A Pair of Fishnet Stockings

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I am going to go mad unless I get some sex. Today. I’ve been taking matters into my own hands, so to speak, for too long. Today has to be the day. So I prepare myself to seduce my boyfriend.

I put on my laciest black bra, admiring the curve of my bust in the mirror as I clasp the back. I latch a garter belt around my waist, deciding to go pantyless for a fuller effect. I take a pair of black fishnet stockings and pull them up my slender, freckled calves. I sprits a little perfume onto my bare skin and finish off my look with a knee length black coat and a pair of platform shoes. I apply a little red lip gloss and mascara, my light, unblemished complexion needing no further makeuping. I give a practice wink to my mirrored reflection, which looks almost as good as I do.

When I walk into his work he is standing behind the counter, dressed just as I like him, in a tight black t-shirt and well fitting jeans. His eyes light up with recognition as I approach his register. I lean over the counter, flashing him some deep cleavage under my coat as I do. “Hey, when do you get off work?”


“Oh. Well… Do you want to come over after you get off?”


Customers are milling around, waiting for me to get out of their way so that they can be wrung up. I give him the best puppy dog eyes I can muster and say “it looks like I should go, but can I have a hug first?”

His eyes show concern and for a second I feel a flash of guilt at using this line, but I’m sure he won’t be upset once he realizes why I need this momentary bodily contact. He comes around the counter and wraps his arms around me. As he does I take his wrist and surreptitiously guide his hand between the button holes on my coat.

“What’s wrong?” He asks just before his fingers graze my bare skin under the heavy layer of cashmere.

I lean over and whisper into his ear “nothing a good fuck wouldn’t fix.” With that I flash him a smile and pull away from his embrace. His look is one of stunned arousal as I turn and walk back out the door, leaving him to a few more hours of customers.

Back at home I lie in bed, paging though my Anais Nin to keep my blood and juices flowing. There’s nothing I want more than to reach under the covers and run my hand over my scantily clad body, but I wouldn’t want to end the party before it has begun.

The sound of the front door opening a little after seven sends expectant shivers down my body. I pull casino oyna the sheets up higher to conceal my form as I hear him walk down the hall. He opens the door to my room and I give him a wicked grin as I notice the bulge in his pants and the slightly hesitant smile on is face.

“What, are you expecting something?” I teasingly move over on the bed to make room for him. He looks slightly disappointed, thinking I’ve gone back on my earlier offer, until he pulls away the covers and reveals my partially clothed body.

“Wow!” Is all he can say before I pull him to me, arching my body up to meet his, reveling in the feeling of skin against soft cotton. He kisses me hungrily, feeding on my mouth. “God, I was thinking about you all day, wondering about what you were wearing under that coat of yours. I thought I was going to go crazy.”

“Good.” I take his hand and guide it to my breast, where he can feel my nipple straining against the silk of my bra. He slips his hand under the cup and lets my breast spill over the under wire and fabric. His mouth leaves my lips and moves to cover my pink nipple instead. He runs his tongue over the tip of this most tender spot, sending quivering shivers through my stomach and up my thighs, to their converging point.

I moan softly as he first grazes with his teeth, then bites over and around my aureola. As he is doing this he reaches around behind my back and unclasps my bra with minimal fumbling. He disengages his mouth long enough to pull the garment from my body, the silk of it tickling slightly as the straps trail down my arms.

I move to free him of his shirt, although I leave him only half out of it, struggling to finish pulling it over his head. While he endeavors with his shirt I undo the clasps on my garters and pull off my stockings.

As soon as his shirt is off and flung into a pile on the floor of my room I roll him over and straddle his torso. I grab him by the wrist and, in a fluid movement, tie his arm to the post of my bed with my stocking. I look down at him to register his reaction: one of pure, unexpected excitement. He knows with the introduction of this light restraint that he is going to get a little more than he bargained for. I take his other wrist and tie it to the other post in the same fashion, rendering his upper body immobile. Now it’s time to tease him.

