A Piece of Art Pt. 01

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WARNING: This story includes the following “kinks”: futa, chubby, growth, dick growth, expansion, hyper sizes, mini-giantess, and some future kinks in the following chapter (I might do some more later maybe). ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+ and older!


The moon started to dominate the horizon and tranquility loomed over the darkened rooms in the “New Hampshire Arts College” – with the exception of one.

The students were no strangers to “surprise lectures” like this. Their teacher rightfully gained quite a reputation for being eccentric and unpredictable, but was also regarded as one of the most gifted artists in the whole state. Thanks to this reputation rarely anyone spoke up against her during her frequent tantrums. And because their grades depended on the teachers good will.

Nobody dared to miss out on a course such as this, regardless of how late or unexpected they were.

Like usual the students were kept in the dark for the reason behind this late gathering, but even they felt like something was even more “weird” than usual.

The lecture hall was suited to fit all sorts of art related events. The room was decorated like the odeons of antiquity. A half circle out of marble, with padded seats of course, with rising rows out of the same material and encircled by small stairways from both sides. In front of the marble rows was usually a desk or a little stage for the teacher or the occasional statue. But to confuse the group of students even more there was a bed this time for some reason.

The odeon in a way was a representation of the aspiring artists “standing” within their classes. The more talented or hardworking students were rewarded with seats in the first or second row, while the others tried their hardest to work their way down.

Grace was one of these students. The 5’5″ 19 year old barely broke into the second row over the last two months. She worked tirelessly to earn and keep her place, which came at the cost of barely sleeping at all and gallons of coffee to keep her sanity.

Unlike the others, Grace in a sense had to live a “second life” beyond her already demanding arts courses. She drew since her earliest days but her interests got more “exotic” and sexual the older she got. In her teens she started to work on fetish and sex related drawings of all sorts.

This hobby of hers flourished into a serious stream of income, but also in a way helped sharpening her considerable talents with many more different “approaches”.

The chubby blonde wasn’t one to go all out that much, or generally didn’t mind spending most of her time at home or at the college. So all she did was drawing and expressing her increasingly kinky fantasies.

There was barely a fetish she discovered via incoming commissions from her patreons she didn’t enjoy. But with increasing internet popularity came more responsibility, which meant even more work.

The blonde was already in a bad mood and every new tick of the painfully loud clock above the entrance enraged her even more. She wouldn’t able to keep her stream schedule… again.

“Didn’t Ms. Stamper say we should be here at 21:00?” Grace muttered angrily to her neighbour Stacey.

“Yeah… she is late…” her classmate replied. “Got something planned?”

“Kinda… gosh! I swear one day I will just skip this whole shitshow!” Grace hissed.

“No. No, you won’t…” Stacey chuckled and shook her head as she looked up to the clock again.

Grace at first didn’t look like she had anything in common with her classmate next to her. While Grace was short and obviously had quite a few pounds too much on her waist, Stacey would have been mistaken for being a cheerleader. Dark groomed hair, an impressive chest, an ass that won’t quit and legs to boot. Unknown to her Grace masturbated a few times to the thought of spending a night with her.

“If this was just a prank I gott-” Grace was about to rant on again, until the door opened and immediately silenced the whole room full of angrily whispering students.

Ms. Stamper entered. A middle-aged woman, good looking, but her looks usually reflected her uncouth manners. She didn’t give a damn about what she wore. Dresses that looked like garbage bags, ripped jeans that belonged in the dumpster, or no underwear under her skirts. There was nothing that could surprise her students anymore – atleast they thought.

The 42-year-old brunette looked like she came straight out of a movie. A classy but sexy dark dress, showing her sensual body and make up, something she usually never bothered to wear. All about her appearance showed that she put time and effort into every little detail to look as good as humanly possible – she succeeded.

Only her hair looked like she just woke up, even the way she walked looked a bit “off”, despite her wearing high heels quite often.

Ms. Stamper giggled girlishly as she entered and held the door open for her guest. And when the class full of students thought they were already blown away by the appearance of her teacher than they were massively canlı bahis şirketleri mistaken.

