A Night Out

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Big Tits

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Pam…happy birthday to you ….” the five of us sang in unison or the closest you could get to unison with 5 drunk women.

“Okay now you guys, come on ….1 … 2 …. 3 ….. lick, slam, suck!!!” Benita yelled after she had passed around another shooter to each of us.

“Uggg,” I shuddered as the Tequila shot down my throat for the 3rd time that night, “geez… I hate these things… can’t you get something that tastes better that that?”

“Maybe, I can help you with that,” I hear a sexy voice whisper into my ear, “wanna dance?”

As I turn around to see who is asking me …. my heart starts to beat a bit faster in my chest. Oh, it’s that guy that I’d be making eyes at all night. As he sat in the corner nursing his beer, I had been watching him out of the corner of my eye, trying to determine if he was with anyone or not…. guess not!

“Wellllll….I guess that depends on what you’re offering to help me with,” I giggle to him, “but I’d love to dance in the meantime until you figure it out.”

As he grabs my hand to lead me to the dance floor, I notice the envious looks I’m getting from the other women around the bar. “Ya…he IS kind of hot,” I grin to myself, his sexy as sin black eyes, jet black hair and athletic build … well … just do it for me!!!

The DJ is playing a latin mix and once we’re on the dance floor, he pulls me close to play his hips against mine. I can feel myself start to flow as he places his big hands on my hips and slides my body against his … first one way and then the other, back and forth … up, down and around.

“Ummmm, feels so good,” I think. I can’t seem to take my eyes off of his….that soft sexy grin he has on his face blows my mind and makes the pit of my stomach ache.

“What’s your name,?” I try and ask over the music. He slowly shakes his head and points to his ears, I realize that he can’t hear me so grab his arms by the elbows and pull the top of his body more into contact with mine. I can feel my nipples bead as I lean up on my tip toes to get to his ear, “What’s your name?” I ask again.

“Why don’t you just call me Mr. M,” he advises, “all of my real close friends call me that, and I think that we are going to be REAL close,” as he winks at me.

I think of playing hard to get, but hell… I’m drunk, horney, available and VERY ATTRACTED to this sexy stranger!!! “mmmmm, think of what would be better than that Tequilla I was drinking early?” I flirt with him, “anything you’d like to recommend?”

As the music continues to blare out, our bodies start to slide together, my nipples rub against his chest, his cock is starting to stand at attention, rubbing against my hot pussy, his hands are by now, on my back, massaging up and down, getting lower with each handful until he lightly touches my ass.

“Ummmm ya,” he answers, “how about … a screamin’ orgasm?” as he leans down and whispers in my ear, his breath lightly runs over my lobs making a shiver course down my spine.

As he straightens back up, I notice that he has that sexy little grin playing over the corner of him mouth. “Mmmmmm,” I think to myself, “I want to taste that!”

“So, do you come to Sweet Waters often?” I lean up and ask him.

No he shakes his head, “my friends…” he points his chin over by the table I had seen him at before, “dragged me out of the house tonight… I’m not normally into the whole bar thing, but glad I let them convince me tonight,” he explains, “how about you?”

“Me too,” I murmur, “it’s my friends birthday on the 13th so thought we’d talk her out the Saturday before and get her drunk…well and to dance ofcourse”. Deciding to throw caution to the wind as I feel my cunt throb and my nipples ache, “would you like to come outside with me for a bit, I need some fresh air!”

“You bet,” he replies and grabs my hand to take me out the back of the door by where all of the smokers are standing. Once we get outside and walk a little into the park that is back there, he slowly pulls me into his arms and lowers his mouth to mine.

His tongue comes out to softly flick at the sides of my mouth, not pressuring me to let him in … just trying to coax. “Mmmmmmm… I murmur as I part my lips lightly to let his tongue run along the seam of my mouth.

“You taste so good,” he murmurs to me, “a mixture of Tequilla and hot woman, what could be better?” Knowing this is a retorical question, I quickly open my mouth fully and slant it sideways to take his mouth is a sexy kiss. My tongue drives into his mouth to flick and rub against his teeth and tongue and as he pulls me down onto the bench that is there, I start to squirm.

I can feel my wetness through my jeans and am a little bit embarrased at how eagerly my cunt wants this stranger. “By the way, my name is Gyzsmo” I inform him, “but call me Gyz,”.

