A Panty Thief Confesses

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Those aren’t my orange panties on the couch, though I suppose you could call them mine now. They don’t belong to my wife either. With that established, whose panties are they? The answer is that I really don’t know, and that’s what’s exciting about them.

I’ve always been attracted to the scent of a woman’s aroused pussy, and I learned that the scent could be nicely carried by a wet pair of panties. I didn’t start out as a panty sniffer, but just sort of grew to like it over the course of my life. Sniffing my wife’s panties, knowing she got hot and wet because of me, is a great thrill and I have masturbated many times with her hot panties over my nose and mouth, deeply inhaling her scent.

That doesn’t explain how the panties got here though.

We live in a fairly old apartment complex, with a lot of young adults and college kids passing through continuously. Sometimes, fighting for washers and dryers at the laundry room can be quite an art, and I know exactly how long each washer and dryer it takes to do its particular job; that way, I ensure I’m back to claim my clothes before some maniac removes them and tosses them to the floor or counter.

Last week, it was laundry day once again. I decided to get an early start, and arrived at the laundry room at about 8:30 on that morning. I was pleased to find it empty, illegal bahis so I had my choice of washers. I filled two of them, not wanting to be greedy, and got them started. As I got ready to leave, I saw another tub of laundry sitting on the counter by the door, obviously left by someone intent on the same mission as myself. Curious, I went to the door, and did not see anyone around who might own the basket. I was ready to leave, when something caught my eye.

A blue bra was peeking out of the top of the basket, just sitting there waiting to be washed. I don’t know what came over me, but I reasoned that if there was a bra, there would probably be at least a pair of panties along with it. Panties waiting to be washed. Without their owner present. Ready for…?

Making certain I wasn’t seen, I went back to the basket and took a cursory look. Sure enough, that pretty blue bra, the tag reading 36C, was on top of the pile. Underneath it and slightly to the left, was the back end of a very sexy pair of orange panties. Could I? Should I? I reasoned that I should just leave them alone, after all they weren’t mine to disturb, but something seemed to be growing in my jeans. That “something” soon became hard, and I immediately threw reason and caution out the window.

I was drawn to the panties like a moth to the flame, and I knew illegal bahis siteleri that I would do it. Checking again to ensure I wasn’t seen, I quickly reached in and snagged the panties. They left the basket freely, and rolled up into my hand. I shoved them into my pocket, grabbed my things, and left the laundry room at speed, my heart racing. I did it! I stole the panties!

I raced back to my apartment, checking several times to ensure I wasn’t seen or followed. Once inside, I breathed a sigh of relief, and then pulled the panties out so I could examine my prize. Carefully, I opened them to see what I had found, and I was not disappointed.

The panties were very delicate, with a nice pattern, and they were a size 7. As I examined them, I immediately detected the odor of aroused pussy. The panties weren’t damp, to my chagrin, but they were nicely scented and my cock rose immediately to the new and exciting scent.

I decided to let my arousal cool for a time, to better savor them, and to ensure that I had indeed gotten away with it. Soon, I went back to the laundry room to place my clothes in the dryer. I saw the empty laundry tub from my unknown friend on the floor, and knew that her clothes were now being washed. Apparently she, or her man, had not noticed the missing panties.

Another half hour later, canlı bahis siteleri and I returned to the laundry room to remove my clothes. The green tub of my friend was still sitting there, with no trace of movement since I had seen it earlier. I smiled, realizing I had not been caught, and made my way back to my apartment.

After putting my clothes away, it was time to strip and get ready for my shower. The panties could wait no longer, though, and I stretched out on the bed and brought them to my nose. My cock immediately stiffened as the intoxicating new scent of an unknown pussy filled my senses.

As I inhaled their scent, I wondered what she looked like. Size seven, so she wasn’t a petite little thing. Was she blonde? Brunette? An intoxicating redhead to go with the orange panties? I had no idea, and wasn’t likely to find out anytime soon, so I concentrated on pleasuring my cock.

I worked my cock hard as I sniffed the panties, images of hot pussies in my mind as I jacked. Soon enough, my balls began to surge as my hot sperm pumped up and out the head of my cock. I shot a huge load, deeply inhaling her spicy pussy from the panties as I came.

I’ve jacked myself several times over these panties, and I expect to do so again soon. I do wonder what would happen if I met the owner of the panties. Would she understand my desire for her panties? Would she approve? What if she wanted to exchange the ones I had for the ones she was wearing? All these fantasies and more have been coursing through my mind as I masturbate…who knows, maybe I’ll find her someday?

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