The “guest” walked through the door and had to duck, otherwise she would have hit her head – the door was around 7ft high. The redhead’s presence immediately drew every pair of eyes on her and not only because of her staggering height.

She wore a tight coat, but that couldn’t hide her massive figure underneath it. Her massive set of boobs pushed into the fabric while her hips strained it atleast as much. Even on her huge frame she looked insanely curvy, but her beauty didn’t stop there.

The visitor’s green eyes pierced through everything and everyone and the second she looked at the group of students and eventually at Grace, she offered the sexiest smile the classroom has ever seen.

Many on the odeon, especially the men, stared in awe at the behemoth of a woman but only few managed to withstand her gaze while she looked through the ranks.

Grace blushed once the redhead’s green eyes rested on her, mainly because she got caught checking out the outrageously huge set of knockers on the visitor. The stranger didn’t seem to mind and smiled teasingly at the chubby student and smirked before returning her attention to Ms. Stamper.

The two whispered for a moment before both looked back to Grace and some others.

The guest had also an obvious effect on Ms. Stamper. She grinned ear to ear the whole time she spoke with the redhead. Her eyes were going all over the huge woman’s body, she didn’t even try to hide that.

By the way she was acting Grace concluded that her teacher was more than a bit aroused. Who could blame her she thought.

All eyes rested on the redhead and after some short but what looked like very teasing conversation with Ms. Stamper she stepped forward towards the stage with the bed and towards the group of students.

“Hello everybody. My name is Christina. Heather, I mean Ms. Stamper, offered me the opportunity tonight to meet you all, the new generation of creative minds. And personally, I am thankful for this chance and curious on what this night might bring.” Christina said in a voice so angelic that many couldn’t even focus on what she was actually saying.

Ms. Stamper walked next to her and looked up to the rows of her drooling students and without saying a word pointed at a handful of her pupil. Grace was one of them.

The 5 handpicked artists stood up and awaited her teacher’s instructions while the redhead smiled happily at every single of them. They were all women.

“You 5 will be sitting in the first row for tonight. Make me proud and give it your all. I promised nothing less than that,” Ms. Stamper announced and knowingly grinned at Christina after addressing the rest of the students.

“That includes all of you. I want you all to approach this lecture with all the passion and eagerness our guest here deserves,” Ms. Stamper smirked and even subtly bowed before Christina who looked amused by this introduction.

Nobody in this room ever experienced Ms. Stamper liked this, so… submissive and eager to impress someone, but barely anyone really picked up on it, all their attention was resting on Christina.

“Nice speech my dear,” Christina chuckled and made Ms. Stamper blush by simply looking at her.

The sexual tension would have been immediately felt by everyone if the whole class wouldn’t be busy with their own hormones running amok.

The 5 chosen students took place in the first row, a prestigious position none of them usually belonged in. This should have excited them way more than it did, but their minds were occupied with other things.

The two whispered again and Ms. Stamper blushed more and more while Christina grinned even more seductively. The teacher’s legs twitched and she stood shakily while the redhead whispered into her ear with a grin.

Ms. Stamper eventually nodded enthusiastically and turned around and walked to the exit. Without saying a word, she left the room and again nobody picked up on it. This also included her locking the room from outside.

Christina stood alone, dominating the stage and offering a maelstrom of lewd fantasies with her being next to the bed.

“So, shall we start?” she asked huskily.

“Mi-Miss…” some male student asked nervously.

“Please, call me Christina,” she replied with a smile and unintentionally silenced the boy asking the question.

“Chr-Christina, what are we supposed to do?” another one asked.

“Draw me of course. This is an arts class after all, right?” she chuckled.

Grace just like probably many others already daydreamed about drawing her in many positions on the bed next to her. And almost if Christina picked up on the collective arousal, she started to unbutton her coat.

A subtle gasp went through the rows and the student’s eyes widened at the sight of Christina stripping down before them.

Grace, now sitting in the first row, had the perfect view on the massive set of boobs spilling out of the bland fabric. canlı kaçak iddaa With every new button surfaced more of the redhead’s cleavage and when she thought that Christina wasn’t actually wearing a shirt underneath, she was proven right.

