A very VERY special visit.

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A very VERY special visit.
Crystal and I had been dating for almost 2 years.  We were nearly inseparablec and she almost immediately started staying with me in my trailer home, which was fine with me because I didn’t have to masturbate, and she could suck “chrome off my hitch”, if you get my point.  She had a voracious, insatiable appetite for sex and had no boundaries.    We had sex everywhere. We had a 3some with a guy she met at the grocery store,  a girlfriend in our trailer park, anal sex, public sex, nothing was off the table.  I couldn’t get enough of her.  She blew me within hours of our first meeting,  telling me that life is to short, to postpone anything that brings pleasure.
  She had recently found her birth mother,  a few months before we met, and had gone for several trips, to visit her during the the first year and a half we had been together.  We spoke every morning and evening while she was away and put her mom on the phone each time.  Her mother was so happy that I was with Chrystal, and that I could help her with the plane tickets and spending money. 
  On her last visit, her mother Cynthia or “Cindy” asked if she could visit us in Wyoming.   I was happy to finally meet her, and plans were made for her to come out for 2 weeks, over Christmas.   
  Chrystal is tall, thin with very long blonde hair that made for a good grip during sex, and Cindy is short, thin with shoulder length blonde hair.   There is no question that they are related,  but they were more like sisters than mother and daughter.  
  The first morning after we picked her up in Denver,  Chrystal got up at 3:30 am, showered, kissed me and went off for her shift at a local dinner, saying she hoped I had a “good day” with Cindy. with emphasis on good day, and a weird look on her face.  I went back to sleep canlı kaçak bahis and awoke at about 4:30, to Cindy, getting into bed with me.  I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming, or not, until she snuggled in close and started to rub my cock through my skivvies.    I as a bit shocked and pulled away, but Cindy already “had my attention” and just rolled on top of me.  She had one of my Harley t-shirts on with just panties, no bra.  She was frenching me, and telling me it was fine with Crystal  and they had talked about this from the first time Crystal visited her, over a year prior.  She was rubbing me, telling me that Crystal had told her that I was very well endowed and that they talked about how wild our sex was.  I  couldn’t really move, ( I didn’t really want to) and my cock was fully participating anyway.    The fog of sleep was gone and Cindy was grinding on me through our undies.   Her tits were pert and her nippeles  were like pencil erasers through her t-shirt.    We kissed and fondled and ground our hips together in the dim light of the hallway.   Eventually Cindy got off of me and stripped, then she pulled my skivvies off and took my entire length in her mouth.  She blew me for a few minutes then turned into reverse cowgirl and took my throbbing cock all the way in her soaking pussy in a single thrust. 
  The smell of sex was thick and she bounced like crazy on my cock.  She got off and I laid her down beside me and went down on her for a soaking wet, delicious breakfast.   She bucked against my face and came in a shuttering orgasm. I was absolutely so hard and so horny, I was vibrating. I  rolled over on my back and Cindy mounted me.  She was facing me, as she reached behind and put my cock against her asshole,  and just wiggled until my head popped in.  Things slowed a güvenilir casino little, as her ass swallowed me to the root.  My thick throbber went in fairly easily,  but she was tight like a fist.  She bucked and bounced, saying fuck me ,fuck my ass,  yeah, yeah, yeah fuck me.  I came deep in her ass, but she kept bouncing wildly, then she squeezed, moaned loudly and came again,  as my cum gushed out of her bung.  We lay there catching our breaths  while Cindy told me that she and Crystal had a big surprise for me tonight. 


 Crystal came home a little after noon and asked me how my morning went.  She was looking at me like she knew , because she had planned this all along.  I stammered a little, she kissed me and said, “Hmmmm, you taste like my mother.”   She laughed and asked how it was, Cindy, sitting on the couch, said it was wonderful and my blushing told her all she needed to know.  Crystal walked over and gave Cindy a very sensual kiss and I started to get “wood” all over again.
  Crystal and Cindy went grocery shopping  for dinner and I jumped in the shower.  The girls made a great dinner and had picked up a movie for us to watch.   We all sat together on the couch, with me in the middle and both girls leaning against my lap with their feet over the armrests.  We had a couple of cocktail’s each and we’re enjoying the movie, Crystal was rubbing my thighs and kissing me. I looked at Cindy, she was smiling at her daughter and then she grabbed my face and french kissed me , lacing our tongues together. I was moaning without even knowing it, when I felt Crystal rubbing my cocktail through my jeans.   I was already rock hard.  She undid my belt. unbuttoned my my 501’s and pulled them and my skivvies off in one long tug.  I thought about this all day, but I couldn’t believe casino firmalari it was actually happening.    Now my cock is out and Crystal is on her knees living the tip, teasing me, and Cindy is getting undressed.  Crystal asked her to take over for a moment,  so now Cindy is suckling my cock while Crystal gets naked.  I take off my shirt and we are all completely naked. 
  Both of them take brief turns sucking  while I’m in absolute bliss.  The girls pull out the couch to the bed and Cindy begins to suck my cock.  Crystal straddles my face getting into the 69 and I grabbed her ass and start eating her cunt, while she jerks me and Cindy sucks me.    Crystal sits up and Cindy gets on my cock cowgirl style and the 2 are making out like a couple of lesbians.  I  can’t believe I am fucking a mother and daughter together. my head is swimming.   Crystal takes over and rides my cock, while Cindy makes out with me.  The Cindy rides my face and makes out with Crystal.  I am sucking and darting my tongue in Cindy’s pussy, licking her bung. when she says she’s cumming, my entire face is covered in her delicious sauce,  when Crystal tells me she’s going to cum.    They’re kissing and moaning, while Crystal bounces on my throbbing cock, I start to feel myself getting close, so I pump and pump and pump, I yell ohhh baby I’m cumming!  I feel Crystal tense up, and she cums in a long, bucking shuttering orgasm, I splash her womb with my sauce and the most intense sex I’ve ever had, subsides in a beautiful, sweaty, tangle of 2 incredible women laying on me. both kissing me. 

  This went on for 2 weeks. I was the luckiest guy in Wyoming.  We had several 3somes, and Cindy and I fucked a dozen times while Crystal was working at the diner.  We all slept together during the remainder of the stay and on the last night, Cindy produced a strap on, and both women took turns fucking Virgin ass.      Crystal and I broke up the following June, but I have never stopped thinking of those incredible women and 2 weeks of the most delicious, sex of my life.     

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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