A New Toy

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I love this view. It never gets old. I watch the top of his head. I see his tasseled brown hair as his mouth moves back and forth on cock. I see the curve of his perfectly rounded baby smooth cheeks, ever so slightly spread by way he arches his back, his butt perched up on top of his heels, his toes dug into the carpet as he kneels in front of me. I hear him slightly gag as I push to back of his mouth and to the edge of his throat. I reach down and take his hair in my hand, my other hand to the side of his face. I hold his head in place as I push deep into him. He stifles a choking sound as my cock moves into his throat. I hold him there like that and take him to the limit of his inability to breathe. I watch him struggle to maintain composure. Nothing feels like this. I start to fuck his throat. His eyes are long past filled with gagging tears. His saliva drips from his mouth as my cock moves in and out of him in long rhythmic strokes. He is the perfect boy.

I wanted him as soon as I walked into the room and saw nervously standing against the wall. Baby smooth and naked in only high heel shoes, a pink ribbon up under his tiny balls and little boy-like penis, pushing it all out in front, his sissy like status on total display, I wanted him as soon as I saw him. He’s exactly what men like me want, me and his owner sitting on the couch.

He is seems barely eighteen years old. As I cum in his mouth, feel the first hard spurt of it flow into his throat, I can’t help think about how long he has been doing this. This is not his first time. I can tell. He’s too good at it for that to be the case. Someone has trained this boy. I wonder at what age he started being the good little cocksucker he is. I cum hard and lose myself to his mouth completely. I pull his hair so hard while holding him place that I hear him wince, whimper, slightly gag, his mouth full of me.

“Uhhhh, oooooo…fuck…good boy, good, good boy…’

I praise his sissy velvet like wet mouth more than him as I cum. This boy is incredible. And he’s hungry too. I like that even more. I fill him with my cum. I feel my cock go slightly soft in his mouth as I continue to fuck. I see his limp hands at his sides. He is naked except for cute shoes and ribbon, and completely sissy-like vulnerable. He presented and gave his mouth the way he was told to do. His owner sits on the couch off to the side, another sissy boy kneeling at bahis firmaları his feet. The boy keeps his eyes to the floor. I feel his tongue concentrate on the underside of my cock. He moves against the hole, teases.

“Did I tell you? Is he good or what?”

His owner speaks to me as I pull my wet cock from the boy’s mouth and wipe it on the side of his face. The boy quickly closes his mouth and puts his eyes to the floor. He’s afraid of the man on the couch, it’s obvious.

“Better than good, this one is special.”

As I reach down and pull up my underwear, my pants, zip up my fly and fasten my belt, I pat the boy’s head. Run my hand down the side of his face and neck. He is baby soft. I pet him. He stays motionless, looks down at his knees. I can see some of my cum on the side of his face, see a strand of it drip slowly to his knees. He is motionless and beautiful.

“Well, he’s yours anytime you want him. I want to sell him. I have two more coming next week and I don’t like to keep more than four of five at a time. It’s too much work.”

He stands from the couch and moves to the boy in front of me. He puts on finger under the boys chin and lifts. With his other hand he snaps his fingers. The boy quickly stands, his hands go to his rear cheeks. He spreads them wide. He’s been trained to do this. It’s obvious.

He is as he was when I first saw him, tiny boy like penis with a pink bow around his balls, pushing all up and out front. His penis is soft and pink, his tiny thing bounces in front of him as he stands. His owner reaches down firmly and twists the boy by his arm almost knocking him over. He’s presenting his girl-like bubble butt to me. He reaches down with both hands and spreads the boy’s cheeks wider. The boy winces slightly. I can tell it hurts to be spread that wide.

“Look at that. You won’t find a tighter ass than that anywhere. I dare you to.”

I put my finger to the boy’s hole. I feel him flex ever so gently and barely tighten on just the tip of my finger. Instantly he relaxes completely. His master sees it. He hits the boy so hard on the butt, slaps him, he almost lifts him up off the floor.

“Stay still, bitch! Nobody told you to move.”

I push my middle finger into his hole to the first joint. He opens easily for me. He’s lubricated, delicately, not messy. I like that. His owner thinks of everything.

