A Price

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It was a cold winter snowstorm in the woods of Oregon state and Maxine was inhaling bursts of cherry vapor between sips of a mocha latte inside a locally owned shop in the middle of nowhere. It was a stop for drifters and travelers like herself, Short brown hair settled to her chin under a pink woolen cap. Square glasses fixed her terrible vision and kept her eyes in the same direction. A purple scarf hid her neck and a thick flannel shirt tucked under her blue jeans. She sighed and put down the newspaper she’d been reading. It stressed her out too much to look at. She had enough of her own worries to deal with. She had no plans after school, and a lot of debt.

She thought she’d be alone until the storm passed, but someone opened the glass door with the cold stinging breeze of the storm. He wasn’t a local. He was a stranger with a young face and confidant smile. He was well dressed with a suit and tie. He had clean hair and skin. He seemed calm and undaunted by the storm like a viking of old.

He was immediately attractive, and anger inducing to Maxine. On the one hand he was striking and handsome. On the other, he seemed all too perfect and powerful. He had a sharp nose and a strong jaw. He struck her as arrogant in his features. He walked as if he didn’t care what others thought, because he knew he was better. He was a lion in the presence of sheep.

He made his order at the register and made his way to her table with a black coffee. She cursed and tried not to notice. Out of all the tables he picked the one with her. What did he want?

“Hello, is that your car outside?” He asked with a friendly tone.

“Yea, what about it?” She was short with him and found it hard to look him in the eye as he stood high above her.

“It looks like two of your tires are blown.”

“I’ll call a friend to pick me up after the storm passes.”

“I can give you a ride.” He shrugged.

“No thank you.” She shook her head suspiciously.

“That’s fair. You only just got to know me.” He sat in front of her. “My name is Edgar. Edgar Whin”

“Maxine.” She dared to glance into his angelic eyes for a moment. It felt like he was burning into her with amber iris’s too bright to be mortal. She looked away.

“No need to be shy.” He smiled. “I’m just passing through and thought I’d stop for a few hours and wait the storm out. You must be a local.”

“Why do you think that?”

“You dress like one. I may be presumptuous.”

“I grew up around here actually.”

“You look like a student.”

She didn’t like how smart he was. “Yep.” She sipped her drink loudly. “What about you? Why are you here?” She tried to make small talk.

“Do you mind if I tell you a secret?” He leaned in close. She rose an eyebrow. This man was strange, but nothing about him seemed deceptive. Every second she spent with him made her feel like she was falling for his charms. She felt like he was casting a spell on her and every moment she went deeper into it. He didn’t wait for her response, “I am something of a Taoist. Do you know what that means?”

“I’ve heard of Taoism.” She didn’t think he looked the part for that kind of culture.

“I believe God, or perhaps, the universe, works in synchronous ways. I believe that one should live like they breath. You don’t think about it, you let it happen. Let life take you and drift you places. God has a plan. When you resist, that is when life tears you apart. I decided at a young age not to hold onto anything too tightly. Everything comes and goes like the wind. You should do what your heart tells you.”

“That’s-” Maxine smiled. He seemed so happy, and it seemed like a great way to live. “Dangerous.” She tried to think of a counter argument.

“Sometimes. I’ve had to fight before. My life has been in jeopardy. I’ve lost millions of dollars, gone into terrible debt. But I’ve also saved lives. Taken people out of poverty. I’ve gained millions. And all the while I was happy.” Maxine felt the sense of wonder coming from Edgar. “And my secret is that simple. I do what my heart tells me. So many people think themselves into corners and never try anything. They never take any leaps of faith.”

“So, is this you trying to get me into your car?” Maxine asked. It was starting to work. His charisma was infectious.

“I thought it was at first.” He admitted. “But now I have another desire.”

“And what is that?” She was almost afraid to ask.

“How much money would I have to pay you to have sex with me?” He asked.

Maxine took a second to let the words register. She chuckled. “W-What?”

“I’m serious.” He smiled. “You are a beautiful girl. I don’t think it is a coincidence that we met here. And, correct me if I am wrong, but you look like you are stressed about money.”

Maxine hesitated. “Not just money.” How was he so smart? And rich? And handsome? She grit her teeth in resistance, realizing the kind of game he was playing. “Besides, I’m not that kind of girl.”

“What about a hundred illegal bahis dollars?” She choked on her coffee. “What could I get for that?”

