying to find out what had happened after Amanda and I had left his house, but didn’t want to call in case Mom answered the phone. I wasn’t sure how she would react to me, after catching her boyfriend balls-deep inside me. I definitely wasn’t going to go over to their house for the same reason. I tried to get Lana to call but she said she didn’t want to get involved. She did seem half-amused that our parents (who she thought were a bit prudish) were sleeping with other people.

Amanda was really turned on by it. That night she rode me to two moaning, grinding orgasms before finishing me off with her mouth while I re-lived being underneath Ron in my mind. I woke up the next morning to her sucking my dick, which prompted another cowgirl session.

The third day after, Lana and Amanda went clothes shopping and invited me along. I begged off, despite Lana laughingly saying that Wilma could use some new outfits. Jake had resumed his volunteer work, so I was alone at the house. I got bored quickly, and when I got bored I thought of cock.

On a whim, I left a note for Amanda saying I’d be back in a while, then got in my car and drove to Paul’s house. I hadn’t seen or spoken to him since I challenged him about being my boyfriend. I didn’t think of him as such anymore…if anything, Amanda’s father Jerry was the closest I had to a boyfriend. Still, Paul had a really nice dick and loved to fuck, which is what I wanted at the moment. An added bonus with Paul is that I didn’t have to dress up in girl’s clothes to get him to fuck me as I did with Jerry.

Luckily, he was home when I knocked. He gave me a wary smile, then motioned me to come inside. I was happy that he was home, but my happiness fled when I saw that he wasn’t alone. An older, chubby bearded man with thick glasses was in his living room, sitting on the couch. I stopped and said, “Oh. I didn’t know you had company. I’ll come back another time.” Inside, I was disappointed, but I tried to keep that from showing on my face.

“No, no, no,” Paul said. “I was hoping for the chance to introduce the two of you. Will, this is Professor Guilford. He teaches software languages at Huntington. Frederick, this is Will.”

“Nice to meet you, Professor” I said, nodding to Professor Guilford. He grew a small smile on his face. “Please, call me Frederick,” he said.

“I was telling Will here that computer science was the field of the future,” Paul continued. “Perhaps you could expound on that.” He stressed the “pound” in “expound”.

“Is this the young man you were telling me about?” Guilford asked Paul.

“Yes,” Paul said, coming up behind me and putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Aren’t you just delicious?” Guilford said admiringly to me. I was taken aback by his statement. He was eyeing me hungrily, and I immediately realized that Paul had told him about our meetings before. My dick throbbed in my pants.

“Why don’t you take those clothes off and show him the real you,” Paul said softly in my ear. As he did, his hand ran from my shoulder to my ass, squeezing it hard. I hesitated, but remembered that getting cock was the reason I’d come over in the first place. I quickly stripped down to nothing. I stood in front of Frederick, still seated on the couch.

“Come here, sweety,” Frederick said, reaching out towards me. I stepped up to him, and he ran his hand from my chest to my thighs and back up again. He pulled his hand back and quickly unzipped his pants, pulling his already-hard dick out. My mouth watered at the sight of it, and I sank quickly to my knees.

As I got closer to his cock, I realized that he wasn’t big like the other men I’d been with. It was nicely formed, but only average length…about the same as mine, five or six inches. Honestly, I didn’t care…a cock was a cock, and I leaned forward to take him hungrily in my mouth. He made an appreciative noise as I took him deep and sucked hard.

My mouth teased and stroked Frederick’s cock for several minutes before I heard Paul behind me. “Let’s move this to the bedroom,” he rumbled. “He’s got a habit of staining my furniture.”

Reluctantly, I pulled off of Frederick, then stood up and moved back so Frederick could also. He grabbed my hand and towed me towards the bedroom then quickly disrobed, crawled on the bed, and sat on it with his legs spread. I laid down between them, half on the bed with my legs dangling off of it. I immediately resumed sucking.

“Quite the mouth,” Frederick said, breathing heavily. I tried to smile around the mouthful of his cock.

“Wait till you try his ass,” Paul said. I felt him come up behind me, his lubed fingers finding my asshole and slowly inserting them in and out of me.

My own dick was hard as a rock, and I damn near came when Paul’s dick started sliding into me from behind as I worked my mouth up and down Frederick’s dick. Sucking a cock was wonderful, being fucked was fantastic…having a cock in both at the same time was bliss. canlı bahis şirketleri Paul started fucking me with slow, strong strokes. It threw off my timing of sucking Frederick’s dick.

