A Personal Question

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Warning – Although this story is not entirely about gay sex, there is a graphic retelling of male to male oral sex from the main male character to the main female character. If reading about gay male oral sex is not your thing, perhaps you should move along to another story. The actual story is about experimentation and discovery between the two young adult characters. If you chose to read it, I hope you enjoy it and please take a moment afterward to tell me your thoughts on it. And now, on to the story…


“So…how many dicks have you sucked total?” Kayla Hinckley asked matter-of-factly as she walked along a dirt trail which followed a slow moving river through the woods. Behind her was her gay friend, nineteen year old Matthew Marks. The two had been friends for several years. Kayla had known for a long time that Matthew was gay, even though he hadn’t officially told her.

“How many dicks have you sucked?” he asked her right back with a hint of snark. Talking about sex with anyone else would have been mortifying, but with Kayla he felt he could tell her anything.

“This isn’t about me,” Kayla responded peering back over her shoulder through her wispy blonde hair. She reached up and tried to tuck her hair behind her ear so that it would stay out of her face, but that never worked for very long, and after just a few more steps most of her hair had slipped out and was back where it had been before. It never seemed to bother her too much though.

“What difference does it make?” Matthew asked, then added, “Let’s just say that I’m not very experienced at it.”

“So less than five?”

“Yes, less than five,” Matthew said, then after a long pause he added, “Less than three even.”

“So…does that mean you’ve sucked two cocks?”

Matthew kicked a rock off to the side and nodded, “Uh huh, two cocks. What about it?”

“Who did the two cocks belong to? Anyone I know?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m curious, besides, you know I won’t tell anyone. I’ve kept your secret for this long, haven’t I?”

Matthew sighed out loud and realized that he was going to end up telling her anyway, he could never keep a secret from her for very long. “Yes. You know both of them. They live on your street three houses down. They’re brothers.”

“Wait,” Kayla stopped in her tracks, spun around and stared wide eyed at Matthew. “You’re not talking about the Benson twins?”

“You do realize that they’ll kill me if they find out that I told anyone? Even you.”

“They’re gay?” Kayla asked without answering his question, her voice going up several octaves to show her shock.

“They’re not gay,” Matthew corrected, “They claimed that they just wanted to see what a blowjob felt like, but they wouldn’t do me, so I think that they were just curious. Anyway, I just wanted to suck a cock, any cock, so I agreed to give them both head.”

“O-M-F-ing-Gee, I can’t believe the Benson twins let you suck their cocks! What was it like?”

Matthew shrugged. “It was…very intense, kind of scary, but really hot.”

“How did it happen?” Kayla had begun to walk again, but much slower now that she had something to listen to.

“Carson invited me over to play video games one night. Their parents were out of town for some seminar and planning on staying overnight, so they told me I could crash there. Carter had scored a pretty good sized bag of weed and we all were sitting around getting high and killing zombies. I think we all had a pretty good buzz on, and all of a sudden we kind of all realize how hot it was in their room. I think it was Carter who stripped down to his underwear first, and within a minute or two, Carson and I followed suit.”

“Whoa, three stoned guys sitting around in their skivvies. Sounds like party to me,” Kayla said.

“Yeah well, by that time the batteries on the controllers were flashing, so we shut the game off. When I was playing the game, I had something to focus on, but once it was off, my eyes kept going to the lumps in their underwear. We sat around talking about girls for a while, and I acted like I was interested in the ones that they mentioned.”

“Did anyone mention me?” Kayla asked.

“Well yeah. I mean, they both know we hang together all the time, so Carter asked if we’ve…you know.”

“I bet you told him that we fuck all the time,” Kayla said with a smirk.

“No,” Matthew scoffed, “As if…Why would I do that?”

“What’s the matter, I’m not good enough to fuck?”

“Of course you’re good enough to fuck. You’re just not exactly my type. You are much too feminine for my taste, and you have a pussy instead of a cock and balls. Now if I was a straight guy, I’d be all over you like maggots on roadkill.”

“Gross,” Kayla said, twisting her face in an expression of disgust.

Matthew laughed and wrapped his arms around his friend, then he pretended to hump her from the side. “Oh Kayla! Oh my GOD!” he shouted as if he was in the throes of ecstasy.

Kayla gave him a shove and said, “Well if you weren’t a such a fag, I’d fuck the living shit out of you. You’re casino siteleri such a stud muffin after all.”