“N-Nothing!” She tried to clean up the mess she made. She was suddenly starting to feel very warm and very offended. “I- I’m not for sale!”

“I don’t care too much for money.” Edgar shook his head. “Price is not an issue. If you feel the same way, I guess I have nothing to bargan with. But tell me, how much debt are you in?”

Maxine fidgeted. She should just tell him to go away. That this was creepy. “Five thousand dollars.”

“I’ll give you ten.” He shrugged. She felt her heart beating fast. That kind of money would be enough to pay off all her bills and then some. She could buy that new computer she always wanted.

She was considering it. She realized with terror that she was actually considering it. “How can I trust you?” She asked. He was probably just scamming her. He wasn’t rich. He was just playing her.

He pulled out a wallet and started putting bills on the table. They were hundred dollar bills. She felt herself breathing shallow. Was he paying her for the sex act now? What act was it? Had she just agreed to it? She felt a warmth all over her body. Ten bills were on the table. Then fifteen. Then twenty. That was two thousand dollars.

What would he want for that? He’d want everything of course. He’d want her to do more than just fuck him. He’d want disgusting things. Demeaning things. He’d want his moneys worth. He’d want it for hours. Her hands were tight. This was insane.

“I can’t do this!” She shook her head. “I-I-“

“Let’s start small.” He left a single hundred-dollar bill on the table. “How about a kiss?”

She looked around nervously. “R-Right here?” She asked. “B-but what about the cashier?” Edgar rose and went to the cashier. After a few words and an exchange of bills she left a key on the counter and left the shop. “What did you do?” Maxine asked as the man sat back down.

“I told her to leave early for the day and leave the key here. I’ll lock up after. Now we have this whole place to ourselves. Money can be quite useful at times.”

“You can’t just pay anyone to do anything!” Maxine resisted. She hated that idea. She hated the idea that Edgar could do anything he wanted, whenever he wanted, and she was stuck where she was having to obey him.

“You are right.” He shrugged. “I guess I should just go then?” He asked.

She paused. “Well.” She fidgeted. What was she doing. Why didn’t she want him to go. Her brain was telling her this was insane. He was insane. Her brain was telling her to tell this guy to fuck off. “A kiss?” She asked. “Just a kiss?”

“A hundred dollar kiss.” He nodded. Was an arrogant asshole. She clenched her fists. Her mind told her to slap him. She leaned in and brought her hand up and lightly to his cheek. It wasn’t forceful, in fact, her hand was shivering. She caressed his perfect face as he leaned in as well.

Bite him. Curse him. Teach him a lesson. Her mind rioted as he pecked her lips and dipped himself into her. He pierced her, wormed inside her, wrestled her muscle down with his own. Her mouth was wet and tight and watery. She felt small and weak. She felt his jaw and electricity course through her core. She shook as he nibbled on her lip, pulled, and let go. She was in awe for a moment before she felt something slip under her hand on the table. She looked down. It was a hundred dollar bill.

“And you were so coy before.” He teased.

She accepted cash for her body. She had always thought of herself as a strong, independent woman. But now what was she? Her skin felt cold but her body felt warm. She was a whore. She felt a little sick and a little lightheaded. She felt like she was falling. Her skin crawled with goose bumps. Hot and cold flashed through her senses.

Then another five bills slipped under her grip. She looked up to Edgar expectantly. “What do you want now?” She asked, pretending she wouldn’t do anything he asked with enthusiasm.

“I want to see your breasts, and I want some dirty talk.” He said. She looked at the money. “Do you want more?” She looked at him and nodded. “I’ll give you another three hundred once you are done.”

“B-But,” She looked out the windows.

“No one is coming. But if they did, I still would expect you to continue. Now let’s get on with it.”

She felt like someone else was in control of her hands. She began to unbutton her shirt. Her mind panicked as if someone else were trying to force her shirt off. Her fingers fumbled, fighting each other. She tried breathing calmly. She gulped down excess saliva. She noticed how flushed her chest was. She couldn’t be that turned on could she? She just had to flash her tits right? She’d never done that before but it was nothing. Lots of her friends had done it. She’d felt so angry at them before. She felt like they’d betrayed themselves. Now she was doing the same thing. What would her father think? What would her mother think? illegal bahis siteleri They’d be ashamed of her. But that didn’t matter. It was her life. Her choice. It didn’t mean anything. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow as she got halfway down her buttons. “H-Hey handsome.” She started. She had no idea how to talk dirty. She’d never done it before. “D-Do you like what you see?”

