A Slightly Unethical Massage

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I have been a masseur for four years, providing relaxing and invigorating massages to women of all shapes and sizes. I feel that my clients generally get the treatment they are looking for, whether it is a by-the-book massage or something more intimate. My client base is not large; I never intended it to be a full time job. I have regulars that make appointments on a weekly or monthly basis and others that just come in when they have issues or perhaps just need to feel special.

I pride myself on understanding the needs of my clients, so I generally know what they are looking for in a massage. For those that want something extra, well, I provide happy endings. I have to feel I can trust them, so it’s usually not on the first visit. It’s seldom nothing more than a manual release, but some like to hold onto me as I’m working it up. OK, some times more than holding. One regular client is always determined to make me cum, like it’s some sort of contest. Another longtime client frequently wants and usually receives an oral release. With her I have to remember do go sparingly on the oil. Even though I use a natural extract oil, it doesn’t taste that good. So usually just manual release, but whatever else happens, I’ve never dipped my stick. Hey, I have ethics, of a sort.

Did you notice that I use the term ‘release’ a lot? It makes my job seem much more legit than it is. It’s better than saying “Let’s sooth the tension in your shoulders, and then I’ll finger your pussy until you cum while you pump on my cock.” So ‘release’ it is, even though we all know what I’m talking about.

And did you notice that I said I massage women?

For my entire career, as short as it has been, I’ve never offered to massage a guy. I’ve had plenty of offers but I’ve always stuck with women. I just didn’t have any desire to work on men.

But, with times being as they are, along with the loss of a couple of my steadier clients, I recently decided to start giving massages to men. I was really hesitant but I had to increase my client base. I decided to advertise on Craigs List, under the ‘services’ category, not the personal ads. Even so, most of the inquiries from men ask for a picture or tell me that they are DDF (drug and disease free), either of which lets me know that they are looking for more than I am willing to offer. I always reply back to let them know that it is not a sexual massage, just in case that’s what they are expecting. Even though they know it’s not going to happen, I think most of the men I’ve worked on would have been fine with me giving them happy endings. So the answer to the question “do you supply a happy ending?” was always no. But I started thinking that if the vibes were right and there was a connection – including trust and understanding – I might provide the extra release. I don’t like the idea of accepting money for it, so I wouldn’t put a price on it (like a menu). Hey, I have ethics, of a sort. But tips are always accepted…

And so I started to get quite a few new male clients, although most only had one massage before they moved on. Apparently I wasn’t meeting their needs.

When I get a new female client there is a move that I use when I’m unsure if she wants more than the standard massage. While she is lying face down, I move the draping up and over so that it only covers the butt crack and one leg; the other leg is totally exposed all the way up to her lower back. So far nothing untold, as part of every massage was a good butt rubdown; there can be a lot of tension illegal bahis in the glutes. I work my way up from the ankle digging deep into the calf muscles, lightly over the back of the knee then deep again into the thigh. My inside hand goes between her legs working her inner thigh, and my other hand outside, using a back and forth motion to loosen the muscles. I find that the inner thigh area can be very sensitive. That done I continue up to her butt cheek, digging deep into the hip bone and kneading her buttock. Once done I use both hands and sweep up the entire leg from the ankle to the waist.

This is when I test out an unsure client. On the sweep up, I keep my hand inside her thigh for a bit longer each time, working my hand under the draping and getting closer to the goods before I sweep it out to join the other hand on her butt. I can usually tell by the clients’ body language if she enjoys it or not. If I’m unsure I’ll back off a bit. But if she seems ok I get just a bit closer on each pass. On the final pass I just barely touch her pubic area, either her pubic hair if she has any, or the soft skin next to her labia. The touch has to be very gentle, almost as if it didn’t really happen. Then I rearrange the draping and do the other leg the same way. I always find this second leg to be fun, because a client knows where my hands are going to end up. I use a similar move again once she flips over to her front.

Even if I feel that I could go a bit farther, I seldom ever go with full on pussy contact the first time with a client. Unless, of course, she outright asks me to. Some do.

I’ve had that leg sweep/inner thigh move done to me by a masseuse and always found it erotic. So as I started to get more comfortable with my return male clients I started to incorporate a variation of that move.

At the first massage I give a new client a choice of draping. Personally I prefer to be undraped when I get and give a massage. The extra sheet just gets in the way. If a client wants to be draped, fine, but I find that over time, as they get more comfortable, they sometimes opt for no draping.

Most of the men chose to be undraped, which made it easier to do that move, but it also presented a new issue when they turned over onto their back. Dicks hang to one side; I think it is opposite to your dominant hand. It does in my case. I’m right handed and my cock hangs to the left. So I made sure to start on the opposite leg, the leg where the dick wasn’t hanging. The first time I tried it out I got immediate results, in the form of an erection, even before I was done with the sweep. It only took a couple of close passes. I wasn’t ready to commit to anything else, so that was a sign to back off and move back to the lower legs. And then when I started back up the other leg, their upright erection took care of the hanging issue.

I started to use that going forward with all my male clients. Sometimes it didn’t take more than a close sweep to get a boner, and sometimes I got all the way through the sweep procedure, ending with a ‘barely there’ scrotum touch. Only one guy didn’t like it; he was also one of the only ones that preferred to be draped. No problem.

Sometimes a guy would apologize for his erection. I told them that it is not a problem and that it happens sometimes. But more often if an erection popped up, no words were exchanged and it was passed over.

After a while I started to reassess what I was doing. Was I just being a bit of a tease by getting them excited and backing illegal bahis siteleri off? Was I getting off on getting them excited? I decided I was going to take the next step, and I knew who was going to be the lucky guy.

