A Very English Family Ch. 03

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Activity — a wild threesome between us children then Andy and I get much more intimate.

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Incest, gay, anal, brother, bisexual, blow job, mother, sister


We’d moved to our new home and even before we’d really begun to settle in, sex had reared it’s beautiful head and incest had taken control. We were quick to discover that there was a whole world of family interactions to explore and inside the first day we’d already crossed boundaries that are never even usually explored.

Our next day was to be one of settling in, of explorations perhaps and not a little work too, starting with a trip into town to buy beds and to return the van. Later too we’d be filling our food cupboards and then perhaps exploring the locality after which we’d be free to test the boundaries of indecency, but youthful exuberance doesn’t like to wait!

Sarah now proved to be far more worldly than we expected but then, after some early morning activity it was to be Andy and me who became better acquainted…

It was certainly to be a day of discoveries and as Andy and I were to find out, brotherly love was equally as good, which is where this chapter leads…to an exploration of the gay side of life.


All the way to the nearby town where we were planning to shop for furniture Sarah had sat on my lap and by the time we arrived I was fit to burst! She’d done her very best to arouse me, squirming her arse on my quickly rising cock, reaching down between us to adjust my penis and pulling my arms around her to support her, oh and to be honest, so that I could have a good feel of her breasts as well, it seemed. She’d even pushed my hand down into her groin and it was only when Andy had grinned widely and threatened to bring out his own distended erection that she stopped.

I don’t think that she was embarrassed but was simply concerned that things might get out of hand and she obviously wasn’t prepared for that in the confines of the cab.

Sure she was a consummate tease but she, like us, was still discovering the pleasure of incest and while it was driving her to extremes of lustfulness it was also a new experience and this sudden sexual freedom was something of a shock too.

Mum on the other hand was concentrating on driving but that hadn’t stopped her laughing quietly at our antics as if to demonstrate that everything was fine but while it was fine enough from her point of view and that of Sarah, from my point of view it was a bit different and Andy, being a guy too was in the same boat as me.

No way could we go shopping with our cocks leading the way and already I could feel the coolness of the precum I’d oozed into my shorts. Fortunately however the trip to town was over before things could get entirely out of hand and at our bidding Mum pulled into a large parking area adjacent to one of the new out-of-town shopping arcades. They’d only recently been springing up around Britain — hence some of the shops were unoccupied and the vehicle park was almost empty. Mum backed the van into a quiet corner and looked at us.

“You just can’t wait, can you,” she said, her face one big smile, “Haven’t you had enough yet?”

“You’re joking Mum,” said Andy, beating me to it, “I could do it all day!”

“Not today you don’t,” said Mum, “There’s far too much else to do.”

“Oh what!” Andy exclaimed, looking aghast, “How long have I got to wait then?”

Mum shook her head but smiled broadly too.

“I don’t know,” she said, “That’s all you think about, isn’t it? Oh go on then, get it off your mind, I’ll give you half an hour to play.”

“Yeahhh!” cried both Andy and I, “Thanks Mum.”

“I’ll be in there,” she said, pointing at the big new furniture shop, “You kids go and get in the back of the van and let off some steam — and don’t make a mess!”

“Yeahhh!” said Sarah eagerly as she quickly squirmed off my lap and pushed the door open, “Come on then!”

Momentarily stunned I just sat there before I heard both Mum and Andy snigger. I looked down at my lap and discovered that Sarah must have pushed the leg of my shorts up, thus exposing several inches of my glowing, glistening erect cock.

Mum reached across Andy and stroked my cock delightfully, her soft and sensual touch giving me an incredible surge of arousal.

“Mmmm, wish I had time to enjoy that right now,” she said, as her hand cupped and stroked my throbbing knob, “Looks really good, doesn’t it?”

She sat upright again and smiled at Andy, then let her hand fall to his lap and with a quick flick she exposed the end of his cock too.

“And that looks like fun too!” she said as she stroked Andy’s hard cock, “Really tempting!”

“Come on then Mum,” pleaded Andy, as he pushed back his shorts to reveal even more of his erection, “Come and sit on it — won’t take long!”

“No,” she said firmly, “I’ve got to be busy right now and anyway, Sarah’s waiting for you!”

She pointed Andy’s penis towards the open güvenilir bahis door then let go and stroked mine again.

“Here you are Sarah — two cocks for you, both ready and primed!” she said, “Go and take care of them!”