“Good first attempt. But I want more honesty.” Edgar said as she finished off the last of the buttons.

“What do you mean?” She asked as she pulled apart her flannel and showed her pale skin and bra underneath.

“You are embarrassed. And angry.” Fuck. He could see that? “Tell me how you really feel about me.”

“W-Well,” He was asking for it. She hesitated, her hands on her bra cups. “I’m, I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“That I’m not good enough.” She admitted. “That I’m not worth the money. That you’re going to be angry.”

“And why are you angry?”

“Because I hate being so scared of that. I shouldn’t care about what you think.” She was shaking. “And I hate how turned on I am. I shouldn’t care. I think you’re an asshole for making me do this.”

“Well, I did tell you do be honest.” She suddenly realized how honest she had been and felt mortified. “But the only one making you do this is yourself.”

“Fuck.” She cursed openly. He was right. She fucking hated him being so right.

“Let me see your tiny tits then.”

“They aren’t tiny!” She argued. She took a deep breath to prepare before lifting up her underwear. It suddenly felt far colder. Her breasts hung and wobbled. Her nipples pointed out. She had always thought they were too pointy. “S-See!” She felt close to tears now.

“I think they are pretty.” He said after some thought. The complement hit her harder that it should have. Her heat beat fast. “They’re cute.” What was that supposed to mean? Was he treating her like a kid? She was about to put her clothes back on before she saw him place another three bills on the stack. “As promised.” Then he waved another five in his grasp.

“W-What’s that for?” She asked nervously. She kept her tits in the open.

“Sex.” He said simply.

She covered her stiff nipples with her cold fingers and bit her lip in thought. “Just out here?”

“In the open. Yes.” Not like this. Not for five hundred dollars. “A blowjob then.” He shrugged, noticing her hesitation.

“Okay.” She shivered. She supposed he wanted her to keep her bra and shirt the way it was. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Wait,” He stopped in thought, “How about I double it,” he held a thousand dollars in his hands. “And you bend over the table and let me fuck your pussy.”

A thousand dollars. She bit her lip, “No.” She shook her head but looked at his expectantly.

“I’ll double it again. Two thousand.” That was three thousand in total. Would he go higher? She wasn’t sure. She imagined her tits on the cold table now, being taken from behind.

“S-sure.” Half her mind hated the other half. She was so easy.

“Wait,” He said again just as she agreed. She began breathing heavily yet again as he fished out even more money. How the hell did he carry it all? What the hell did he want?

She guessed before he said it. Her asshole tightened. He wanted anal didn’t he. He wanted her butt. It was the only thing even more embarrassing. It was the only thing she had told herself she’d never give a guy. It was too ugly, too degrading. It didn’t feel good, it just felt awkward and painful. All it did was make a guy feel powerful. He put the money on the table. There was now seven thousand in total. Seventy bills all together he counted it, and re-counted it. She straitened her glasses and strained her eyes just to be sure she counted right.

“That’s’ too much.” Her mouth moved on it’s own. She felt guilty that all that money was going to her, and ashamed at what she was going to do for it.

“It’s just paper.” He explained. “Now, for this much, I want your ass. And I want you to beg for it.” She knew it. Her innards twisted. Her thighs clenched.

“You’re a weirdo.” She accused. “A freak.”

“I’ll take my money elsewhere then.”

“Wait!” She shouted, then she looked away in embarrassment. Why was she so upset at that possibility? “You have to promise you wont just leave me.” What a pathetic thing to say. She felt so vulnerable alone with him now. And he seemed so powerful. She couldn’t just let him have his way and leave. She didn’t want to be disposable. If she was going to be a sex object, she wanted to be his. That was her excuse. Maybe if it was for love she could regain some of her pride.

“Well I can’t just stay. I told you, I go where the wind takes me. I can take you with me if that is what you want.”

This was all happening so fast. “But, my education-“

“Your choice. But that choice comes later. Will you take this deal, or not?”

She was a strong woman. An independent woman. An adult. She could do whatever she wanted canlı bahis siteleri with her life. She’d never in a million years guess that this is what she’d be doing with it. She stood and bent over the table, her bare breasts against the pile of dollar bills. “Please. Edgar. Please fuck my ass.” Her pussy was a waterfall. “T-Take me.” She stuttered.