As Paul started fucking faster and harder in me, I found that I didn’t even need to move much. Paul’s thrusts pushed me forward, making Frederick’s dick go deeper into my mouth, and when he pulled back, he pulled me back with him. The effect was that by Paul fucking me in my ass, he was making Frederick fuck my mouth. The sensation, along with my dick rubbing up and down the bed in time with Paul’s motions, made me dangerously close to cumming.

Paul came, his hands grabbing my hips almost painfully as he shoved himself deep into me, his cock throbbing as I felt his cum shoot deep inside me. I stopped sucking Frederick, enjoying the sensation as Paul held himself against me until I felt his cock start to deflate, and quickly pulled himself out of me.

As soon as Paul was out of my ass Frederick pulled my head off of his cock, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up. I was confused until I realized that he wanted me to ride him. I scrambled to my knees then straddled him. Turned on beyond all measure, I lined his cock up with my ass and slammed myself onto him. Between my saliva, the lube, and Paul’s cum, he slid easily inside me.

I lost track of Paul…hell, I lost track of most everything. I rode him hard and fast, my own dick slapping Frederick’s ample belly every time I came down to spear myself onto him. I don’t know how long it took before it exploded, shooting cum across his stomach and chest as I ground myself onto him. He groaned at the sensation of my ass spasming around his hard cock. As soon as my orgasm waned, I started raising and lowering myself again but he stopped me and gently pushed me off. I collapsed onto my side next to him.

“Did you cum?” Paul asked. I looked up at him standing by the bed, toweling his hair dry. He’d taken a shower while I was riding Frederick, and I hadn’t even noticed him missing.

“Yes,” Frederick smiled. I’d missed that too, in the throes of my own.

“Well, hallelujah,” Paul laughed.

Frederick looked down at the mess I’d caused on him. “If I may borrow your shower?” he said to Paul.

“Certainly,” Paul replied as he sat down on the bed next to me. Frederick got up out of Paul’s bed and ambled towards the bathroom.

“What was the ‘hallelujah’ for?” I asked Paul.

“Fred finds it difficult to cum,” he explained. “That’s one of the reasons I wanted to introduce him to you. If you couldn’t get him off, I don’t think anyone can.”

The cum, Paul and Frederick’s combined, dribbled out of me onto the bed and started to cool. I shifted away from the wet spot. “I thought you were trying to pawn me off on him,” I said.

Paul blinked. “Why would you think that?” he asked, his hand moving to stroke my hip.

“After last time,” I said falteringly, “I thought you were done with me.”

Paul laughed. “No, I hope to keep fucking you,” he said. “I’m just not interested in a relationship, is all. I thought that you were looking for one and that’s something that I can’t provide.”

“Maybe I was,” I admitted. “But it’s moot, I have a girlfriend now.”

“You do?” Paul said, a slight astonishment in his voice. “I didn’t think you were interested in women.”

I gave him a brief description of Amanda and my relationship, leaving out the other men I’d been with but stressing the fact that Amanda was not only ok with me getting cock but that it also turned her on.

“Well, that’s great,” he smiled. “So I’ll assume that you’ll be visiting again in the future?”

I closed my eyes, my ass twitching as the memory of Paul being deep inside me. “Oh, yeah,” I sighed.

“And I’d love to get together with you again,” I heard Frederick say. I glanced over and saw him finishing toweling himself dry and start to put his clothes back on. To Paul, “We’ll be late for the faculty meeting if we don’t hurry.”

“Right,” Paul said, turning to grab his clothes and pull them on.

I realized I wouldn’t have time to shower myself, and walked out to the living room to retrieve my own clothes. As soon as I was dressed, Paul came out of the his bedroom. He handed me a slip of paper with Frederick’s number on it. “Just say you’re one of his students,” he said. I stuffed it in my wallet, then got a hug from both of them.

I drove back to the apartment, my ass still seeping their cum. When I got there, Lana’s car was in the parking lot but I didn’t see her or Amanda when I went inside. I showered, quickly rinsing their juices off of me, throwing my cum-stained underwear and pants into my dirty clothes pile. I dressed and stepped back into the living room just as Lana was coming out of her bedroom. A few seconds later, a bashful Amanda followed her out.

I raised my eyebrow at them, and Lana laughed. “You’ve got good taste in girlfriends, little brother,” she said. “Good-TASTING girlfriends, too.”

I looked canlı kaçak iddaa over at Amanda, whose face was flushing red at Lana’s statement. My face broke into a smile, then I laughed.

“Should I be jealous?” I asked her, jokingly.