“Hey, don’t you know that -fag- is not politically correct anymore?” Matthew said.

“Would you rather I call you queer? Homo? Bum bandit? Pole smoker?”

“Okay okay, I get it,” Matthew said, giving Kayla a playful push.

“So finish the story. I want to hear all about how you sucked off the Benson brothers in the same room.”

“Okay, well like I said, we were discussing girls, and Carter said that we should call a couple girls and see if they would come over to suck our dicks.”

“Oh yeah, because that tactic always works,” Kayla said sarcastically, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

“We were all stoned, so we were saying a whole bunch of crazy shit.”

“Yup, I get it.”

“So then Carson says, “why call girls over when we have Matthew here? I heard he likes big cocks.””

“No way!” Kayla spun around again with wide eyes.

“Well, he was joking. Guys say shit like that all the time as a joke, but little did he know that I really did want to do it.”

Kayla nodded and walked backward a few yards. “So what happened?” she asked before spinning around and continuing down the path.

“Well, I laughed it off, then I said that if I was going to suck a cock, I wanted something bigger than his puny tootsie roll.”

“Ouch!” Kayla said, “Nice comeback.”

“Thanks. So Carter was all like, “Nice one dude” and he goes to high five me, when Carson reminds him that since they are identical, my comment about Carson’ puny tootsie roll dick would also apply to Carter.”

“Ohhh, didn’t see that one coming,” Kayla said.

“Well what happened next was pretty surreal. Carter was like, ‘Dude, why’d you say I have a puny dick?’ and I was like, ‘I didn’t say that, I said Carson has a puny dick.’ They must have been doing some kind of freaky twin mind communication or something, because without a word between them they both decided to jump on me and hold me down. Carter yelled, “teabagging time.” And the next thing I know he’s straddling my head and rubbing his underwear covered balls on my face.”

“Holy shit, you must have been in heaven.”

“Well I was, kinda, but then again I was still trying to hide the fact that I’m gay, so I was playing like I didn’t like it.”

“I would have freaked,” Kayla shouted. “Oh my fucking God! So what happened next?”

“It all happened so quickly from there. I was struggling to make it look good, and the next thing I know, Carson sat on my waist and grabbed my wrists.”

“This is starting to sound like a rape Matt.”

“They were just fucking around at that point. I mean even I was laughing. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had grown erect, and when Carson settled on top of me, he was sitting right on top of seven inches of steel beam in my shorts, BOOM BABY!.”

Kayla guffawed at the colorful description of Matthew’s own cock. “Oh puh-leease,” she giggled.

“Don’t hate on me,” Matt said, frowning.

“Never mind, just finish the story.”

“Well Carson shouts out, “He’s got a fucking boner!”

“People still say boner?” Kayla questioned.

“Sure… just not as much as cock though. So they both scramble to get off me, as if I had the plague or something, and we were all laughing so hard by this point, we all had tears in our eyes. Carter is rolling on the floor laughing, and he grabs his crotch and shouts, “I’m gonna piss myself.”

“That just made us laugh even harder, and I realized that I had to piss also, and it was an urgent need. So I made a break for the bathroom, thinking I could get there first, but as I reached for the bedroom door, both Carter and Carson were right there with me. We all kind of pushed our way through the door and rushed down the hallway to the bathroom, all still laughing and all of us holding our cocks because we all had to piss.”

“So we all burst into the bathroom together and we fished out our cocks and the three of us stood around the toilet pissing, me in the middle of two identical cocks.”

“That’s too funny,” Kayla said.

“It was. So I’m standing there taking aim and peeing and my eyes are going back and forth between these two perfectly formed cocks just inches from my hand.”

“You must have just wanted to reach out and grab them both.”

“I wanted to, but I couldn’t.”

“Okay, so keep going,” Kayla said. She seemed to be more excited the more the story went on.

“Well stop interrupting me and I might be able to finish,” Matthew said.

“I’m sorry. It’s just so intriguing.”

“So anyway,” Matthew continued, “things out of my control began to happen. As I was finishing up peeing, my cock started to stand up again. It was involuntary you know. If I hadn’t been staring at their cocks, it wouldn’t have happened, but I couldn’t stop it.”

