A Second Lesson

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The initial discovery I had made with the woman was both intriguing, and sexually exciting to me. This was a woman that, through various chats online, had explained that she was used to controlling situations when it came to men and sex. Yet here we were at a situation exactly the opposite of what she had ever experienced before in her life.

In our last date at my house, simply by caressing and teasing and without any sort of attempt to sexually touch, this woman had experienced four orgasms in about an hour’s time. And afterwards, when chatting online to say goodnight, she had cum an additional time simply by reading the words I wrote to her, “Cum hard for me now baby!” I have no doubt that we BOTH went to our individual beds excited about the prospect of our next date.

That day arrived on a Friday evening. The plan was a casual one. Simply to have her come over to my house, order out some pizza and watch a movie. This time we both agreed that something sexual was bound to happen and were ready for it. Now, it is not like you plan for some things to happen. But in this instance, I had a mental plan that I wished to play out and see what would happen. I wanted to see if I could take her to a new level with the “game” we had started playing.

I saw the lights from her car shining through my window as she arrived. It was a pleasant evening, and I could see that she was comfortably dressed with her long blonde hair straight down as I greeted her at the door. I made my decision at that moment to go through with my plan. I was excited at the opportunity and hopeful that she would respond as I expected. I was confident she would respond like I wanted her to because I was feeling that I had read her body reactions properly as I teased her during the previous date.

I said, “Come here,” in a friendly way as she took a step past me when I shut the door.

She turned to face me and I cupped her face with both hands as kissed her for a long time. I made sure to start softly and sensually by lightly licking her lips as I kissed her. Then I made sure I was more urgent with my tongue against the corner of her mouth while I caressed her face. Then I started kissing her hard…..very hard….as I started running my hands through her hair. I would occasionally grip her hair firmly as I kissed her. Her reactions were as before. She immediately started getting aroused and she started softly whimpering as I finished casino siteleri the kiss.

As soon as the kiss was over, I turned her around so I could be behind her. She laughed and tried to walk away, but I gripped her shoulders and said, “Not so fast there missy!”

We both laughed at that, and she said, “What are you trying to do here?”

My answer was total silence. I let my hands move from her shoulders to reaching around her and firmly grabbing both breasts in my palms. I pulled hard against them to press her against my body, and then slowly moved both hands down off her breasts to her waistline. I gripped the bottom of her top and lifted it out of her pants and proceeded to slowly take them off.

As I was doing this, she said, “What are you doing?” and again, my answer was silence.

I next took off her bra and let both her bra and her top drop to the floor at her feet. And now, my plan begins. I am going to try and tease her until she cannot take it anymore. I start by very, very slowly bringing my hands up along her stomach towards her breasts. When I almost had reached her breasts, I let my fingers and palms slide up her side, delaying the moment. Then I started at the top of her breast and very slowly, very softly, slide my fingers down the side of her breasts towards her nipple.

I press firmly enough to make sure my fingers can be felt easily, and travel slowly to build the excitement up for the moment of first touch with her nipples. Only that moment doesn’t happen just yet. Just as my index and middle fingers get close enough to touch, I spread those fingers and make them travel on each side of her nipples, not touching either at all. Then I slowly slide the fingers back up along her breast to her side again.

As I continued stroking her breast in this same way over and over again, I leaned over, placing my lips to her left ear, whispering, “Do you like this? Do you like how this is making you feel?”

She answers with mostly just a soft moan, but I can make out the soft, “Yes!” as she breathed in hard. Her body started to tremble slightly, as if she were very cold. Her hands started clenching as well, providing me another sign of the sexual tension that was building up inside her.

I continue for a few more strokes, refusing to touch her nipples, when I decide it is time to try out what I discovered the previous night. I start increasing slot oyna the pace and firmness of my caresses of her breasts.

In a more urgent voice, I spoke into her ear, whispering, “How are you feeling, baby? Can you tell that I am looking at your nipples right now? They look very hard. Do they ache at all?”

