A Second Chance to Make a First Impression-1st par

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A Second Chance to Make a First Impression-1st par
Some say one must be on their best behavior and enlist other pretenses to get what you want, but the events of Saturday afternoon and night turned that old adage on its ass.

After a fitful night’s sleep from midnight texts and pussy pics from one of my favorite married couples, I awoke early Saturday with a huge hard-on and even bigger smile on my face as I would be seeing Betty and Duane on the Gulf Coast later. I desired this weekend that Xhamster friends seeking a real-world experience to make the trip down South so that I could entertain them in New Orleans or a host of other parades, but as I love fucking, sometimes you have to find your fun in the more familiar places with kindred spirits. From out celebrated “1st date” a year ago until now, the level of nastiness that we three have brought to our sexual adventures always guaranteed my rapt attention and boundless enthusiasm.

When I arrived, Betty told Duane that she was mine to do with as I pleased and that Duane was hers to use as she pleased. Listening to their banter over the “agreement,” it seemed that Betty had particular plans for her husband that day as he had to ask permission from me to have any access to her pussy, tits, and ass. I was more than willing to play along as the nipples on her large 40C breasts stretched the shirt she wore, and when I reached beneath her oversized tee-shirt to touch between her legs, her already soaked pussy had me reeling. It was hardly ten minutes from walking into the door before I had her doggy style and had my dick glistening with her silky pussy juices. I know that Betty enjoys my larger dick and I was horny and ready to get off, but there are times that I just want to fuck so I shifted rhythms to allow me to remain inside her for longer. Duane would say, “Fuck my slut. Fuck my little married whore!” I kept pumping in her pussy. I told him to come over and watch my Black dick go in and out of her pussy. She moaned and soon a flood of her juices leaked from her walls and cascaded down my cock and balls. “Now, clean this up.” When her husband’s lips gave her pussy an open-mouthed kiss, she squatted over his face and came again. Her moans were so loud that I had to pinch off my cock at the head and walked away from the bed so I would not ejaculate. He asked if he could put his dick inside of her. I said, “No, but you can use it to wet her pussy lips so I can get some more.” He trembled standing behind his wife knowing that he relinquished her hot, wet hole to me and that he had to be patient.

Betty moaned and pleaded, “Yes. You come fuck me and fill me with your seed. Stick all of your dick in me. Make me scream. Cum in me.” I smiled and teasingly replied to her, “You are mine for the day. That means ‘my way, my rules.’ I’m not coming in you until the day ends.” I pulled her to the edge of the mattress and re-entered her swollen pussy. As I fucked with a steady pace, I instructed Duane to put his cock in her mouth. He took an inflatable pump with a small ball attached and said, “I’m opening up her asshole for you. She hasn’t had anyone back there since her surgery and she wants you to take it.” I told him with each thrust in his wife’s pussy that it casino siteleri was my plan to fuck all of her holes but first, there should be a public showing. In my mind, I recalled the conversation we had in December of visiting the local adult theater that had couches for couples to play openly and to invite other like-minded types to join in on the play. They had gone to the arcade gloryhole spot before but this would be more explicit and raw. Betty came furiously. I pulled out of her still insatiable for her tight, meaty pussy but reaching for the higher hanging fruit of my lust. I told Duane, “You have fifteen minutes in her pussy. After that, get yourself washed and properly dressed for our outing at the theater.” They both thanked me and from the doorway, I watched their pleasure as they fucked like two lovers, yet the married pair experienced themselves with a new familiarity.

While Betty dressed, Duane and I talked about rice recipes and then discussed how all this came to be. He discussed his excitement about going to the theater and how turned on Betty was that she was in my control. I told him that they were special to me as they continually became more open with the desires that they sought within their marriage. He said he did not want to limit himself or her from any pleasures. Duane spoke about how he wants to see her degraded one day to the degree that she will only pause in the mirror when he thinks about what she has done. I said to some level that I agreed with him but there were certain things I wouldn’t do or say. Betty yelled from the bathroom, “like the n-word.” I replied, “Or calling a woman a cunt.” Duane was genuinely surprised. “What? They’re just words.” I said, “I fuck intelligent lovers. Use other words. I can call a women a slut or whore, maybe even bitch. I tell her that her cunt feels amazing but I’ll never call her an amazing cunt.” Perhaps the difference in our ages (as they are in their late 30s and I turn 50 this year) presented Duane with the paradox of how I could cum all over his wife but thought calling the c-word improper. As Betty considers herself a “mixed breed” with Irish, Indian, and “whatever” in her blood, she was slightly put off by her husband’s logic over saying the n-word and they soon started to argue. Betty came from her bathroom in a beautiful orange sundress that accentuated those big breasts and taut nipples. She also had on makeup that brought out a richer glowing of her face and skin. She also had perched a straw hat upon her head and had a white shawl, which made her look more like she was preparing for a date to lay upon a red and white blanket at a picnic than upon plastic sheeting on a cum-stained, white couch to be group fucked.

When we arrived at the theater, Duane and Betty were surprised that the parking lot was packed at two in the afternoon. I knew that guys in the place would appreciate a hot female in the place. All sexes are welcomed in there and if measured, same-sex adventures outweigh couples that play by a 4-1 margin but I wanted the couple to experience whatever it had to offer and as Duane intimated that he wanted to experience everything, Betty had whispered that if she had permission, she like him to take a canlı casino cock in his ass for each one she took in her pussy. I said, “You’re such a dirty girl.” I also agreed.

