A Slave to Socks Ch. 07

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The brunette woke up with those blue eyes still behind eyelids, and a dull ache at her backside. It was likely the grogginess of simply waking up again that didn’t put two and two together, but after stretching a bit in the bed, Lexi was soon made aware of why that pain was there. She felt the cold dampness of her stained bedsheets as she moved her midsection over them, the notion of feeling such causing her to jerk back away from it instinctively, like just realizing you stepped in a pile of dog shit with your best sneakers on. With the reflexive reaction to move away from the stain, those eyes opened completely, starring out in to a disheveled mess that was her room. Clothing seemed to lie everywhere, as if a party had taken place not just a few hours prior — which, to be honest, is what happened.

A soft groan was heard, and then another desire to stretch out was made, likely the body protesting cause the first attempt was cut short, and it demanded the freedom to move; a demand that — no consciously aware of that cum stain — Lexi refused once again. Thankfully, the clothing in the room was exactly that: clothing. Nothing appeared to be stirring to life or getting ready to jump her once again, which meant that perhaps now she can get on with her life for at least a little while, before those red stripped knee highs — Tasha, they wanted to be called? The name run a bell, but for all intents and purposes, Lexi was probably better off calling them Mistress — decided they wanted to change the course of her typical normal day in to that of abnormal.

Lexi carefully fidgeted around the bed, immediately having a mind to throw her entire bedspread in to the laundry before her parents came now, and upon getting out of it, those blue eyes turned to the digital clock on her dresser, the red lines piecemealed together to form the time: 10:14am Fri.

“Ahhh fuck..” Lexi said softly to herself, rubbing her eyes and looking closer at the clock to make sure wasn’t seeing things. She wasn’t. It was 10:14am, on a Friday. She watched the last digit as it removed the required red bars and readjust to show a 5. 10:15. “God fucking damn it. I’m going to be late, and I’m going to fail. Holy fucking Christ…” She said with a deep exhale, her left hand rushing up to rub at her forehead, moving upwards to brush away at her tangled brunette hair. A moment to compose herself, a deep breath, and the eighteen-year-old turned around to her mess of a room, looking for something that looked clean to wear.

“Going somewhere?” The familiar voice rang in Lexi’s head again, the one that sounded so very much like her sister’s, if only a bit more mature, intelligence, lustful. It was those knee highs that started this all, the very same that she animated last night and seduced her in to this mess to begin with. Lexi stopped what she was doing, despite knowing she was on a very limited time frame. She had to, she supposed, a slave doesn’t ignore their Mistress.

“Class.” Lexi said, looking about her room to see if she could spot them, noticing the long white knee highs standing canlı bahis şirketleri next to her bedroom, as if they just walked in on her. “It starts in an hour and forty-five minutes, and thanks to you, I’m a fucking mess. I’ll be lucky if I get there on time.” She wasn’t afraid to show the anger in her voice. She was a slave to these socks…to all socks…but she couldn’t very well put her very life on hold for them. “Who says you need to go at all, hmm? You have everything you need right here. You have us.” That’s the answer Lexi expected, if she was to be honest with herself, and it was also at this time that the clothing wasn’t able to read her own thoughts as well, else she might have made the situation a bit more worse than it was already.

“You say I need to go. Of course.” Before her Mistress socks could respond, she spoke up quickly. “Look. I said I belong to you, and all other socks you animate. I’m fine with this, I really am, but you need to play by the rules too.”

“Do we now?” Those petite socks walking further in to the bedroom, moving closer to a standing Lexi. Though the 5’7″ teen towered over them, and could just easily step on them or whatever, she was still a tad bit nervous. The teen knew first-hand what those socks could do if they wanted, and the worst part of it all was that it was effective…mostly because Lexi liked it.

“Y-yes. I don’t mean to sound like I’m taking control here-“

“Hmmm…odd, cause it sounds like you are doing just that, pet. Sounds like you are trying to tell us what to do.”

“Not tell,” Lexi nervously interrupted, taking a step back, and knowing that it was futile anyway, this room had at least a dozen pairs of socks in here that were Lexi’s alone, all ready to get up and move at Tasha’s command, “Advise. You can do with me what you want, and I have no say, but you got to think about this carefully. Ruin my life too much, and you’ll regret it. I-I mean people will catch on, wonder what happening, and question. That will make ‘alone time’ with me more difficult. Hell, if anyone other than my sister catches on to this whole living socks thing. I’ll probably be thrown in a padded room with no socks at all. You’ll lose me if you don’t play your cards right.”

There was no answer from Tasha, those white poly-cotton knee highs with the three red stripes at the top pacing about now, clearly thinking this through. Lexi had to think that they knew what she said had merit, that magic in a magicless world was going to cause an uproar of attention neither of them wanted. Simply put, the pet wasn’t as caged as they had hoped. “Clever little pet.” Those socks responded finally, causing Lexi to exhale a bit. “Well, go on then. Get yourself cleaned up. You look like a fucking mess. We’ll have your clothes ready for you.” The teen didn’t say a word, only sparing a glance at the clock to see how much time had passed. 10:17. Lexi took off her faded long T-shirt she used for nights, and immediately after the panties that were stained and sticky, leaving her naked as she walked out of the room to the canlı kaçak iddaa bathroom just down the hall. This is as close as she ever had come to getting to class. Traffic had to be perfect, or she wouldn’t make it at all. Tasha putting together her outfight might save some time, but not much.

