A Special Present

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I sat at home, bored, watching some dull sports show, sprawled across the couch. So far my day had been exceedingly dull… work, break, more work, lunch, more work, head home.. nothing at home but the TV. I let out a hefty sigh, wishing my wife would hurry up and get home. At least then I could have conversation while being bored enough to start digging my grave. I flipped the channel, but nothing was on.. sad.. nothing on when I pay for satellite and receive over 150 channels.

I bolted upright, hearing the chink of keys turning the lock, and set down the remote. My wife walked in, a shopping bag in one hand, purse hanging carelessly from one shoulder. Everytime she walks in the door she reminds me of why I pursued her in the first place. She is tall, thin yet built, with red hair that waves down to her waist, and crystal green eyes. Her legs seem to stretch into infinity, and her breasts are hefty, almost too big to fit into my hands. Tonight she stood there, wearing a work suit, blouse, jacket, skirt, slingback sandals. I appraised her, giving her a long once over, then stood and went to welcome her home.

“I bought you something, love.” She smiled, tossing back her hair and handing me the bag. Once I’d taken it she sauntered off into the kitchen. I arched an eyebrow and reached casino şirketleri into the bag, growing hard almost instantly. What I felt was something small, silken. I peered down into the bag and amid the ruffles of tissue paper I saw a satiny pair of women’s underwear, leopard print, just my size. With a grin I hurried into the kitchen. My wife just smiled, suggested I change into the gift and get washed up for supper. I practically ran into the bedroom to change.

Dinner was an act of futility as I sat, fully clothed, but the panties on underneath. My wife would say nothing of the gift and acted as if it was a normal night. I tried to eat, but my mind was on the satiny softness that clung to my cock and balls, pulling them tight within the friendly material. I kept shifting in the seat to feel the material move against my nether regions, my hands drifting down to try and feel. Every time she saw me reach my wife would scold me and return to eating her dinner. I finally gave up and just sat there, waiting for her to finish, and she teased me with her dainty eating and slow style. As soon as she set her fork down I grabbed the plates and sped to the dishwasher to stuff them in, whirling to face her.

“I think we should go out and get some dessert, hmm?” She grinned, casino firmalari playing with me, and I folded my arms, shaking my head. With a gay laugh she headed to the bedroom, me following her like a love-sick puppy. She got in and removed her jacket, unbuttoning the blouse slowly, teasing me with every move. I threw my pants to the floor and tossed my shirt aside, standing there in just my panties with a raging hard-on. She smiled, pulling off her blouse and folding it, putting it away, removing her bra and taking the time to put it in the basket. By the time she started pulling off her skirt I was ready to just leap on her. She tugged it down slowly to reveal a matching pair of underwear. I about came, it made me so horny. She pointed to the bed and I jumped into it and started to reach for her. She just shook her head, nodding at my panties. Instantly my hands slid down, rubbing myself through the sexy material.

“I love my gift,” I smiled, slowly beginning to jack myself off through the material. She didn’t answer, climbing onto the bed and straddling over me so that I could see how the sheer, sexy material clung to her pussy. The material glistened softly as her moisture seeped through. I lifted one hand, moving the panties to one side of her shaved mount and beginning güvenilir casino to finger her. She moaned, pressing her hips against my touch and I used my other hand to continue the ministrations on myself.

After a minute I scooted forward, letting my tongue explore her inner depths, playing with her clit. I used my free hand to spread her pussy, diving in deep with my tongue, feeling her spasm against me. Finally she had had enough. She kneeled, straddling me, and pushed me back into the bed. She pushed aside the crotch on my panties and maneuvered me inside of her. I let out a groan of enjoyment, lifting my hips to enter her more deeply. She began rocking against me, fucking me, and I let her ride me, moaning, feeling both pairs of panties slipping against each other. I filled my hands with her breasts, squeezing them hard. I loved the feel of the muscles of her vagina, squeezing against my cock, milking me. I drew her close and rolled over, putting myself on top so I could fuck her with wild abandon. I heard her moaning, but didn’t care as I started to cum, filling her with my hot seed. I could feel her cumming too and my arms gave out, my face falling to a rest buried in her lovely breasts.

“I.. I take it you like the panties?” She grinned, slightly out of breath.

“Oh, yes, I definitely do.” She smiled at my response.

“How about next week we do red sequins?” I laughed at her question, then felt my cock twitch at the thought and I knew.. next week would bring much pleasure.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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