The redhead not only didn’t wear any shirt, but also no bra.

Her boobs spilled out the tight coat and dominated her torso when they finally were set free. Boobs so plump and firm they should have sagged, but no, they defied gravity and insisted on keeping their perfect teardrop shape.

“You all look like you’ve never seen breasts before,” Christina giggled and continued to undress painfully slowly.

She was right in a way, nobody ever saw boobs of this magnitude on a such a woman before and probably will never see any like these again.

Grace usually thought Stacey was a bombshell, but she didn’t even come close to play in the same league as Christina. Hell, she was more like a cross-legged boy playing football in the backyard compared to the redhead.

More and more flesh got revealed, a narrow waist that only cemented Christina’s perfect hourglass figure even without her showing her surely equally impressive behind yet.

The redhead grinned knowingly at the students in the first row and winked especially at Grace when she unbuttoned the last few buttons of her coat.

The coat came off and a collective moan went through the room while the redhead revealed something even more impressive than everything that came before.

The amazon sported not only the most well-proportioned body everyone had ever seen, but also a cock fitting for her size, even when flaccid.

Grace felt the temperature in the room rise by a few degrees as she saw the majestic member sway side to side while Christina finally got rid of her coat. It looked almost a foot long already and she couldn’t help but wanting to see it at its full size.

“I know I am not your usual type of model, but I hope you don’t mind,” she grinned. Nobody replied.

“I will take this as a ‘No’ then,” Christina mused, obviously toying with the stunned crowd of young and now horny artists.

She bent over, showing off her equally perfect and massive ass while she crawled to the middle of the queen-sized bed.

Grace gulped while her eyes were locked onto the massive cock between the model’s thick thighs, effectively hiding her huge set of balls.

A warm dampness spread between Grace’s legs and her body started to heat up, while her mouth was watering.

“She is just perfect!” the chubby student thought and couldn’t believe what was just happening.

‘Futa’ was one of her favourite fetishes, especially the ones including very endowed women and like a dream come true Christina literally ticked all the boxes and then some.

The curvy model got on her knees after thoroughly presenting her gargantuan bubble butt and faced the odeon with her cock and balls dangling free just barely an inch above the sheets. They looked like the size of her fists each.

“Don’t forget about getting every not so little detail right. But who am I telling this? You are the professionals after all,” she playfully said and rested her hands on her upper thighs as she got in position.

Again, she only earned silence as a response, nobody couldn’t even form words at the sight of her, that included not being able to start what they were actually asked to do – draw.

It took another few moments, what felt like an eternity for some to actually pick up on their profession and grabbed the canvas they were ordered to bring with them.

Grace was one of the last that forced themselves to actually take the gaze away for the second it took to grab the canvas.

She didn’t bring anything but a pencil and an eraser, rarely anyone else ever did.

Usually these late-night meetings from Ms. Stamper were theoretical and barely required anything more than taking notes. Now though Grace felt angered that she didn’t bring her colour palette and actual paint.

“Guess the pencil will have to suffice,” Christina said and made Grace look up. She was directly talking to the blonde teen.

“Sorry… I… we didn’t know we had to bring our stuff to… draw,” Grace muttered anxiously but equally couldn’t take her eyes off the futa.

“The pen will do nicely,” the redhead whispered sensually, her voice oozing pure sex even at these innocent words.

The chubby artist gulped and started to draw the outlining of the model’s body. Usually she started from the top and worked her way down to get the proportions right, but seeing how massively endowed Christina was she simply had to start at the other way around.

Her legs, her balls, her flaccid cock resting ontop of them, Grace couldn’t stop feeling the urge to touch herself or grab her phone and take a picture of the futa before her. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from masturbating for days to come though.

Grace’s hand was despite her immense arousal still quite steady and finished Christina’s legs just as intended. But canlı kaçak bahis now she got to the part she was really looking for.

“God… what would I give to fondle those,” she moaned under her breath and felt her engorged nipples push into her short while she outlined the model’s balls.