Unfortunately, there were few takers for pussy as we walked toward the couches. Two other Black guys walked away, so I knew they were there for the same thing as Betty. I realized that most of the guys jerking off in the shadows were some of “the boys’: business owners, construction workers, an military men that wanted to get sucked off and didn’t discriminate on throats. As Betty jerked me and Duane off, I pulled her titties out. That brought the guys over. I looked at both of them and remembered that I had control over both of them. Though it was not a part of her BBC fantasy, I told Duane to blindfold and tape her mouth shut. I was rock hard and the guys whose ages ranged from 20 to 75 were stroking themselves into semi-erect states.

I stood away from them and said, “OK. It’s going to be a six dick day for her. If you don’t cum, it don’t count and we start back at one.” She shuddered but had agreed and I waited until her mouth was gagged so she couldn’t protest. The oldest of the guys there asked if he could eat her pussy. I told him yes and walked away from the couches looking for recruits. I gave two other guys permission to touch her breasts. while her husband sat next to her. I received responses from sulky to scared, and from the six-four Black guy, bitchy. I knew what it was like to wait for some action to start and to see these guys being so reluctant had me frustrated but I wouldn’t let it show. I walked back to the couch and told the older gentleman to get his dick wet. He went inside of her but withdrew after a minute losing his hard-on. He said, “I can’t fuck it but I can eat the shit out of it!” I told him to let me get at it and then he could go back to eating it. I lay Betty on her back and her groans when I stuck the length of my dick in her brought the rest of the patrons to the back.

It was then that the second couple arrived. They were both about five feet seven and his chestnut-colored hair contrasted with her curled solid Black locks. “Now,” I thought, “Two white women ought to bring out the hounds for certain.” While I fucked Betty on the couch, they sat in a row of theater seats. I invited them over and they said thanks but remained in the theater seats. Betty moaned as she could hear the guys jerking off around the couch and the man who had sat on the couch getting a blowjob from another man. The couple could see me, and as they reached into her purse to share a bottle, I knew they were not bothered by the public display. Betty’s pussy soaked my cock and as her husband watched, she met my thrust and came again. He adjusted the panties he placed over her eyes and I looked at the couple across from us. While the husband reached beneath the brunette’s jean skirt, she locked her eyes upon me. I caught her glance and placing my hands on the back of the couch, I pounded Betty’s pussy and locked my eyes into hers. My dick throbbed fucking Betty and having another woman watch and I soon didn’t notice the other patrons. Sensing that I was about to cum, I pulled out of her with my dick shiny with pussy kaçak casino juice. Staggering for speech, I told the older gentleman, “I haven’t cum in her yet. Get another taste.” He did with such fervor that it made me laugh and soon Betty flooded his face with wetness. The older man yelled, “She’s flooding me!” I stood next to Duane and told him, “Whose pussy is this, man?” He affirmed loudly, “It’s your pussy, Sir.” We repeated the banter a second time, I tapped the guy eating Betty, stuck my cock inside her and fucked her for about ten minutes moving the couch. I told Duane to get her dressed, clean her soaking pussy up, smoke cigarettes, and come back.

The guy with his woman watched Duane and Betty leave. He was finger-fucking his woman underneath her skirt and the crowd that was watching us gravitated towards her. I took a well-deserved breath and started putting on my clothes. I walked over to them. The brunette was more stunning than I had realized in the dimly-lit theater. She was in her 40s but her body and breasts were as taught as a woman in her 20s. The husband gave permission for one guy to touch her breast and another to suck it. Finally, he relented and let a third touch er pussy and a feeding frenzy of hands consumed her. I stood back during this time. People hold preferences and a Southern Black man, I know that even if a guy permits me to view his wife that he may still hold some shit that “I’m not prejudiced, but.” So, wanting to avoid any “but” stuff, I held off from touching her but eventually, I cupped a large hand on her breast and she sighed from the sensation. A blond man asked if he could eat her pussy and as two guys moved and I stepped aside, I felt between her shapely legs. Her pussy had drenched the bottom of her skirt. “Fuck,” I said under my breath and walked outside.

Betty and Duane were by their truck. They said they were having fun but it wasn’t all they expected. Betty specifically asked, “Where’s the dicks at?” I told her, “You got to eat her pussy. Now. C’mon.” Duane asked if it was the other couple. I said they were playing but they weren’t expecting this. I held Betty’s hand and walked her back into the theater. Our eyes had barely adjusted and we apologized for missteps on others. I told the crowd to part and told the guys to “let the girls play.” Here they were; a heavy-breasted brown-haired woman eating passionately the shaved pussy of an older brunette. The Rubenesque and the Nymphet. My dick strained at my jeans watching Betty suck and pull the lips of this tiny woman. Soon, the woman came on Betty’s hands and wrists. As Betty rose, the other woman said, “Fuck this. I got a hotel room. Shall we leave?” Betty said I have to ask. I said, “Fuck yeah,” and soon the five of us left the theater to go to their hotel.

Betty and Duane were smiling when we met up outside. We hadn’t exchanged names nor had a conversation other than with our bodies, and here Betty was clearly turned on by the thought of being with this woman longer. While I had looked around inside the theater for any possible contenders, the women had discussed that the brunette wanted to be fisted by Betty and she and her husband would see where things would go. Now, in less that a fifteen-minute drive, the unexpected would be happening. If nothing else, I was excited that I’d see some girl-on-girl action in the view of the husbands.

*I’m not one for cliffhangers but this is going to have to be in two parts. I’ll finish soon.*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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