Feeling incredibly horny I slid from the seat and stood there until Andy had joined me, our cocks still straining and exposed and almost touching as we tried to keep out of sight — then Mum was slamming her door and walking away to leave us to it. Quickly we covered up then sauntered as nonchalantly as we could around to the back of the van where Sarah was already pushing the roller shutter up and we helped her until we could all clamber into the van, whereupon we closed the shutter again and kind of stood there wondering what to do next.

There was plenty of light inside the van as it had a translucent roof and there was a big pile of old blankets and stuff in one corner that we’d used for packing on the way down. It took us only a short time to move the pile around to suit us and then Andy and I stripped off, our eager weapons side by side.

“Wow!” breathed Sarah happily, “Both for me!”

“Yeahhh!” said Andy enthusiastically, “Come on then!”

He began sliding his fist up and down his rampant cock and his actions caused me to join him. The unusual surroundings and circumstances had caused my cock to droop a bit but it was very soon as hard as ever it could get, especially under my hand and the gaze of both my siblings.

“Uhhhh, so what do we do?” asked Andy with an accompanying grunt as he spread a small gush of precum over his knob, “Who’s going first?”

“Eenie, meenie, miney, mo,” Sarah intoned, “I can’t make up my mind.”

“Won’t be either of us unless you get your kit off,” grumbled Andy, “Do you want a hand?”

“Sod off!” said Sarah with a giggle, “Hang on.”

In moments she was as naked as we were, not having to spend long in taking off her t-shirt, shorts and knickers, then she turned away from us and bent over the pile of bedding material. Her legs were straight but apart as she bent, leaving her pert little arse pointing at us while the small bulge of her pussy lips hung between her legs. Her petite arsehole stood out as a bullseye on a target might but a small brown centrepiece rather than a red one.

“Bloody hell!” groaned Andy, his hand working faster on his cock, “Look at that!”

“Interesting,” I commented, never having had much to do with arseholes before, “You’re not going to poke your cock in there are you?”

Andy stepped forward until he could stroke one of Sarah’s posterior cheeks, his fingers sliding just inches from her arsehole while his other hand held and stroked his cock.

“Depends on Sarah,” he said, “Certainly will if she’ll let me.”

“I thought it was illegal?” I asked, thinking about the archaic laws of our country, “You know, all this poofy stuff and arseholes — even you and me just playing with each other?”

“Oh yeah, it’s illegal alright, but are you going to say anything?” said Andy, his hand still on Sarah’s cheek, “Sarah’s not and I’m certainly not. We keep it in the family and we’ll be ok.”

“Guess so,” I replied, my eyes locked onto Sarah’s beckoning arse, “Course I won’t say anything and anyway it’s been great so far — so exciting!”

Andy laughed quietly and now held his erection by the base of his cock, his foreskin now fully retracted.

“And it’s going to get a whole lot more exciting if I have my way!” he said, “Ok let’s have some action!”

It was pretty obvious that Sarah was indeed going to let him because she was holding her bent-over pose and now looked at Andy from between her legs.

“Well, come on then, what are you waiting for?” she asked, “I don’t mind which hole you use just so long as you do it properly.”

Andy turned to me and waved me to move closer, which I did immediately, now finding myself to be within reach of Sarah’s hand which was stretched out behind her. Her warm fingers wrapped around my cock and caressed me, her digits incredibly tactile and sensuous.

“Bloody hell,” I moaned, as my thrilled cock jerked and throbbed, “Come on Andy, hurry up.”

“Have we got anything to lubricate her arse with, it’s going to hurt otherwise?” he asked of me but Sarah removed her hand from my cock and pointed to her purse which she’d apparently brought with her.

“In there,” she said, “There’s a tube of stuff.”

Quickly I picked it up and opened it and apart from a few odds and ends there was indeed a small tube of something labelled hand cream. I handed the tube to Andy and he squeezed a long worm of the white stuff onto his fingers which he then pressed against Sarah’s body, an action that brought out a gasp from the recipient.

“Yessss! That’s nice, now come on,” she said, “Get on with it!”

Andy’s fingers were still smeared with the cream and he quickly wiped the residue over his penis but they still were liberally coated. I saw him eyeing my cock and then in one swift movement he reached out and grabbed türkçe bahis my cock, depositing the rest of the cream upon it, then he spread the cream around, rubbing and stroking my cock energetically.