Then I ask, “Do you want me to touch your nipples baby? Is that what you want?”

I hear her cry out, “Oh God….yes…please baby…please!” as she reaches around to try and grab my cock thru my pants.

I immediately tell her, “No!” and have her keep her hands at her side for now, and just repeat my questions again and again, building the excitement for the moment of touching.
At this point, I can tell she is extremely excited. She is having trouble standing still due to trying to squirm. I have been somewhat verbally strict and not letting her move her body at all since I started this teasing, and now it was time for my test. If I read her body correctly, she would be cumming again very soon.

I whispered into her ear, “Baby, I want you to cum for me hard…right now…right here…let me hear you cum hard for me!”

And on those words, I heard her say, “AAhhhhgggg…..” and let out a moan. Her hands went straight out to the side, like she was trying to steady herself and keep her balance, and I watched her knees physically start to buckle. I gripped her breasts hard and pinched her nipples firmly while she was cumming for me.

All during this time I whisper,”Oh baby…that’s what I want…are you still cumming for me baby? Hmmm…still cumming? I want that…cum hard for me…that’s right…your nipples WANT me to grip them don’t they? They WANT me to grab them hard and play with them!”

She let her head drop slightly after she finished cumming and said, “What have you done to me? How are you doing this?”

My answer this time was to grip her hair firmly and pull her head back.

Then I said, “You want to cum for me again like that don’t you? Don’t you!”

She cried back, “Yes…I do want to…yes I do.”

I twisted her hair to turn her head slightly as I kissed her mouth at the corner. Then I turned her around to face me and kissed her very hard cupping her face again.

Holding her face still while I looked directly into her eyes, I said, “Cum right now baby…right now! Look me in the eyes while you cum. I want to see your eyes while you cum. canlı casino siteleri Look at me baby…cum hard for me…cum again….right now…cum for me and let me see how your eyes look when you do.”

She buckled again and cried out this time. As she was cumming, I asked, “Do you want to taste my cock now baby? Would you like that?”

She moaned VERY loudly at that and dropped to her knees in front of me. Her hair framed her face as she looked up to me while opening up my pants and exposed my cock. I lightly stroked her pretty hair and petted her head as she got comfortable in front of me. Then she slowly went as deep as she could on the first stroke and held my cock there for a few precious moments, before slowly going up and down on my cock.

I noticed that she would slightly moan on each stroke in, and not when pulling back off my cock. I also noticed that her moaning was timed as my cockhead would rub along the roof of her mouth.

To keep her at the excitement level I wanted her at, as my cockhead was rubbing firmly along the roof of her mouth again, I very firmly said, “Cum right now! Don’t wait, cum right now on my cock. I want to feel you cumming as you swallow my cock.”

She moaned loudly on my cock as she came, only she made sure she rubbed my cockhead along the roof of her mouth as she did. That was all the information I needed.
I pulled my cock out of her mouth and replaced it with my middle finger. She looked up at me as she sucked my finger. Then I started stroking my finger into her mouth, making sure to run the fingertip along the roof of her mouth.

I told her to cum on my finger as she sucked it. As she moaned, I forced her to look me in the eyes, all the while stroking my finger very fast and very firmly along the roof of her mouth. She came for a very long time that way.

I pulled her up off her knees and put my pants back on. I told her that I had a lot in store for her this evening, but that she must be getting thirsty right now. And at that, we went into the kitchen and got some drinks while I ordered the pizza. The whole time, she was panting and out of breath. She was incredulous that she could cum hard that many times in a short period of time, and I hadn’t done anything but touch her nipples and played with her mouth!

Learning To Read a Woman’s Body – Part 3 will involve our first sexual encounter later that evening. At the end of that evening, I asked her if she had ever experienced anal sex before. Her answer was no and she wasn’t sure that she was interested. Her training to be extremely interested starts in Learning To Read a Woman’s Body – Part 4. Stay tuned!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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