“Nooooo,” Amanda said, then smiled. “Well, maybe.” She walked up and kissed me. I hugged her, holding her close against me.

“Not mad?” she asked, looking up at me.

“Oh, hell, no,” I said, kissing her forehead. “I’d be quite the hypocrite if I was, wouldn’t I?”

“Good,” she purred. “because I’m definitely doing that again.”

Not surprisingly, all of us were famished. We made and quickly demolished lunch. As soon as we were finished, the phone rang. I was closest to it.


“Will, it’s Dad,” I heard over the receiver. He sounded miserable.

“Uh, hi, Dad,” I said. I was a bit wary, since I couldn’t decipher his expression when he saw me with Ron. He knew that I liked guys, and seemed to be understanding when I told him before coming up with our plan to rid him of Ron, but that expression on his face when he walked into the living room…

“She’s gone,” he said. There was a hitch in his voice when he said it.

“What? Who’s gone?” I asked, concerned.

“Your mother,” he replied.

The way he said it, the first thing that popped into my mind was that she had died from how miserable and heartbroken he sounded.

“What do you mean, ‘gone’?” I said quickly.

“I tried calling her from work. She didn’t answer, so I came home at lunch. There’s a suitcase and a bunch of her clothes missing,” he explained.

Relief flooded through me. He’d meant “gone” as in “left”, not “died”.

“We’re on our way over,” I said, waving at Amanda. I hung up before he could respond.

“What’s going on?” Lana asked.

“Mom packed up a bunch of shit and left,” I explained hurriedly. We all jumped in my car and drove over to my folk’s house. When we got there, however, there wasn’t anyone home. We let ourselves in through the back door and called out for Dad. No answer.

“Hey, look,” Lana said, pointing to the kitchen table. On it was a note in Mom’s handwriting. It simply said, “John, need to clear my head. Carole.”

There was nothing to do but wait, and after about a half hour I heard Dad’s car pull into the driveway. When he walked in, I asked, “Did you find her?”

He shook his head, then collapsed onto the couch. “I went over to Ron’s house, but she wasn’t there. That fucker had the audacity to ask for your phone number though,” he said angrily.

I almost asked, “Did you give it to him?” before stopping myself. I wouldn’t mind getting underneath Ron again. I could see why Mom liked it when he fucked her.

“Did you see this?” Lana said, holding out the note we’d found. He took it and quickly read it.

“No, I didn’t,” he said, letting the note fall from his hand to the floor. “I saw her stuff was missing and immediately called you, then went over to Ron’s.”

There was nothing for us to do but wait and hope she’d contact Dad. I called work, telling them I had a family emergency, and got the night off for both Amanda and myself. Lana sat on the couch next to Dad, her arm around him and her head on his shoulder.

It was well into the evening when Lana had made dinner, and we were sitting around the kitchen table when the phone rang. Dad answered it quickly.

“Hello?” A pause. “Oh, thank god. How is she?” Another long pause. “Has she said how long?” Yet another long pause, then Dad’s voice broke as he thickly said, “Is she coming back?” The longest pause yet. “I understand. Thank you for calling. Give her my love, if she cares to hear it.” He hung up.

We all sat, expectantly. Silence reigned as Dad collected his thoughts and cleared his throat.

“She’s in Georgia with Aunt Veronica,” he finally said. The overwhelming sadness in his voice was cut by a sliver of relief.

“What did Aunt Ronnie say?” Lana asked.

“Just that she called her early this morning to ask her to pick her up at the airport,” Dad said. “She really hasn’t spoken to your mom yet except to ask to stay with her for ‘a while’. Veronica said that mom went into the spare bedroom as soon as they got home and hasn’t come out yet.”

“At least we know she’s all right?” Amanda said, hopefully.

Dad nodded. We sat for a while, nobody knowing what to say.

“Well,” Dad said, standing up, “there’s nothing more to do tonight. You guys should go home and get some sleep.”

All three of us hugged Dad, then started walking towards the front door. Lana suddenly stopped, and said, “Maybe I should stay here tonight. I don’t think Dad needs to be alone.”

I nodded. “Good idea, he could probably use some company.”

Amanda looked at me. “Do you mind if I stay too? I mean, this is going to be my family too, and I’d like to do what I can to help.”

“It’d probably help,” Lana piped up. I glanced over at her and saw a small smile on her face. I was confused, canlı kaçak bahis until I realized that there was only one spare bed in the house, which means they’d be sharing it. They must have REALLY enjoyed each other earlier.

