A Night Among Friends

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She looked down at the beautiful girl laying in her bed. She ran her fingers up her inner-thighs and smiled as she watched the girl’s eyes roll back. She had been friends with her for awhile. She still did not quite understand how they had become lovers, but it didn’t matter anymore. She watched the girls round, innocent looking face flush. Her long, brown hair framed her cheeks. Jessi’s hands ran up her legs, across the top of her pussy, where she gave a little shudder and a slight moan. Jessi smiled, “not yet, Love.”

She ran her hands up her belly. She liked her belly. It wasn’t perfect, small stretch marks lined it and the imperfections made it beautiful to Jessi. She ran her hands all the way up to her girlfriend’s pretty face, and ran her thumb over her lips. Kathleen licked Jessi’s thumb and brought it in her mouth to suck on it a little. Jessi smiled at this and pulled her thumb back. She took her hands to Kathleen’s long, wavy hair, and yanked the girl up. Kathleen rolled her eyes with pleasure as Jessi brought her full lips down to meet hers. She pulled her back and kissed down her long neck. Kathleen moaned and whispered, “I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.”

Jessi pulled back and brought her lips back up to Kathleen’s. She spoke to her softly, “you will, Love. Don’t worry. I’m gonna make that pussy feel real good.”

Kathleen nodded and moaned at her words. She brought her head down and kissed Jessi’s full breasts. She moved back and forth between each rose colored nipple, suckling and nibbling on them. She watched, pulling Kathleen’s hair back. Jessi shuddered as she felt Kathleen’s long, thin fingers play on her clit. Jessi roughly pulled Kathleen’s hair, making her fall back down on the bed. She smiled as she saw Kathleen wince, but came up and gave her small, soft kisses on the temples, “did that hurt?”

“Just a little.”

“Aww… I’m sorry.”

Kathleen knew she wasn’t sorry. Jessi liked to play rough, and Kathleen submitted to it. Jessi let her hand down on Kathleen’s pussy and cupped it in her hand.

“You ready for me?”




Jessi illegal bahis smiled and gave Kathleen’s pussy some small smacks. Kathleen’s body bucked at the pleasure of Jessi’s long fingers hitting her already hard clit.

“Yeah, you seem ready.”

Jessi inched back down and laid between Kathleen’s legs. She kissed the thin lips of Kathleen’s pussy, while letting her index finger run along the slit. Kathleen moaned and sat up a little to watch. Jessi looked at her before she attacked Kathleen’s pussy with her mouth. She sucked the clit between her lips and flicked her tongue against the hard, little nub. Kathleen laid back down, moaning, throwing her hands into Jessi’s short, red hair.

“Oh God I love that!”

Jessi smiled and took her clit between her teeth, nibbling on it while she slipped a finger into Kathleen’s wet pussy. Kathleen bucked as Jessi pushed her finger in and out shallowly, hitting her g-spot as she continued to lap at her clit.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me come!”

Jessi licked and fingered her harder and faster. She moaned into her clit, sending the vibrations of her voice onto the bundle of nerves. Kathleen screamed out in pure pleasure and Jessi felt her juices splash around her finger.

She pulled up and looked at her, bending down, she left little kisses on Kathleen’s pussy. Kathleen tried to pull her away, giggling, yelling out, “stop, stop, I came. You always make me come so fast the first time. Stop that tickles.”

Jessi didn’t stop. She kept kissing and let her finger back into Kathleen’s pussy. She moved it around, getting it wet, then slipped it down to the tight puckered hole of Kathleen’s ass. Kathleen let out a moan and thrust her hips forward. Jessi talked into Kathleen’s cunt, “You want me to fuck you in the ass?”

“You know I do. I love it.”

Jessi smiled, “such a little slut.”

Jessi slipped her slender finger into the tight hole and Kathleen let out a low moan. She lapped at her clit again as she worked the tight hole. It took Kathleen a little longer to come this time but she when she did Jessi was rewarded with lots of juices hitting illegal bahis siteleri her chin.