“I tucked it away in my boxers and made for the door, hoping it would deflate before anyone noticed, but it just got more rigid and by the time I walked out into the hallway, it was tenting my shorts. slot oyna You can hide a hard-on in a regular pair of jeans or shorts, but you can’t hide one in a pair of boxers, so I hurried back to the room so I could slip my shorts on. Before I could get them up my legs, Carson walked in and noticed I was sporting another woody.”


“Yup. And there was nothing I could say. I remember getting that feeling inside, you know when your whole body kind of goes numb and you just want to crawl into a hole and die?”

“Well, maybe not that bad, but…yup, I’ve been there before.”

“I pulled my shorts on and grabbed my shirt. I just wanted to leave and change my name and move to another country. Before I could get my shirt on, Carter asked me if I was gay.”

“What did you say?”

“I denied it. I told them it was just a natural thing and they probably got hard-ons all the time too. I said that it was not always in my control and that I wasn’t at all gay. Then Carter said, “Dude, it’s okay if you’re gay. We don’t care, and we won’t say anything to anyone.” And I could tell by their faces that they were telling the truth. They didn’t care, and they would keep it a secret.”

“So how did you get to suck their cocks?” Kayla said, her patience wearing thin.

“I’m getting there, chill.” Matthew took a deep breath and let it hiss out before he continued. “I kind of broke down. You know…I’ve been keeping my sexuality a secret for so long, all through high school I was terrified that someone beside you would find out. I kept telling myself that I just needed to make it to graduation and all would be fine. College was a new world where I could finally be me. Then I graduated high school and…and nothing changed. I still felt like I had to keep it a secret. So when they both told me that they were okay with it, and they wouldn’t tell anyone, I just lost it.”

“You cried?”

“Yeah. I started blubbering like a big baby. And the next thing I know, they were on both sides of me, holding me and telling me that it wasn’t a big deal, and that I could be myself with them. It was very liberating and when I finally stopped crying, I felt so much better.”

“Then you sucked their cocks?”

“…No. Not right away.”


“Carter said that being gay was cool now, and I should embrace my gayness. He actually used that word, ‘gayness’. He said that some cool actors were coming out of the closet and people still love them. Carson was also adding his two cents. You know how they do that twin thing where they finish each other’s sentence. They just talked me right down.”

“That’s awesome.”

“Yeah it was. When I had calmed down, they started asking me all these questions. They weren’t being rude, they actually wanted to know what it was like. Carter asked me if I had ever been with a guy, and I said – no, not yet. I haven’t had the chance yet. I told them that I’ve been living a lie because I was too scared to be found out. After that, I let it all spill out. I told them that all I think about is cock, that I couldn’t shower after gym class because that would mean seeing all those cocks and I would get an erection.”

“Then Carson said, “So ah, when Carter was teabagging you, you must have really liked that?” I couldn’t lie to them, so I nodded, and then I apologized, telling Carter that it was all just in the heat of the moment and it was nothing personal. Carter shrugged and said, “Hey man, no worries. Besides, it felt pretty good to tell the truth. If I would have kept rubbing like that, I would have nutted in my boxers.””

“Like a fool I blurted, “I would have liked that.” and then I felt so embarrassed that I buried my face in my hands. Then I got the shock of my life when Carter said, “You know, maybe you could give us both a blowjob, if you want.””

“Finally, he gets to the good stuff,” Kayla shouted.

“You wanted to know what happened. I wasn’t going to just say that I sucked their cocks and went home. It’s my story, let me tell it.”

“Yes, yes go on.”

“Okay, so I thought he was joking at first, or just being cruel, you know. And I just still wasn’t sure if these guys were really being sincere or not, I mean, you never can tell for sure. But then Carson said, “I could go for that. We’ve never gotten blowjobs before, and you could get your first one out of the way. Kill two birds with one stone.”

“At that point I was starting to question whether I was dreaming the whole scenario or if it was real. I looked up at them and said, “You guys aren’t gay though.” And they both just shrugged their shoulders and in tandem they said, “Hey, a mouth is a mouth.” It was so strange. I was shaking with nerves, but I remember nodding my head and saying, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” The next thing I know, they both stood up and dropped their boxers, and two of the most perfect looking cocks were hanging just inches from my face. Two identical cocks, each about five inches long and neither of them were erect yet.”

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” Kayla whispered.

“Oh yes it was. I was like a kid in a candy store, except canlı casino siteleri it was a cock store, and I could have all the samples I wanted.”

Kayla giggled and said, “You are so lame. So who did you suck first?”

