A Soldier’s Wish is Granted

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This story Falls between The Cowgirls of Baghdad and The Corporal as it follows the main protagonist.


January 2006

As the 747-jet taxied down the runway at Logan airport in Boston, I couldn’t wait to get off. I had just spent three days traveling from Iraq to Kuwait to Atlanta and then on to Boston. As I looked out of the airplane window, I saw light snow falling. I knew winter in Boston would be an adjustment from the 100 degree plus weather of South-Central Iraq. I was still a little groggy from the Ambien I’d taken earlier that day, but the thought of seeing my girlfriend, Nicole, quickly perked me up. Nicole and I, both sophomores at Boston University, had started dating a couple of months before I got orders to deploy to Iraq. She was a cute brunette with brown eyes and a tan complexion and although she had a few extra pounds, she was still very attractive. We had first met in one of my elective psychology classes and after working up the courage to ask her out, we started casually dating. She was Italian and her wild and spontaneous personality definitely contrasted with my more conservative and quieter demeanor; nevertheless, we had fun together. She was definitely more sexually experienced than I was and she took personal pride in expanding my sexual horizons. However, there was only one thing she wouldn’t do – anal sex. On a few occasions, usually after I’d had a few beers, I had broached the subject and she was very quick to shut me down. “Aren’t I tight enough for you?” she would smirk. Other times, when she was angry at me, she’d threaten to buy a strap-on, fuck me in the ass and see how I liked it.

The night before I left Boston to go to Fort Benning for pre-deployment training, we had sex one last time. She wanted the night to be special and memorable, which for her meant lots of candles and incense combined with sexy lingerie she bought specially for the occasion. After the usual foreplay and oral we settled into our usual missionary position to get things going. While I was on top, she asked me if I had any special requests. I again brought up anal. She sighed.

“I’m starting to think you might be gay because all you talk about is anal!” she said.

I laughed as I continued thrusting into her.

“Why are you obsessed with it?” she asked.

“I’m not obsessed, I’ve just never done it and I want to cross it off my bucket list.” I replied.

“Well you’ll have to find someone else to do that with,” she said.

“Ok,” I said as I retreated from further conversation about the topic.

Now, as I sat looking out of the airplane window as it taxied to the gate, I thought about the last time Nicole and I had sex. It was pleasurable but certainly not memorable. I now had two weeks of leave from Iraq and would spend a few days in Boston with Nicole before heading off to see my family. Then I’d be back in Iraq. I wanted to have at least one memorable sexual experience for my memory bank when I returned to Iraq.

Once I got off the airplane, I made my way to the arrivals pickup area and looked for Nicole’s car. Her parents had bought her a nice black BMW 3-series coupe. I often joked to myself that the car matched her canlı bahis şirketleri personality perfectly; high maintenance yet sexy. After a few minutes, I spotted her car behind a few taxis. I waved to her and slowly walked towards her car. Since I was still in my Army desert camouflage uniform, I was pretty easy to spot. Nicole waved to me from inside her car. Once I got to her car, she popped the trunk and I quickly threw my carry-on bag inside before getting into the front passenger seat. We both leaned towards each other and kissed.

“I’ve missed you,” she said.

“Me too,” I replied.

“Tonight, I’ve cooked you one of my specialties, veal parmigiana,” she said with a smile.

“Sounds delicious,” I said.

For the next thirty minutes we drove through the dark, snowy streets of Boston as we made our way towards her off-campus apartment near Boston University. By luck, we found a parking spot not far her apartment. Once inside her apartment, I took off my boots and uniform top and we both gathered in the kitchen where she put the finishing touches on dinner.

When we sat down, she poured both of us generous glasses of white wine which paired perfectly with the meal she had prepared.

As we ate, she told me about the courses she was taking this semester and how she hated some of her professors. I laughed and said I’d gladly switch places with her. After we finished eating, I told her how delicious her veal parmigiana was and that it was the best meal I’d had in a long time. She smiled at me. After clearing the dishes, we retreated to her couch to watch some television and digest before the main event began. As we sat together on the couch, body to body, I felt my erection start to grow. I could smell the scent of her perfume emanating from her neck. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the neck. She blushed as she turned to face me.

Once we were both sufficiently digested, Nicole turned off the television. She then stood up and turned to face me.

“Don’t come into the bedroom until I tell you to, ok?” she said with a mischievous grin.

I nodded. For the next ten minutes I waited in suspense.

By the time she finally summoned me to the Bedroom, my erection was throbbing in my pants.

As I entered her bedroom, I was greeted by the sexiest site I had seen in a long time. Nicole had let her hair down out of her ponytail and she wore a set of sexy black lingerie. She was lying in a seductive pose on top of her bed.

“Come here, soldier,” she said as she waved me over with her finger.

I quickly took off my clothes and was completely naked as I jumped onto her bed. We started making out. At the same time, she gently stroked my fully erect penis.

“Tonight, all of your wishes are going to come true,” she said.

“Mhmmm,” I said, not realizing at the time exactly what she meant.

After a few minutes, she took off her lingerie and was completely naked as well.

I began to caress her breasts and suck her nipples as she moaned in pleasure. I then kissed my way down her body until the I reached her perfectly clean-shaven pussy. I could smell the scent of her arousal as I gently inserted one finger inside of canlı kaçak iddaa her. Her body shuddered.