His touch was thrilling and wicked and delicious and I really wanted him to continue but instead he let go and now concentrated on Sarah. He shuffled forward until he was just inches from her pretty arse and aimed his cock at her hole then I watched agog and aghast as he leaned closer still until the tip of his penis was actually pressed against her brown flesh.

“You’re not really going to…?” I asked, struck motionless for the moment and Andy nodded energetically.

“Definitely!” he answered, “You ready Sarah?”

“I’m waiting!” she replied, wiggling her rump slightly, “Come on, push.”

With one hand at her hip he slowly pushed his pelvis forward and I saw his knob depress her skin, then slowly start to disappear.

“Careful,” hissed Sarah, “Wait for a moment, will you.”

“There’s a ring of muscles to get through,” explained Andy, “Then once they’re stretched open it goes in easily — you’ll see.”

“How do you know all that?” I asked but Andy just winked at me but said nothing.

“Ok, you can push now,” said Sarah now as she wobbled her hips to adjust his entry, “Not too quick though.”

There was a silence now as his penis slid slowly through Sarah’s flesh until finally I could see no more — his penis was entirely out of sight.

“Ohhhhh, bloody hell!” groaned Sarah, “You’re right up inside aren’t you?”

“All the way,” said Andy, “That feels pretty good, you’re so tight.”

Slowly now his hips began to move, gently pumping his cock in and out of her arsehole while Sarah’s own hips seemed to push back against him and while my own cock jerked and quivered.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “You got it all inside her?”

“Of course,” said Andy, “Why, haven’t you seen anyone do this before?”

I shook my head — I may have had several girlfriends but I couldn’t even remember seeing the arsehole of any of them, ever, never mind about getting my cock near or in them.

“It’s good,” said Andy as his hips started moving a bit faster, “You need to make them slippery so you need some Vaseline or something but then it’s just like a pussy only tighter. Oh and you can’t get them pregnant up there either, can you!”

“Can I try?” I asked, my throbbing cock in need of some attention other than by my fingers.

“In a bit I guess,” Andy replied, “Unless you want to use my arse.”

“Eh?” I gasped, “Do what?”

“Put your cock inside me,” explained Andy, “Come on then, try it — I’ve done it before and it’s really good.”

“Ummm, I’ll wait if you don’t mind,” I said, “I think I’d rather have Sarah’s proper hole.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t want somewhere to put my cock, but to use his arse…anyone’s arse…was so new and alien that the idea shocked me seriously and all I could think of was pussies and not arses.

“Yeah fine, but you don’t know what you’re missing!” said Andy as his thrusting continued, “How’re you doing down there?”

“Good,” grunted Sarah, as she braced her hands on her knees, “Get on with it and stop talking!”

The pair were starting to pick up the pace now and both Andy and Sarah were breathing more heavily as their bodies came together and I too was breathing quickly as I watched. When Andy’s cock appeared it had a broad ring of foamy white cream around it as did her hole and every so often, when he withdrew entirely I could see his exposed knob all bright purple, swollen and glistening.

“Going to cum soon,” said Andy as his hips thrust even more quickly now, “Get ready.”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to cum with you up there,” answered Sarah, “I’ll get Chris to bring me off, but don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“Don’t think I could now,” gasped Andy as his face began to redden, “Nearly there, nearly there.”

The action was downright explosive now as Andy pumped away — he was proving to be a real stud when it came to sex and even Sarah was enjoying the ride.

“Damn, you’re strong,” she moaned, “You’re really shoving that thing up me, aren’t you?”

She was still braced against the side of the van with her arms but at least Andy now had his hand wrapped around her hips to help hold her up as his thrusting continued.

But not for much longer, it suddenly seemed.

“Ooooh yeahhh, here it cums,” he gasped as his jack-hammering became even faster, “Here it cums!”

“Quiet!” I hissed, “Keep the racket down!”

“Sorry — can’t help it,” gasped Andy, “Ooohh yeahhh, yeahhhh — oh God!”

His hips seemed to have locked in place now while his arm muscles bulged as he pulled Sarah against his erupting penis. Convulsive shudders made his arse cheeks flex and tighten as he pumped his load into Sarah’s willing arse, shudders and thrusts that seemed to continue for ages until finally he released his hold on Sarah, who slumped down onto the pile of blankets in seconds.

Andy güvenilir bahis siteleri now stood there, his penis still semi-erect and still dripping with cum, his chest heaving as he recovered his breath and energy until finally he turned and looked at me.

