A Properly Trained Tongue Ch. 01

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When Brandy had first walked into my life, a couple of years back during college; I never could have or would have anticipated the depths, of absolute sexual depravity that would accompany alongside her innocent smile.

Looking at her you would be hard pressed, to tell she’s the kind of girl that she truthfully is deep inside. The essence of what any man could really ask for: Sweet, Kind, Patient, yet Conservative & Professional in her demeanor. But all of that is just a carefully crafted cover-up. What she WANTS the world to see, rather than the twisted, fetish-driven, somewhat sadistically dirty individual, she continuously shows only to ME.. her husband.

We had met only a few years ago, back in college during our shared Creative Writing course. We all had to pick someone in class to partner up with for an assignment, and to my surprise at that moment; Brandy walked right over to me with a smile, & politely asked…

“Hi! Can I be your partner?”

Little did I even know at the time, how much she really meant by that question. Remembering back I barely had enough time to take it all in. Here was this cute, slightly nerdy looking, conservatively-dressed girl with glasses and her hair down past her shoulders, practically glowing with happiness, as she stood before me. The smile that she casted down upon me INSTANTLY lowered my defenses, and before I even knew it, I quickly answered back with a…

“Sure of course. Come on sit down.”

We had exchanged pleasantries, getting to know each other a little better, before getting into our assignment. We had to write about something that we felt was very important personally, and then had to share it with the writing partner that was with us, so they could give their thoughts about it. Finishing up the writing task quick, I passed my paper to Brandy on (Why Planning For The Future Is So Important). She had giggled to herself in a coy and cuteful manner, before then passing her paper on to me, while giving me a devious yet playful expression. Surprised by the way she had begun to stare into my eyes, I then looked down at her paper, and saw it was promptly titled (The Many Benefits Of Eating A Girl’s Pussy).

That was the beginning of a VERY unexpected college life for me. Most of the guys who had gotten in the University, had spent their time partying. But for me most of the time was either spent studying long hours, or having my face suddenly end up, between the thighs of the girl I met in one of my very first classes; Who then became my wife shortly after we had both graduated.

I can’t even begin to count, how many times she would sneak over to my dorm room; Just so she could have the opportunity, to perch right on top of my face; And have me relieve any and all of the stress, that she had pent up deep inside between her legs. She would come over regularly if I were there by myself in morning, and even like to wait until my roommate was either away or sleeping during the night, just so she could pull me into the bedroom onto my bed, slowly climb her legs directly over my face, and thus lower her pussy and her asshole right onto my open mouth. She would rock her hips WILDLY, while I dutifully served her precious nether regions without question.

She had a fetish… no an unquenchable THIRST, to have every spot between her legs licked royally, and to have it all licked often. If time was short, she wouldn’t even take her pants off completely; She would just quickly pull her pants down around her ankles (Though more often than not, she would have ME to be the one, to pull her pants down for her), and tug her panties over to the side, while my tongue took care of all the work, and all of her needs. The taste between her legs is absolutely exquisite. It is a taste now that I absolutely cannot be without. Hers is warm, majestically salty, musky, It has flooded the inside of my mouth numerous times, & has smeared all over from my forehead to my chin often, leaving me face (and my bed) a wet sticky mess.

You see Brandy… can actuality SQUIRT. Much to my surprise when I first discovered it. The more (and often) excited she gets, the tighter and more rampant her vaginal walls convulse. If she gets too excited during one of our sessions, her love juices can jettison like crazy.

One of the most craziest times, that we had shared together, was when Brandy had first spoken to my MOTHER of all people… how could I ever forget the day (or the events) when THAT happened to me.

We were alone together inside of my dorm room, Brandy had actually wanted to STAND this time, while she was being eaten. She stood proudly in front of the closet door, and wanted my mouth between her legs right there. This was somewhat difficult to say the least, as my 6’3 body casino siteleri normally towers over her 5’6 frame. I was barely able to get low enough to the ground, to put in the work she desperately needed on her pussy. We MADE it happen though, Brandy wasn’t going to have it any other way; I was down on my knees, with my mouth full of her pussy hair, and her keeping one of her hands on top my head, putting it & KEEPING it, JUST the way that she wanted it.