I can feel his hardness thrusting up against my thigh as I sit down in his lap… deciding to change canlı bahis positions, my knees come up on either side of his, my pussy, coming into intimate contact with his cock.

My hips start to move, back and forth, around and around and up and down, trying to let him know how turned on I am. I throw my head back and a soft whimper comes out of my throat as his hands come up to play with my rock hard nipples. “Ah, that feels so good”.

As I try to reach down to feel his cock and perhaps brush my hand over my hot cunt as well … I find his hand just on the way there, “Oh ya,” I murmur to him.

His fingers start to undo the button on my jeans and my eyes fly open to quickly look around to see if anyone else is about, but no, although I can hear distant voices coming back from the way of the bar, I can’t see anyone.

As his fingers start to dip into my panties, a gasp escapes my lips, the feeling of being in public.. only a short distance away from the 300 people in the bar, turns me on more than I thought would ever happen.

I watch his facial expressions as after dipping inside, he brings out the wetness that is there and licks it from his fingers. “Ah… you taste so good,” he murmurs.

“Want a taste?” he murmurs bringing his fingers back into my hot dripping pussy. He offers them up to me once more and as I flick a tongue out to taste myself on his fingers, my hands moved to his jeans.

“Mmmmmm, what’s this,” I tease as I lightly run my fingers over the huge bulge in his jeans, “does he want to come out and play?”

Mr. M’s hips buck off of the bench as I quickly undo his jeans, peal away his boxers and slid down until I’m kneeling on the ground. I slowly lift my eyes to look up at him as my lips wrap themselves around his hard, long, cock. I lick him, up one side and down the other , while reaching my own hand down into my panties so that I can rub myself.

“Yes…that feels so good,” he mumbles under his breath, ” oh ya…” as I start to take him further into my mouth, his hands come up to lightly run through my long strawberry blonde hair, slightly pulling it away from my face so that he can look at his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

I continue to suck and lick and nibble and scrape until I can tell that he is on the verve of cumming in my mouth and then I stop. At his loud groan, I again search the area for people and still I can’t see anyone, so I quickly stand up, peal off my jeans from just one leg, hop up onto his lap facing him and bring his cock within inches of my cunt.

I’m so wet that I’m dripping all over his cock and it hasn’t even reached me yet. I feel him grab ahold of the base of his cock and start to tease me with the head, back and forth over my clit, hard enough to feel but not enough that I was going to cum until he was ready to let me.

“Do you like that,” he whispers in my ear, “does my hard cock feel good rubbing your clit?”

“How much to you want my big, hard, cock plunging into your hot juicy wet cunt, come on Gyz, tell me….”

I start to lower myself onto his cock, trying to get it into my hole … I feel empty … and he must have taken pity on me, as in one quicke lunge, he impales himself fully inside my cunt and I scream outloud from the shock of it, he’s so full in there.

As he continues to stroke me in and out, I rotate my hips to try and keep him inside and bring my hand down from where it is pinching my nipples to rub my clit in circles. Faster and faster my fingers fly and as I feel his thrusts quicken and his breathing deepen, my fingers move over my clit fast and furious and I lean down to take his mouth again in a wild kiss.

He rams one last time up inside of me… hitting my g-spot somehow and that’s it , I feel my cunt grab and squeeze him inside of me… milking his cock of its cum and he presses hard into me and he spills himself deep inside.

My head is thrown back and a load moan escapes my lips to join the louder groans coming from him.

“Oh God, you are so hot,” he whispers into my neck after putting his hands on my back and pulling me so that I can rest against his chest. His breathing begins to slow down and ummmmmm… I feel so good that I don’t want to move, but know that we need to before we get caught in this position.

As I slowly start to slip his cock out of me… I feel our cum leak out onto his balls …. mmmmm …. I just can’t resist leaning down and licking some of that off of him. “Ohhhh … we taste so good,” I murmur, looking up at him.

I hear him start to gasp again and realizing this is never going to get us out of here, I quickly pull myself up to get dressed. I can hear him doing the same behind me and as I finish buttoning my jeans, he leans into my back, moves my hair and whispers….

“How about dessert at my place?”

A Night In – Mr. M

That cab ride back to my place could never have taken longer, even though it was only mere minutes away. Feeling my cock straining against the bahis siteleri inside of my jeans, craving more of what I had gotten a taste of earlier, my hands wander up and down her thighs, rubbing lustily against the heat between her legs, almost tasting that sweet wetness once again on my tongue.