“That was good!” he exclaimed, his hand shaking the last of his spunk from his cock, “Makes a nice change to use an arse instead of a pussy!”

I smiled uncertainly at him and then looked down at Sarah who was now laying on her back, propped up on the blankets.

“Still think I’d prefer the proper hole,” I said, feeling my own buttocks clenching, “And I really need one right now.”

“Go on then, Sarah’s waiting for you,” Andy said, “Aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m ok now — that was hard work even though it was good,” said Sarah as she stroked her hand up the smooth junction between her legs, “Yeah, I’m all wet and ready Chris.”

“Hurry up — get in there!” said Andy as he stroked his own penis, “Either that or do me instead!”

He turned and stuck his arse out towards me but I declined his offer and sank to my knees between Sarah’s outstretched legs, my eager cock jutting proudly.

“Yeah, he’s right — come on in,” said Sarah with a grin, “He’s got me all worked up — I need to cum now — hurry up, come and get me off.”

Her hand was probing into her pussy, her fingers out of sight and whatever she was doing was making her hips work and causing her mouth to open and close.

Then she took her hand away to reveal her wet and glistening hole, along with her equally wet and shiny fingers and as I absorbed the sight, the scent of hot sex also rose and flooded my senses with energising effect, my cock jerking in spasms inside my fist. I changed my grip and settled myself between Sarah’s legs and she, with a quick adjustment to the pile of blankets offered up her wide-spread pussy to me.

“Put it in,” she said, her fingers inviting me, “Come on, I’m still hot and horny!”

With a small adjustment to my posture I lowered my cock towards her pussy and then, with my fingers guiding me I placed the tip right into the small, wet, slippery-looking depression that was her vagina.

I waited for a moment to ascertain that Sarah was ready, then lowered myself still further until my cock began sinking into the hot swamp within her hole.

“Ohhhhh Chris, yesss,” said Sarah softly, “That’s what I needed!”

“Yessss,” I moaned happily, “Oh Sarah, you feel so hot, so good!”

“And you Chris,” she replied, the fingers of one hand now twisting the flesh of her nipple, “Come on, do it, screw me hard now — I want to feel you properly.”

There was to be no problem with that — already I was beginning to pump in and out, immediately feeling her hole contract around my penis, feeling her internal muscles working on my shaft, her delicious body letting my cock penetrate deep inside.

Soon I was into a rhythm, one that Sarah quickly emulated and gradually we began to copulate even more energetically, our lower bodies meeting and parting with growing pleasure.

“Oooh Chris, that’s wonderful,” groaned Sarah, “Ohhh I needed this — oh yess, oh yesss, oh Chris!”

It was clear that Sarah was going to orgasm quite quickly, her body already having been aroused by Andy’s penis but although I’d been watching and jerking my cock I had no feeling of a pending orgasm just yet but that was all to the good. At least I’d be able to bring Sarah off before I unloaded and now I renewed my efforts to ensure that Sarah climaxed successfully, my hips rising and falling faster now, my cock penetrating deeply time and time and again.

Even now I was bathed in sweat and as I shook my head to clear the sweat from my brow I saw that Andy was right beside me, watching intently, his hand working away at his stiffened cock.

“God, that’s brilliant!” he said as he leaned closer and placed one hand on my back, “Wow, you’re really giving her one!”

Another glance told me that Andy’s cock was well and truly erect again, helped by his steadily pumping fist but my real interest was in Sarah who was squirming most deliciously on my cock.

Somehow she seemed to be working at my penis with muscles deep inside her — they felt more like fingers as they roused me, as they stimulated me, as they encouraged me to unload into her body.

Not far from my eyes her breasts were jutting upwards as she writhed, her little pink nipples proud toppings to her delicious creamy mounds.

With one hand I stroked her breast, feeling the fullness of her breast, the softness of her skin and the way her breast pushed firmly against my hand. I twisted her nipple gently and Sarah’s body responded by tightening again and sucking my cock even deeper inside her body.

“Ohhh Chris, yesss,” she hissed, “And the other one — please don’t stop!”

It was far from easy to support myself above her and to use both hands on her nipples but I managed somehow, with the support of my elbows, to twirl both nipples at the same time. They were like little jelly beans, stiff and firm yet pliable and soft all at once and somehow the sensation of holding those tiny bits of flesh was enough to send thrilling waves of stiffness and climactic excitement down into my cock.

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