A Night of Romance

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This is my first submission. It is rather short, so please forgive me. Feed back is very welcome. I hope you all enjoy my effort. Thank you.

Even though it is still in the early evening, the restaurant is rather dark on the inside. We sit down to enjoy a romantic and intimate candle lit dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. Your beautiful radiance is enhanced in the gentle flicker of the shadows that are cast upon your face by the candles. We sit across from one another, oblivious to the world around us. Our feet caressing each other’s legs under the table, just enjoying the comfortable company, we naturally have, talking of whatever comes to mind. But it is in the silence that I appreciate the most, for it is then that I truly see your inner beauty. In the candle light your bright and beautiful blue eyes twinkle. I can see your inner most desire in those enigmatic eyes.

After dinner we decide to take a walk on the beach by our house. The sand is cool and shifting under our bare feet as we stroll, arm in arm. I can hear your thoughts, your wants, and your needs being whispered in the gentle breeze that flows around us as we watch the sun set. We can hear the gentle call of the seagulls floating on the wind, and the salty sea air that tickles our noses. I anticipate the possibilities that the night holds for us. I long to feel the gentle caress of your fingertips on my face, followed by the touch of your lips on mine.

We can feel the urgency, the need, the lust, hanging in the air between us. I hold your body close to mine. I gently brush a strand of your gorgeous blonde hair off the side of your face. It has been far too long since I have felt the appreciating eyes of my lover upon me. Just the thought of you wanting me as badly as I want you sends shivers up and down my spine.

I can smell the scent of your shampoo as I hold your face in my hands and kiss you tenderly on your forehead. My lips gently travel from there to each of your eyes, to your nose, your chin, and finally to your lips. Your lips taste of the wine you sipped delicately during dinner. I can’t help myself, and I have to taste more of you. I kiss you again, urging you to part your lips so I can seek your delicate flavor that is enhanced by the sweet flavor of the wine.

My hands move from the sides of your face, moving slowly down your backside. My hands lightly caress your back as they glide across your shoulder blades, down your spine, and travel south toward your tight ass. I resist the urge to massage those wonderful globes, and take you right then and there on the sandy beach. I know that great things come to those who wait, and instead we hold hands and walk back to our home.

We reach the bedroom, ripping the clothes off each other the moment we cross the threshold. I quickly scoop you up in my arms before güvenilir bahis you escape my reach. I carry you to the bed and gently place you on top of it. I stand there and simply stare in awe and wonder. My eyes devour you from head to toe, drinking in your gorgeously tanned and sculpted body. I am at a loss of what to do. My mind goes blank, never have I before beheld such a beautiful creature. Everything I have ever thought of doing to you and your luscious body suddenly eludes my conscious being. Even though we have made love many times, I find myself in this position too often.

You reach for my hand and gently pull me into the bed where I lie next to you. Our lips meet as we kiss passionately. Time loses all meaning as our tongue’s duel. I relish the different textures of your mouth from the silky feeling of your teeth to the ridges of the roof of your mouth and the velvet feeling of your tongue caressing mine.

My hand lets go of yours as my fingertips lightly caress your skin starting at your wrist. My fingers linger in the soft vulnerable spot of your elbow which elicits a soft giggle mingled with a moan of desire.

As my fingertips trail up your arm to your shoulder, my lips leave yours and leave feather kisses on your cheek as they search for your earlobe. You enfold me in a passionate embrace as I kiss you along your jaw moving ever closer to your ear. I quickly move your hands and pin them up above your head with one hand while I meticulously lick the outside edge of your ear, occasionally nipping the sensitive lobe, sending little shocks of pleasure to your core. In between nips, I whisper a few of the many wicked ideas that are flooding my mind that leave you groaning with desire.

Hoping that your hands will stay in place above your head, my hands softly move down the now exposed and sensitive part your arm. The backs of my fingertips lightly brush the sides of your rib cage as I kiss my way back down along your jaw line and your neck. My mouth continues to kiss you gently as I make my way to the valley between the gentle slope of your breasts. The intoxicating scent of your bath gel is driving me over the edge every time I inhale deeply.

My tongue leaves a glistening trail as I trace an inward spiral with each pass coming ever closer to your nipple. My warm mouth engulfs your turgid bud as my tongue gently flicks across the tip. One hand lazily crosses back and forth across your taut, flat stomach, feeling the rippling muscles contract every time my teeth scrape across your sensitive nipple. My other hand is gently massaging the breast not occupied by my mouth. You arch your back to where only your shoulders, ass, and feet are touching the bed, as a result, your nipple presses into the center of my palm while trying to force as much of your other breast in my mouth as humanly possible.

