A New Summer Job

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He closed the door after the last guy he interviewed to do work for him. Now he had hopes that this Tammi person would be an improvement. The phone rang and he picked it up. It was Tammi telling him that she had a water leak at her grandma’s house that had to be taken care of fast. He told her to go ahead and come over when she was done. He smiled, she sounded very nice, and kind. After a few more hours he decided to change into his silk robe and sat down to watch his favorite video.

With his covered hand, he was stroking his cock well when the door bell rang. He clicks the movie to off then took his time going to answer the door. With his cock going soft he open the door and almost lost it right there. She was beautiful. Her shorts were very short and tight. She was wearing some kind of top that did not look like it was going to stay up with the size of those delicious looking tits.

She sat across from him. He asks her a lot of questions, told what the job was. She asks if she could see the two rooms.

“Follow me. Now I would like the bedroom finished right away, her office can wait till next week!” he told her as they walk up stairs.

“I wont have any trouble doing this for you. What would you like me to do with it?” she asked as she looked around the room, then walking over to the closet looking through it.

His cock was getting harder and harder to hide so he sat down on the bed, puling a pillow over his erection.

“You canlı bahis welcome to keep anything you like in there. The rest just box up and I will take it down stairs to the garage.” he told her.

She turns to look at him, she noticed the pillow, but did not say anything. She did wonder if he was hard under that pillow. She had seen him coming and going from his house a lot these last few months she’s been house sitting for her grandmother.

“Do you mind if I try them on, I will even model them for you if you would like me to.” she asked, pulling out a beautiful sheer black number.

He could not believe what he heard, but he told her she was welcome to try any of it on.

“Thank you for letting me watch, it’s been awhile sense I saw a beautiful woman who would let me watch her dress.” he told her.

She did not have a problem with it at all. If she had her way, by the time she was done he would have to jerk off. And when he came she wanted him to shot it all over her tit’s, and face. With her back to him she slowly undressed.

“Why don’t you go down stairs and finish watching your movie. I shall come down and show you each outfit.” she told him.

He needed to jerk off fast or he would not be responsible for what might happen. She stops him at the door when she told him that he could jerk off while watching her. He moves quickly down the stairs.

His hand was stroking his cock fast when she walk around his couch, and stood bahis siteleri in front of the TV screen. Hie eyes went right to her exposed breasts, nipples hard and standing out, begging to be licked and sucked. His hand stroke his cock in long tight , and slow strokes.

She knew he liked what he sees. A sheer black body suit, witch bared her tit’s and pussy area. She let her hair down. Turning around slowly then she walk up to help, straddling his lap.

“Your cock is so beautiful. Can I please touch him?” she said.

He could not speak, so he just nodded his head yes. Her hand wrapped around the base and slowly she pulled her hand up, pushing the extra skin up to the head, then he watch as she lean over and licked it. Then she would let her hand goes back down, only to go back up again. She did this over and over again till she heard him groan.


She leaned down and kiss his lips before moving down to his chest.

“Oh How I love a man with soft chest hair for my fingers to run through.” she said softly.

Her mouth found his nipple and she licked and sucked it into her mouth for a while. She did the same with the other one. She sat back up and looked down at him.

“I think its time to show you the last outfit, I will be right back. Oh please remember where we left off at.” she told him, quickly running upstairs.

“Oh god she is going to kill me slowly.” bahis şirketleri he groaned, his cock was a thick throbbing ache.

She picked up the last one ,and held it against her smiled and quickly put it on. She saw that he was still in the same place she left him in, as she walk back down. He took one look at her and stood up pick her up and carried her to his bedroom, sitting her on his bed. She reached out taking his cock in her hand and pulling him closer to her mouth.

His body was shaking so hard he was not sure if he would last. He felt her tongue rubbing something on his cock head. Then her fingers were they and she was rolling it from the base of his cock. He knew what it was then, A cock ring, ya but oh boy she would be in for a lot of cum when he finally exploded.

Mmmm, tell me baby do you like to suck cock’s?” he asks her.

She smiled at him, and took him in her mouth deep into her throat, before pulling back up she cup his balls and hummed a slowly sweet tune that drove him over the edge fast. Seconds away from cumming she gentle squeezed the base of his cock to stop the flow. She stood up and straddled him again, only this time she took his cock and rubbed it across her pussy, before plunging down onto him hard.


His arms around her, he flip her under him, grabbing two pillows and shoving them under her ass. He took her legs and put them on his shoulders. He pounded his cock hard into her pussy. She grabs his ass, pulling him tighter against her, making his cock goes even deeper inside her.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, I AM GOING TO CUM!!!” she screamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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