“What are you going to do to me?” His eyes show mocking rather than fear, but he tests his bonds all the slot oyna same, pulling against each of them, his eyes growing slightly wider as he realizes that he is well bound.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll just give you what you deserve…” With this I playfully kiss him on the tip of his nose. “Are you ready?” But I don’t give him time to answer. Instead I slide my hands down his perfectly shaped chest to the waistband of his jeans. With one hand I lightly trace the shape of his stiff cock under the thick denim, while I work with his zipper with the other. His breath quickens audibly as I dip down and kiss him right at the elastic band of his boxers. I move lower, pulling his pants down as I do. “No” he sighs from above me, struggling halfheartedly under my persistent hands.

“No? Well, you don’t have any choice in the matter, do you?” I give his pants a quick jerk and let them rest around his ankles. Slowly I run my hands up the insides of his legs, feeling the soft skin under his slight hairs. I come to the legs of his boxers and pause just momentarily before resuming my climb.

But just before I get to his hottest spot I curl in my fingers and run my long nails back down the white skin of his thighs. His body tenses in response to the mild pain and I watch in wonder as four red lines appear on that pale skin.

I shift my body, and my focus, up. I run my tongue under the elastic at the top of his boxers and look up at his face to note the look of helpless want evident there. I smile to myself at just how much fun I get to have with him before the night is over.

I kiss the tip of his erection through the soft cotton of his boxers. The size and stiffness of his cock has parted the boxer’s fly, and I run my tongue lightly over the skin exposed there. From above I hear quite moans of desperate pleasure.

I pull down his boxers, leaving them to join his pants. I grasp the shaft of his cock in one quick movement, and begin to work it up and down slowly, softly, tantalizingly. I run my tongue around the head, happily sucking up the drop of moisture that is waiting for me there, and then continue down the seam of skin that is so responsive.

His farce of non consent is quickly forgotten, for now he is begging me to take his whole cock in my mouth, and for one deep stroke I do, tonguing the underside of it on the upstroke. But this is all the oral satisfaction I give him, because now my fun has me riled up to the point where canlı casino siteleri I crave attention myself.

I move up to straddle him, my knees lining up with his visible hip bones. We are lined up elsewhere as well, but rather than slipping him inside me like I know he wants me to I content myself to rub against his cock. My liquids have him slick in seconds, and the feeling of that soft yet hard skin rubbing the contours of my cunt drives me wild.

But I don’t just want to torture him, I want to prolong my own pleasure as well, so I restrain myself from grinding my clit against him full force, and instead create only light friction between our most sensitive parts.

The tension mounts to unbearable proportions rather quickly though, and I loose my composure. In one swift movement I dip my hips in such a way that I am no longer rubbing against his cock, but rather am impaling myself upon it full force. I have his whole, considerable length in me in one stroke, and the sudden fullness I experience renders me breathless.

I once again find myself dragging my finger nails over his flesh as his cock begins to pound into the deepest recesses of my body. He moans and half cringes as I leave claw marks on his flat chest, his body being wracked with excruciating pleasure.

I grab his nipple with one hand, my own with the other, and twist them both with equal force. We both let out moans at the sensation of pinching fingernails.

But now the action is getting too intense to focus on the more sundry aspects of our union. Now all our nerves are centering in one spot in our bodies, the spots that are being melded together as we fuck.

I lean over him, barely registering my breasts being pushed flat against his chest, and whisper in his ear. “I’m going to free one of your hands, but on one condition. You are only allowed to use it to rub my clit, got it?” He nods in agreement, and I unbind one of his wrists.

Rather frantically I guide his hand first to my mouth, where I greedily suck on his fingers, coating them in my saliva, and then to my waiting clit. Anxious to please, he immediately begins to pet and palpate this sensitive spot.

And with this I feel his cock stiffen inside me and then begin to contract. This new sensation, though slight, along with his masterful fingers toying with my clit, sends me over the edge and we both climax in long, fiery spasms.

Once all the tremulous aftershocks of our coupling have passed, we disentangle our bodies and stretch out side by side on the bed. So exhausted are we by our play that we both promptly fall asleep, one of his arms still bound to my bed post even in slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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