My cellphone had begun to ring, while her pussy was deep inside my mouth. I was paying close attention, not to let any of her juices fall onto the floor, when I noticed that it was my mother, who the one that was calling me. I instantly pulled my head away from Brandy’s crotch (resonating a loud wet slurping sound that echoed throughout the room); Causing a long trail of her Cum, to spill outward extending from her vagina right to my lips, that then fell directly onto my chest.

Swallowing the delicious pussy juices that she had just given me, I was finally able to answer the phone. I was truly grateful to the lord, that I wasn’t talking to my mother face-to-face. If she were to see the way I looked at that moment (On the floor with both my mouth & my chest completely soggy, from Brandy’s musky liquids and SMILING because of it), she would probably have either had a heart attack, or burst out laughing from what I had been doing.

“Hey Mom! What’s going on with you back home? Everything good with you, Dad, and everyone else up there?”

I said to her, before licking up the remaining strands of Brandy’s pussy water from my each side of my lips. A normal conversation between a college-aged son and his mother took place; That is before Brandy started PLAYFULLY bumping her pussy, back and forth against my mouth. Each time she did so as I tried to listen to my mother on the other end, her juices would stick & remain more and more wherever her pussy touched me. Brandy her usual playful & wicked self, seemed to really enjoy doing this. I was simply trying to have a normal conversation with my own mother, but this only excited my girlfriend even more. I remember looking up at her (still harboring a rock hard erection), and trying to signal to her that now might not be the best time to be behaving so frisky. But the instant I looked up at her, she smiled back down towards me, and pointed back towards her pussy, directing me to not take my eyes away from between her legs.

I couldn’t help but to do as she directed. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, I was getting so turned on. Brandy pushing her privates back and forth against my face, made me so happy inside that I was experiencing it. The smell down there was simply amazing, it was obvious how hot she was getting. She pushed her wet crotch into my face some more a little harder, turning my face a little to the right a little, and leaving some of her silky pussy fluids against my left cheek. Part of me didn’t even care that my mother was on the phone. It almost seemed at one point, I couldn’t even hear what she was saying, as the feeling of Brandy’s warm pussy lips, her sticky feminine smelling liquid, and the sheer HEAT from between her legs, was driving me into a trance.

“Sniff it for me…”

I heard Brandy softly whisper from above me. Part of me didn’t believe what I just heard, and I looked back up at her, only to see her point back down at her pussy again, causing her to repeat herself.

“Sniff it Darius… Be good… Sniff it right now for me baby…”

Brandy stated towards me again, with her soft and sultry tone. My mouth hung wide open at that moment. I was completely gone, from what she had just commanded. I slowly leaned my face forward, still holding my cell with one hand. I pushed my face as DEEP into Brandy’s wet hairy crotch as far as I could push it, and I slowly inhaled in mild breaths, taking in the wonderful aroma of this seductresses nether regions. Her wetness started to come out in thicker more concentrated amounts, and it all was pouring out onto the top of my nose; Running completely down both sides of my cheeks, as I sniffled in the juices completely clogging my sinuses with her cum.

“What’s wrong Darius? Do you have a cold? Why do you sound so stuffy?”

I heard my mother then say to me. I had almost forgotten that she was even there listening. I yanked my heard back from Brandy’s pussy once again, looking up at her with part of my face completely drenched with her cum. She was looking down at me deviously again, but I had to come up with something to tell my mother, on what I just sounded the way that I did.

“Uh! yea!!… I’ve been a little sick lately is all. My breathing is just a little stuffed up at the moment. But Brandy’s here as well, she’s been helping me slot oyna to get through it.”

I said to her. My mother had known I had found a girlfriend, but the two never had the chance to speak with each other up until that moment. That is when Brandy slowly reached down from above me, and gently took my cell phone right out of my hands, and placed it up against her ear.