“God, I can’t get enough of you baby”, I huskily whisper, as my lips devour hers wildly, my tongue lashing without a moment’s hesitation, deeply gliding into her mouth. That familiar tingle burns through my chest, hardening me more than ever (as if that were possible).

Within a second of our kiss, I feel our cab lurch to a stop, and she flings the door open and slips out, while I hastily hand the driver a $20, and spy that all-knowing smile curled on his lips, through the rear-view mirror. Ignoring it, I step out, the cold, brisk air of the night hitting my face, yet not cool enough to chill my heated body, my mind screaming for more of that sexy woman already leaning up against my front door, as the cab pulls away and I make my way to her.

“Mmmm… I could eat you right up”, I growl softly, as I press the muscled wall of my chest up against her perfect breasts, pinning her against the main door, my knee sliding between her thighs, nudging them apart. My lips hungrily find hers once more as I fumble with the handle, throwing the door open as we stay lip-locked, the front of my thigh rubbing against the juicy cunt that waits for me beyond those jeans.

This was what I’d wanted all along, to get her all to myself, ever since I spied her in that bar, slamming the Tequila. Being pressed up against her, soaking in her warmth just intensified the lusty desires in me.

The faint taste of that Tequila mingled with her own sweetness floods my tongue, making me gasp for precious air, and I drag her in, barely managing to kick the door shut as we stumble in our passionate frenzy right into the dimly-lit living room. “Let me get those”, I whisper huskily again, as she sits up on the couch, and starts unzipping her jeans.

Reaching down to her arched hips, hooking my fingers into the waistband of those tight jeans and her panties all at once, I pull them off her legs swiftly, revealing that trimmed bush that had been riding my big cock outdoors barely half an hour ago. “You fuckin’ cock-tease”, I whisper, and grin as Gyz starts rubbing her pussy, knowing that I’m forced to watch while I slide my jeans off and throw them away.

“Oh, I’m no tease, Mr.M- I’m the real deal”, she says with a saucy smirk, making sure I’m watching as she draws her now sopping fingers up to her lips and gives them a luscious lick. (God, How I’m going to pound her for that one!)

Realising she’s just as wet as I am hard sends a shiver of lust through me, tensing every muscle in my body- including for my raging cock.

Not wasting another second, I kneel down in front of her, between her legs, spreading them wide, aching to pound those hard-to-reach spots inside that delicious cunt and make them sing. “I can’t stand it baby, drive it in”, she moans softly- and cuts off into a gasping scream, as I hammer into her sopping box in one deep thrust, filling her completely.

“Ohhhh yeah”, I groan, as I grind my hips in slow circles, and pull out to hammer back in, this time ramming in balls-deep, every inch of my thickness disappearing into that already dripping pussy.

“I want you…to..fuck me..hard..mmm…”, she pants, her blue eyes screaming carnal volumes of lust into mine, turning my entire body into a raw, instinctive animal. “Drive that big cock into me”, she gasps.

Building up a steady rhythm, I coax her with a husky growl..”rub your clit baby… Mmmm!… Yesss!!!”, and pull her ass off the edge of the couch, keeping those legs pinned back, wide apart. She slides her hand down, fingers massaging her clit as we both watch my glistening, throbbing cock plunge in and out, muscles taut and rippling across my chest, shoulders and abs as I hammer in and out relentlessley.

“Mmmmm, I’ve wanted..to do this..since I first laid eyes on you”, I murmur. “To FUCK your tight cunt.. pound you with my long, thick cock”, I barely manage to groan, as she whimpers and gasps with my every thrust, eyes widening with every deep stroke.

An aggressive growl rumbles in my throat, my slick, fat cock thundering into her with a sharp slap of our bodies every time, while her fingers furiously rub her clit. Hearing her gasps turn into louder moans, I dip down to deeply kiss her again, tongues going wild as our muffled moans and dirty whispers turn more urgent.

Pulling back and feeling fingernails scraping down against my rigid abs, I wonder how she knew just what to do to overwhelm my senses.. so I angle upward, hitting that g-spot steadily a few times, and gasping as I burst thickly, feeling her juicy cunt milk every last drop out of me as she gushes over my cock, both of us left gasping for air once again.

