A Night with Daddy Ch. 02

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I smiled as he took my hips and guided my pussy towards his waiting mouth. I had done it. I’d sucked my father off. I’d felt his juice hit the back of my neck. Hearing him moan as he blew his load in my mouth had nearly pushed me over the edge and now he was going to finish me.

Still sitting he guided me towards him. He slipped his fingers into the top of my panties and pulled them the rest of the way down. I stepped out of them and put one leg on the couch beside him. My bare dripping pussy spread wide before his eager face. He leaned in, hands on my hips, and very gently kissed my cunt.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply at the feel of his warm lips on my bare skin. I ran my fingers through my hair and leaned my head back waiting desperately for his next touch. His face was so close, I could feel his breath as he deeply inhaled my scent. Gently again he kissed me. He didn’t pull away this time.

I ran my hands down my neck to my waiting breasts, cupping them in my hands I pinched my nipples as he slowly slid his tongue over my mound. Avoiding my slit he teased me, licking each swolen lip in turn. I could barely stand it.

“Taste me Daddy.” I quivered. I looked down to see his face next to my spread legs. Barely able to stand on my shaking legs I moved my hands down to his head and ran my fingers through his salt and pepper hair. He kissed my cunt again, slipping his tongue over my swollen clit.

“Come here princess.” illegal bahis he said as he guided me to the floor. His arms around my waist and supporting my back he laid me down in the middle of the living room floor. He bent over me and began kissing my neck. “I’m going to take care of you.” He kissed me, I opened my mouth to allow his darting tongue into my mouth. Moving down my neck he whispered “I love that my little girl drank all of her Daddy’s seed. Does my little girl want Daddy to fuck her beautiful little cunnie?”

“Yes!” I begged as he moved down to my swollen breasts. “Fuck your little girl Daddy.” I moaned as he took one of my nipples in his lips. I looked down at my father, suckling on my tit, my arms around his head, holding him gently to me. His tongue dancing over my swelling nipples, taking each one in turn.

My head sank back as he moved down my belly. Still running my hands through his hair his lips gently kissed my flat belly causing me to spasm involuntarily. My back arched to meet his lips and my hands unconsciously pushed him down towards my cunt. He moved between my legs, spreading them with his rough hands as he kneeled all the while looking down at my waiting cunt. He slipped off his shirt and pulled his sweats off and I saw that his cock was getting hard again already.

Seeing his naked body, swelling cock and eager face pushed me closer to the edge. I moved my hand down to my pussy and started to spread my lips illegal bahis siteleri for him but he took my hand away has he leaned down. Putting my hand on the back of his head he kissed my mound. His breath and lips were so warm. I lay back, eyes closed, one hand on his head, his breath on my shaved cunt and wave after wave of slow pleasure began to roll over me.

He spread my lips with his tongue and took my clit in his lips. I gasped and pushed his head down on me. “Fuck my daddy,, fuck me with your tongue.” He began to lap up my dripping cunt sucking my clit faster and deeper into his ravenous mouth. I spread my legs wider and pushed him down hard. His head bobbed up and down under my hand as he ate my little cunt. I’d never felt anything so wonderful in my life. The suspense had been so great, I felt the warmth in my belly grow as I screamed in pleasure.

“Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girls cunt, fuck my tight little hole.” I screamed, not wanting the pleasure to stop I wanted to wrap his cock in my cunt as it came.

Not waiting for my climax to finish he gave my cunt one last lick from my little ass to my clit then jumped on top of me. “My little girl.” he groaned as he grabbed his cock and pushed it hard against my waiting pussy. Ramming it in with everything he had he pushed his face on mine and kissed me to stop my scream. “You wanted fucked little girl, you are going to get it.” he began pumping my cunt with everything canlı bahis siteleri his cock had.

I lifted my legs up and spread them as wide as I could for his pounding, I wanted every inch of him inside me. His balls sapped off my ass as he drove his rod into me. Slamming me so hard I rocked hard on the ground, my titties bouncing with every push. I wanted more, rocking my hips up to meet his every thrust I wrapped my arms around his waist and grabbed his ass, pushing him in deeper and deeper.

“That’s right Princess, no more wasting this tight cunt on stupid boys, you are going to get all the fucking you need from me.” He said while pulling his cock the whole way out and ramming it back into me with each thrust. “I’m going to fuck you the way I fucked your mother when we made you, I’m going to shoot my seed in my little girl’s cunt.”

Hearing him talk that way pushed me over the edge, I moaned from deep in my being as my cunt tightened and milked his ramming cock. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as his thrusts became harder.

“Do it Daddy, fill your little girl.”

He needed no more encouragement, I felt the hot cum beat into my cunt as he thrust hard and deep. Shot after shot entered my waiting pussy.

“Oh Princess.” he yelled as the final shots entered me “You are such a good little girl.”

He collapsed on top of me, both of our bodies weak from the ecstasy. Still breathing hard he gently kissed my face. We lay there for a while, his softening cock deep in my still pulsing pussy.

After a few minutes I whispered. “More Daddy?”

Rolling off me and laughing he said “Oh yes there will be much more, but right now Daddy needs a nap!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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