A quick body investment

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A quick body investment
By Dina Petro

This was kind of strange, so fast and unbelievable way of my investing my own body against benefits in the quickest way ever.
I was on a trip to one of those countries, when I had some free time to walk around, I happen to be in one of a small shopping center at a dead sales time of the day as called by business people, walking deeper into the center, I found a women’s clothes shop at the inner corner deep inside the shopping center, I walked in looking over the advertised women’s clothes.
The sales man was a skinny, short middle aged man, he had a petite body, I was in a knee length dress, which was tight and so soft, outlining my curvy body assets, especially that I was panty less and braless as it was a warm weather.
I clearly noticed the salesman’s eyes staring at my body wherever I moved, he was trying to help me chose some clothes, trying to get as close as possible to me to have a closer look at my sexy assets as I believe, which was obvious in fact.
I have naughtily made some special showing acts like bending over putting my seminude body on a clear display for his hungry eyes which had resulted in building a hard on for him, which was clearly showing as his cock was trying canlı bahis şirketleri to push his pants outward making a clear tent, no matter how hard he tried to hide it, he did not seem to succeed as I had seen it clearly.
I guess all of that together had built up some heat over my body, turning me on, making me as horny; I intentionally backed up a few times pumping my seminude ass to his hard cock making him hornier than he already was.
The man was flirting with me and I was doing a good job of flirting back, with some smiles and louder slutty laughter’s now and then. Finally I had picked up a few garments of my own interest that I wanted to buy, the place was so small and did not have any hidden corners or back stores or anything else, I walked up to the counter he was standing behind, he calculated the amount of money I was supposed to pay, but during which there was so much flirting back and forth between us that he gave him the courage to lift his hand up behind the counter to feel my thighs and ass, he went further by inserting his hand up my dress pushing it further till he felt my bare ass.
His cock was almost tearing his pants up trying to get out especially when I flirted with him by pushing my tipobet güvenilir mi hand further, touched his dick over his pants, which seemed to be big and rock hard while he was feeling my ass and pussy under my skirt with both of our eyes over the main door watching for any sudden comers.
Finally I said “common, I have to go, so how much money do I have to pay you?”
He smiled saying “it is a dead time now, no one will come in”
Laughing and winking an eye, I said “so what do you have on mind? I think you have reached all my body assets, I believe I deserve a good discount don’t I?”
He answered back with the same mood saying “Yes I am thinking of that in fact, you would owe me nothing at all if I get to fuck you?”
I said “What? How could you fuck me?”
He said “right here, behind this counter, a quick one would do”
I was truly thinking about it, besides I was so horny by then, I happen to be a naughty woman who likes taking risks as well, I looked him in the eyes saying “I guess you have a deal”
I walked behind the counter where he was standing, I looked around, nobody was there to worry about, I just lifted my dress up to my waist, bent over the counter, while he unzipped his pants, pulled his cock tipobet giriş out, he spit on his hand and lubed his hard cock, which he did not need in fact, as my pussy was leaking wet by then.
He held his dick in hand, rubbed it to my pussy lips and started pushing it in me, it started sliding right into my pussy effortless, and he did it slow and easy first till he was balls deep inside my cunt.
He looked around making sure nobody was watching, he pulled my dress down covering the fuck action and started fucking me in and out while holding my ass cheeks making some low moans and noises of full interest, I was enjoying the fuck as much as he was.
We heard some movements outside, so he pulled his cock out of me so fast, dropped my dress down, hid his cock and we acted as if we were standing next to each other working on some paperwork, but it turns out there was nobody.
He lifted my dress up and pushed his cock back in me and started fucking me so fast and so hard with no mercy, not that I needed any mercy, as I wanted fucked that hard anyway, he kept at it till I came, he was about to cum as well when he pulled out of my cunt I got on my knees, took his dick in my mouth, started sucking on it till he came in my mouth.
I cleaned up with some paper tissues next to me on the counter, pulled my dress back down, picked my purchased garments, which were paid for by my pussy efforts and walked out like nothing had happened.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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