“It’s been so long,” she whispered.

“I know,” I said.

I then moved myself into position until my head was between her legs. I slowly began to lick her wet pussy; teasing her with my tongue at first, then gradually going as deep into her opening as I could. She tasted sweet and fresh like she had recently showered. She moaned and arched her back as I continued licking her. It wasn’t long until she clamped my head tightly with her thighs and her body stiffened as she began breathing heavily. As she orgasmed, she spasmed and moaned for about twenty seconds, before her body went limp. I slowly pulled my head up and moved up to lay next to her.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. I could tell she was in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. She then leaned over and kissed me on the lips, tasting her own juices. After that, she slowly got up and climbed on top of me to ride.

As she positioned herself on top of me, she gently guided me inside of her with her hand. She felt so good I thought I might blow my load then and there.

“You feel so good,” she moaned.

While she rode me, I caressed her breasts and gently pinched her nipples.

After a few minutes she slowly got off of me, rolled over and opened the night stand drawer next her bed. She then pulled out a condom. I was surprised. In the past she’d requested I wear one, if she didn’t want to shower after sex or just wanted to avoid being wet and sticky all night, but I knew she was on birth control.

As she slowly opened the condom wrapper, she looked over at me.

“Your wish is finally going to come true,” she said.

I was momentarily stunned. I mouthed the word anal and she nodded. She then leaned over and carefully put the condom on me. After that, she went back to her night stand drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lube.

“I’ve been reading about this. You need to be gentle with me, ok?” she said.

I nodded.

She then applied some lube to my penis, generously rubbing it all over the condom. Even through the condom, the lube had a warming sensation. After she was satisfied enough lube had been applied, she rolled over and assumed the doggystyle position on all fours. I slowly backed up and got behind her.

As I kneeled behind her, I looked down at her tight little butthole. I had no idea how I was going to fit my penis inside of there, but I was going to try.

“Could you put some lube on my butt?” she asked as she handed me the bottle without looking back. I took the bottle and gently drizzled some lube onto her butthole. She flinched a little.

“It feels so weird,” she giggled.

“I promise I’ll go slow,” I said, trying to put her at ease.

I then walked forward a few inches on my knees. Using my right hand, I slowly guided my penis towards her butthole. As I pressed the tip of my penis against her, she gently pushed back on me. I had to admit, aside from seeing anal sex in porn, I had no idea what I was doing.

“You just need to get the head in, then I’ll slowly back up onto you,” she said sensing my hesitation.

I positioned canlı kaçak bahis the tip of penis right on her butthole and then slowly forced it into her. At the same time, she slowly back onto me.

“Ooooh ooooh oooooh,” she said as I entered her.

“I’m going slow,” I said.

“Don’t move, let me get use to it,” she said.

I stayed still as she let her asshole adjust to the head of my penis.

After a minute, she sighed.

“Ok, just go slow,” she said.

I then slowly pushed further into her. At the same time, I gently caressed her lower back and butt cheeks, which had goose bumps.

Her breathing picked up and she bent her head down.

“Does it feel good?” I asked.

“Not really,” she groaned.

“Why don’t you finger yourself?” I suggested.

“It’s ok, just finish,” she said.

“Should I put more lube on?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

For the next minute, I continued slowly thrusting in and out of her tight butthole. Her butt felt so good and I was soon in such a good rhythm that I momentarily let myself go.

“Ouch! Not so deep!” she screamed.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I said as I slowed down. I leaned forward and kissed her back.

“You owe me, you fucking owe me,” she said.

“I know baby, I know.” I reassured her.

I continued slow thrusts for the next minute. As I did, I watched my penis slowly slide in and out of her butthole. I was storing the experience in my memory bank for a later date.

“You feel so good,” I said.

“I’m glad, baby. Can you please just cum already,” she sighed.

“I’m close,” I said, which was a lie. Truthfully, I was savoring the moment for as long as I could since I knew Nicole would never let have anal sex with her again. I also knew, from one of my close friends, that Nicole had been seriously dating one of the Boston University hockey players while I was away and that she would likely be breaking up with me soon anyway.

I tried to take Nicole’s mind off whatever pain she was feeling by making conversation.

“Have you made any plans for spring break yet?” I asked as I continued to thrust in and out of her.

She picked her head up and tried to turn towards me.

“Are you seriously asking me about my spring break plans while you’re inside my ass?” she said, clearly annoyed.

I laughed.

“If you don’t cum in two minutes, I’m getting up,” she said.

“Ok, ok,” I said as I picked up the speed of my thrusts.

She groaned but didn’t say anything.

“Do you want me to cum, baby?” I said.

“Yes,” she groaned.

For the next minute I thrusted in and out of her as deep as I could, burying my self in her butthole balls deep. I channeled all of the pent-up anger and frustrations, that I had felt in Iraq, into the tip of my penis; determined to get them out of my system once for all. Amazingly, she took it all with only a few mere groans.

Before long, I erupted. As my body spasmed, I grabbed her hips and nearly collapsed on top of her while I came. Almost as soon as I was done, she slowly pulled away from me and rolled over. I then lay on my back staring up at the ceiling.

“Was it everything you hoped it would be, baby?” she said as she looked at me.

“Yes,” I said.

She then got off the bed and stood up.

“Good, because there is something I need to tell you,” she said as she started putting on sweatpants and a tee-shirt.

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