Jessi pulled up and laid down on Kathleen. Kathleen busied herself by licking her juices off of Jessi. Jessi looked at her, “you ready, Love?”

“Yes, yes! I’ve been waiting for it all fucking night.”

Jessi laughed and pulled back, pulling Kathleen up by her hair with her, “Get it.”

Kathleen squealed and went to the drawer where her favorite toy was. She brought it out and looked at it lustfully. It was a nine inch long, two inch thick strap-on. It had features on it that made the cock vibrate and had a place that fit nicely on Jessi’s clit, so that she could get off as well.

She brought it over and put it on Jessi. Jessi ran her hand along the cock and smiled, “get it wet.”

Kathleen began to suck it as though it were a real cock. Jessi turned it on and let out a moan as the vibration went into her clit.

“That’s it Love, suck that cock.”

Jessi thrust her hips forward, sending the big toy down Kathleen’s throat. Kathleen didn’t choke; she never did, but Jessi watched the tears form in her eyes. She held Kathleen’s head as she thrust the cock in and out of her mouth. She pulled it back and watched as a line of spit connected Kathleen’s lips to the cock.

“Turn ’round.”

Jessi’s voice was raspy, the toy was doing its job.

Kathleen turned around, keeping her big, round ass in the air. Jessi rubbed it with one hand and smacked the fake cock down on one ass cheek with the other. Kathleen squealed again. Jessi liked that sound.

Jessi slid the cock down Kathleen’s ass and popped the tip into her pussy. Kathleen let out another moan and tried to push back on it. Jessi grabbed her hips, “Not so fast, slut.” Jessi held the cock at the base and slowly moved it shallowly inside of her. Kathleen begged, “give it to me. Please. Give me all of it. I need it.”

“You want it? You want all of this cock? You want me to fuck you hard?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me hard with it. I want to come all over it for you.”

Jessi slapped Kathleen hard on the ass, canlı bahis siteleri making Kathleen whimper in pleasure and pain.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes! I’m your naughty girl. Now please fuck me!”

“Tell me you want my cock.”

“I want your cock.”

“Tell me you’re my dirty slut.”

“I’m your dirty slut.”

Jessi slammed the cock into Kathleen’s pussy. Kathleen screamed as the cock stretched her pussy. Jessi groaned and kept slamming into her. She grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled Kathleen’s head back.

“Whose whore are you?”


“What are you good for?”

“Fucking you.”

“That’s right, Love.”

Jessi slowed her pace, letting the cock go deep into Kathleen’s pussy and pulling it out slowly. She liked the way Kathleen’s body shook when she did this.

Jessi pulled the cock out and Kathleen immediately turned around and started licking it. Jessi smiled, “You like the taste of your own cum?” Kathleen nodded and looked up at her.

“You ready to ride this cock? You ready to make me come?”

Kathleen nodded, “I want to make you come. I want to taste it.”

Jessi laid down, bringing Kathleen on top of her.

“Ride it Love. Show me what you got.”

Kathleen began to grind down on the toy. Jessi watched her body move as she danced on the cock. She could feel her pussy about to explode, and brought her hands up to play with Kathleen’s tits. Kathleen’s hands went to Jessi’s as Jessi squeezed the nipples, pinching them hard, and pulling them out. Kathleen looked down at Jessi, “Am I doing a good job? Am I going to make you come?”

Jessi smiled and grabbed Kathleen’s hips, “ride it bitch.”

Kathleen’s head went back as she began to bounce up and down on the cock. Jessi listened to the sounds of Kathleen’s orgasm.

“That’s it Love. Keep it up. Fuck, you’re going to make me come. Look at me.”

Kathleen looked down at Jessi. They locked eyes as Jessi’s hips thrust up with her orgasm.

Kathleen moved off of Jessi and took the toy off. She laid down and lapped at Jessi’s pussy, “did I do a good job?”

Jessi looked down at her friend and moved her hair out of the way, “yes Love, you did. You always do.”

Jessi pulled Kathleen’s head up and laid it down on her belly. She played with her hair until both girls fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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