My head dips down into her neck, hot breath blowing across her neck as I groan bahis şirketleri loudly, and suck the first thing that my lips can find; her earlobe, my drained cock slick as ever inside her. “I could fuck you aaallll night long”, I hungrily whisper, and slam deep one more time, my balls tapping against her ass, as I slowly grind in steady circles, mixing our juices, realising our bodies are covered in a light sweat, with our shirts still on.

“MMMmmmm”.. playfully brushing your hand away from your clit, I slowly, gently rub, knowing you’re sensitive- teasing you with a brief swirl of my fingers. “The night’s barely begun”, I whisper, that devilish twinkle in my eyes never leaving. “Mmm! I’m all yours, sexy”, she coyly murmurs back.

Letting out a wicked smile, my glazed, dark gems peer to an open doorway, on the right, and I slide off, beckoning with a finger, to follow me when ready.

She hears the shower start up, and smiles to herself as she realises its time to wash off, and slides off the couch…

A Night In Continued – Jennaya

As I get off of the couch to follow him down the hall, I unbutton my shirt to let is trail behind me as I walk, until finally letting it fall to the floor at the door to the bathroom.

Reaching back to undue the clip on my bra as I walk through the door, a soft gasp escapes my lips as I notice all of the candles he has lite and the huge whirlpool tub he has … all filled up with bubbles.

Turning at hearing my gasp from where he is kneeling lighting an insense stick, he notices my expression and gives me a soft sensous look.

“Come here baby,” he whispers while standing up and reaching out for my hand.

Placing mine in his, he pulls me close to give me a soft kiss on the lips and reaches his arms around me to undo the clip that I had completey forgotten about. As he pulls the bra down my arms and tosses it to the floor, his hands come up to cup my breasts and massage them gently.

“Ahhhh,” I moan, “that feels so good, don’t stop……… Mmmmm.”

Chuckling, he moves his hands away and pulls me closer to the tub, “Come on … in you go.”

As I step up onto the platform to bring my leg over the side, I slip slightly and without his there to support me, I would have fallen.

“I’ve got you, careful now.” As he helps me sit down in the hot soothing water, I let out a groan as I feel the heat seep into my body.

“Wow, this feels so good,” I advise as I look up into his sexy face, “aren’t you going to join me?”

“Not quite yet,” he murmurs, turning around to grab something he had put on the counter. Turning back around, I notice a sponge in his hands. He moved to sit on the side of the tub and leans down to kiss my eyelids closed.

“Close them beautiful,” he demands, “I want you to lay back, feel the heat of the water swirling around you, and relax.” I feel the jets start and let out a soft groan as I feel the water starting to rush over and around my body.

His hands, not yet wet from the water, move to my hair to pull it off of my shoulders and up so that it doesn’t get wet. He places a clip in it … although where he came up with that, I couldn’t say.

He pushes me lightly downwards so that I’m laying down with my head balanced of the edge of the hard rim, but oh, he’s even thought of that and lifts my head to place a towel underneith my neck.

Not being able to resist, I slit my eyes open to take a look at him sitting there sexily…. noticing him looking right at my eyes, I know I’ve been caught.

“Ahhhh… you don’t follow instructions too well,” he chuckles, “we’ll have to see about that!”

Quickly I close my eyes again and try to do as he’s asked, just relax. The tequilla I had drank earlier seems to be wearing off and only a slight buzz remains, leaving my head clearer than before.

Suddenly I feel a softness starting to rub up one arm, the sponge! Slowly he draws it up to my shoulders, across, then down the other as I feel him lean closer to me to try and reach across to the other side. I feel his breath on my lips and long to open my eyes to see what he’s thinking… but restrain myself.

“Good girl,” he murmurs and rewards me with a light lick against the seam of my mouth.

He brings the sponge back up and works it down my chest… purposely, I’m sure, missing my breasts. As he moves it down and around, across my stomach, I let out a quiet moan and feel my hips start to move upwards, begging for his touch.

I can feel his hands on the leg closest to him and realize that he is trying to get me to lift it up. He places it on the edge and starts to run the sponge down the outside of my leg, past the knee, down to my foot where he uses his fingers to massage me.

Then the sponge starts to move up the inside of my thigh, bringing him closer and closer to my hot pussy. “You’re killing me here, you know that don’t you, you little tease,” I murmur.

The only answer is get is his soft and sexy laugh as he again missing me where I’m so hot and ready for him. He moves under the water, down the other leg until again reaches my foot and uses his fingers to tease between my toes and kneed the bottom of my foot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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