“Hi Mrs Johnson! It’s so nice to finally get the chance to talk to you!”

Brandy then said to my mother, in her usual innocent and friendly tonality. I was still completely at a loss for words, as to the fact that all of this was honestly happening. It was then Brandy noticed me looking up at her, trying to listen to their conversation. Brandy then she smiled back towards me again, and pointed down once more to her clit. I saw that some of her juices were starting to run down, and I knew what had to be then be done. She didn’t have to say a word to me, I immediately dove forward, and ran my tongue up the length of both of her thighs, making sure to lick up every last drop of her liquid. It wasn’t as warm as it would have been, if I had drank it straight from her pussy. I didn’t give a damn however, I lapped up every bit that ran down her legs, and then focused all of my attention to her pussy.

I placed both of my hands, once against each of her thighs, and took my time working the lips and her clit patiently. I wasn’t going to rush this moment at all, it didn’t matter at all that my mother could possibly hear me. Brandy’s pussy hair shuffled slightly through my teeth, as her pussy silk dripped and rolled around on my tongue. One minute turned to five, then to ten, and nearly an hour must’ve gone by. I heard Brandy say to my mother…

“Yes ma’am, I’m making sure he’s drinking PLENTY of liquids. He might resist a little, but I make sure he swallows all of his medicine.”

I pulled my head back a little, trying to look up at her because of the innuendo Brandy had just made to my mother. It was then she held my lips firmly against her pussy, and she began to push it back and forth a little bit harder. The taste from below had gotten noticeably saltier, my eyes instantly went back to focusing on her crotch. Her breaths and her words got blatantly heavier, as her juices began to spill out from between her legs like crazy. My mouth and my face was becoming a complete mess, as she just kept going not seeming to care. I tried to drink the bits of her cum that leaked inside, as the majority ran down both sides of my face.

“Hahhhh… HAAAHHHHHH…!! Ohhhhhhh…!! AHHHHHHHHH!!”

Brandy yelled from above my head, but not before my phone dropped to the ground. Her watery, silky, pussy cum had exploded with a gush; Releasing a volume that damn near felt like the entire Atlantic Ocean directly inside of my mouth, that caused me to swallow the first wave of it that pushed it’s way right down my throat, but caused me to choke & cough wildly as the rest splashed outward, and squirt directly all over my head. Her legs began to shake wildly, as she slid slowly downward to the floor on her butt. The expression on her face was absolutely exquisite. The girl that I loved so much looked so immensely satisfied, she was beautiful.

“Hello? Hello? I hear Darius coughing over there. Are you two OK?”

I heard my mother say over the phone. Brandy reached for it again, and told her with a faded breath…

“Yes ma’am we’re both OK. I think your son may have cast an effect on me. I’m feeling a little weak in the knees as well.”

As she completely smiled towards me.

Things weren’t any different all throughout college. Even after we graduated & had decided to get married, Brandy didn’t change one single solitary bit. In fact… she had grown to become even MORE devious.

When the day finally came, we were fortunate enough (with some help with both of our families) to get married in a small local church. All of our friends and family members who could attend, were all there in support. Many said how great of a couple we were, and especially telling ME how lucky I was, to find a girl who was as rare and innocent that Brandy was… if only they knew the truth.

It was getting close to the time of the wedding, and I was over at the snacks table sipping on some fruit punch. Brandy had frantically ran over to me, wearing her stunning white wedding dress. She that beamed a look of innocence that quickly turned devious, and then whispered in my ear…

“I need it so bad right now.”

She had wrapped both of her arms around one of my own, and then somehow managed to covertly pulled me into the women’s restroom. She drug me into one of the women’s restroom stalls, and began kissing me in a passionate frenzy, then breaking away from me and canlı casino siteleri giving a really tight hug.

“Thank you so much for making this day happen Darius, I promise I’ll do my best to always make you happy.”