Stepping in to the bathroom, Lexi immediately turned on the hot water for the shower, not even bothering to turn on the cold a bit just to cool it down. Lexi adored hot showers, almost to a fault. Often she could come out with her skin red and irritated. She knew it wasn’t healthy, but it felt so nice. While the water heated up she yanked open the medicine cabinet behind the mirror and snatched her toothbrush, slabbing on a bit of toothpaste and busily brushing her teeth.

A part of her mind wondered just how pointless this was going to be. She was working her ass off to get to her biology class on time, only to sit there and fail a test she didn’t brush up on because she was too busy getting fucked by some socks. Twice. Logical thinking told her that she would be fine, it’s not like she was going in blind, she had studied up until this point…but a refresher would have been nice.

Just as the steam filled the bathroom, Lexi yanked the curtains back to step in, relaxing a bit as the rush of steaming hot water collided on her back. Where normally she would have taken the time to enjoy this moment, a hurried Lexi immediately set to covering her entire body in cherry blossom scented bath soap, strubbing herself completely clean before moving to her hair. When all was said and done, Lexi found herself wrapped up in a pink bath towel and back in to her room by 10:24. 7 minute shower. Had to be a record. Then those ocean blue eyes turned to the outfit that was sitting upon her bed, waiting for her.

“Oh, come on…” She said under her breath, spotting the white sleeveless T-shirt with a rather over-extended V-neck, the lines of the neck, arms and waist lined with a simple black line. She could see inside of that outfit a simple white bra to go with. If that wasn’t bad enough, the waist of the shirt was found to be connected to a pair of light blue faded short jean shorts. To end it all was a pair of low cut white ankle socks that were almost unseen by the casual light blue tennis shoes.

“You don’t approve?” Tasha was seen standing on the bed next to the outfit, which was already standing up, walking to Lexi, now stripped of that towel as it slipped away from her to fall to the floor.

“I don’t often go for the ‘Look at me, I’m a slut.’ Attire, no.” Lexi said both with both an upset and defeated tone to her voice, already aware that her opinion didn’t matter in the slightest. Within seconds, that outfit ceased standing on its own, and was forced upon Lexi’s person, everything finding its place quite easily, and manipulating the teen’s body with relative ease, though in all honestly, there really was no resistance to be offered up at all. Even those feet were lifted willingly to allow those panties and jeans to slide up her body.

Being dressed canlı kaçak bahis in this fashion was both a humiliating and welcoming one at the same time. Considering that the last time she was helped in getting dressed was likely when she was three or younger, by her own mother, the fact that she was subject to it now, when she was eighteen, was unsettling. At the same time however, you couldn’t really compare the two. One was a mother caring for a helpless child, the other was a set of living clothing capable of doing the work themselves. There were no complaints though, Lexi simply allowed her Mistress to dress the pet up as they saw fit, and once done, moved to grab her backpack and car keys, gasping softly as she felt the familiar feel of soft poly-cotton fabric rubbing over her shoulders, then snuggly around her neck. Those familiar toe-lines lifting up to Lexi’s mouth level.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Lexi’s almost looked crossed, as she leaned her head back a bit to see the socks that made themselves home around her neck, realizing they were Tasha, of course.

“We’re going with, of course. Did you expect otherwise?”

“Well, no, to be honest. But I didn’t expect you to come like this.” A left hand moved up to place a hand gently upon the left side of her neck, tugging a bit at the living socks that were her Mistress. “This is going to stand out. It kind of goes back to th-“

Silence. Lexi couldn’t speak even if she wanted to, as the toes of the left sock pressed itself deeply in to those lips, pushing past them to rub up against those pearly white teeth in a sort of loving, almost romantic kiss. “We can’t keep having you make demands, pet. The other socks listening in will start to get the wrong idea. Will feel the need to correct this problem, and who are we to stop them?”

Lexi blinked a few times, losing herself in the kiss she secretly longed for, before finding herself able to pull away from it, just as a mutual lover might have after a deep French kiss. “Look, Tasha. Mistress. I know how this looks, but I’m not trying to play a game of power here. I made a pact, I’ll keep to it.” A blush then a soft giggle offered. “To be honest, I’m not quite sure I regret it entirely. But even still, walking anywhere with a pair of socks wrapped around my neck is going to turn heads.”


“Too many heads. The wrong kind of attention.” Lexi tried to get it across, but figured it was best just to leave details out for now, and cut to the chase. “Just…trust me when I say that if people see something out of the norm like this, they tend to make assumptions. If it gets too bad, they think I’m crazy, and then the part where I get separated from you happens. Neither of us want that. You want to play with me? Have at it, but do it carefully, without being seen.

“Why don’t you let us worry about that, Lexi, hmm?” Tasha said, silencing Lexi once again with a deep kiss past her lips, the toeline of that sock rubbing up against her tongue, teasing as the teen let out a soft moan, and walked in an almost drunken stupor out of her room and to her car. Before heading out, blue eyes looked to the clock once again. 10:39. One hour and six minutes until class started, the test began, and her grade plummets after failing it.

So far, live as a slave to socks was starting with a rocky start.

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