One of the male clients that had become a regular was James. He was about my age and build. I felt very comfortable with him from the first massage. James was not very vocal during the massage, but we had had conversations before and afterwards, and found out that we had some similar interests and life experiences. We were both divorced and had children. He was in a steady relationship. We both enjoyed rooting for our favorite football team, although James, being English, had a different idea of what football was. James was also a good tipper, which didn’t hurt.

The first time that I had done the leg sweep (‘the move’) to James he responded just as most of the other guys had. By the time I had finished one leg and lightly brushed against his sack, he was at full mast. And I do have to say that it was pretty impressive. I don’t carry around a measuring tape with me, but I would guess he was at least 10 inches and fairly thick. And unlike my other male clients, his dick and balls were hairless. He was clean shaven.

After that massage, while James was getting dressed, I asked him about that. He said that his girlfriend said that she would go hairless if he would as well. He said that once he started shaving it was easy to keep it up. He also said that sometimes she and he would keep each other trimmed, and that it always led to great sex. I remember that I laughed and said that I would have to start that.

The next time that James had a massage, when I started sweeping up his leg, he asked me to stop. I asked if there was a problem; perhaps he was sore. He said that everything was fine now, but that if I kept it up he would be up as well. I laughed, and said that it didn’t bother me, and that I’ll work around it. So, ok with him, I continued and he did indeed get up to full mast. “See?” he said. “I told you so!” I laughed and asked if he was bragging. After the massage was over he again tipped me and said he needed to get home to ‘take care of some unfinished business’. I knew what he was saying and remarked that I left him in good hands. We both smiled at that.

The result of that exchange was that we both were comfortable knowing that the massage would give him an erection and that he didn’t have to worry about any adverse reaction from me, or vice versa. We also knew that he would go home afterwards and masturbate.

That got me thinking some more, again that perhaps I was being a tease. But it also got me a bit excited knowing that I had made him want to jack off.

So, fast forward a month and James booked his next massage. I gave him the same treatment; worked his back, shoulders, arms, back of his legs and butt, ending with a leg sweep and brief scrotum brush. And told him it was time to turn over. This time, when I worked on his chest, I lightly brushed over his nipples. I usually avoided them with women, unless I knew otherwise. And I had never done that with a man. When I did I saw that his cock did a little twitch and he exhaled a bit. By the time I was finished with his chest, before I even started working on his legs he was almost completely hard. There was no need for comments; I knew that I had gotten him excited.

As I started with his legs I asked him if he had taken care of that unfinished business after the last massage. canlı bahis siteleri He laughed and said of course he had, that somebody had to do it. I laughed, but started to think that now was the time to take the next step. So, as I was sweeping up the legs and getting closer to touching him, I casually asked if he wanted me to help him with that business. He looked me right in the eyes and said that would be fine.

The locking of his eyes with mine, the erection in front of me just inches from my hands and the way I had just offered to jack him off all got to me. My pulse raced and my heart beat faster as the realization that, however you cut it, I was about to perform a gay act. Yes, I had put myself in the position where I was going to willingly masturbate a man. In some ways, though, the most significant aspect of this was that I wanted to.

I paused for a moment, realizing that I had never touched somebody else’s cock. I had plenty of practice with my own of course, but would doing what felt good to me also feel good to someone else? Perhaps I was overthinking this.

I put some oil on my palms. As I reached out for him my hands were shaking. I was scared, but also excited. As my fingers touched his hardness a shudder ran through when I realized that I was now looking forward to doing it.

I wrapped my fingers round it and gripped it, not too tightly, more like you would hold a golf club, although this was thicker and hotter than they are. It felt fine; in fact of course it felt just like mine does when I jack off. I started to pump it slowly. Although I still had some trepidation I knew that if I was going to do it, and I was, then I wanted it to be as good as it could be for James. He had closed his eyes.

“Ok James?” I asked in a thick voice.

“Oh yes Mike” he sighed back to me.

I lifted his big cock away from his body with one hand and I ran the other up and down its length and around its impressive girth. I was starting to relax. It was nowhere near as daunting as I had imagined. I became bolder and more adventurous. Rubbing it with one hand I cupped his balls with the other and rolled them together. He grunted and his body jerked. I went further and ran my fingernails across that patch of skin between his balls and his bum. He jerked again. I was pumping him purposefully slowly and I ran my other oiled hand up his flat stomach, across his broad chest and onto his breasts. I pinched his nipple.

“Oh fuck” James groaned lifting his ass slightly off the table.

“Nice?” I asked.

“Brilliant, bloody brilliant,” James groaned.

Caressing his chest, stomach, balls and thighs as I continued pumping his great cock, I knew that I was getting into this far more than I had intended. I realized that I wanted to give him the wank of his life.

I was transfixed on watching myself jack him off. Not only was his dick bigger and thicker than mine, it was also much darker. Keeping my one hand pumping, I used the other hand to feel the smooth shaved area around his cock. Then I moved it lower towards his ass and used some of the oil to lubricate his hole. I applied some pressure against his asshole, but didn’t enter it. James moaned again and I could feel him jerk. I could also feel that he was close to cumming, so I increased the speed and the pressure. Sure enough he warned me that he was going to cum. He let out a moan and started spraying up onto his belly. After about three big shots I slowed down and squeezed out the last of his cum.

“Oh Mike, that was fantastic” James groaned.

I didn’t see it at first, but suddenly I felt his hand right on my cock that I knew had hardened.

He was fumbling at my waistband.

“Is this allowed?” James asked again looking deep into my eyes.

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