“Is he a stranger kaçak iddaa to the whip, the paddle? Have you been beating this boy? I hope not.”

I pet his face with my other hand. I feel the tightness of his hole. He is a rare find.

“Are you kidding me? You know how I groom these pets.”

His owner gestures to the back of the room. Three other boys are standing, as this one was before I selected him. Naked, each with a pink ribbon accentuating there tiny penises, they stare to the floor.

“Would you like to try another?”

I take the boy by the arm. I pull him up close to me. I lift his chin and stare into his eyes. I reach back and cup his left cheek in my hand. I feel goose bumps rise on his rear end. This one likes what he is. I can tell. This one will love what he’s about to become.

“How much?”

His owner moves slowly, sits back on the couch next to his naked personal pet boy. He puts his hand on the naked boy’s shoulder as he kneels at his feet in front of the couch. He unzips his pants and takes his cock out. It is huge. He pulls it out through his fly. The boy kneeling next to him instantly bends forward and takes his owner’s cock into his mouth. He starts to suck slow and methodically. He does not have to be told what to do.

“$2,500. And I think that’s a bargain.”

I reach down and take the boy’s penis in my hand. I feel him start to get erect as soon as I touch him. These little slave boys are sex addicts. It’s what brought them to this life. Women are fun, suck and fuck…for a while. Then they lose interest. These boys never lose interest, ever. They will suck and offer their rear ends forever. It’s what they live for. They are sissy whores and they are driven.

“$1,500. “

I turn the boy around and push my middle finger all the way up into his rear fast and deep. He whimpers softly, rises up onto his toes.

“$2,000. I can’t let him go for anything less.”

His words are filtered through heavy breathing. The boy in front of him is making him more than excited. He sounds like he’s about to cum. The boys head moves up and down on so fast he is a blur. He’s masturbating my host with his mouth as efficiently as he can. He knows he will be punished if he doesn’t.

I turn the boy around. Yanking my finger out of him, I French kiss him deeply, quickly. He kisses back with passion. I can taste my cum in his mouth. He sucks kaçak bahis my tongue and I feel him melt into me. I pull my lips off of him. Looking into his eyes I speak to the man on the couch.

“Done. I will take him with me. I don’t want his clothing. I do want his ID. Have him put into the back seat of my car as is. “

I walk to the couch and sit next to the boy’s now former owner. I watch as two other boys quickly lead my boy from the room. The man sitting next to me gestures to the boy in front of him. He smiles, offering. I take my cock out of my pants and hold it up as the boy moves from the man to me. He starts to masturbate my semi erection with his mouth. He must be dizzy from how fast he moves, excellent training, a good little cocksuker.

“Not bad. But I think I have the better boy. “

The man laughs.

“They all have something to offer, don’t they? And that one makes the most erotic noises while being whipped and begging. You’ll see. You got a better than good deal. Now you haven’t even asked me but he’s 19 and as you can see looks much younger. I’ll give you all of his things before you leave. Enjoy. You are my guest. Let that little bitch make you cum again. It’s on me.”

He stands and puts his cock back into his pants. He leans down and pulls the boys mouth off of me, yanks his head off me by the boy’s hair.

“You do a good job at pleasing my guest! You know what happens if you don’t.”

The boy says nothing as his head is pushed down on to me, my cock sliding back into his mouth.

“I’ll be in my office when you finish. Take your time. And if you want to fuck him, that’s on me too. You got a very good deal today, my friend. You’ll get years of pleasure and service from that one. And when he’s feminized you can’t tell he’s a boy.”

He laughed as he started for the door.

“I think I did. I know I did. And you knew I’d want him as soon as I saw him.”

I slipped back against the couch and let myself go completely to the wet mouth so eager please me.

“I’ll be in my office. Your boy will be in the back seat of your car when you’re ready to leave, fresh makeup pretty. I can’t wait to hear you thank me after you’ve had a real chance to use him thoroughly.”

He laughed loudly. He turned and walked to the door at the end of the room. The naked boys remained still and silent as he walked by. I watched the boy in front of me as he worked so hard to make me cum, struggling hard to make that happen. I saw his naked butt. Not as cute as the boy I just bought but cute. I thought about maybe fucking him.

I love this view. It never gets old.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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