Her own body looked pitiful compared to Christina’s, but a solid D-Cup looked rather nice on her small frame, still, she felt not an ounce of envy – only lust.

Grace continued to daydream about what she would do to the amazon, or more like what the redhead should do to her. At first, she would need to make the foot-long cock grow to its full size, bigger than any cock in history. So huge she could sit ontop and after that get cocksocked by it.

The student felt the wet stain on her jeans getting bigger and her juices were dripping down on the padded seat she was sitting on.

“Yes… I should have done this soo much earlier,” Christina suddenly moaned and drew everyone’s attention back onto her face.

She looked at Grace and spotted her dampening jeans and grinned seductively as she closed her eyes, all while remaining her pose.

Her cock started to twitch and pushed over the edge of her fist-sized and clean-shaven scrotum. It’s single vein pulsed as more and more blood rushed into the idle member, to awaken it from its overdue slumber.

Christina didn’t look like she blushed in the slightest, more like she was actually enjoying the unshared attention of everyone in the room.

“Mmmmhh,” she purred and bit her lip while her cock swelled faster now.

The shaft pushed forward, beyond her balls and slowly into the bed sheets. It thickened at a frightening pace, just like the single vein reaching almost the thickness of a child’s finger.

It took a few more inches before her majestic rod started to rise up from the white sheets and hovered above them while it only grew mightier by the second.

Grace almost snapped her pencil in half with her fingers while she was completely hypnotized by Christina’s snake developing into a python. It must have been around 2 feet long when it started to throb and settled for a final size.

It subtly swayed up and down as it throbbed seductively while all eyes rested on it.

“Oops. Looks like I got a bit excited showing off like that. Hope some of you don’t have to start from scratch now,” she smirked and earned some noticeable gasps as response.

Her green eyes once again locked onto Grace who blatantly stared at the biggest cock she has ever seen, including porn.

“Don’t get too distracted yet. We are just getting started,” the futa sensually whispered.

She never moved even an inch during her erection, but she couldn’t hide the excitement on her face. She LOVED the reaction from the small crowd.

Grace couldn’t focus on her work anymore. Everytime she looked back at her canvas she felt compelled to catch another glimpse of Christina’s body.

There were so many things she desperately wanted to do with her hands and none included holding this pencil.

The blonde’s pussy was twitching to an extent that her legs were also affected by the pleasurable vibrations. All of her body started to subtly shake at the rhythm of her erupting vagina.

She bit her lip and suppressed a moan while she mustered her last ounce of willpower to continue her painting. Judging by the moans she heard behind her not everyone shared the same determination to continue.

Christina, seemingly unfazed by the lewdness from some students in the higher ranks had her focus exclusively resting on the 5 handpicked students in the first row.

Especially Grace.

The 5 were still all trying to continue drawing but everytime their eyes met with the futa’s they struggled more to keep going.

“You 5 are doing great. I knew I picked the right girls for the job,” she mused and her voice raised an octave as she concluded her praise.

Christina bit her lip and gasped for a moment while her cock once more throbbed in excitement.

The chubby artist was breathing heavily, her heart rate picked up speed and she felt like she had to strip down to deal with this unbearable heat radiating from within her.

She doubled down and focused on the painting, otherwise she feared she would faint and miss out on what Christina might have in store for her later.

Grace continued on drawing the redhead’s constantly throbbing monster of a cock and moaned with every new stroke of her pencil. Her padded seat was reduced to a wet mess with the fountain between her legs ontop. The smell of her juices filled her nostrils and didn’t help in calming her down in the slightest.

“It’s ok. Continue. What’s your name?” Christina asked with a knowing smirk.


“You are doing fine Grace. Just let it happen,” the redhead whispered and closed her eyes as she subtly moaned one more time.

Her cock rose and fell again while she gently rocked her hips back and forth.

Grace came just by hearing Christina moaning this huskily.

Her body shook and the pencil she was still pushing into the canvas was trembling in her hand. She accidently added a few involuntary lines over Christina’s prodigious asset on her painting. They kinda looked like additional veins.

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