She said as she looked up at me. I smiled down towards her, and then her expression INSTANTLY turned devilish once again. Brandy hiked her wedding dress upwards, and then sat back on the toilet. She hooked her legs underneath her knees, pulling them back and wide open. She continued her gaze into my eyes, licking her towards me. She then (in her accustomed heated manner) said to me…

“Come here… Lick my ass Darius.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening right before the wedding. Let alone this was happening, in the CHURCH of all places. I was staring ferverously, between my soon-to-be wife’s legs. She was wearing white lacy panties, to go along with her wedding dress. Someone inside told me, she was wearing these specific panties on purpose; But before I even knew it, I had drifted down onto my knees in the bathroom stall.

“You know how I like it. Make sure you sniff down there, really really good Darius.”

Brandy had said to me. My eyes casted upward, catching her still-devious expression, she instantly pointed back towards her pussy, driving my focus where it needed to me… back down between her legs. I started to take long deep breaths, inhaling the aroma from between her crotch. It was a scent that I was all too familiar with, and still realized how LUCKY I was, to be taking it all in even right then. I meticulously parted her underwear over to the side, using my right hand; Seeing her beautiful asshole right in front of me, I hungrily widened & flattened out my tongue, and dove forward giving a VERY long and slow lick, going completely up her ass hole, from the bottom to the top.

Her taste was bitter, and yet EXTREMELY feminine. Different from her pussy, but it tasted so good that I was in heaven. I shuffled my tongue, feel the taste of her butt stuck to it, and went forward again, giving it an even slower/wetter lick. I heard brandy moan a bit, as I began to make her ass get wet; I pushed my face even deeper into her ass, staring to circle and slobber all over her rear with my mouth. I wanted to get my tongue deep inside of her ass, I started to push it inside of her butt hole, and then we both heard someone come inside the restroom.

We had stopped what we were doing, and tried to play it all completely quiet. Someone sat in the stall next to ours, and then shockingly began to speak…

“Is that you in there Brandy? I could’ve swore I thought I saw you run in here.”

The voice had sounded familiar, thought it was difficult to concentrate. My mind was still buzzing, as the taste of Brandy’s ass was heavy in my mouth.

“Yea mom it’s me! I just needed to use the restroom really quick.”

Brandy said. Oh my god, it was her MOTHER of all people in the very next stall; And there I was in the restroom stall of the church, eating Brandy’s ASS of all things before the wedding.

“Well things are about to begin soon. We just need to and find Darius, then we can get things underway.”

Brandy’s mother said. She had finished using the restroom, washed up and then walked out. Brandy had smiled down to me, as I looked up to her doing the same. She ran to the door and peeked out, looking to see if anyone was around. I ran to the paper towel dispenser, and quickly wiped off my mouth. I ran and drank some more fruit punch, to get the smell of Brandy’s ass off of my breath. The wedding went on with no one none the wiser to what we were doing, and we took a large family wedding photo, with everyone at the end.

That photo now rests on the mantle of Brandy and mine’s starter home. It is small but we’re just starting out, and building our life together. Though the wedding was no more than a year ago, I can still recall that moment like it was yesterday. Looking at the photo, you can see Brandy clearly looking smiling coyly over to me, and if you look a little closer, there’s a small wet spot on my upper lip.

We are both working full-time for different companies now. The weekend has finally come, and I’ve made it home before she has. I hear her vehicle pull up to the house, she gets out of her car, and comes through the door. I walk up to give her a hug and kiss, but she places her finger to my lips stopping me instantly.

“Ah, ah, ah… that’s not what I want.”

Brandy says, before reaching around the back of my head, pulling me down to her, to give me one hell of a kiss. She pushes all of the saliva that was inside of her mouth to my own, and slithers her tongue completely around mine, this girl hasn’t changed since the first day that we met.

This is my life in a nutshell. I never could have predicted this would ever happen. But as god as my witness, I will always be there for her. I’d be absolutely insane not to… she just turns me on so DAMN much.

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