“Uh, sure,” I said, giving Amanda a kiss. “Call me if you need me.”

When I got back to the apartment, Jake was flustered. We’d left in such a hurry that we didn’t leave a note or anything for him.

“Where is everybody?” he asked, somewhat angrily.

I filled him in on what was going on with Mom, how we’d tricked Ron into showing his true colors to her and how it backfired spectacularly. “Lana and Amanda are staying the night over there so Dad has some company. He’s pretty stressed out.”

The anger fled from his face. “Oh,” he said meekly.

“We ate over at Dad’s,” I said. “Did you get something to eat?”

“No, not yet,” he admitted. I made him a sandwich then one for me, more so he would have some companionship than to quell any hunger I had.

“So you really slept with your mother’s boyfriend just to get rid of him? How does that work?” he asked around a bite of ham and cheese.

“Well, there wasn’t any ‘sleeping’ involved,” I said, giving him a suggestive wink. “And it was all Wilma’s doing. She used her feminine wiles on him, and he fell for it.”

“That Wilma’s quite a gal,” he laughed.

When I told him about Ron fucking me…er, Wilma…I started getting a little horny. Then I realized that I had Jake all to myself tonight. A plan formed, and I told him “I’ll be right back.”

I went into my bedroom and changed into some skimpy Wilma clothes. After that I put on make-up, going for a super slutty look. Once I achieved the look I wanted, I went back into the living room and called out in my most feminine voice, “Oh, Jaaaaaake…”

A smile bloomed on his face when he walked into the living room and saw me. Quickly, he moved over to the couch and sat in his usual place. I dropped to my knees in front of him as he unzipped his pants and tugged his cock out.

I was proud of that blowjob. It was the best one I’d ever given. I took my time, slowly and lovingly caressing his cock with my mouth and lips. When I felt like he was getting close, I pulled him out of my mouth and licked his shaft and balls. Once he calmed down, I’d take him deep into my throat, then resume my slow oral torture of him.

After about 20 minutes he was very ready to cum, but I wouldn’t let him. I could tell he was getting frustrated. Mentally crossing my fingers, I pulled my mouth off of him, gave him a pleading look, and said, “Fuck me.” I immediately went back to sucking him.

He didn’t respond, so I kept it up for a minute then pulled off of him again. “Please…fuck me,” I said, throwing as much passion into my voice as I could.

“Uh, I dunno,” Jake said, his hand grabbing the back of my head and trying to pull me back onto his cock. I resisted, but gave him a long slow lick around his cockhead.

“I don’t fuck guys,” he said, hesitantly.

“I’m not a guy, remember?” I said, popping his cockhead into my mouth for a few quick sucks, then pulling back off. “I’m your girlfriend’s hot sister. Her sister that needs a good hard ass fucking.”

I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and slooooowly pushed my mouth down onto him. I heard him groan, knowing that he was so very ready to cum.

“Maybe another time?” he said, his voice breaking with lust.

I pulled him back out and stroked him with my hand. “No, now,” I whined.

There was a long pause. “Lana doesn’t need to know,” he said softly.

I smiled. Lana would find out, regardless. “No, I won’t tell her.” I stood up and took his hand, pulling him upright and towing him into my bedroom. “Get undressed,” I breathed, looking in the nightstand drawer for the lube that I’d bought in case I ever brought a guy home. By the time I found it, he was naked sitting on the edge of the bed. I took the cap off the lube and sensuously stroked it onto his still-throbbing cock.

“Close your eyes,” I said. I didn’t want him to see my dick and change his mind. I pulled my clothes off and laid down on the bed on my stomach.

“Ok,” I said. “Come fuck me.”

I felt the bed jostle, then his hands were on the bed at my side as he climbed onto me. I felt his cock spread my asscheeks, and he slowly, gloriously, pushed himself inside me.

“Yessssss,” I moaned.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” he asked nervously.

“No, it feels gooooooooood,” I replied, twitching my ass back towards him.

He kept going, the sensation of him filling me making me more and more excited. Soon, he was completely inside me. I could feel his balls touch mine.

“Fuck me, baby,” I moaned.

He started slow, but quickly began hammering my asshole. All too soon, I realized the flaw in my plan…a little over a minute later, he lunged into me and held it. I could feel his cock throb. Shit, he was cumming already!

I desperately humped my ass up and down, hoping that an orgasm would appear. No luck. He slowly collapsed on top of me and I could feel his cum seep out of me around his rapidly deflating cock. He gingerly pulled out, and rolled onto the bed next to me, throwing his arm over his eyes.

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