“Well at first I just reached up with both hands and felt them all over. They both pretty much expanded at the same exact time while I was feeling them. When they were both erect, I stroked them side by side for a little bit. I wanted to smell them first, because smell is such a turn on for me. I think I leaned in to Carter first, but it may have been Carson, the details became fuzzy because my brain was so focused on their cocks and their cocks are identical. I remember that first sniff, the manly, musky scent was overpowering. It was like a lightning bolt shot through my body and gave my cock a jolt that nearly caused it to explode. I’ve never been that close to shooting a load without touching myself. It was incredible.”

They had come to a clearing and just up ahead was a steep drop of about fifteen feet that led to an eight foot deep sparkling pool at the bottom of a rocky waterfall. It was the perfect place to cool down on a humid day, and was a frequent hangout for Kayla and Matt in the summer. From where they were, they could hear the sounds of laughter and shouting as a group of teens splashed in the pool below.

“I want to hear the rest of the story before we go down there,” Kayla said, then added, “My pussy is so fucking wet right now.”

“Eww,” Matthew said, making a face.

“Don’t knock it till you try gayboy. You just might like pussy better than cock.”

“Oh really? Do you think pussy is better than cock?” Matthew asked.

“Maybe, ask me again after I’ve tried both and I’ll let you know.” Kayla grabbed Matthew’s wrist and pulled him toward a large boulder that was more than half hidden in the brush. “Come over in the shade and finish the story,” she said, pulling him around the back so anyone coming up the trail to the waterhole wouldn’t see them.

Once they were settled and sitting on a fallen log, Kayla said, “Okay, so what happened next?”

Matthew shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “There’s not much more to tell really, I sucked them off and that was it.”

“Oh no you don’t. You’re not going to stop now. I want to hear all about it.”

“Like I said, there’s not much more to tell. We did the de-“

Before Matthew could finish, Kayla reached up with both hands and pretended to strangle him. “No no no, you can’t stop now. I want details. Smell, taste, texture…I want to know it all,” she growled.

“You should go see them, I’m sure they’ll let you suck them both.”

Kayla pulled away from her friend. “Are you fucking crazy, I can’t do that,” she hissed. “Can you imagine what would happen to my reputation if it got around town that I sucked off the twin brothers?”

“I sucked them off and it hasn’t hurt my reputation,” Matthew said.

“That’s different. They’re not going to tell anyone about that because they don’t want to be called ‘gay’. It’s different when a girl does it though. Guys like to brag about getting head from a girl.”

“Well, I wouldn’t tell anyone. It’s nobody else’s business. But I do see what you are saying.”

“Yup…Guys get street cred for having sex with girls, but the girls get labeled a slut or a skank. It’s not fair. Now, you had better give me all the juicy details, or I’m going to march down that path and announce to all those people down there that you are a raging homosexual who sucks big juicy cocks.”

“Alright, I’ll tell you everything you want to know,” Matthew said. He had planned on telling her details all along anyway, but he loved to tease her. “I held them both in my hands and I felt powerful and scared at the same time. Powerful because they grew so rapidly in my hands, scared because…well, because it was kind of scary.”

“How big were they erect?”

“Well, I didn’t have a ruler with me, but they seemed pretty big in my hands. I would guestimate they were my size, about seven inches long. They were both circumcised and their heads were huge. Like, I’m talking-” He held up his hand and made a circle with his thumb and middle finger in an attempt to show the girth. “-at least this big around,” he finished.

“Is yours that big?” Kayla asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Matthew said with a sneer.

“Uh huh, I’d love to know. Why don’t you haul that big slab of meat out here and let me take a good close look at it,” Kayla said, reaching for his zipper.

Matthew easily twisted away and pushed her hands down. “Stop it, or I won’t finish the story.”

“Sorry…I’ll be a good girl.”

“You better be. So where was I?”

“You were smelling them,” Kayla reminded.

“Right. The smell was…well it was indescribable. I was turned on before I smelled them, but after it was like a shot of adrenaline that went straight to my dick. My mouth watered and I had to taste them. My first taste was the underside of Carson’s cock. I pushed it up so it was flat against his stomach and I licked from the top of his ball sack all the way up the shaft until I felt the ridge of his cock head. It had a salty, tangy taste, and I immediately wanted more. I raised up just a bit and took the swollen head inside my mouth.”

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