My türkçe bahis mouth moves to your other breast as the free hand resumes the massaging on the other breast. I can smell our arousal in the air. Your moans grow louder and more insistent as my hand moves from your stomach to your thigh.

I lightly brush the inside of your thigh with the soft pads of my fingers. A soft whimper escapes your beautiful full lips as my mouth leaves your breast. My tongue lingers on your belly button before I continue my journey to the sweetest place on earth.

I readjust my body and settle down between your legs. Your pussy is devoid of any hair, I can see that your lips are already slightly open and glistening with your heavenly fluids. I start with the backs of your knees, kissing each one alternately as I move up to your inner thighs. Your hands reach for my head, trying to guide my talented mouth to give you release. I resist the temptation to grant your wish and continue to slowly tease you.

I look into those shockingly beautiful baby blue eyes as you try to pull my head into your core. I whisper just loud enough for you to hear my threat of tying you up so I can have my way with you in my own time. I quickly see the pleading in your eyes as you gladly welcome that threat and I scold myself for even saying it. I know in my heart of hearts that is what you desperately want.

I slide my arms under your thighs and bring my hands over the top of your hips and gently spread your pussy lips apart the rest of the way. Now I can see that your clit is standing at attention, begging for my tongue to lavish and worship the priceless pearl.

My tongue starts its journey by licking your outer lips. I can feel your hands on my head pulling harder, but I still resist, reveling in the fact that my teasing you is turning you on even more. As my tongue gets closer to your pleasure button, I deviate my course and find your tight canal instead. I can taste a tangy flavor mixed with a sweetness that I can’t describe. I gently slide my tongue slowly in and out, changing the shape of my tongue with every thrust into your canal as I search for more of you intoxicating flavor. I rhythmically squeeze your clit gently between my thumb and index finger that leaves you pleading for more.

I finally give into your request as you grow more and more vocal in what you want and I eagerly comply. I remove my tongue from your slick tight channel and quickly thrust two fingers into your pussy. I develop a slow and tortuous rhythm as I lightly dust your clit with the tip of my tongue. I notice your hips are lifting up trying to meet my thrusts. Your fluids are flowing freely down the crack of your ass and with the middle finger of my other hand, I start circling your puckered rear passage. My finger urges you to relax and accept that single digit. güvenilir bahis siteleri This action combined with the other stimulations sends you over the edge, screaming my name and into the euphoric state you experience after a great orgasm as your ambrosia scented fluids splash all over my hands and face.

Before your heart beat can go back to its resting pace, my middle finger that had been teasing you finally slides in home as your tight passage grips me like a silken glove. Simultaneously, I slide a third finger into your vaginal canal and remove my mouth from your clit.

I look up at you in hopes to see those blue eyes hazed over with the pure bliss I am bringing you, only to discover that they are tightly closed. Your head tosses back and forth, side to side, with curious sounds escaping your lips. To me, you sound like you are trying to groan, scream, moan, and sigh all at the same time. I try hard to make sense of the sounds coming from your gorgeous mouth and I quickly realize that it is an impossible task.

I refocus my attention to my hands and try with all my might to alternate the thrusting between your ass and your pussy so that as one finger pulls out, the other three are thrusting back in. As much as I desperately want to pull off this simple task, my mind can’t make the translation to my fingers, so I let them do their own thing and as I nibble your succulent flesh around my pumping fingers. I sense you are close to reaching that orgasmic bliss a second time and I quickly suck your clit back into my mouth.

Your hips are bucking faster and faster, and I’m left finding it very difficult keeping my mouth attached to your clit, so I do the only thing my mind finds rational and tightly hold your clit between my teeth. The sudden pressure alone releases a feral scream from your throat as you are plunged over a cliff of sweet oblivion as you squirt your fluids all over me for a second time.

Instead of letting you peacefully ride the orgasm like you did just a short while ago, my tongue ferociously licks and devours your pebble as your hips are wildly trying to throw me off as I hold on for dear life.

Finally as your orgasm starts to subside as your body gently shudders from the aftershocks. I gently remove my fingers from their warm cocoons and lightly lick your entire nether region clean. I can feel your body shudder every time my tongue passes over your clit When I finish cleaning you up, I look into your eyes as I suck each finger into my mouth sensuously. I finally notice that your hands are gently gripping each side of my face weakly trying to pull my face up next to yours for a soul wrenching kiss.

Finding that I have run out of air, I pull my lips away from yours and look into your angelic eyes. I can see that they are glazed over showing peace, pure bliss, hunger and the desire bring me equally more pleasure than I gave you. Just looking into those gorgeous blue eyes, I lose all sense of time, almost like I am looking at an endless ocean. Just when I think I’ll never see the shore, there is your soul waiting for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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