“Those words seem forced.”

“The fuck do you want from me?” She asked, holding in her shame. “It’s not like I actually like this!”

“Well,” He stood and held her hips. She was still and tense as he unzipped her jeans and yanked them under her cheeks with her panties. He could see everything now. He spread her open, licked his hand and touched her. “I want you to be honest with me then.” He’d seen everything she didn’t like showing. She squirmed when he manhandled her pleasure. He didn’t caress her, he claimed her. “Your butt is cute too.” he massaged it.

“That feels weird.” She admitted. His hand was slippery.

“Does it turn you on?”

“Fuck you. Just get this over with.”

“Well, I do care if you feel good.”

“Right.” She didn’t believe him. She felt him maneuver her arm under her so she could reach her pussy. “You think I’ll be touching myself?” She asked.

“Maybe.” She felt his cock, dry and smooth. He wet it against her pussy.

“Ah!” She felt his cock with her dripping womanhood and her own fingers. Her thighs squeezed together around it. He toyed on the outside of her with teasing malice. “J-just get it over with! This wasn’t part of the deal!” It was all the shame of getting fucked without any of the pleasure.

“Just trying to make it less painful for you.” He said as the cock pressed on her clit, pussy lips, and then across the gap to her tight, stressed, and scared orifice.

“Oh god.” She felt the pressure and realized how much this was going to hurt. She steeled herself as the half wet member forged through her virgin asshole. “Fuck Fuck Fuck!” She was glad he’d taken his time. Any faster and she might have split open. It didn’t feel good. It just felt weird and demeaning. This felt like a loss not just for her, but for her mother who raised her, and her friends who looked up to her. She’d have to meet them in the eyes. They all thought she was a woman of principle and character. But reality was like a dry cock in your asshole. She wasn’t a hero. She was a cocksleeve. This was her place. She’d been lying to everyone this whole time. She’d even been lying to herself. She’d give up everything if the price was right.

There was something calming about that. With a loss of control came a loss of agency. She didn’t feel responsible for any of this. It was all Edgar. She relaxed and felt the cock glide. She felt her muscles go soft and her fingers began to dance around her gushing pussy. “Oh!” It didn’t hurt as much now. In fact, it felt like it belonged. It felt like this was natural. For years she’d been empty. She didn’t know what she was missing. She was supposed to be fucked like this. She was built for sex, not for coursework. Everything else was just her feeling not good enough.

She always felt a strange guilt during sex before. Like orgasms were a greedy thing to ask for. But then she felt used whenever her partner felt good and she didn’t. She didn’t feel any of that here. It wasn’t her choice, it was his. He was taking what he wanted, and she was enjoying it. She felt him pound her as she circled her clit slow and soft. It felt like a deep massage. “Edgar!” She moaned. “Don’t leave me.” She didn’t know why she said that. “Fuck me just like that.” She didn’t care if she got to cum. She’d never felt so good before during sex. She didn’t even want to cum, she didn’t want it to peak or stop. She’d never felt so relaxed. So comfortable. She’d have never expected anal would feel this way.

Then she felt it. Like the pressure building in a boiler. She felt the shock of pleasure though her body. She was coming closer. She stopped touching herself. She let the pressure stay in place before she rubbed her clit and brought herself a little closer, and closer. Each time it took longer for her pleasure to die down. Each time she got closer to coming, just to deny herself and ride the ecstasy another minute. “Edgar, hold me!” She begged. He did so tightly. He took her hand away from her clit and rammed her deep and hard. He was close.

It felt great. It felt satisfying. “You’re smiling.” He grunted. “Maybe I should be charging you for this?”

“Haha, Ahah!” She laughed and groaned. Her glasses flew off. Fuck. Her vision blurred. She hated having people see her lazy eyes. She squinted but couldn’t see her glasses anywhere now. Her slick breasts slipped across the money. Her hearing picked up her own animal gasping. All her senses peaked. She hoped Edgar couldn’t see her face. She was probably cross eyed now. Sometimes she could fix it right herself, but she was feeling too good. She was too relaxed.

“You know.” She heard Edgar grunt, “I think you look cuter without your glasses.”

“Is it-” She said breathlessly between thrusts, “Because I look like a dumb slut?” She gasped, “A stupid cross eyed bimbo?” He grunted and fucked her even harder, “It feels so good. So good being an ignorant whore!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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